Product Codes: Kids Books about Volcanoes

Bar Code for 20 Questions Volcanoes- An Interactive
20 Questions Volcanoes is an interactive Quiz book for children. It helps your kids learn about Volcanoes in a fun and interactive way. Use the blue links to navigate the book and answer the 20 questions about Volcanoes. Fun for the entire family.
Author: Kristin G. Hatch

Bar Code for All About Volcanoes For Kids
brief illustrated description in the volcanoes in Hawaii, specifically Kilauea and Mauna Loa.
Author: Joseph Madden

Bar Code for Amazing Volcanoes: A Rhyming Photo Book
[NOTE: This book comes with a link and password to view a video slideshow version of the book on the Bearberry Books web site. For FREE! Details are inside. ]This book teaches kids all about volcanoes! It discusses distinct varieties of volcanoes, different...
Author: Robin Tookes

Bar Code for Best Book Of Volcanoes
This engaging series is tailored to young children's interests and readinglevel. Lively text explains the fundamentals of a popular subject, while intriguingfacts are brought to life through detailed and informative artwork.
Author: Simon Adams

Bar Code for Case Of The Volcano Mystery: A Novelization
Exploring the Mexican jungle, Mary-Kate and Ashley meet three miners who think they are being chased by a monster, and seeking to disprove the monster's existence, the twins discover strange, snow-covered footprints. Original. "
Author: Carol Thompson

Bar Code for Dear Katie
Katie's grandmother thinks that a volcano is in fact a geophysical phenomenon brought on by the movements of the earth's crust. But Katie thinks that the volcano is Pele, a Hawaiian goddess. As each argues her point, it soon becomes clear they they are"both"right! ...
Author: Jean Craighead George

Bar Code for Dewey The Dinosaur And The Candy Volcano
Dewey the Dinosaur has lots of friends. The volcano is going to erupt. This is not any ordinary volcano; it's a specific candy volcano. The volcano erupts and everyone has fun! Good book to read to children in the course of the upcoming holiday. Other Books by...
Author: Ellin G. Wood

Bar Code for Dinosaur Train Lift-the-flap Let's Go
Dinosaur Train, an exciting new kids' show, paired with the best-selling lift-the-flap format means dino-sized fun! Over 40 flaps to lift!
Author: Dinosaur Train / Lori C. Froeb

Bar Code for Diving To A Deep-sea Volcano
Scientists have mapped much much less than 10 percent of the ridge of underwater mountains in the middle inside the Atlantic ocean. It is right here that 95 percent of the volcanic activity on earth occurs. And it is also where the scientist Rich Lutz has tracked the remarkable...
Author: Kenneth Mallory

Bar Code for Dk Readers: Earthquakes And Other Natural
DK is reissuing some of its most beloved Readers having a fresh new look, perfect for 21st century kids! From the eruption of Mount Vesuvius to the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, Earthquakes and Other Natural Disasters brings readers face to face with...
Author: Harriet Griffey

Bar Code for Dk Readers: Eruption : The Story Of Volcanoes
DK is reissuing some of its most beloved Readers with a fresh new look, perfect for 21st century kids! What spits out fire and ash? What sleeps for years but may possibly explode using a bang at any time? In Eruption! The Story of Volcanoes, children learn all...
Author: Anita Ganeri

Bar Code for Dragon Keepers #4: The Dragon
Dragon Keeper series bridges the gap between MTH and Eragon or Harry Potter. It is solidly middle grade, accessible, and adventure-filled. In The Dragon inside the Volcano, Dragon Keepers Jesse and Daisy, follow their dragon, Emmy, into the Fiery Realms....
Author: Kate Klimo

Bar Code for Dragon Keepers #4: The Dragon
What do you do when your dragon becomes a 'tween? Worry! And that's exactly what Dragon Keepers Jesse and Daisy do when their dragon, Emmy, outgrows their garage and starts disappearing. Luckily, when she really disappears, she also leaves them a trail...
Author: Kate Klimo

Bar Code for Earthquakes
Earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis don't happen every day, so how can budding scientists study how they carry out? Through experiments, models, and demonstrations. This in-depth resource will teach readers how to construct a seismograph to record a simulated...
Author: Matthys Levy / Mario Salvadori

Bar Code for Earthquakes And Volcanoes
Promote the scientific method and critical-thinking skills while providing information concerning the destructive forces of nature that will fascinate your students. This comprehensive text introduces volcanoes, the ozone layer, earthquakes, earth plates,...
Author: Pat Ward / Barbara Ward

