Product Codes: Books About Soccer for Kids

Bar Code for #161; El Primer Libro De F ú Tbol
#161; Comparta su amor por el f ú tbol con su beb é! ...
Author: Stephen Berg

Bar Code for Absolutely Lucy #4: Lucy On The Ball
Ilene Cooper's fourth story of a boy and his beagle takes Bobby and Lucy in to the wild playing fields of grade-school soccer. Every kid loves soccer, right? Not Bobby. He likes to watch sports, but he doesn't genuinely like to play them. He'd rather play...
Author: Ilene Cooper

Bar Code for All American Girls: The Usa National
All-American Girls
Author: Marla Miller

Bar Code for Baby's First Soccer
Share your love of soccer with your baby! The 1st in a series of board books for the family members s youngest soccer fan! Another great book from Sole Books, publishers of The acclaim Wild Soccer Bunch book series endorsed by Landon Donovan.
Author: Stephen Berg

Bar Code for Basic Training: Techniques And Tactics
Basic Training: Techniques And Tactics
Author: Gero Bisanz / Norbert Vieth

Bar Code for Care And Feeding Of A Soccer Player:
Is a Soccer Scholarship to College in Your Future? Becoming an elite level soccer player takes challenging work, practice, commitment and dedication. But of course, you already know all that. But, did you also know that the decisions you re creating about your...
Author: Toni Branner

Bar Code for Cool Soccer Facts
Pele scored much more than 1, 200 goals in his soccer career. Want to know other cool soccer facts? Check out this book. Youll get a kick out of it.
Author: Abby Czeskleba

Bar Code for Crazy About Soccer
Hurray for soccer!
Author: Loris Lesynski

Bar Code for David's Secret Soccer Goals
David is significantly like any other boy who loves to play soccer. But when the chance comes to go and stay at Champions Soccer Camp, David has to face up to his greatest embarrassment— wetting the bed. David stands up bravely to his sister's taunts and...
Author: Caroline Levine

Bar Code for Dk Readers: Let's Play Soccer
Photographs combine with lively illustrations and engaging, age- appropriate stories in DK Readers, a multilevel reading system guaranteed to capture children's interest while developing their reading skills and general information. Erik goes to his first...
Author: Patricia J. Murphy

Bar Code for Everything Kids' Soccer Book: Rules
It's a objective! Whether kids play defense, goalie, or offense, they'll have hours of fun with this book. Coach Deborah W. Crisfield provides kids tips and techniques for passing, heading, defending, and much more in this fun guide. Kids also learn:
Author: Deborah W Crisfield

Bar Code for For The Love Of Soccer
What does the world's  greatest soccer player love in regards to the game? The exact same things as we do! Speed, team work, dribbling, passing, taking your best shot--and making a G-O-A-A-A-L!
Author: Pelé

Bar Code for Foul Play
Meet super-athlete Tess Adams and her teammates on her new AYSO team.     The philosophy of the team is the truth that winning isn't everything, or even one certain of the most important thing!     Tess can't imagine anything worse, and begins to take a"winning "...
Author: Emily Costello

Bar Code for Froggy Plays Soccer
It's the day from the big game, and Froggy is ready. His soccer team is playing the Wild Items for the City Cup. All Froggy has to do is remember the rule:"Head it! Boot it! Knee it! Shoot it! BUT DON'T USE YOUR HANDS!"But Froggy's busy doing cartwheels...
Author: Jonathan London / Frank Remkiewicz

Bar Code for Fun With Soccer Stencils
6 sturdy, pre-cut stencils depict players running, kicking, heading the ball and far far more. Great for tracing and coloring fun; also ideal for adding sports flavor to walls, furniture, other flat surfaces.
Author: Paul E. Kennedy

Bar Code for Game Changers: Book 1
Mike Lupica delivers a new York Instances bestselling middle grade series! Ben Mc Bain is every football team's dream player. He's a jack-of-all-trades guy that could handle virtually any position. When the game is on the line, Ben's number could possibly be the one getting called...
Author: Mike Lupica

Bar Code for Hands Off: The Best Of The World's Soccer
Photographs of hands painted, decorated, and formed to resemble the players at a soccer game.
Author: Mario Mariotti

