Product Codes: Riddle Books for Kids

Bar Code for 696 Silly School Jokes And Riddles
With a whopping 696 belly laughs and comic illustrations too, this will turn into the favorite joke book for kids. Everything school-related comes in for some ribbing: teachers, tests, reading, writing, recess, homeroom hijinks, and all the hilarious things...
Author: Joseph Rosenbloom

Bar Code for Abc Animal Riddles
Rhyming riddles for each and each and every single letter of the alphabet entice young readers to find out how sounds and letters combine to form words. A follow-up to the successful"Alphabet Riddles, ABC Animal Riddles"offers a way to create phonemic awareness.
Author: Susan Joyce

Bar Code for Abc Math Riddles
Abc Math Riddles
Author: Jannelle Martin

Bar Code for Abc School Riddles
Abc School Riddles

Bar Code for Abc Science Riddles
Abc Science Riddles
Author: Barbara Saffer

Bar Code for Alphabet Soup: A Book Of Riddles About
Alphabet Soup: A Book Of Riddles About
Author: Michael Dahl

Bar Code for Arithme-tickle: An Even Number Of Odd
Who knew math could possibly be so fun? These eighteen zany rhyming riddles involve addition, subtraction, and simple multiplication to calculate everything from poodle weights to travel time. And for anyone who's stumped, the answers are included in mirror -writing...
Author: J. Patrick Lewis

Bar Code for Bad Jokes And Worse Riddles
Key chains are hot! hot! hot! Kids collect them and hook them in bunches onto their backpacks or jeans. Our Key Chain Books include a brightly illustrated trivia book as well as a charm. Both book and charm are attached to a mesh crucial chain, so kids can add their...
Author: inc. Nancy hall

Bar Code for Batty Riddles: Level 3
Batty Riddles: Level 3
Author: Katy Hall / Lisa Eisenberg

Bar Code for Best Riddle Book Ever
What do you see on a clear day in California? UCLA. What did they call kittens in the Old West? Posse Cats. What's a camel's favorite book? The Humpback of Notre Dame. Look no further to find hundreds of ways to make your pals bend more than laughing (or...
Author: Charles Keller / Jeff Sinclair

Bar Code for Biggest Riddle Book In The World
collection of riddles on a wide range of subjects for jokesters of all ages.
Author: Joseph Rosenbloom

Bar Code for Bug Riddles : Funny Side Up Series
collection of riddles and jokes about bugs, including"What sport does a mosquito love? Skin diving. "
Author: Viki Woodworth

Bar Code for Chickie Riddles
Which side of a chicken has the most feathers? The outside. Why did the turkey cross the road? To show he wasn't chicken. Young readers are sure to crack up at these eggs-tremely silly riddles. The Puffin Easy-to-Read program makes reading as easy as...
Author: Katy Hall / Lisa Eisenberg

Bar Code for Clifford's Riddles
Clifford shares his favourite riddles with readers.

Bar Code for Craziest Riddle Book In The World
They're wacky, they're wild, they're the craziest jokes ever, and they'll keep kids in peals of laughter. From animal funnies and zany wordplay to muddled mottoes as well as the “ scream team” (monster jests) , there's plenty of hilarity for children...
Author: Lori Miller Fox

Bar Code for Creepy Riddles
How did the werewolf send his valentines? By hairmail! What game do small zombies play at birthday parties? Swallow the leader! Beginning readers will die laughing at these"punny"riddles that feature ghosts, ghouls, witches, skeletons, and zombies....
Author: Katy Hall / Lisa Eisenberg

Bar Code for Critter Riddles
Lots of funny creatures are featured in this riddle collection perfect for the emerging independent reader. This stage in development is just when children are interested in telling, inventing and understanding jokes and riddles. What better strategy to acquire...
Author: Marilyn Helmer

Bar Code for Dino Riddles
What do you call a dinosaur in a cowboy hat and spurs? Tyrannosaurus Tex. What do you call a sleeping dinosaur? A Stego-snore-us, obviously! This comical collection of dinosaur riddles is certain to chomp its way into your heart with Jurassic-sized laughs...
Author: Lisa Eisenberg / Katy Hall