Bar Code for Eruption : Volcanoes And The Science
ldquo; At 11:35 p. m. , as Radio Armero played cheerful music, a towering wave of mud and rocks bulldozed by implies of the village, roaring like a squadron of fighter jets. ” Twenty-three thousand people died inside the 1985 eruption of Colombia's Nevado...
Author: Elizabeth Rusch

Bar Code for Explosive World Of Volcanoes
In graphic novel format, follows the adventures of Max Axiom, a science teacher and super-cool super-scientist, as he explains the science behind volcanoes.
Author: Christopher L. Harbo

Bar Code for Eye Wonder: Volcanoes
Eye Wonder: Volcanoes
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Geronimo Stilton And The Kingdom Of Fantasy
Geronimo's fifth journey to the Kingdom of Fantasy! I, Geronimo Stilton, was amazed to locate myself in the Kingdom of Fantasy for a fifth time. The elves had called me there. The Volcano of Fire had been mysteriously reawakened! On leading of that, the Princess...
Author: Geronimo Stilton

Bar Code for Geronimo Stilton And The Kingdom Of Fantasy
Holey cheese! Join Geronimo as he returns to the Kingdom of Fantasy for a third amazing adventure! In this 320-page, full-color hardcover adventure, Geronimo returns to the Kingdom of Fantasy when he learns that the Kingdom has fallen beneath an endless,...
Author: Geronimo Stilton

Bar Code for Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Ideal for today's young investigative reader, each A True Book includes lively sidebars, a glossary and index, plus a comprehensive"To Find Out More"section listing books, organizations, and Internet web sites. A staple of library collections presented that the...
Author: Sharlene Nelson / Ted Nelson

Bar Code for How The Earth Works: 60 Fun Activities
Earth science comes alive for young children 6 to 9 through 60 engrossing games, activities, and experiments. Kids “ core sample” a filled cupcake and discover plate tectonics by floating graham cracker continents on a molten mantle of molasses....
Author: Michelle O'Brien-Palmer

Bar Code for How To Train Your Dragon: How To Twist
In the fifth adventure in the How to Train Your Dragon series, someone has stolen the Fire-Stone. Now the volcano on Volcano Island has turn out to be active and also the tremors are hatching the eggs of the Exterminator dragons! Can Hiccup return the Fire-Stone to...
Author: Cressida Cowell

Bar Code for Inside Volcanoes
What causes scorching hot lava to spike through Earth's crust and make a volcano blow its best? Do volcanoes exist in space? What do brave volcanologists learn by climbing right into a volcano's mouth? In the wake with the eruptions by Iceland's Eyjafjallajö...
Author: Melissa Stewart

Bar Code for Into The Volcano
Don Wood, bestselling Caldecott artist, rocks the graphic-novel world with his new paperback! The volcano is erupting, and brothers Sumo and Duffy are trapped inside a deep lava tube--almost certain death. How did they get here? A vacation"hike"turned...
Author: Don Wood

Bar Code for Into The Volcano: A Volcano Researcher
In a helicopter with no doors, she hovers more than a lava lake the size of two football fields -- then lands! She runs by means of clouds of scalding steam, dodging lava bombs, to photograph glowing hot lava as it pours in to the sea. She sets up camp on the edge...
Author: Donna OMeara

Bar Code for Janice Van Cleave's Volcanoes: Mind-boggling
perfect science fair concept books … Spectacular Science Projects Janice Van Cleave's Volcanoes
Author: Janice VanCleave

Bar Code for Journey To The Volcano Palace
Eric, Julie, and Neal have a problem. The nasty Lord Sparr has stolen a magic jewel from their friend Princess Keeah. The princessreally needs their aid. The good news is the jewel is in Lord Sparr's secret palace. The bad news is the secret palace is...
Author: Tony Abbott

Bar Code for Jump Into Science: Volcano
How do volcanoes erupt? What is lava and what happens when it cools? Where are the globe Õ s most significant volcanoes? Just stay cool — and let Volcano Vulcan, Dragon Explorer, take you about the hot-spots!
Author: Ellen J. Prager

Bar Code for Kids Who Walk On Volcanoes
Written to introduce North American kids to other cultures, this book is an impressionistic appear at youngsters of Central America. Every colorful two-page spread focuses on a specific topic and most function bright, engaging images of Central American kids...
Author: Paul Otteson