Bar Code for Hope Solo: My Story
Meet Hope Solo— Soccer Sensation
Author: Hope Solo

Bar Code for K Is For Kick: A Soccer Alphabet
Author Brad Herzog brings his well-received prose and soccer knowledge together with Melanie Rose's charming and realistic illustrations to detail every facet from the game. Each letter features a simple rhyme for young readers: J is for the jerseys that soccer...
Author: Brad Herzog

Bar Code for Keeper
" This stirring adventure — a soccer story? a ghost story? — defies expectations. Both lyrical and gripping."— KIRKUS REVIEWS (starred review) When Paul Faustino of LA NACION flips on his tape recorder for an exclusive interview with...
Author: Mal Peet

Bar Code for Kids' Book Of Soccer: Skills
Once regarded to turn out to be a solely European sport, soccer has now surpassed baseball in popularity among American schoolchildren. Geared toward kids aged seven to twelve, this easy-to-understand book includes such topics as the history of the game, the fundamentals...
Author: Brooks Clark

Bar Code for Little Soccer
Now even the smallest of fans can enjoy a book about their favorite sport. Rhyming riddles acompanied by colorful artwork help introduce the game's simplest, most basic components.
Author: Brad Herzog

Bar Code for Million Dollar Kick
Whisper Nelson hates sports--all sports--with a passion! So when by a fluke she wins a chance to kick a aim past an expert soccer star for a million-dollar prize, she is torn. Should she try it and danger humiliation, or just forget the whole thing...
Author: Dan Gutman

Bar Code for My First Soccer Book: A Brilliant Introduction
Soccer is the world's greatest game, played by billions of folks about the globe, including countless millions of kids. My First Soccer Book will inform and encourage all young soccer players already caught up in their actually like of the game and hungry...
Author: Clive Gifford

Bar Code for My First Soccer Game: A Book With Foldout
Playful text and striking photographs assist young readers prepare for their very first soccer game!
Author: Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Bar Code for My Soccer Book
Soccer is fun - let's play!
Author: Gail Gibbons

Bar Code for Pele, King Of Soccer/pele, El Rey Del
Do you know how a poor boy from Brazil who loved fú tbol more than anything else became the largest soccer star the world has ever identified? Turn the pages of this book to read the true life story of Pelé, King of Soccer, the initial man within the...
Author: Monica Brown

Bar Code for Play Soccer Like A Pro: Key Skills
Tips from professionals on skills like passing, slide tackling, and blocking goals, help young players to find accomplishment on the field.
Author: Christopher Forest

Bar Code for Scholastic Reader Level 1: Soccer Game
Rhyming text and spirited illustrations take readers via the exciting ups and downs of a neighborhood soccer game.
Author: Grace Maccarone

Bar Code for Soccer 'cats #11: Making The Save
When the Soccer Cats decide to earn money to buy a gift for Coach Bradley, Bucky goes out of his strategy to make the gift a wonderful surprise.
Author: Matt Christopher

Bar Code for Soccer 'cats #4: Hat Trick
Stookie Norris's brother Greg scores three objectives in a single game and appears inside the neighborhood paper. Greg insists that strikers ought to always score a hat trick in every game. Stookie runs wild chasing the ball in the course of the next game but is it the best way for him...
Author: Matt Christopher

Bar Code for Soccer 'cats #5: Master Of Disaster
Although he's better known for his wisecracks than his goal keeping abilities, Jason Shearer is taking the spot of the Soccer 'Cats' goalie, who's going on vacation. Will Jason learn what he needs to know ahead of the game against the always-tough Panthers? ...
Author: Matt Christopher

Bar Code for Soccer 'cats #6: Heads Up
Amanda Caler comes to realize she's afraid of the soccer ball, and as if that weren't enough, it looks as if someone is attempting to steal her spot at halfback. Illustrations.
Author: Matt Christopher

Bar Code for Soccer 'cats #7: All Keyed Up
Stookie Norris asks Jerry Dinh to care for his gerbils while on vacation. But then one factor terrible happens. Will Stookie forgive Jerry? Illustrations.
Author: Matt Christopher

