Product Codes: Prehistoric Books for Kids

Bar Code for 3-D Explorer: Dinosaurs: A Journey
3-D Explorer: Dinosaurs offers kids a window into the early days of our planet. A fun and interactive 3-D tour, it features stunning pop-up scenes that reveal the lives inside the mighty Stegosaurus, Raptor, Megasaurus, and also other fascinating dinosaurs. Unique...
Author: Barbara Taylor

Bar Code for About Dinosaurs/acerca De Los Dinosaurios
About Dinosaurs/acerca De Los Dinosaurios
Author: Sindy McKay

Bar Code for Adventures In The Ice Age
Join the Binkertons -- twins Josh and Emma and their little sister Libby -- as they return for the Good Instances Travel Agency only to locate themselves deep-frozen inside the Ice Age! First they get lost -- there are no road signs inside the Ice Age (no roads, either )....
Author: Linda Bailey

Bar Code for Amazing Pop-up Stonehenge
Who built Stonehenge? How and when was it built? And why? This book, aimed at the inquisitive kid (and adult) looks at these questions and with each and every of the help of innovative paper technology, attempts to answer them. Through the use of pop-ups the book shows...
Author: Julian Richards

Bar Code for Ankylosaurus And Other Armored Plant-eaters
Ankylosaurus And Other Armored Plant-eaters
Author: Virginia Schomp

Bar Code for Archaeologists Dig For Clues
Archaeologists on a dig function very considerably like detectives at a crime scene. Every chipped rock, charred seed, or fossilized bone might be a clue to how folks lived in the past. In this information-packed Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science book, Kate Duke explains...
Author: Kate Duke

Bar Code for Baby Mammoth Mummy: Frozen In Time:
Meet Lyuba— the most perfectly preserved baby mammoth ever discovered! Found lying along a riverside 31, 000 years after her birth, Lyuba gives a never-before-seen view of prehistoric life in Siberia. Together with award-winning author Christopher...
Author: Christopher Sloan

Bar Code for Bbc Walking With Prehistoric Beasts:
Open your eyes. You're on earth -- 65 million years in the past. This awesome book takes you on a breathtaking personal journey through the prehistoric planet. You'll discover exactly what it was like to go walking with the creatures that roamed the earth...
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Bbc Walking With Prehistoric Beasts:
Meet the long-lost creatures in the past! From the familiar wooly mammoth to the killer Basilosaurus, these pictures bring you face-to-face with amazing creatures in staggering 3D detail. Using the newest in 3D technology, phenomenal images from the Walking...
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Before Columbus: The Americas Of 1491
companion book for young readers based on 1491: New Revelations from the Americas Before Columbus, the groundbreaking bestseller by Charles C. Mann.
Author: Charles C. Mann

Bar Code for Best Book Of Dinosaurs
thrilling look inside the ever-popular globe of dinosaurs--their size, their lives, their diets, and their mysterious extinction. Children's interest is further excited since the book zooms in on today's dinosaur discoveries--how scientists find and date fossils,...
Author: Christopher Maynard

Bar Code for Best Book Of Early People
Young children are quite curious about who their prehistoric ancestors were, how they lived, and what they might possibly have looked like, and this new Greatest Book is just the source to satisfy emerging anthropologists. Children will learn how early families survived, hunted,...
Author: Margaret Hynes / Mike White

Bar Code for Big Golden Book Of Dinosaurs
Renowned paleontologist Robert T. Bakker and award-winning paleoartist Luis V. Rey combine forces in this oversized picture book about the evolution of dinosaurs. From the conquest of land by dino ancestor Acanthostega all through the Devonian Period, through...
Author: Dr. Robert T. Bakker

Bar Code for Bigfoot Rescue Kit
Awww! Who can resist this tiny Bigfoot from the Fantastic Northwest? This cute critter needs a home, hugs, and socks!
Author: By Footloose-Lautrec and Toedelaire