Bar Code for Larryboy Versus The Volcano
When Larry Boy and his superhero buddies are invited to Superhero Island, they are in for a surprise of volcanic proportions. Trouble erupts when Larry Boy discovers he's a second-class citizen, because he doesn't have 'super' powers like his buddies....
Author: Doug Peterson

Bar Code for Look Inside Volcano
Look Inside Volcano takes an exciting new appear at eruptions and explosions and explains what volcanoes are, how they form, what leads them to erupt, and what happens during an eruption.
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Magic Dogs Of The Volcanoes/los Perros
modern folktale about magical dogs that live on the volcanoes of El Salvador and safeguard the folks from many dangers.
Author: Manlio Argueta

Bar Code for Magic School Bus Blows Its Top:
Ms. Frizzle's class is getting a challenging time putting together a giant globe of the world. A piece is missing. an island so new it hasn't been discovered however! Before they know it, the kids are beneath the oceans's surface, exploring an underwater volcano....
Author: Gail Herman

Bar Code for Magic School Bus Inside The Earth
To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Scholastic is re-releasing the ten original Magic School Bus titles in paperback. With updated scientific information, the bestselling science series ever is back! Rock collecting has never been quite like this! When...
Author: Joanna Cole

Bar Code for Magic School Bus Science Chapter
Get ready for some serious science fun when the Friz takes the kids on an explosive journey into the heart of a volcano! Hi, I'm Dorothy Ann, one of numerous kids in Ms. Frizzle's class. When we began finding out about volcanoes, I thought we'd just be studying...
Author: Judith Stamper

Bar Code for Magic Tree House Boxed Set
Books 13– 16 employing the New York Instances bestselling Magic Tree House series boxed together for the really first time!   These four titles are the perfect gift for a Magic Tree House fan or any child who loves a excellent adventure. Parents, teachers, and librarians...
Author: Mary Pope Osborne

Bar Code for Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #14: Ancient
Magic Tree House Research Guides are now Magic Tree House Fact Trackers! Track the facts with Jack and Annie!   When Jack and Annie got back from their adventure in  Magic Tree House #13: Vacation Under the Volcano,   they had lots of issues....
Author: Mary Pope Osborne / Natalie Pope Boyce

Bar Code for My Mouth Is A Volcano
All of Louis thoughts are really crucial to him. In fact, his thoughts are so important to him that when he has something to say, his words start to wiggle, and then they do the jiggle, then his tongue pushes all of his important words up against his...
Author: Julia Cook

Bar Code for My Mouth Is A Volcano Activity And Idea
new book of activities to go together with My Mouth Is A Volcano storybook by Julia Cook. Use as a supplementary teacher's guide with the storybook. Full of discussion questions and exercises to share with students. 8. 5 x 11, softcover, 24 pages.
Author: Julia Cook

Bar Code for Nancy Drew And The Clue Crew #1: Small
8 year old Nancy Drew decides to develop a model of a volcano for her science project. Best friends George (Georgia) Fayne and a gungho Bess Marvin arrive to help. But, the subsequent day, their teacher Mrs. Ramirez opens the door to find each of the volcanoes missing....
Author: Stefan Petrucha

Bar Code for National Geographic Kids Everything Volcanoes
National Geographic Kids Everything Volcanoes and Earthquakes explodes with incredible photos and amazing facts about the awesome powers of nature. You'll find out that three-quarters of Earth's volcanoes are underwater, that an earthquake in Chile shortened...
Author: Kathy Furgang

Bar Code for National Geographic Readers: Planets
This brilliantly illustrated book taps into children's all-natural curiosity about the vast world of space. This level two reader, written in simple language that is easy for young readers to understand, introduces children to our solar system, including...
Author: Elizabeth Carney

Bar Code for National Geographic Readers: Storms
Storms are SCARY! But it's cool to understand what's going on when Mother Nature gets angry. Why does the wind howl? Why does it rain for days? How do rivers overflow? Thunder and lightening, monsoons, hurricanes, tornadoes. the facts and photos in this...
Author: Miriam Goin

Bar Code for Ordinary Basil: Attack Of The Volcano
In this irresistible adventure, Basil comes face-to-face with evil von Rottweil on mysterious Monkey Island--where monkeys have human intelligence. Again Basil should face his fears to conserve the world. Basil Pepperell thinks he's ordinary, but when he and...
Author: Wiley Miller