Bar Code for Soccer 'cats #8: You Lucky Dog
Lou Barnes has trouble remembering to watch his position on the soccer field. Then one certain game, Lou gets a reminder of the offside rule from an incredibly unlikely provide. Illustrations.
Author: Matt Christopher

Bar Code for Soccer Beat
On the green two teams are prancing.
Author: Sandra Gilbert Brug

Bar Code for Soccer best Sport Ever
Soccer best Sport Ever
Author: Chros McDougall

Bar Code for Soccer Blaster
While playing a soccer video game, Renny finds himself suddenly transported to a World Cup practice field, where someone is trying to sabotage the U. S. team. How can Renny assist find who is to blame before disaster strikes the team?
Author: Margo Sorenson

Bar Code for Soccer Cats #1: The Captain Contest
Dewey London and Bundy Neel are psyched relating to the new summer soccer league, till they learn relating to the contest to become team captain: Whoever draws the best team logo will be named captain. Should artistic Dewey enter even though Bundy would make a much better...
Author: Matt Christopher

Bar Code for Soccer Cats #2: Operation Baby Sitter
Bundy works hard at being the best soccer player he could be. He always encourages his teammates, and works extra hard during practice. So when his attitude changes, little does his teammates know that he's been saddled with a baby-sitter. Illustrations...
Author: Matt Christopher

Bar Code for Soccer Cats: Kick It
Fullback Alan Minter is having trouble with his kick. His friend, goalkeeper Bucky Pinter, works with him to enhance. But Alan begins to think that a single of his teammates has it in for him. Illustrations.
Author: Matt Christopher

Bar Code for Soccer Cats: Switch Play
Tired of his sister getting all the attention during games, Ted Gaddy learns the identical move that another effective fullback utilizes. But will his sister thwart his plan? Illustrations.
Author: Matt Christopher

Bar Code for Soccer Circus
Hobie goes on the overnight soccer tournament beneath his dad's strict orders to stay out of trouble. So what's Hobie doing in a penguin costume riding on top of a car complete of circus clowns?
Author: Jamie Gilson

Bar Code for Soccer Counts
Perfect for soccer stars, this book features simple rhymes to support young readers count to fifteen.
Author: Barbara Barbieri Mc Grath / Peter Alderman

Bar Code for Soccer Counts
NEW BILINGUAL VERSION: Perfect for soccer stars, this book functions straightforward rhymes to help young readers count to fifteen. One ball, two keepers, three referees, and a lot more add up to a great game. Includes details about the history and recommendations of soccer...
Author: Barbara Barbieri Mc Grath / Peter Alderman

Bar Code for Soccer Cousins
When David visits his cousin in Mexico, he not merely celebrates the Day of the Dead but he also plays a big part in Miguel's soccer tournament.
Author: Jean Marzollo

Bar Code for Soccer Crazy
Reviews for Colin Mc Naughton's As soon as Upon an Ordinary School Day (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) :
Author: Colin McNaughton

Bar Code for Soccer Day
Welcome to the After-School Sports Club!
Author: Alyson Heller

Bar Code for Soccer dk Eyewitness Books
Updated and revised in time for the 2010 FIFA World Cup! From the early history of the game to today's biggest stars, this new edition of DK's classic Eyewitness Soccer features updated text, images, and statistics throughout.
Author: Hugh Hornby

Bar Code for Soccer dk Eyewitness Books
most trusted nonfiction series on the market, Eyewitness Books supply an in-depth, comprehensive look at their subjects getting a special integration of words and photos. DK's classic look in the game of soccer, now reissued with a CD and wall chart....
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Soccer Duel
Renny Harding and Bryce Mc Cormack both want to win the championship. When they meet face-to-face they discover that they have a lot in common, but can friendship grow exactly where fierce soccer rivalry exists?
Author: Matt Christopher

Bar Code for Soccer Encyclopedia
Soccer could be the definitive guide towards the world's most popular sport. From the sublime abilities of Pele towards the lifestyle of an expert soccer player, this gloriously illustrated book explores each and every aspect of the game. State-of-the-art digital illustrations...
Author: Clive Gifford