Bar Code for Easter Yolks: Egg-cellent Riddles
What could be the best game to play on Easter? Basketball!
Author: Katy Hall

Bar Code for Eight Ate: A Feast Of Homonym Riddles
This collection of original riddles is as opposed to any other due to the fact the main words in each answer sound exactly alike, but have different meanings. Zany illustrations add towards the fun and offer clues to the solutions. And the newly designed full-color cover...
Author: Marvin Terban

Bar Code for Elephants In The Bathtub And Other Silly
This exclusive lift-the-flap format is full of silly elephants doing silly things and having colorful, wonderful, laugh-out-loud fun! This unique lift-the-flap joke book features zany elephant jokes and bright, bold, and hysterical illustrations by Brenda...
Author: Scholastic

Bar Code for Fish Riddles
collection of jokes relating to fish. Example: How did the dogfish spend for dinner? With her credit cod.
Author: Viki Woodworth

Bar Code for Football Jokes And Riddles: 50+ Facts
Football bloopers, puzzlers, fun facts, and wacky stories--Matt Christopher, the number-one sports writer for kids, scores a touchdown with this zany collection for fans of pigskin-tossing, gridiron-hitting action! Packed with laugh-out-loud illustrations,...
Author: Matt Christopher / Larry A. Johnson

Bar Code for Funniest Riddle Book In The World
What a rocking riddle collection! There's simply no other that's so hilarious and covers numerous topics … and kids will have to be pretty darn smart to come up with the answers. But they'll really enjoy giving it their best shot — and creating...
Author: Morrie Gallant

Bar Code for Funny Bunny: Hilariously Hare-brained
What's a bunny fur? Fur petting!
Author: Lisa Eisenberg

Bar Code for Funny Riddles Coloring Book
Sixty traditional riddles which have delighted young children for generations, charmingly illustrated inside a mini coloring book that provides the fun of riddles a wonderful new dimension. Each riddle points to an amusing fact about its topic and incorporates the...
Author: Victoria Fremont / Nina Barbaresi

Bar Code for Funtime Riddles
Sports and games function anything from soccer-playing pigs that"hog"the ball to ghosts that love playing"Moan-opoly."A Level 3 first reader.
Author: Marilyn Helmer

Bar Code for Garfield's Book Of Jokes And Riddles
Garfield's Book Of Jokes And Riddles
Author: Jim Davis

Bar Code for Geogra-fleas : Riddles All Over The Map
Answers to several geography concerns could be situated in this hilarious new riddle book. The silly jokes, riddles, and rhymes cover facts about continents, oceans, state capitals, and considerably a lot more! While kids are chuckling, they will probably be expanding their knowledge;...
Author: Joan Holub

Bar Code for Gigantic Book Of Riddles
Gigantic Book Of Riddles
Author: Jacqueline Horsfall / Lori Miller Fox / Joseph Rosenbloom

Bar Code for Giggle Fit: Funny Riddles
Keep kids cracking up for hours with these ridiculously fun riddles. What occurred towards the skunk that fell in to the bathtub? It stunk each of the technique for the bottom. Why was the broom late for school? It overswept. What television applications do cows watch? Moo-vies....
Author: Jacqueline Horsfall

Bar Code for Great Book Of Riddles And Jokes
You mean there are kids who nonetheless want more elephant jokes, shaggy dog stories, and what-do-you-get-if-you-cross riddles? This hilarious collection functions much more different types of jokes, riddles, puns, insults, nonsense rhymes, fish stories, how-cold-was-it...
Author: Joseph Rosenbloom

Bar Code for Hearty Har Har: Valentine Riddles You'll
Tickle someone pink this Valentine's day with this irresistible collection of heart-y holiday riddles. From the lovebirds cooing in the city towards the dogs on the farm, everyone is getting ready for the holiday. Lift the flaps and discover everyone's not-so-secret...
Author: Katy Hall / Lisa Eisenberg

