Product Codes: Children Pop-Up Books

Bar Code for 10 Little Penguins: A Pop-up Book
This inventive pop-up, featuring the mischievous stars of Jean-Luc Fromental and Joë lle Jolivet's 365 Penguins, begins with ten penguins on an icy shore. One by one, they playfully disappear from the scene as the text counts down from ten to zero....
Author: Jean-Luc Fromental

Bar Code for 12 Days Of Christmas Anniversary
true holiday classic literally comes to life in this stunning pop-up edition of a seasonal favorite. With a partridge popping, snow scattering, and lords a-leaping off the page, this lavish book is really a gift for readers of all ages. For this particular anniversary...
Author: Robert Sabuda

Bar Code for 600 Black Spots: A Pop-up Book For Children
Following the amazing accomplishment of One Red Dot and Blue 2, David Carter has done it once more! He's back with 600 Black Spots, his most clever scavenger hunt pop-up yet. Readers can spend countless hours of fun searching for the black spots all through the pages--but...
Author: David A. Carter

Bar Code for Alice's Adventures In Wonderland: A Pop-up
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is Robert Sabuda's most amazing creation ever, featuring stunning pop-ups illustrated in John Tenniel's classic style. The text is faithful to Lewis Carroll's original story, and special effects like a Victorian peep show,...
Author: Lewis Carroll

Bar Code for Alpha Bugs
From boogie-woogie Bubble Bugs
Author: David A. Carter

Bar Code for Amazing Pop-up Geography Book
From the top rated of Everest towards the deepest point in the ocean, children will journey to some with all the Earth's extraordinary spots in this fantastic companion to The Amazing Pop-Up Grammar Book and The Amazing Pop-Up Music Book. Between the covers of this book...
Author: Kate Petty

Bar Code for America The Beautiful: A Pop-up Book
Every Robert Sabuda pop-up is a marvel, but America the Beautiful is singularly remarkable for its inspired interpretation of the classic American anthem. Each page presents a magnificent pop-up featuring a line from the first (and best known) verse of...

Bar Code for America's National Parks
book is a coast to coast journey featuring 18 of our most visited national parks, six as stunning double page pop-ups: Everglades, Great Smoky Mountains, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Glacier and Yosemite national parks. Pop-up paper engineering is created...
Author: Don Compton / Bruce Foster / Paper Engineer

Bar Code for Beach Bugs: A Sunny Pop-up Book By David
From picnic bugs and fireflies to rollercoaster bugs on a warm summer night, this next installment of the wildly popular Bugs series captures what everyone loves about summer!
Author: David A. Carter

Bar Code for Beauty And The Beast: A Pop-up Book
Even more innovative than his last, Robert Sabuda will captivate all with his latest pop-up masterpiece, Beauty  at the same time because the Beast!
Author: Robert Sabuda

Bar Code for Bedtime Bugs: A Pop-up Good Night Book
David A. Carter's zany bugs are here to assist guide kids through their nightly routines. The Bubbly Bugs are taking their baths, the Lullabug is reading a bedtime story, and the Twinkle Bug is shinging bright to grant the wish you wish tonight! This...
Author: David A. Carter

Bar Code for Big Bug Book: A Pop-up Celebration
Just in time for the 20th anniversary of the bestselling How Many Bugs inside a Box? , David Carter is back with the biggest book of bugs however! Everyone's favorite bugs from titles such as Alpha Bugs, Bed Bugs, and Love Bugs make cameos in this all new Bugs...
Author: David A. Carter

Bar Code for Box Of Bugs: 4 Pop-up Concept Books
This brightly colored BUGS boxed set from David A. Carter will include 4 mini pop-up books united by a very first concept theme. Package includes: Colors, Opposites, Counting and Up and Down.
Author: David A. Carter

Bar Code for Brava, Strega Nona : A Heartwarming Pop-up
Tomie de Paola's Strega Nona has been loved by generations of children's book readers, but they've never observed her like this!
Author: Tomie dePaola