Bar Code for Bury The Dead: Tombs
Humans, and specifically kids, have always been intrigued by death and also the rituals that surround it in several cultures. Christopher Sloan now feeds this fascination with the newest scientific information and shows young readers what archeologists learn...
Author: Christopher Sloan

Bar Code for Cave Detectives: Unraveling The Mystery
What was life like millions of years ago? The answer lies deep underground, in a spot once home to a ferocious predator drastically larger than most animals walking about nowadays. Through photographs and detailed illustrations, readers will learn how the secrets...
Author: David L. Harrison

Bar Code for Concise Dinosaur Encyclopedia
Concise Dinosaur Encyclopedia may be possibly the most compact and comprehensive volume obtainable for all the family members. This portable encyclopedia utilizes a extremely visual strategy to a popular subject, with show-stopping artwork of dinosaurs in action. The book combines...
Author: David Burnie

Bar Code for Dawn Of Life
Dawn of Life follows life on its evolutionary journey from a handful of single-celled organisms afloat inside the ocean to a dynamic profusion of plants, insects, reptiles and a lot a lot more. The Dawn of Life is element of A Cartoon History in the Earth. Each book closes...
Author: Jacqui Bailey

Bar Code for Day Of The Dinosaurs
Day of the Dinosaurs introduces far more complicated life-forms, including dinosaurs, winged reptiles, flowering plants and mammals. It also addresses the mass extinction that occurred 65 million years ago. The Day of the Dinosaurs is portion of A Cartoon Background...
Author: Jacqui Bailey

Bar Code for Did Dinosaurs Have Feathers
Did Dinosaurs Have Feathers?
Author: Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld

Bar Code for Dinosaur Encyclopedia: From Dinosaurs
complete new reference book that gives fascinating insight into the world of dinosaurs together with other prehistoric beasts. Researched and compiled by a team of experts in dinosaurs and also other prehistoric life, DK's Dinosaur Encyclopedia answers thousands...
Author: David Lambert / Darren Naish / Elizabeth Wyse

Bar Code for Dinosaur eye Wonder
precursor to DK's awarding-winning Eyewitness series, Eye Wonder was specially developed for youngsters aged five plus, featuring astonishing photography exhibiting subjects within their natural setting, offering a whole new degree of information through...
Author: Sarah Walker / Samantha Gray

Bar Code for Dinosaur Hunters
Less than 200 years ago, nobody knew that dinosaurs had ever existed. Now, scientists who study fossils know about many kinds of dinosaurs and where they lived. The hunt is on for new information about our favorite prehistoric reptiles!
Author: Kate McMullan

Bar Code for Dinosaur Museum: An Unforgettable
Young, eager paleontologists wanted. Apply within. We need YOUR expertise! So step inside The Dinosaur Museum, the book where kids get to act like paleontologists. This amazing volume provides readers a behind-the-scenes peek at a museum, with an interactive...
Author: National Geographic Society

Bar Code for Dinosaur Sticker Atlas
Featuring  8 maps and far more than150 colorful  dinosaur stickers,   Dinosaur Sticker Atlas is packed with fun and fascinating info to feed children's interest inside the prehistoric planet. Readers will learn where each dinosaur lived by...
Author: David Burnie

Bar Code for Dinosaur Tracks
Have you ever wanted to take the identical steps as a dinosaur or see how your foot compares to that of a Tyrannosaurus rex? Amazingly, the tracks or footprints of dinosaurs that walked on the earth millions of years ago can still be observed these days! Read and find...
Author: Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld

Bar Code for Dinosaurs
INSIDERS -- a visually groundbreaking, state-of-the-art nonfiction series that outshines Eyewitness and Discoveries. This stunning new series offers an inside look into twelve riveting subjects, beginning with Dinosaurs, Egypt, Oceans, and Space. Expertly...
Author: John Long

Bar Code for Dinosaurs In The Round
FROM A CONIFER oasis to a steamy rain forest to a volcano-devastated river bank, the pop-up dioramas in this unique, freestanding carousel book capture the changing atmosphere and dinosaurs of the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous eras, the three periods...
Author: Random House