Bar Code for Hey Diddle Riddle: A Silly Nursery Rhyme
Why shouldn't you tell Humpty Dumpty the riddles in this book?
Author: Wendi Silvano

Bar Code for House With No Door: African Riddle-poems
When may be a riddle not a riddle? When it's a riddle-poem! Riddle poems are exclusive. The succinct poetic images in this delightful and typically moving collection have been gathered from several African sources by Brian Swann, a preeminent scholar, poet, and...
Author: Brian Swann

Bar Code for Jingle Jokes: Christmas Riddles To Deck
Ho Ho Ho and Ha Ha Ha! 'Tis the season to be silly with this quite merry collection of Christmas riddles. Lift the flaps to find out the answers to these jolly jokes as Santa, reindeer, and elves prepare for a Christmas that may crack you up. These holiday...
Author: Katy Hall

Bar Code for Joke And Riddle Bonanza
Hold on to your funny bone. Here come much more than 400 of the silliest jokes and riddles ever! Wacky facts, goofy knock-knocks, silly slogans, funny puns, and much more will give everyone something to giggle about.
Author: Michael J. Pellowski

Bar Code for Joke And Riddle Jackpot
Joke-loving kids will feel as if they hit the jackpot with this comic gold mine of gags, giggles, and jests. It's filled to the brim with wacky humor and funny organization. Some of the wit is downright fishy: Where does a clam visit lift weights? Mussel...
Author: Michael J. Pellowski

Bar Code for Jokelopedia: The Biggest
Take it away! Jokelopedia may be the mother of all joke books— an all-encompassing, gut-busting collection of much more than 1, 700 jokes for each and every occasion. 59 elephant jokes, like Why are elephants banned from public swimming pools They usually drop...
Author: Eva Blank / Alison Benjamin / Rosanne Green / Ilana Weitzman / Mike Wright

Bar Code for Jokes And Riddles
Hundreds of jokes and riddles, tricks and twisters, to amuse you and your friends.
Author: Owl Magazine

Bar Code for Jungle Jokes And Riddles
Jungle Jokes And Riddles
Author: Jeffrey S. Nelsen

Bar Code for Kindle Me A Riddle: A Pioneer Story
What is cider before it is cider? Answer: apples
Author: Roberta Karim

Bar Code for Kitty Riddles
Why did the baby cat carry around a box of Band-Aids? Because she wanted to be a first-aid kit! Do you know what sort of kitty wears sunglasses and a raincoat and says,"Bow wow?"An impawstor, needless to say! Amaze your friends with these laugh-out-loud...
Author: Katy Hall / Lisa Eisenberg / R. W. Alley

Bar Code for Knife And A Fork And A Bottle
Knife And A Fork And A Bottle
Author: Howard Schrager

Bar Code for Laugh It Up : 501 Super-silly Jokes
Bursting with hundreds of kid-approved jokes, riddles, cartoons, and word puzzles from Highlights, these collections will trigger a giggle attack every time kids open them. Laugh It Up! and Say It Again! are perfect for sharing laughs with friends and...

Bar Code for Laugh-a-long Readers: Schooltime Riddles
School days… are funny days! Why was the math book so unhappy? It had a lot of problems. Why did the science teacher throw all her thermometers out the window? She wanted to figure out the temperature drop, of course!   Kids will love watching the...
Author: Diane Namm

Bar Code for Little Giant Book Of Riddles
It's harmful to find over 1, 750 riddles in one place, and the silly cartoons all through this collection only make it harder to stop turning the pages. They're organized into 20 categories to help preserve you from getting lost (or losing your mind ). Still,...
Author: Joseph Rosenbloom

Bar Code for Little Giant Book: Super Silliest Riddles
This new collection of riddles brings joke-ography to a complete new level! Kids will be laughing for hours as they turn the pages of this little book that is packed with giant fun. Begin with the “ Starting from Scratch” chapter (What is the...
Author: Chris Tait / Jacqueline Horsfall / Morrie Gallant