Bar Code for Brush Your Teeth Please
What child can resist imitating a chimp brushing its teeth back and forth? Or a shark that flosses each and every day? Youngsters will have lots of fun studying about correct dental hygiene in this delightful pop-up book.
Author: Leslie Mcguire / Jean Pidgeon

Bar Code for Bugs That Go : A Bustling Pop-up Book
It's time to hit the road.
Author: David A. Carter

Bar Code for Builder Bugs: A Busy Pop-up Book
David A. Carter's wacky Bugs are building, hammering, and digging in this construction-themed pop-up.
Author: David A. Carter

Bar Code for Castaway Pirates: A Pop-up Tale
In this pop-up pirate adventure, five pirates try and avoid being eaten by a shark when their ship springs a leak. They try and plug the hole with everything from the captain's coat to his rope, but in the end it's their smelly feet that turn the shark...
Author: Ray Marshall

Bar Code for Charlie And Lola's I Am Not Sleepy
new edition with 15 novelty scenes! Bedtime balkers will laugh at Lola'santics — while grown-ups offer you a silent cheer for her savvy brother. Night owl Lola likes to stay up coloring and scribbling and wriggling and bouncing and chattering. Lola...
Author: Lauren Child

Bar Code for Christmas Alphabet
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of THE CHRISTMAS ALPHABET, Sabuda has developed a brand new pop-up to include in this special edition, which also has a brand new cover and is covered in green foil. Celebrate Christmas with this beautiful pop-up alphabet...
Author: Robert Clarke Sabuda

Bar Code for Christmas Carol: A Pop-up Book
This beautiful re-imagining of Charles Dickens's timeless fable, A Christmas Carol: A Pop-Up Book features artist Chuck Fischer's richly painted depictions from the tale of Ebenezer Scrooge and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, brought...
Author: Charles Dickens / Chuck Fischer

Bar Code for Chronicles Of Narnia Pop-up: Based
C. S. Lewis's classic Narnia books spring to life in the hands of award-winning paper engineer Robert Sabuda. Each and every in the seven books inside the series has its personal pop-up spread rendered in spectacular detail with stunning special effects. Experience a distinct...
Author: C. S. Lewis

Bar Code for Cinderella: A Pop-up Fairy Tale
Classic Collectible Pop-Up™
Author: Matthew Reinhart

Bar Code for Cookie Count: A Tasty Pop-up
Cookie Count is really a mouth-watering book of lavish surprises -- a baker's bounty of ten pop-up spreads. Award-winner Robert Sabuda's intricate paper engineering, along with his whimsical art, creates a book that is going to be counted as a family members favorite for years...
Author: Robert Sabuda

Bar Code for Dc Super Heroes: The Ultimate Pop-up
Critically acclaimed pop-up engineer Matthew Reinhart celebrates the history, heroes, and villains of the DC Universe in this ultimate 3-D masterpiece! Bursting with over 25 impressive pop-ups, this deluxe format features many diverse unique novelty elements-including...
Author: DC Comics / Matthew Reinhart

Bar Code for Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-flap Book
Dear Zoo is twenty-five years old -- and nevertheless as popular as ever!
Author: Rod Campbell

Bar Code for Easter Bugs : A Springtime Pop-up
All kinds of bugs are hiding behind colorful Easter eggs, just waiting for you to find them!
Author: David A. Carter

Bar Code for Encyclopedia Mythologica: Fairies
Introducing a dazzling new series premiere! The world's pop-up masters invite you to peek inside the fairy realm as it transforms before your eyes. Open this entrancing book and meet Shakespeare's Queen Titania, springing up with her silver wings aflutter....
Author: Matthew Reinhart / Robert Sabuda

Bar Code for Encyclopedia Mythologica: Gods And Heroes
creators in the New York Occasions best-selling Encyclopedia Prehistorica series offer a mythic appear in the mysteries inside the past with an complete pantheon of remarkable pop-ups. For all of recorded history, humans have sought to understand Earth's mysteries...
Author: Matthew Reinhart / Robert Sabuda