Bar Code for Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs
long time ago there had been dinosaurs. Large dinosaurs and little dinosaurs. Dinosaurs with horns on their heads or spikes down their backs. Dinosaurs with long, long necks and long, long tails.
Author: Byron Barton

Bar Code for Discovery In The Cave
This amazing true adventure story concerning the discovery of the Lascaux Cave will have young readers feeling that they've found something pretty special, too!
Author: Mark Dubowski

Bar Code for Dk Eyewitness Books: Prehistoric Life
With more than 20 million copies sold in 41 languages and much more than 88 countries worldwide, DK Eyewitness has been the most trusted series in reference publishing for a lot more then 3 decades. Visually engaging, informative, and lively, the over 100...
Author: William Lindsay

Bar Code for Don't Know Much About Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs had been numerous inside the most fascinating animals that ever lived on our planet. Some had been huge, and some had been tiny; some ate leaves, and some loved to chomp on other dinosaurs!
Author: Kenneth C. Davis

Bar Code for Early Humans
Discover the planet from the first folks -- from the earliest cave dwellers towards the males and females in the Iron Age.
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Encyclopedia Of Civilizations
This fact-filled encyclopedia takes a thematic as opposed to a chronological approach towards the past. By enabling total topics to become reviewed and assessed at a single stroke, this fascinating but all too often dry and opaque topic is brought to life and...
Author: Philip Brooks / Will Fowler / Simon Adams

Bar Code for Everyday Life In Prehistory
Read in regards to the food, games, homes, marriages and town construction in prehistory. Includes table of contents, glossary, index, illustrations and color photographs.
Author: Neil Morris

Bar Code for Exploring The Ice Age
Put on your warmest parka, grab your time-travel shoes, and get ready to explore the Ice Age! As you step back to a time beginning some 35, 000 years ago, you'll not merely unearth ancient artifacts and bones and discover incredible functions of art, you'll...
Author: Margaret Cooper

Bar Code for Field Guide To Dinosaurs
#147; The Petrified Forest of Arizona seemed like the perfect place to start to search for fossils, ” writes our hero in his 1929 journal. Thus begins the exciting hunt for dinosaurs and their prehistoric secrets in The Field Guide to Dinosaurs....
Author: Nancy Honovich

Bar Code for First Encyclopedia Of Dinosaurs And Prehistoric
This is in fact a thrilling introduction to prehistoric occasions. It has fabulous illustrations and clear, basic text. It is an perfect reference book for school projects. It features a glossary, index and facts and records. It presents internet-links to amazing...
Author: Sam Taplin

Bar Code for Fossil-icious
Science with stuff: Real fossils bring pre-historica to life!
Author: Allyson Kulavis

Bar Code for Fossils Tell Of Long Ago
What is a fossil?
Author: Aliki

Bar Code for Frozen Man
When an archaeologist examines a body found frozen inside the Austrian Alps, he learns something extraordinary. The well-preserved body-- and the tools and clothing situated at the site-- indicates that the man died more than 5, 000 years ago. * ALA Recommended...
Author: David Getz

Bar Code for Giant Meat-eating Dinosaurs
Describes how giant carnivorous dinosaurs hunted, as well as how scientists have learned about them through fossil studies.
Author: Don Lessem

Bar Code for Giant Plant-eating Dinosaurs
Giant Plant-eating Dinosaurs
Author: Don Lessem

Bar Code for Gigantic
witty set of comparisons that places ancient dinosaurs side by side with modern-day objects. Dinosaurs had been gigantic beasts that walked on Earth lengthy prior to humans appeared. Everybody knows the dinosaurs were BIG, but how big is BIG? As big as a fire...
Author: Patrick O'Brien