Bar Code for Martha Speaks: Funny Bone Jokes And Riddles
What is Martha's favorite food? Anything on your plate!
Author: Susan Meddaugh

Bar Code for Math Riddles
collection of riddles which introduce basic math concepts and numbers.
Author: Harriet Ziefert

Bar Code for Matt Christopher's Baseball Jokes
collection of wacky jokes, riddles, puns, and anecdotes about America's favorite pastime is gathered by a favorite young sports fiction writer and is guaranteed to liven up locker rooms and baseball diamonds alike.
Author: Matt Christopher

Bar Code for Monster Riddles
What is a monster's favorite food in summer? Ice Scream! Where does Dracula keep his life savings? In a blood bank! These fiendishly funny riddles will have young readers howling with laughter!.
Author: Louis Phillips

Bar Code for Mummy Riddles
Where do mummies swim? In the Dead Sea. Do mummies enjoy becoming mummies? Of corpse! And so will young readers when they wrap themselves up in these sidesplitting riddles! The colorful, spooky illustrations add to the humor."This lively collection of puns...
Author: Katy Hall / Lisa Eisenberg

Bar Code for My First Riddles
What has fur, a tail, whiskers, and claws?
Author: Public Domain

Bar Code for Oh, How Waffle : Riddles You Can Eat
feast of puzzles about food--arranged in such categories as"Lettuce Eat,"" Silly Slurpers,"and"Monster Mash"--features a host of zany riddles, jokes, limericks, and"foodles. "
Author: Judith Mathews / Fay Robinson

Bar Code for Oodles Of Riddles
Kids, get ready for a wild and wacky collection of riddles--hundreds of them--that will make you laugh out loud. Better still, the jokes come complete with funny illustrations that add to the pleasure of these show-stopping one-liners. What do X's and...
Author: Lori Miller Fox

Bar Code for Pets In Trumpets: And Other Word-play
Why did the musician find a dog in his trumpet? Because he constantly finds a PET in his trum PET. Not only pets in trumpets, but weasels with easels, a witch with an itch, and a lot of other unusual items seem in Bernard Most's irresistible collection of wordplay...
Author: Bernard Most

Bar Code for Piggy Riddles
Forty-two riddles about pigs, including"What did the piggy's fairy godmother do? She grunted him three wishes"and"How do sty-lish sows wear their hair? In pig-tails. "
Author: Katy Hall / Lisa Eisenberg

Bar Code for Puppy Love: Valentine's Day Riddles
When is Valentine's Day about being apart?
Author: Lisa Eisenberg

Bar Code for Puppy Riddles
How do we know puppies like their dads? They always lick their paws! These forty-two riddles will have young readers sitting up and begging for much more! The frisky puppies are shown in all components of a dog's life, such as river rafting in Collierado, camping...
Author: Katy Hall / Lisa Eisenberg

Bar Code for Really Funny Riddles
Simple text and photographs present riddles.
Author: Judy A. Winter

Bar Code for Rhyme Time: A Book Of Rhyming Riddles
Contains riddles which have rhyming answers - for example"" What do you call a skinny bird? A narrow sparrow.
Author: Michael Dahl

Bar Code for Ribbit Riddles
What did the frog ask for at the fast-food restaurant? A quarter-ponder and an order of flies! Where do frogs like to sit at the ice cream parlor? On toadstools! These silly frog and toad riddles will cause giggles all about as they leap their way onto...
Author: Lisa Eisenberg / Katy Hall

Bar Code for Riddle City
collection of virtually sixty original riddles about United states of america geography includes no much less than 1 riddle for every single state and features zany illustrations complete of clues and a map to help young readers figure out the answers.
Author: Marco Maestro / Giulio Maestro

Bar Code for Riddle Riot
Riddle maniacs, beware: this riddle roundup is jam-packed with side-splitters. You'll go crazy more than this collection and your buddies will go even crazier, because there are new riddles, new fun, and new zaniness to provoke unstoppable giggles. The humorous...
Author: Lori Miller Fox