Bar Code for Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs :
From renowned pop-up masters Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart comes an awe-inspiring tribute for the world's most beloved extinct animals and their 180-million-year reign on our planet. Open this book at the same time as a enormous T. REX springs out, flashing a startling...
Author: Robert Sabuda / Matthew Reinhart

Bar Code for Goldilocks Variations: A Pop-up Book
classic fairy tale is wittily retold by the celebrated Allan Ahlberg, with charming illustrations by his daughter, Jessica Ahlberg. Everyone knows what happened when Goldilocks met the 3 bears. But when she encounters a whopping thirty-three bears,...
Author: Allan Ahlberg

Bar Code for Guess How Much I Love You: Pop-up
Loving someone to the moon and back takes on a complete new dimension! The cherished classic is even more enticing in a pop-up edition. When Big and Little Nutbrown Hare show off how much they love each other, don't you wish you could watch them stretch...
Author: Sam McBratney

Bar Code for Happy Little Yellow Box: A Pop-up
David A. Carter brings the unique aesthetic of his award-winning color series for the younger set in The Happy Little Yellow Box.
Author: David A. Carter

Bar Code for Harry Potter: A Pop-up Book: Based On
This collectible Harry Potter pop-up book, depending on the creative development of the films, features exquisite original artwork by Andrew Williamson, notion artist for all eight motion pictures. With dynamic pop-ups animating memorable moments and places —...
Author: Lucy Kee

Bar Code for How To Find Flower Fairies
ldquo; Children, the knowledge that I am passing to you is precious and really should be carefully guarded… ”
Author: Cicely Mary Barker

Bar Code for How To Make Super Pop-ups
Super  pop-ups take the charming element of surprise a step farther, with three-dimensional styles that slide, turn, spring, and snap. More than 30 patterns —   which includes greeting cards, stage props, and school projects — will appeal...
Author: Joan Irvine

Bar Code for Hungry Monsters
What do hungry monsters eat? It all depends on where they are. In this laugh-out-loud, colorful pop-up board book, monsters beneath the bed eat things like red underwear, those inside the bathroom enjoy bath soap and yellow duckies, and attic monsters just...
Author: Matt Mitter

Bar Code for Journal Of Inventions: Leonardo Da Vinci
#147; I have always felt it is my destiny to create a machine that would allow man to fly, ” wrote Leonardo da Vinci in his journal alongside a sketch for an impossibly ingenious invention he called his Flying Machine. Though never built, it takes...
Author: Jaspre Bark

Bar Code for Jungle Book: A Pop-up Adventure
In this stunning retelling of a phenomenal classic, honor is tested, battles of good more than evil are waged, and the value of family reigns supreme. True to Rudyard Kipling's original story, tree branches literally draw the reader in to this tale of...
Author: Matthew Reinhart

Bar Code for Kids Wow The Pop-up Book Of Sports
Guaranteed to make you say,"Wow!"THE POP-UP BOOK OF SPORTS takes you up-close and individual with a number from the greatest athletes of all time. The action in this attention-grabbing photo book literally jumps out at you, bringing to life David Tyree's miraculous...
Author: Editors of Sports Illustrated for Kids

Bar Code for Knight's City: With Amazing Pop-ups
Children and adults alike will probably be awestruck as a stunning three-dimensional medieval world unfolds before their eyes! The sliding castle gate on the front cover serves as an entrance into a world from extended ago. Inside, vibrant art and amazingly intricate...
Author: Philip Steele

Bar Code for Little Pop-up Sound Book Elmo Get Ready
Book Details:
Author: Publications International

Bar Code for Maisy's House And Garden Pop-up Play
Play inside Maisy's house and garden! A spectacular carousel book opens out to an interactive 3-D setting that kids will wish to visit again and again. Welcome to Maisy's place, where the popular mouse is waiting to be discovered (in the shower, of all areas! ...
Author: Lucy Cousins

Bar Code for Marvel Super Heroes Super Showdown Action
Marvel Heroes leap appropriate off the pages in this colorful book, thanks to the three big super hero action pop-ups that extend out of the book when the pages are opened.
Author: Marvel

Bar Code for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Best Friends
Minnie and Daisy will spring to life with every page you turn! Book features engaging pop-up art on ever spread, 4 favorite melodies with lyrics to sing along, 4 triggers and 4 song spreads. The sing-along songs are: Daisy, Come and Skate with Me, The...