Bar Code for Soccer Halfback
Jabber Morris has had his heart set on playing soccer, but his family is pressuring him to play football, a sport his father played and loved before he died. A tough scenario is made even more difficult when suspicion of stealing a wallet falls on Jabber's...
Author: Matt Christopher

Bar Code for Soccer Hero
Rob Lasher is just an ordinary soccer player, good at the game, but not great. Then one afternoon, he saves his coach's life in front of all his teammates. Suddenly, he's the team's hero. As some members of his team and the rest from the town continue to...
Author: Matt Christopher

Bar Code for Soccer hugo
All over the world, individuals are passionate about soccer and, simply because the 1998 World Cup approaches, this action-packed overview with the world's favorite game is divided into 4 photo-filled sections: The Game; Wonderful Teams; Wonderful Players; along with the World Cup....
Author: Ivor Baddiel

Bar Code for Soccer In Action
Goooaaaallllll! Crabtree scores with Soccer in Action-- an exciting book that explores probably the most popular sport in the world. Kids will love learning and practicing expertise such as kicking, dribbling, and trapping. Spectacular full-color photographs accompany...
Author: Bobbie Kalman / Niki Walker / Sarah Dann

Bar Code for Soccer In Central America
Chicago, IL Norwood House Press 2011 Hard cover. Library binding. Paper more than boards. 24 p. Contains: Illustrations. Smart about Sports. Intended for a juvenile audience. New An introductory appear inside the soccer teams and their fans of nations in Central...
Author: Mike Kennedy

Bar Code for Soccer In The British Isles
introductory appear at soccer teams and their fans in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Includes a brief history, facts, photos, records, and glossary. Chicago, IL Norwood House Press 2011 Hard cover Fine. Library binding. Paper more than boards. 24...
Author: Mike Kennedy

Bar Code for Soccer in The Zone
ISBN: 9781605961255. Condition: New. Notes: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold!.
Author: Pat Rediger

Bar Code for Soccer Machine
8-0? How could The Team lose 8-0? Easily! Harvey s team always loses. Professor Gertie, Harvey s neighbor, can t actually understand it, but her game winning inventions for The Team just haven t helped. (Her Bouncy Boots were too bouncy and her Smoke Machine...
Author: David Bedford

Bar Code for Soccer Mom From Outer Space
night before Lena's first soccer game of the season, her father, Ruben Drinkwater, tells her the amazing story of his own extremely first season playing soccer. His mom was like any ordinary parent watching the Atomic Pickles play. But soon, she started to act...
Author: Barney Saltzberg

Bar Code for Soccer my First Fuzzy Sports Books
Soccer my First Fuzzy Sports Books
Author: Salina Yoon

Bar Code for Soccer on The Team gareth Stevens
Soccer on The Team gareth Stevens
Author: Mason Burdick

Bar Code for Soccer Reader
This title is suitable for children of ages 8-10. Beginning readers can practice their reading skills with this 6-book set that introduces a handful of of the sports played during the Olympic Games."The Easy Olympic Sports Readers"are fun-to-read for main...
Author: Teacher Created Resources Staff

Bar Code for Soccer rookie Read-about Sports
Soccer is amongst one particular in 1 of the most popular sports inside the planet. It is played and watched by millions of folks in a wide range of countries. Readers will learn in regards to the fundamental rules and concepts of the game, from how goals are scored to how long matches last....
Author: Wil Mara

Bar Code for Soccer Sam
Illus. in complete color. In a perceptive tale of friendship and sports, Sam's visiting Mexican cousin overcomes the language barrier by teaching soccer to his new friends. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Author: Jean Marzollo

Bar Code for Soccer Scoop: Who's Making A Fool
Mac Williams, goalie for the Cougars, is known as a lot for his upbeat game chatter as for his outstanding saves. But when an anonymous artist starts making fun of him using a weekly cartoon, Mac is anything but upbeat. To make matters worse, he suspects...
Author: Matt Christopher

Bar Code for Soccer Shock
When ten-year-old Adam discovers that his freckles can see and talk, he plans to use this secret to get onto the school soccer team.
Author: Donna Jo Napoli