Bar Code for Greatest Dinosaur Ever
Which dinosaur was the greatest? Was it the tallest, the biggest, the strongest, the smartest, the weirdest, the fastest, or the smallest? Or was it the oldest bird, the best parent, the a single with the best night vision, the best armor, or the longest tail...
Author: Brenda Z. Guiberson

Bar Code for Horned Dinosaurs
Horned Dinosaurs
Author: Don Lessem

Bar Code for How The Dinosaur Got To The Museum
Acclaimed author/illustrator Jessie Hartland presents the fascinating 145-million-year journey of a dinsoaur: a Diplodocus longus, from its discovery in 1923 in Utah to its arrival within the hallowed halls of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural Background...
Author: Jessie Hartland

Bar Code for Hunt : Can You Survive The Stone Age
You are the chief of a small clan of humans living more than 20, 000 years ago. Earth is inside the grip of an ice age, and you must make sure your people survive the extended winter. This step-by-step guide will show you the best way to create fire, shelter and weapons, kill...
Author: Julia Bruce

Bar Code for I Am A Tyrannosaurus
Shows the world of a Tyrannosaurus through the eyes of a single individual. See him attack a baby Triceratops, sleep off his big meal and get chased away by another Tyrannosaurus. And see the forests, plains and volcanoes where he lives with other dinosaurs...
Author: Karen Wallace

Bar Code for I Am An Ankylosaurus
I am an ankylosaurus. Look through my eyes and see what I see. A mother ankylosaurus lays her eggs and must protect them from fierce predators. She swings her tail powerfully. Bone smashes bone. Can something get by this armored beast? Follow an ankylosaurus...
Author: Karen Wallace

Bar Code for Ice Age Animals
Did you know that in the Ice Age the world was covered in snow and ice? What animals lived during the Ice Age?
Author: Louise A. Spilsbury

Bar Code for Ice Age Cave Bear: The Giant Beast
Giant cave bears were creatures to turn into feared– and revered. Thousands of years ago, early humans painted pictures of them on cave walls. By the finish of the ice age, the final of the cave bears had died out. The only things left were their bones—...
Author: Barbara Hehner

Bar Code for Ice Age: Meet Early Humans And Amazing
Young readers take an exciting pictorial journey back towards the time when a third making use of the Earth's surface was covered in ice and snow--and where the earliest human beings vied with ferocious, now-extinct animals for life's necessities. Dramatic color illustrations...
Author: Stewart Ross

Bar Code for Ice Ages:when The World Chills Out
Imagine the earth--temperatures beneath freezing and covered completely in ice. Our final ice age may have ended around 12 000 years ago but it wasn't the only a single. The earth has had many ice ages, constantly changing from hot to cold and back again. But...
Author: Russell Ferrett

Bar Code for Ice Mummy
Reading paragraphs In 1991, two tourists hiking in the Alps saw one thing very odd sticking out with the snow. At 1st it looked like a doll's head. But it wasn't. It was a man, frozen inside the ice for 5, 000 years. Ice Mummy— 1st published by Random...
Author: Mark Dubowski / Cathy East Dubowski

Bar Code for Ice Mummy: The Discovery Of A 5
Reading paragraphs In 1991, two tourists hiking in the Alps saw something very odd sticking out of the snow. At first it looked like a doll's head. But it wasn't. It was a man, frozen inside the ice for 5, 000 years. Ice Mummy— first published by Random...
Author: Mark Dubowski / Cathy East Dubowski

Bar Code for Jurassic Shark
oceans inside the Jurassic planet were filled with nightmarish creatures. Plesiosaurs, long-necked reptiles measuring up to twenty-five feet long, ate fish -- and each other. The 40-foot-long Kronosaurus as well as the 45-foot-long Liopleurodon were ferocious...
Author: Deborah Diffily

Bar Code for Larry Gets Lost In Prehistoric Times:
This genuinely is a really first in a new Larry Gets Lost series that capabilities adventures back through time. In Larry the lovable pup's latest adventure, he falls asleep at house subsequent to Pete (who is reading a book about dinosaurs) and travels back in time, waking up in...
Author: John Skewes / Andrew Fox