Bar Code for Mommy A Pop-up Book
Maurice Sendak's first pop-up book! They're all right here! Everybody's favorite monsters are just going about their organization when a plucky little boy wanders into their cuckoo home. And what does he want? He wants Mommy! No matter how scary these monsters...
Author: Maurice Sendak / Arthur Yorinks

Bar Code for Movable Mother Goose
Robert Sabuda's The Movable Mother Goose puts a new spin on traditional nursery rhymes as they come alive in a glorious explosion of color!
Author: Robert Sabuda

Bar Code for My Pop-up World Atlas
Watch the whole planet spring to life! Budding geographers will love to immerse themselves in this fun, bright, fact-packed initial atlas with lots of detailed illustrations. Each and every continent has its own spread, with pop-ups, flaps, booklets, and sturdy pull-tabs...
Author: Anita Ganeri

Bar Code for Night Before Christmas Pop-up
Award winner Robert Sabuda brings Clement Clarke Moore's classic tale of The Night Prior to Christmas to life in this festive pop-up edition, sure to develop to be a perennial family favorite.
Author: Clement Clarke Moore

Bar Code for Odyssey: A Pop-up Book
Experience literature's greatest epic as never before!   This phenomenal new graphic novel retelling of Homer's classic epic may be the creation of multitalented artist Sam Ita, author of the bestselling pop-up versions of 20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea;...
Author: Sam Ita

Bar Code for One Red Dot
Classic Collectible Pop-Up™
Author: David A. Carter

Bar Code for Peekaboo Toys
Little fingers can push the tabs in this sturdy board book to make surprises pop up right out inside the pages! Starring Buzz Lightyear, Sheriff Woody, and also the rest of the toys from Disney/Pixar Toy Story, this interactive book is sure to become a hit with boys...
Author: Kristen L. Depken

Bar Code for Peter Pan
Readers will delight in this retelling of the classic story of Neverland, pirates, and flying. Robert Sabuda's elegant text and paper engineering give new life to favorite charcters like Tinkerbell, Wendy, Michael, and John, and, of course, Peter Pan....

Bar Code for Peter Rabbit And Friends: A Pop-up Book
Join Peter Rabbit and his friends in this delightful mini pop-up board book. Just the proper size for an Easter basket, each spread functions its personal playful pop-up as Peter plays with buddies and runs by way of Mr. Mc Gregor's garden. The perfect springtime...
Author: Beatrix Potter

Bar Code for Pop-up 3D
first ever children's book of photographic phantogram images, Pop-Up 3D is a wow for any age from 2 to 100. With the aid of 3d glasses (2 pairs included with each and each book enclosed in a reusable pouch) the images jump off the page. Almost anyone reaches...
Author: Barry Rothstein

Bar Code for Pop-up Bible Adventures 2
Written by an established children's book author, this book tells six favorite Bible stories — including Moses crossing the Red Sea, the lost sheep, and Zacchaeus meeting Jesus.
Author: Tim Dowley

Bar Code for Pop-up Book Of Gnomes
Pop-up pictures with movable parts and text describe the daily life of a gnome as he works, plays, and interacts with animals.
Author: Rien Poortvliet / Wil Huygen

Bar Code for Pop-up Book Of M. C. Escher
In the images in this book, M. C. Escher (Dutch, 1898-1972) shows us the limitless, the infinite, and the impossible -- continuous staircases that rise and yet finish at their beginning points, two hands reaching out of a page to draw each other. The pop-up...
Author: M. C. Escher / Michael Solomon Sachs

Bar Code for Pop-up Book Of Nursery Rhymes: A Classic
Matthew Reinhart's phenomenal paper engineering, as evidenced in Cinderella and The Jungle Book brings an added dimension -- literally -- to the classic telling of Mother Goose's most treasured nursery rhymes. With six spreads of of pop ups and and mini...
Author: Matthew Reinhart