Bar Code for Soccer Skills
Here may possibly be the definitive guide to playing the game of soccer, written by an award-winning author and specialist in the field. Illustrated throughout with stunning action photography and unique digital diagrams and graphics, this comprehensive guide covers...
Author: Clive Gifford

Bar Code for Soccer Skills
Locate out how you can pass, shoot, score, and defend like your favorite soccer stars in SOCCER SKILLS: HOW TO PLAY LIKE A PRO. A field diagram and fundamental scoring rules support new players learn the game. The book also consists of practice ideas and drills to boost...
Author: J. Chris Roselius

Bar Code for Soccer Skills: For Young Players
Making essentially the most of preparation and practice time with this comprehensive skills-guide.
Author: Ted Buxton

Bar Code for Soccer sports And My Body
In 'Soccer, ' readers learn what soccer is, how it can help them stay healthy, and how they can play soccer safely.
Author: Charlotte Guillain

Bar Code for Soccer Star
Samantha Aqsarniq Keyes is utilised to a life on the move. Her military household has been transferred across Canada, and she's grown up with stories of her Inuit ancestors exploring the far north. For Sam, soccer has been the one continuous in her life. But now...
Author: Jacqueline Guest

Bar Code for Soccer Stars
Book Details:
Author: Therese Shea

Bar Code for Soccer Stickers
Twenty-four full-color stickers focus on the world's most popular spectator sport. Illustrations show boys and girls heading the ball, scoring goals, stealing the ball, moving it down field, holding a trophy, and drastically more. Convenient book format keeps...
Author: Bob Censoni

Bar Code for Soccer summer Olympics
Traces the history of soccer as an Olympic sport.
Author: David Smale

Bar Code for Soccer Techniques
" Bauer has written a complete guide on how to play soccer, from the basics of training and technique to game-situation tactics. Easy-to-use diagrams and charts. Frame-by-frame photographs display the appropriate form and style to become employed inside the very a few...
Author: Gerhard Bauer

Bar Code for Soccer The Winning Way: Play Like
Soccer great Pelé once referred to as it"the beautiful game"--but it's also a high-speed, high-skills sport, and on the list of most popular across the globe. And hundreds of thousands of budding soccer stars want to know what it takes to win, to be the a single...
Author: Bob Mackin

Bar Code for Soccer true Books: Sports
Ideal for today's young investigative reader, each A True Book consists of lively sidebars, a glossary and index, plus a complete"To Find Out More"section listing books, organizations, and Internet sites. A staple of library collections since the...
Author: Mike Kennedy

Bar Code for Soccer we Both Read
Soccer we Both Read
Author: Dev Ross

Bar Code for Soccer with Web Access greatest Players
Soccer with Web Access greatest Players
Author: Steve Goldsworthy / Aaron Carr

Bar Code for Soccer World: Mexico: Explore The World
Following professional soccer player Ethan Zohn on another international adventure, this entertaining and educational handbook explores the cultures and customs of Mexico. From a walking tour of Mexico City and visits for the ruins using the country's ancient civilizations...
Author: Ethan Zohn / David Rosenberg

Bar Code for Soccer World: South Africa: Explore
Demonstrating how the world's most popular sport also serves as a frequent language across all cultures, communities, and ages, this distinctive handbook explores the diverse nation of South Africa through the game of soccer. Documenting the experiences of...
Author: Ethan Zohn / David Rosenberg

Bar Code for Soccer World: Spain: Explore The World
Journeying to the country that won the 2010 FIFA World Cup, this book explores the culture of Spain via the world's most popular sport: soccer. From watching an amazing game between world class rivals Real Madrid and FC Barcelona to exploring island...
Author: Ethan Zohn / David Rosenberg

Bar Code for Soccer's Greatest Stars
Soccer's Greatest Stars
Author: Michael Hurley

Bar Code for Soccer: From Beckham To Zidane
Soccer is a sport that's played by more and a lot far more U. S. kids - boys and girls - and it's getting lots of press with the arrival on these shores of a genuine international superstar, David Beckham. This is the definitive book on soccer - its history, its...
Author: Christopher Morris