Bar Code for Riddle-iculous Math
Lots of silly math questions could be situated in this funny book of riddles and jokes. Children can learn basic math skills while reading about animal sleepover parties, cafeteria food fights, as well as a boy who made more than 5 million dollars in one month!
Author: Joan Holub / Regan Dunnick / Heather Boyd

Bar Code for Riddles About Easter
collection of rhyming riddles describing various aspects of Easter and its celebration.
Author: Jill Ashley / Jacqueline A. Ball

Bar Code for Riddles About Hanukkah
Riddles about a menorah, latkes, a dreidel, Hanukkah gelt, a Star of David, and nine other items explore the observance of the Festival of Lights.
Author: Susan Cornell Poskanzer / Rob Gray

Bar Code for Riddles About Passover
collection of non-humorous riddles relating towards the historical background of Passover and the way this day is celebrated.
Author: Susan Cornell Poskanzer

Bar Code for Riddles About The Seasons
collection of rhyming riddles in regards to the characteristics of the 4 seasons.
Author: Jacqueline A. Ball

Bar Code for Riddles To Tell Your Cat
Youngsters can"a-mews"their cats along with other friends getting a new cat riddle collection organized beneath such"cat-egories"as"Mousellaneous,"" Culinary Cats,"and"Feline Fashion. "
Author: Caroline Anne Levine

Bar Code for Ridiculous Riddles
collection of riddles such as"What is a cat's favorite dessert? Mice cream!"and"Why did the baker stop generating donuts? Because he just got tired of the hole business! "
Author: Stuart A. Kallen

Bar Code for School Daze: A Book Of Riddles About
book of riddles about schools, such as"" Why did the balloon get very good grades? It often rose to the top rated of the class.
Author: Michael Dahl

Bar Code for Sea Of Riddles: Rainbow Fish And Friends
Miss Cuttle is leading her school of fish by means of the Coral Reef inside a game of I spy with my little eye. Rainbow Fish and his friends take turns giving funny answers to the riddles. Gatefold flaps reveal the surprise answers – hidden treasures of...
Author: North-South Staff

Bar Code for Seymour Simon's Silly Riddles And Jokes
Why can't you trust zoo animals to take tests? Too many cheetahs!   This laugh riot  asks and answers a series of  wacky riddles in full-page, fun-to-color  illustrations. The comical coloring book by  a popular children's author...
Author: Seymour Simon

Bar Code for Shanna's First Readers Level 1: Animal
She's pink and gray. She rhymes with home. Squeak, squeak, squeak. She is a. Children guess what animal Shanna will grow to be next!
Author: Jean Marzollo

Bar Code for Side Splitters: Over 600 Funtastic Jokes
Laughing till it hurts has never felt so good— and with over 500 jokes, the fun never ends!
Author: The Laugh Factory

Bar Code for Silly Riddles To Make You Giggle
Beastie Bloopers, Fiddle-de-Riddles, Creepy Critters, Tongue Twisters, and so much more: filled with hundreds of jokes of each type, this hilarious compilation is sure to tickle the funny bone and have kids screaming with laughter for hours on end. What...
Author: Jacqueline Horsfall

Bar Code for Simms Taback's Great Big Book Of Spacey
biggest, funniest riddle book ever!
Author: Katy Hall / Lisa Eisenberg

Bar Code for Snakey Riddles: Level 3
illustrated collection of riddles about snakes, like"What kind of snake do you find on the front of your car? A windshield viper! "
Author: Katy Hall / Lisa Eisenberg

Bar Code for Space Jokes And Riddles
Author: Jeffrey Nelsen

Bar Code for Spooky Riddles
Illus. in complete color.
Author: Marc Brown

Bar Code for Spooky Riddles And Jokes
" Gr. 2-4. There really should be enough laughs to keep kids going for a lengthy time. Based on ghosts, werewolves, monsters. Libraries needing more joke books will find these appropriate."--Booklist."An excellent stimulus for storytelling."--Instructor. 128...
Author: Joseph Rosenbloom