Bar Code for Life On Earth
Millions of years ago, life on Earth began in the oceans, then moved to the land, eventually producing all of the animals and men and women we recognize right now. This pop-up picture book tells younger youngsters how life developed. It tends to make use of words kids can readily understand...
Author: Stephen Holmes

Bar Code for Living In Prehistoric Times
Each title focuses on a different period of history, noticed by way of the eyes of a child who will be the central figure
Author: J. Chisholm

Bar Code for Los Dinosaurios
story of the dinosaurs: the different species, how they lived, what they ate, their sizes and shapes, and how they became extinct. Cuenta la historia de los dinosaurios, con datos sobre: Antes de los dinosaurios (los animales que existí an...

Bar Code for Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #12: Sabertooths
Magic Tree House Research Guides are now Magic Tree House Fact Trackers! Track the facts with Jack and Annie!   When Jack and Annie got back from their adventure in  Magic Tree House #7: Sunset employing the Sabertooth,   they had lots of concerns....
Author: Mary Pope Osborne / Natalie Pope Boyce

Bar Code for Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #1: Dinosaurs:
Magic Tree House Research Guides are now Magic Tree House Fact Trackers! Track the facts with Jack and Annie! When Jack and Annie got back from their adventure in  Magic Tree House #1: Dinosaurs Before Dark,   they had lots of issues. When...
Author: Will Osborne / Mary Pope Osborne

Bar Code for Make This Roman Villa
Requires only glue, scissors together with a craft knife-- Most historical titles compatible with OO/HO scale to complement figures bought from model shops-- Fantasy models include moving parts and"see-inside"sections Each and each model consists of full-color buildings,...
Author: Iain Ashman

Bar Code for Mammoth Bones And Broken Stones:
Who were the first humans to reach North America? When did they arrive? How did they get here? Some evidence suggests that they walked across the land bridge that once connected Siberia and Alaska. A growing quantity of archaeologists now feel that at...
Author: David L. Harrison

Bar Code for Mammoths On The Move
Join a pack of woolly mammoths as they trek south for the winter, braving fierce storms, deadly predators, and raging rivers while making their slow journey across the gorgeous unspoiled lands of this continent till finally they reach their goal. With...
Author: Lisa Wheeler

Bar Code for Megatooth
Meet Megatooth -- the giant prehistoric shark that was even bigger than T-rex! Ten million years ago, giant beasts walked the earth. But the most substantial 1 of all did not walk -- it swam. It was big enough to consume whales. It was more enormous than the greatest...
Author: Patrick O'Brien

Bar Code for Mummies: Dried
Investigate mysteries from the grave in this vividly illustrated book, a creepy-fun compendium inside the world's most fascinating mummies. National Geographic's unparalleled photographs bring kids up close and individual with ancient remains, while Chris Sloan's...
Author: Christopher Sloan

Bar Code for My Tourist Guide To The Prehistoric World
Blast back in time when Earth was ruled by lumbering Triceratops and spiny Stegosauruses — the prehistoric world will likely be a vacation destination to remember! My Tourist Guide for the Prehistoric World is the perfect way for armchair archeologists...
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for My Visit To The Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs are extinct now, but you can visit dinosaur skeletons inside a museum. There you will meet Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Diplodocus and learn how they ruled the earth millions of years ago. You'll see dinosaurs with far more than 1, 000 teeth, dinosaurs...
Author: Aliki

Bar Code for National Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinopedia:
In the crowded field of dinosaur books, this is the very very first to offer children ages 7 to 10— those at the height of their enthusiasm for the prehistoric giants— complete coverage of all the known dinosaurs. Don Lessem, author of over...
Author: Don Lessem

Bar Code for National Geographic Prehistoric Mammals
Book Details:
Author: Alan Turner