Bar Code for Pop-up Book Of Ships
Pop-Up Book of Ships is a dramatic pop-up journey into the world's maritime past, presenting different maritime cultural innovations. From the early explorers such as the Santa Maria for the popular Mayflower; from marauding pirate ships to frigates like...
Author: David Hawcock / Eric Kentley

Bar Code for Pop-up Dear Zoo
Loved by children for far more than twenty years, Rod Campbell's classic title is now accessible in pop-up form. Retaining each of the charm of the original title, this new edition is now packed complete of exciting surprises! Open the zoo's crates, and you'll find an...
Author: Rod Campbell

Bar Code for Pop-up Dinosaur Danger
This impressive book contains amazing dinosaur pop-ups on every page, which includes huge, model-like pop-ups of Tyrannosaurus rex, Diplodocus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Pteranodon. In addition to the pop-ups, young dinosaur fans will love learning exciting...
Author: Nick Denchfield / Anne Sharp

Bar Code for Pop-up Dinosaurs
This fun-filled picture book has rhymes to read about our giant prehistoric friends and five big dinosaur pop-ups which jump out from the pages!
Author: Roger Priddy

Bar Code for Pop-up London
Explore some of London's most renowned internet sites in an engrossing novelty book. Welcome to the great city of London! Are you ready for your tour? Open this inviting, large-format book and follow the river Thames as it winds by way of the heart within the celebrated...
Author: Jennie Maizels

Bar Code for Pop-up Mice Of Mr. Brice
talents and traits of 26 amazing mice are revealed in a Seussian cornucopia of flaps, pop-ups, add-ons, pull-tabs, and acetate on-lays that explore the concepts of letters, size, color, time, and word recognition.
Author: Dr. Seuss

Bar Code for Pop-up Peekaboo: Colors
Babies love playing peekaboo, and with Pop-Up Peekaboo! Colors, they'll get to play their favorite game while being introduced to both books and colors. With this fun and interactive title, children aged nine months and up will delight in meeting a yellow...
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Pop-up Peekaboo: Things That Go
Enhance baby's favorite game with pop-up surprises beneath every flap!
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Pop-up: Amazing Monkeys
People, animals, and places, from ancient times to the present, spring to life from these imaginative and entertaining pop-up books. Multitiered illustrations will delight young readers as correctly as adults. These highly involving books have from 5 to...
Author: National Geographic Society

Bar Code for Pop-up: Everything You Need To Create
Want to generate a pop-up book? Here's everything you need to assemble four amazing 3-D creations— plus a behind-the-scenes guide to crucial techniques. Do you delight in seeing an ingenious pop-up"pop"but feel utterly daunted in the believed of generating...
Author: Ruth Wickings

Bar Code for Predators: A Pop-up Book With Revolutionary
Get up close and private with some from the world's most terrifying and hazardous predators! Amazing 3-D pop-ups swing off the page, bringing to life spiders, polar bears, crocodiles, and a lot more! Filled with interesting facts and vibrant artwork, Predators! ...
Author: Lucio Santoro / Meera Santoro

Bar Code for Princess Like Me: A Royal Pop-up
Following the publication of Rescue: Pop-Up Emergency Vehicles and Puppies, Kittens, and Other Pop-Up Pets, Matthew Reinhart turns his pop-up wizardry on two new subjects, dinosaurs and princesses. This young and incredibly affordable pop-up series is perfect...
Author: Matthew Reinhart

Bar Code for Puff, The Magic Dragon Pop-up
Puff, the Magic Dragon flies into a new dimension in this spectacular, deluxe pop-up book. Master paper engineer Bruce Foster, who created the bestselling Harry Potter pop-up, brings Peter Yarrow and Lenny Lipton's timeless song to life via nine lavish...
Author: Peter Yarrow / Lenny Lipton / Bruce Foster