Bar Code for Pele: Goddess Of Hawaii's Volcanoes
Myths, legends, romances and folktales with the most fascinating goddess of old Hawaii. Pele lives in Hawaiian hearts and minds as the personification of volcanic majesty and energy. Having the energy to make new land, she has a volcanic personality - an...
Author: Herb Kawainui Kane

Bar Code for Pompeii. Buried Alive
Illus. in full color."The drama of natural disasters provides prime material to entice young independent readers. In this volume, the account with the eruption of Mount Vesuvius describes village life 2, 000 years ago, the eruption itself and its aftermath,...
Author: Edith Kunhardt Davis

Bar Code for Scholastic Q And A: Why Do Volcanoes
From straightforward questions like"Where are volcanoes found?"to more complex ones like"What makes a volcano erupt? ,"this book delivers the answers kids want. Whether children hear about volcanoes and earthquakes on television, learn about them at school,...
Author: Melvin Berger / Gilda Berger

Bar Code for Science Of Volcanoes: Understanding
Volcanos are on the list of most destructive natural disasters known to man--but what makes them tick? In this book (just for kids) , you will learn about how volcanoes start, diverse types, and exactly where they are most active. This easy to understand book will...
Author: KidCaps

Bar Code for Space Scout: The Slime Volcano
Space Scout is but another fantastic series from the creators of Zac Power! When Kip gets trapped on a slimy, gross planet, he thinks it's the worst mission ever. Then he meets the gigantic hairy monsters which are stuck there as nicely …
Author: H. Badger

Bar Code for Taming Fire/volcanoes
Approaching fire from numerous perspectives, such as fire in nature to how humans have harnessed its energy in modern society, a reference guide describes the inside of volcano and cooking techniques, and includes reusable stickers.
Author: Scholastic Books

Bar Code for Thea Stilton And The Legend Of The Fire
Join Thea Stilton together with the Thea Sisters in this adventure packed with mystery and friendship! The Thea Sisters are in Hawaii to compete in an international hula festival. The mouselets are getting a great time -- until they learn that the festival is situated...
Author: Thea Stilton

Bar Code for Time For Kids: Volcanoes
Get the inside scoop on the world's most explosive mountains!
Author: Editors Of Time For Kids / Jeremy Caplan

Bar Code for Vacaciones Al Pie De Un Volcan
Book Details:
Author: Mary Pope Osborne

Bar Code for Vacation Under The Volcano
Jack and Annie are ready for their next fantasy adventure inside the bestselling middle-grade series— the Magic Tree House! Who wants to vacation next to a volcano? Jack and Annie are about to locate out when the Magic Tree House whisks them back to the...
Author: Mary Pope Osborne

Bar Code for Victor Vicuna's Volcano Vacation
Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking presented on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold! . ISBN13: 9781575653471. Condition: New.
Author: Barbara deRubertis

Bar Code for Vocabulary Science Pack
Vocabulary Science Pack
Author: Judith Bauer Stamper

Bar Code for Volcano : The Icelandic Eruption Of 2010
True-life accounts from a wide range of people, including scientists, sightseers, and thrillseekers,   add for the compelling readability of this book that gives readers both a historical   perspective on the human expertise of volcanoes and...
Author: Judith Fradin / Dennis Fradin

Bar Code for Volcano And Earthquake
most trusted nonfiction series on the market, Eyewitness Books provide an in-depth, complete appear at their subjects with a unique integration of words and photographs. DK's classic look at volcanoes and earthquakes, now reissued making use of a CD and wall...
Author: Susanna van Rose

Bar Code for Volcano Diary: Mount Saint Helens
Volcano Diary: Mount Saint Helens
Author: Richie Chevat

Bar Code for Volcano Disaster
Warren Spaulding and Betsy Tyler are supposed to be operating on a class project about Mount St. Helens. Rather Warren is busy testing his grandfather's latest invention--the Instant Commuter. Suddenly, he is teleported back towards the morning of the eruption...
Author: Peg Kehret

Bar Code for Volcano Explorers
Volcano Explorers teaches readers all about volcanoes, as properly as the scientists who go to extremes to study them!
Author: Pam Rosenberg

Bar Code for Volcano eye Wonder
Discover the inner workings of one of Earth's most terrifying all-natural phenomena in Eye Wonder: Volcano. How hot is molten lava? How are volcanoes formed below the earth's surface? Learn about famous volcanic eruptions such as the disaster in Pompeii with...
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Volcano Machine
Volcano Machine
Author: Jack C. Harris