Bar Code for National Geographic Readers: Dinosaurs
There's nothing more fascinating than dinosaurs. In this Level 1 reader, youngsters learn all in regards to the terrifying giants that once roamed the Earth — maybe even as close as their extremely personal backyard! They'll be wowed by new info and eye-popping...
Author: Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld

Bar Code for Painters Of The Caves
Lauber tells the remarkable story in the ear ly modern day humans in Europe, for example the artists who worked i n the recently discovered Chauvet Caves in Southern France, and looks at the mysteries underlying the paintings themselv es. '
Author: Patricia Lauber

Bar Code for Paleo Sharks: Survival Of The Strangest
If you feel today's sharks are fearsome, wait till you see what swam inside the oceans hundreds of millions of years ago! Creatures with snouts like saws, and spiral jaws. Sharks so significant they could swallow whales whole. Timothy Bradley's vibrant illustrations...
Author: Timothy J. Bradley

Bar Code for Paleontology: The Study Of Prehistoric
Whether you're thinking about weather, oceans, or maybe the prehistoric world, earth science covers it all. The fascinating facts and fun activities in these titles help the budding earth scientist in you explore the fields of geology, meteorology, ecology,...
Author: Susan Heinrichs Gray

Bar Code for Prehistoric Peoples: Discover The Long-ago
Imagine life in a distant age, a time when the first people hunted with sticks and spears made from wood and stone. Discover the prehistoric world, find out what it was like to live via the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.
Author: Philip Brooks

Bar Code for Prehistoric World
This volume traces the extraordinary evolution of our world, from the formation of Earth to the beginnings of human history, and looks at a number in the amazing creatures that once inhabited our globe. It chronicles when life genuinely first appeared on Earth, why...
Author: Fiona Chandler / Sam Taplin / Jane Bingham

Bar Code for Sabertooth
Long ago there lived big cats whose giant teeth make today's cats appear tame: sabertooth! Those teeth helped it compete with other predators for a meal of mammoth— or probably a tasty human.
Author: Patrick O'Brien

Bar Code for Secret Cave: Discovering Lascaux
Jacques, Jojo, Simon, and Marcel were looking for buried treasure when they explored a cave in the south of France in 1940. But the treasure inside was not what they expected, and in reality much more valuable: the walls had been covered with stunning prehistoric...
Author: Emily Arnold McCully

Bar Code for Skull In The Rock: How A Scientist
In 2008, Professor Lee Berger--with the help of his curious 9-year-old son--discovered two remarkably well preserved, two-million-year-old fossils of an adult female and young male, called Australopithecus sediba; a previously unknown species of ape-like...
Author: Marc Aronson / Lee Berger

Bar Code for Stick And Stone Age
Stick and Stone Age focuses on the proliferation of mammals, the cooling of Earth's surface as properly because the emergence of early man. The Stick and Stone Age is part of A Cartoon History with all the Earth. Every single book closes with a timeline, a comprehensive glossary...
Author: Jacqui Bailey

Bar Code for Stone Age People
Children reach a deeper understanding of historical peoples by participating within the activities that shaped their lives. This hands-on series lets them discover history with projects, facts, photographs, costumes, and maps. Tested projects reinforce traditional...
Author: Andrew Haslam

Bar Code for Super Croc And The Origin Of Crocodiles
Imagine a crocodile almost as long as Tyrannosaurus Rex and just as fierce. That's Super Croc, the giant Sarcosuchus fossil discovered by Paul Sereno, a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence. Crocodiles and their ancestors are some of the most profitable...
Author: Christopher Sloan

Bar Code for Super Little Giant Book Of Prehistoric
It seems stranger than fiction — but it's true: this astonishing array of fascinating creatures actually did inhabit the earth eons before humans ever existed. But they have come alive when again on these vivid pages to amaze kids. Youngsters can see...
Author: David Lambert / Diagram Visual

Bar Code for Terrible Tyrannosaurs
Tyrannosaurus rex was tall adequate to look in your second-story bedroom window. It had between fifty and sixty teeth -- each six inches lengthy. Few dinosaurs could run faster than a Tyrannosourus rex or escape its keen eyesight. What exactly did Tyrannosourus...
Author: Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld

Bar Code for To The Beginning Of Time
Imagine you could travel back in time, and not just a handful of days, weeks, or years, even. Imagine you could travel back through centuries and see what it was like to reside in Victorian times, the Middle Ages, the time of the Romans, or the great civilization...
Author: Nicholas Harris

Bar Code for Triceratops Gets Lost
This prehistoric forest could be a dangerous place for a young triceratops. That's why he often travels with his herd. But when Triceratops is left behind, he suddenly finds himself alone and helpless. Will Triceratops find his herd? Kids are bound to...
Author: Dawn Bentley

Bar Code for Tyrannosaurus Rex: Pop-up Book W/ 3D
This pop-up book explores the life and times with all the ferocious dinosaur. Lift the flaps and learn all of the facts about its body parts, hunting and scavenging techniques, and its relatives. Then push the final spread up to create a 24 inch full-color 3D...
Author: John Sibbick

Bar Code for Ubiquitous: Celebrating Nature's Survivors
Summary:0About the Author:•
Author: Joyce Sidman

Bar Code for Ultimate Sticker Book: Prehistoric
informative activity book features photos and descriptions of many prehistoric animals, too as far more than sixty reusable stickers that provide imaginative and educational tools perfect for young dinosaur lovers.
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Uncover A T-rex: An Uncover It Book
Uncover a T-Rex examines the structure and fossilized bones and remains from millions of years ago to decide the anatomy and nature inside the most powerful meat-eating animal to ever live on land. Learn about scientists theories and observations and how...
Author: Dennis Schatz

Bar Code for Walking With Beasts: A Prehistoric Safari
Since the dinosaurs died out more than 65 million years ago our planet has been dominated by mammals. A succession of bizarre evolutionary specimens have come and gone -- from walking whales to sabre-toothed cats -- but a number of of these magnificent creatures...
Author: Tim Haines

Bar Code for When Bugs Were Big
centipede provided that a couch? Trees so tall they touch the clouds? Amphibians changing into reptiles? These are just several from the amazing life forms detailed in When Bugs Were Big. This lively new paperback tickles the reader's funny bone while imparting...
Author: Hannah Bonner

Bar Code for When Fish Got Feet
Take a fun, fact-filled trip back to Earth as it was 430 million years ago. Then, watch as continents drift and oceans take shape. Watch out (!) as fish get toothier, plants stretch skywards and bugs get bigger. Soon fish get feet and four-legged creatures...
Author: Hannah Bonner

Bar Code for Who Built The Pyramids
" Why were pyramids pyramid shaped?"" How had been they built?"" Who had been the ancient Egyptians?"" Why did they write on walls?"These are just many in the questions most likely to be asked about ancient Egypt by an inquisitive youngster. Designed to stimulate...
Author: Jane Chisholm / Struan Reid

Bar Code for Wild And Woolly Mammoths: Revised Edition
Did you know.
Author: Aliki

Bar Code for Wonderful World Of Dinosaurs
Make no bones about it— dinosaurs are fascinating creatures! Wonderful Planet of Dinosaurs gives children an up-close appear at these amazing prehistoric beasts. Guided by their favorite Disney characters, youngsters will explore the many different...
Author: Christina Wilsdon

Bar Code for Woolly Mammoth
What was life like for the woolly mammoth, who roamed the Earth starting more than 100, 000 years ago? What did these big shaggy beasts eat? Did they have enemies? Did they have households? Did they have fun? In this book, Mick Manning and Brita Granströ...
Author: Mick Manning / Brita Granstrom

Bar Code for Woolly Mammoth Journey
great woolly mammoth leads her loved ones across rivers, plains, and glacial ridges on an annual migration to familiar feeding grounds. On the way, a new calf is born and learns to eat, to walk, and at some point to play with the other young mammoths. As the...
Author: Debbie S. Miller