Bar Code for Raggedy Ann And Andy And The Camel
Raggedy fans of all ages will delight in this three-dimensional interpretation of Johnny Gruelle's classic story. Dazzling paper engineering brings Raggedy Ann, Raggedy Andy, and friends to life in this interactive edition of The Camel with each of the Wrinkled...
Author: Johnny Gruelle

Bar Code for Rescue: Pop-up Emergency Vehicles
Reinhart's new pop-up series features very simple bright art— young cut-paper collage artwork.   Chunky friendly people drive these accurate, but simplified cars, trucks along with other vehicles  saving others from danger— but nothing...
Author: Matthew Reinhart

Bar Code for Robert Crowther's Amazing Pop-up Big
Come to the construction site and try your hand at operating the big machines with all of the help of amazing pop-ups, pull-out play pieces, and plenty more. When is really a pop-up book not a pop-up book? When it's also a play space, promising hours of fun! Master...
Author: Robert Crowther

Bar Code for Robert Crowther's Pop-up House Of Inventions:
" Junior trivia masters will pore over this pop-up book."— Child Magazine Would you believe that a scientist caught a cold and died while conducting experiments in early refrigeration? Did you know that soap was as soon as made from goat fat? Can you...
Author: Robert Crowther

Bar Code for Rumble Roar Dinosaurs : A Prehistoric
Following the publication of Rescue: Pop-Up Emergency Vehicles and Puppies, Kittens and Other Pop-Up Pets, Matthew Reinhart turns his pop-up wizardry on two new subjects: dinosaurs and princesses. This young and really affordable pop-up series is perfect...
Author: Matthew Reinhart

Bar Code for School Bugs: An Elementary Pop-up Book
We're ready for school.
Author: David A. Carter

Bar Code for Sesame Street Ready
Even monsters need to brush their teeth to help keep them healthy and strong. Elmo, Zoe, and their buddies from Sesame Street show kids how easy it is to care for their teeth in Ready, Set, Brush! Flaps to open, wheels to turn, and fun pop-ups help illustrate...
Author: Sesame Street / Che Rudko

Bar Code for Snow Bugs: A Wintery Pop-up Book
This next installment with the wildly popular Bugs series captures what everyone loves about chilly weather! From snowflakes and ski lifts to hot chocolate and snow angels, this new title is a perfect technique to stay warm during the cold days of winter!
Author: David A. Carter

Bar Code for Snow White And Rose Red: A Pop-up Fairytale
Mysterious, lovely illustrations bring to life this traditional German fairytale
Author: Brothers Grimm

Bar Code for Snowflakes: A Pop-up Book
intricate beauty of snowflakes is fully revealed in this amazing pop-up book. An enchanting explanation of the uniqueness of snowflakes supplemented by information in regards to the actual life Snowflake Man, Wilson A. Bentley, who was the initial to photograph...
Author: Jennifer Preston Chushcoff

Bar Code for Sophie's Ballet Show: A Sparkly Pop-up
This delightful story about a little girl who joins a ballet class comes with big color illustrations and all kinds of interactive features on every page. There are tabs to pull, flaps to lift, wheels to turn, as well as a wonderful pop-up ballet scene on the...
Author: Rosalinda Kightley

Bar Code for Sound Of Music: A Classic Collectible
Watch the hills literally come alive
Author: Rodgers and Hammerstein / Lindsay and Crouse / Bruce Foster

Bar Code for Sounds Of The Wild: Forest
Discover the hidden secrets of a quantity of the world's most intriguing forests and the animals that inhabit them. Explore incredible pop-up panoramas, and listen towards the call from the cuckoo, the bellow of a majestic moose as nicely as the snarl of a cougar! Sounds of...