Bar Code for Volcano Of Doom
Postcard-perfect Hawaii proves to turn out to be something but paradise when Ricky and the other Accidental Detectives stumble on an active volcano. This a single threatens to destroy the hiding areas of immigrants. What can the Accidental Detectives do to help —...
Author: Sigmund Brouwer

Bar Code for Volcano ready-to-read. Level 1
Earth as we know it was partly produced by volcanoes. Many are nevertheless active today. Learn how volcanoes form and what is going on once they erupt.
Author: Marion Dane Bauer

Bar Code for Volcano Wakes Up
Playful, kid-friendly  poems from five alternating points of view explore the volcanic process and its effect on the surrounding land, flora, and fauna.   From the lava crickets towards the ferns, everyone has a thing to say about it! Follow one specific...
Author: Lisa Westberg Peters

Bar Code for Volcano: The Eruption And Healing
May 18, 1980, 8:32 A. M. :
Author: Patricia Lauber

Bar Code for Volcanoes
cool story of volcanoes will intrigue kids and adults alike. Hot melted rock from the middle of our planet forces its way up through cracks in the Earth's crusts, exploding violently and at times unexpectedly in volcanic fury that can terrorize populations...
Author: Anne Schreiber

Bar Code for Volcanoes
Exceptional nonfiction for kids from two with the most trusted names in science education: Seymour Simon and the Smithsonian Institution.
Author: Seymour Simon

Bar Code for Volcanoes
Volcanoes are a single of nature's great wonders. For years they can stand dormant, but once active they can erupt in tremendous explosions of power. Some eruptions are so big, they modify the earth's climate. Luckily, geologists can now approximate when an...
Author: Franklyn M. Branley

Bar Code for Volcanoes
This book is suitable for ages 8-10. Dramatic full-color photographs of eruptions for example Mount St. Helens help show how volcanoes are created, diverse kinds of eruptions and cone formations, and why tsunamis often follow.
Author: Neil Morris

Bar Code for Volcanoes
What tends to make the earth quake, rivers flood, and volcanoes blow their tops? How do natural forces become natural disasters? Buckle your seatbelts and get ready for a bumpy ride for the center from the earth for a look at a number of the wildest phenomena in the...
Author: Elaine Landau

Bar Code for Volcanoes
This comprehensive and high-interest info book combinesexplosive illustrations, the latest photographs, and difficult facts withvolcano myths and stories. Examine how an eruption starts, wherethe deadliest volcanoes inside the world are located, how professionals...

Bar Code for Volcanoes
In this oversized volume, award-winning photographer Philippe Bourseiller documents the awesome power and devastating aftermath of volcanoes. More than 170 full-color double spreads depict the volatile outbursts of active volcanoes with photos of red-hot...
Author: Jacques Durieux

Bar Code for Volcanoes
Each book in this series begins by explaining what a landform is before launching in to the distinct type of landform covered inside the book. The titles use a compare and contrast format in order that you can get readers understanding the main characteristics of the...
Author: Cassie Mayer

Bar Code for Volcanoes
Go beyond baking-soda-and-vinegar eruptions with this fresh new strategy to teaching the science of volcanoes. Dissect the anatomy of a volcano to find out how and why it erupts. Learn about volcanic bombs, hair and tears. Gain a thorough understanding...
Author: Melinda Storey

Bar Code for Volcanoes
Scholastic Science Readers series was produced particularly to bring exciting nonfiction to beginning readers. Each and every book combines easy-to-read text with outstanding photographs to give kids an introduction to their favorite topics. Nature comes alive...
Author: Lily Wood

Bar Code for Volcanoes
Ideal for today's young investigative reader, each A True Book contains lively sidebars, a glossary and index, plus a comprehensive"To Find Out More"section listing books, organizations, and Internet sites. A staple of library collections considering that the...
Author: Paul P. Sipiera

Bar Code for Volcanoes
Disasters are inherently frightening, riveting, and involving. Grabbed straight from the headlines, these disasters leave tragedy, destruction, and years of anguish: Vesuvius, Krakatoa, Mount Pelee, Mount St. Helens, Mount Pinatubo, Hawaii's Gentle Giants,...
Author: Ann Weil