Bar Code for Stinky Riddles
What would you get if you crossed a skunk and a sheep? — A furry animal that smells really baaaad.
Author: Katy Hall / Lisa Eisenberg

Bar Code for Super Silly Riddles
You won't cease laughing out loud! What author works on Halloween? A ghost writer. What tree catches the most illnesses? Sycamore. What's worse than a giraffe having a sore throat? An octopus with tennis elbow. Hungry for far more? Feast on more than 500 riddles...
Author: Charles Keller

Bar Code for Super Silly Riddles
Super Silly Riddles
Author: Keith Faulkner

Bar Code for Take A Hike: Riddles About Football
collection of riddles about the game of football, including"What do football kickers wear?"" Puntaloons ".
Author: Rick Walton / Ann Walton

Bar Code for Thats For Shore: Riddles From The Beach
Presents riddles in regards to the beach, such as"What do you call a beach party? A shell-abration. "
Author: June Swanson

Bar Code for Too Hot To Hoot: Funny Palindrome Riddles
" Madam, I'm Adam."Can you read this sentence backward? If you can, then it's a palindrome -- and this book is filled with them!
Author: Marvin Terban

Bar Code for Touching The Distance: Native American
riddle is really a question with a surprising answer. A poem is an unexpected view utilizing the world around us. Combine the two, and you have this collection of twenty-two riddle-poems gathered from Native American sources by Brian Swann, a preeminent scholar,...
Author: Brian Swann

Bar Code for Trick Or Eeek : And Other Ha Ha Halloween
This fang-tastic book is chock complete of Halloween riddles silly sufficient to tickle a skeleton's funny bone. Follow a cast of witches, pirates, and ghosts to a Halloween party. Along the way read the ghastly riddles and lift the clever flaps to find'BOO! ...
Author: Katy Hall

Bar Code for What Do You Hear When Cows Sing :
Here are twenty-two outrageous original riddles perfectly targeted to the funny bones of beginning readers. Laughing more than the sheer silliness of these riddles and their zany illustrations, young readers will discover for themselves the delight of wacky...
Author: Marco Maestro

Bar Code for What Time Is It A Book Of Math Riddles
Learn to tell time with these rhymes.
Author: Sheila Keenan

Bar Code for When Riddles Come Rumbling
Here are twenty-nine rhyming riddle poems about everyday objects that children love: roller coasters, trampolines, kites, yo-yos, licorice, and more. With plenty of clues in each rhythmic verse and inside the colorful illustrations, kids of all ages will...
Author: Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Bar Code for Who's On First
ldquo; Who's on first. What's on second. I Don't Know's on third. ” One of the classic comedy sketches of all time is now transformed into a priceless picture book— and it's a great read for kids of all ages. Follow the mistaken identities,...
Author: Bud Abbott / Lou Costello

Bar Code for Wild And Wacky Pet Jokes And Riddles
These jokes are doggone funny — and we're not kitten around! From “ Watch the Birdies” to “ The Reptile File, ” all these wildly amusing gags center on our favorite pets. What kind of pet pooch does Dracula have? A bloodhound....
Author: Michael J. Pellowski

Bar Code for Wise Crackers: Riddles And Jokes About
collection of jokes and riddles about numbers, letters, names, and silly words.
Author: Michael Dahl / Mark Ziegler

Bar Code for World's Wackiest Riddle Book
What's the wildest, wackiest riddle book ever put together? This is, and that's why every single a single of these jokes and cartoons will drive kids crazy with laughter. Children can pick a category, from “ Pet Talk” to “ Fast and Freaky, ”...
Author: Evelyn Jones

Bar Code for Yankee Doodle Riddles: American History
Dancing pilgrims, sneezing presidents, and hamsters in top hats all have one specific factor in common--they star in this new riddle book with an American history focus! The silly jokes, riddles, and rhymes cover subjects from the 1400's towards the present day. Learn...
Author: Joan Holub / Elizabeth Buttler

Bar Code for Zoodles: A Book Of Riddles About Animals
Zoodles: A Book Of Riddles About Animals
Author: Michael Dahl