Bar Code for Sounds Of The Wild: Ocean
Winner of a Parents' Alternative Approved Award, this gorgeously illustrated pop-up book takes readers deep beneath the water's surface where they are greeted having a symphony of new sounds. This aquatic adventure functions a humpback whale that communicates...
Author: Maurice Pledger

Bar Code for Star Wars: A Galactic Pop-up Adventure
brand-new explosive, interactive, pop-off-the-page book about George Lucas's STAR WARS movies from NY TIMES bestseller Matthew Reinhart! Matthew Reinhart has produced an additional spectacular pop-up book for George Lucas's epic STAR WARS movies! The NEW YORK...
Author: Matthew Reinhart / Lucasfilm

Bar Code for Star Wars: A Pop-up Guide To The Galaxy
explosive, interactive, pop off the page book about George Lucas's STAR WARS films to celebrate the 30th anniversary! Matthew Reinhart has created another spectacular pop-up book for George Lucas's epic STAR WARS films! Bestselling pop-up artist...
Author: Matthew Reinhart

Bar Code for Tale Of Peter Rabbit: A Pop-up Adventure
classic adventure of Peter Rabbit comes to life in a new pop-up/pulltab format. Follow that mischievous bunny, Peter Rabbit, as he tries to stay one particular step ahead of Mr. Mc Gregor and make it by way of the garden and back to his house. This hardcover features...
Author: Beatrix Potter

Bar Code for Trail: Paper Poetry Pop-up
Follow the silvery trail through an enchanting maze of stunning pop-up landscapes that range from tranquil to mysterious to magical. This sparkling creation by multi-award-winning designer David Pelham will amaze and delight all who take the journey through...
Author: David Pelham

Bar Code for Trains: A Pop-up Railroad Book
3-D master Robert Crowther is proper on track with an information-packed, interactive celebration of trains then and now. Have you ever wondered how a steam engine functions? Do you have a hankering to don an engineer's cap and race a locomotive under tunnels...
Author: Robert Crowther

Bar Code for Transformers: The Ultimate Pop-up Universe
TRANSFORMERS shift, change, and rise to battle in this spectacular interactive pop-up adventure by bestselling paper engineer Matthew Reinhart. Open each page to explore a several part of the vast Transformers universe-then pull the tabs to watch the...

Bar Code for Villains: A Pop-up Storybook
adventure continues as the villains rise to power in this companion to the amazing Heroes pop-up storybook. Experience the energy of the dark side with nine three-dimensional pop-ups of fan favorites such as General Grievous and Assaj Ventress along...

Bar Code for We're Going On A Bear Hunt: A Celebratory
Author: Michael Rosen

Bar Code for White Noise: A Pop-up Book For Children
First came One Red Dot, subsequent Blue 2, 600 Black Spots, Yellow Square, and finally White Noise, the fifth installment of David A. Carter's acclaimed color series! Modern and elegant paper engineering and text are certain to awe young children of all ages.
Author: David A. Carter

Bar Code for Wide-mouthed Frog
From the Okefenokee Swamp comes a frog with a wide mouth that he just loves to use. He's specifically interested inside the eating habits of other creatures situated inside the great outdoors--that is, of course, till he comes upon a big green a single with lots of...
Author: Keith Faulkner

Bar Code for Wild Oceans: A Pop-up Book With Revolutionary
Journey into the mysterious planet under the sea as 3-D pop-ups swing off the page, bringing to life whales, dolphins, angler fish, and a lot far more! Filled with stunning art and interesting facts about numerous oceanic zones--such as coral reefs, the frozen...
Author: Lucio Santoro / Meera Santoro

Bar Code for Wonderful Wizard Of Oz: A Commemorative
Robert Sabuda has created a resplendent pop-up version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the original publication. This glorious edition is told in a shorter version of L. Frank Baum's original text, with artwork within the...
Author: L. Frank Baum

Bar Code for Yellow Square: A Pop-up Book For Children
First came One Red Dot, next Blue 2, 600 Black Spots. now Yellow Square, the fourth installment of David A. Carter's acclaimed color series! Modern and elegant paper engineering and text are specified to awe young children of all ages!
Author: David A. Carter

Bar Code for Young Naturalist's Pop-up Handbook: Beetles
You'll never look at beetles the same way again. When masterful paper engineer Robert Sabuda works his pop-up magic, you're sure to locate beauty and wonder in the thorniest of creatures. About 350, 000 sorts of beetles creep across the surface of our world,...
Author: Matthew Reinhart / Robert Sabuda