Bar Code for Soccer: How It Works
It's fun to watch a high-flying slam dunk, a perfect spiral thrown for a touchdown, or a batter fooled by a hard-breaking curveball. But how are athletes able to carry out these moves? From the laws of physics on a skateboard for the effects of weather on...
Author: Suzanne Bazemore

Bar Code for Soccer: Rules
Learn all about soccer from its background and player positions to tips on getting involved within the sport. Includes full-color and black-and-white photographs, diagram, glossary, investigation sources, bibliography, index and author profile. Chapter Book: 4 chapters...
Author: Brian Wingate

Bar Code for Soccer: The Ultimate Guide
Building on the accomplishment of Soccer: the Ultimate Guide, DK's bringing the world's game to young readers in a revised and updated edition. More pages, more pictures, a lot more facts, stats, and info make Soccer: The Ultimate Guide truly ultimate. Updated and...
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Soccer: The Ultimate Guide To The Beautiful
From the sublime skills of Pele to per day in the life of a specialist soccer player, this gloriously illustrated book explores each and every aspect with the game. Rules, skills, and tactics are clearly explained and presented with state-of-the-art digital diagrams...
Author: Clive Gifford

Bar Code for Sports For Kids: Soccer
Is your kid into soccer? Do you wish your kids had a fun and easy kids book about soccer? This is it. This easy-to-read soccer kids book is suitable for young readers ages 4 to 8. They'll love the cool and interesting facts and the awesome complete color...
Author: Andrew Miller

Bar Code for Tangerine
Edward Bloor's award-winning novel Tangerine grabs readers by the collar on the first page and never lets go. Tangerine, Florida— once recognized for its citrus groves— is now an uninhabitable quagmire of muck fires and school-swallowing sinkholes....
Author: Edward Bloor

Bar Code for Toward The Goal: The Kaka Story
'I learned that it is faith that decides whether one thing will happen or not. ' At the age of eight, Kaka currently knew what he wanted in life: to play soccer and only soccer. He started playing in front of his buddies and family, but when he suffered...
Author: Jeremy V. Jones

Bar Code for Wild Soccer Bunch
When the last using the snow has finally melted, soccer season starts! Kevin the Star Striker and The Wild Bunch rush to their field. They have identified that Mickey the bulldozer and his gang, the Unbeatables, have taken over. Kevin and his friends challenge...
Author: Joachim Masannek

Bar Code for Wild Soccer BUNCH
Exciting news for the Wild Soccer Bunch: They are now playing in a club league! Julian, the all-in-one defender, is looking for his dad who left home years ago. He wants to invite him to their 1st championship game. While searching for his dad, Julian...
Author: Joachim Masannek

Bar Code for Wild Soccer Bunch
Fabio, the son of a well-known Brazilian soccer player, wants to join the Wild Soccer Bunch. But Fabio's father has other plans. He tends to make his son play for the Furies, on the list of greatest youth club teams inside the nation. The Wild Soccer Bunch is devastated, but...
Author: Joachim Masannek

Bar Code for Wild Soccer Bunch
For Zoe, soccer is life! She won't wear something but soccer gear, and she wants to be the first female to ever play on the U. S. Men's National Soccer Team. When her father moves them to Chicago, he signs her up with a boy's team - the Wild Soccer Bunch....
Author: Joachim Masannek

Bar Code for Winners Never Quit
Mia Hamm, American soccer champion and best– selling author of Go for the Goal, tells a true– life– inspired story of finding out that winning and losing aren't as crucial as getting portion of a team.
Author: Mia Hamm

Bar Code for World Cup
Soccer. No other sport in the planet captivates a bigger audience -- and no other competitors electrifies its fans like the World Cup. Now, just in time for the subsequent World Cup competition, comes a book just for kids, jam-packed with details about each...
Author: Matt Christopher

Bar Code for World's Greatest Soccer Players
Whether it's smashing a house run, heaving a touchdown pass, or scoring the game-winning goal, fans love watching their favorite stars. With incredible photos and lists of stats, fans will love seeing the world's best athletes and their amazing achievements...
Author: Matt Doeden