Bar Code for Volcanoes
For the first time, Kingfisher brings its expertise in beautifully-designed, trusted non-fiction towards the sphere of learning to study. This new graded reading scheme will grip children's interest. Developed with literacy experts, the four-level series will...
Author: Claire Llewellyn

Bar Code for Volcanoes
Discusses what causes volcanoes, where they are likely to occur, and how scientists study them.
Author: Helen J. Challand

Bar Code for Volcanoes
Author: Stephanie Turnbull

Bar Code for Volcanoes
Author: Luke Thompson

Bar Code for Volcanoes
Discusses the nature, causes, and dangers of volcanoes, volcanoes of the past, and approaches to survive them.
Author: Cari Meister

Bar Code for Volcanoes And Earthquakes
INsiders brings volcanoes and earthquakes to life, with all 1 of the most up-to-date data and state-of-the-art 3-D illustrations that practically leap off every page, stimulating minds and imaginations in a complete new way.
Author: Ken Rubin

Bar Code for Volcanoes And Earthquakes: God's Power
. because the creation of the world God's invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen. from what has been made. Romans 1:20 Ever simply because God spoke the universe into being, our Earth has been changed and shaped by truly a few powerful...
Author: Michael Carroll

Bar Code for Volcanoes Mountains Of Fire
volcano could be referred to as a sleeping mountain--that is, until it wakes up! What is it like to witness the eruption of 1 of nature's majestic time bombs? Young readers can learn what makes volcanoes"tick,"and read about a handful of of the most famous eruptions...
Author: Eric Arnold

Bar Code for Volcanoes Of Hawaii A To Z Coloring Book
Clever illustrations and easy-to-read text make learning about volcanoes fun and uncomplicated. Part of a series that will include coral reefs, surfing, and dangerous sea animals, the A to Z format is very appealing to young kids.
Author: Terry Pierce

Bar Code for Volcanoes, Level 2: Internet Referenced
Author: Stephanie Turnbull

Bar Code for Volcanoes: Fire From Below
Text and photographs present information regarding the formation and growth of volcanoes and their eruptions.
Author: Jenny Wood

Bar Code for Volcanoes: Journey To The Crater's Edge
Children will probably be erupting with enthusiasm!
Author: Robert Burleigh / David Giraudon / Philippe Bourseiller

Bar Code for Volcanoes: Mountains That Blow Their
easy-to-read introduction to one of nature's most spectacular forces provides a close-up look at volcanoes and other seismic activity, explaining how volcanoes are formed, what causes them, and the impact of an eruption on the planet.
Author: Nicholas Nirgiotis

Bar Code for Volcanoes: Nature's Incredible Fireworks
Tremendous forces are at carry out below the earth's surface. Sometimes they make the ground rumble and shake. Other times they make mountains explode, spewing forth rock, gases, and lava. These mountains are called volcanoes. They are amongst nature's most...
Author: David L. Harrison

Bar Code for Volcanoes: Past And Present
This book was originally published before 1923, and represents a reproduction of an important historical work, maintaining the identical format as the original operate. Even though some publishers have opted to apply OCR (optical character recognition) technologies...
Author: Edward Hull

Bar Code for Volcanoes: Science And Maths
Learn with regards to the science and history of Volcanoes with i Minds JNR learning series for younger minds. A volcano is an opening in the earth's surface through which molten rock, gases and debris can escape. The mound commonly linked with volcanoes is...
Author: iMinds

Bar Code for Volcanoes: The Science Behind Fiery Eruptions
Although scientists increasingly can measure warning signs such as tremors and also other changes inside the land, predicting when volcanoes will erupt is far from certain. This reluctant reader book explains why volcanoes remain dangerous natural disasters....
Author: Alvin Silverstein / Virgina Silverstein / Laura Silverstein Nunn

Bar Code for What Are Volcanoes
Erupting volcanoes, meandering rivers, towering mountains--explore the earth's variety of land and water forms with this introductory geography set. Simple text and supportive images show young readers the basic physical attributes of earth.
Author: Mari C. Schuh

Bar Code for When Volcano Erupted Is
When Volcano Erupted Is
Author: RIGBY

Bar Code for Zack Files 09: The Volcano Goddess Will
Hawaii. Dream vacation. Same thing, right? Wrong! No sooner do Zack and his dad arrive at their hotel does strange things start happening to Zack. First he gets bonked on the head by a falling coconut, then the T. V. blows up, then he gets thrown off...
Author: Dan Greenburg