Product Codes: Playmobil for Girls

Bar Code for #174; 1. 2. 3 Truck With Garage
truck is loading here. The garage may possibly also be employed as an engine shed.

Bar Code for 2 Pack: 5882 And 5883 Ocean Mermaid Set
Two individually packaged Playmobil Ocean Mermaid Sets.

Bar Code for 3033 Princess And Magic Fountain
This princess could be the fairest of them all with her beautiful gown and gleaming jewelry. She stands beside the peacock fountain and sees a small golden frog. Will it turn into her fairytale prince someday?

Bar Code for 4148 Fairy Garden With Unicorn Compact
Playmobil > Fairy Garden Set

Bar Code for 4253 Royal Bedroom
young princess sits dreamily in front of the turning mirror of her elegant dressing table and brushes her shining hair. Last night she could not sleep for a long time in her beautiful bed for joy. Today she will attend an officiall ball for the first...

Bar Code for 4254 Royal Nursery
cute baby is hungry. Tenderly the nursemaid areas the heir to the throne in the practical baby sling she is wearing and feeds it with the bottle. When the small a single is sated she gently beds him in his beautiful cradle. The baby falls asleep at once...

Bar Code for 4326 School Set Woodshop Class
August 2010 Relase

Bar Code for 4328 School Set School Crossing Guard
Includes adult crossing guard, child safety assistant, child on bike, crosswalk and accessories!

Bar Code for 4339 Multi-set Knight With Horse
Transform your PLAYMOBIL figure in a Tournament-Knight, Viking, King or an Archer.

Bar Code for 4449 Robber Amphibious Vehicle
with rollover cage and money bag. Can be upgraded with the underwater motor #7350.

Bar Code for 4645 Princess With Unicorn
Beautiful princess and her magical unicorn.

Bar Code for 4663 Royal King
Every Castle set wants a Royal King. This Playmobil Special Royal King comes with one figure, scepter, and crown. A Playmobil"special"refers to a set made up of one-figure with accessories, the choice of which changes annually. Recommended for ages...

Bar Code for 4824 Rescue Set Fire Fighting Helicopter
Playmobil Fire Fighting Helicopter has operating fire hoses and whirling rotor blades. Includes 1 Playmobil fire fighter.

Bar Code for 4857 Sunshine Home
This Summer House comes with 4 loved ones members and is furnished with kitchen, living area, bathroom and bedroom for the entire loved ones. Terrace comes with garden furniture and grill.

Bar Code for 4858 Open Air Pool With Slide
new Playmobil Swimming Pool is perfect summer fun and also comes with a Water Slide! Fill the pool with water and let the figures dive in! Includes six figures.

Bar Code for 4861 Woman With Hammock
Place the Playmobil figure in her hammock to soak up the sun on a summer day. Set includes a figure, hammock, table, ice-cream together with other accessories.

Bar Code for 4863 Quad Bike
Transport the surfer around the beach in the Beach Buggy. Set includes a figure, Beach Buggy, surfboard, in addition to other accessories.

Bar Code for 4864 Wading Pool 2010
This adorable Wading Pool set comes with two figures, wading pool that can be filled with water, lounge chair, umbrella, and numerous other accessories.

Bar Code for 4876 Agents
Playmobil Secret Agent Super Racer floats on water and has wings and fins that pop out from the body work at the flick of a switch. There are firing cannons on the front of the car and consists of one Playmobil Secret Agent.

Bar Code for 4883 Agents
floats. Underwater motor necessary 1 x 1, 5-V AA battery

Bar Code for 4913 Duo Pack Prince And Princess
Earl and Countess blister pack includes two figures that can be played with alone or be added to your Playmobil sets. Recommended for ages four and up.

Bar Code for 5820 Vet With Foal
4 pieces

Bar Code for 5821 Animal Clinic: Vet With Dog
7 pieces.

Bar Code for 5872 Fairy Tale Unicorn Playset
Unicorn Playset includes two figures, two unicorns, waterfall that may be filled with water, and other accessories.

Bar Code for 5882 Ocean Mermaid Set
Playmobil 5882 Magic Castle Prince Mermaid and Green Seahorse

Bar Code for 5884 Magic Castle Mermaids And Accessories
Playmobil 5884 Magic Castle MERMAIDS AND ACCESSORIES.

Bar Code for 5885 Magic Castle Playset: King Neptune
This wonderful 31 piece developing set from Playmobil is sure to provide hours of imaginative fun for your little a single. King Neptune and his seahorse chariot are leading the way. Set also includes: 2 baby seahorses, treasure chest, pink shells and a lot more!

Bar Code for Advent Calendar Princess Wedding
24 boxes to count down to Christmas. As each box is opened it creates a wonderful scene, with the Prince and Princess. Cutting their wedding cake. The King welcomes other guests. The flower girl distributes flowers. Ideal for Christmas

Bar Code for Animal Nursery
Shelter and first help for the animals.

Bar Code for Backyard
Backyard comes with a single figure and lots of accessories. This Life in the City set has fence, lawn mower, and two bicycles. Recommended for ages 4 and up.

Bar Code for Beach Holiday Compact Set
Beach Holiday Compact Set 4 years +

Bar Code for Beach Racer
Beach Racer can be a great set for exciting outdoor action. The orange Beach Racer has an adjustable sail and a stowage box. Set also consists of a figure and also other accessories.

Bar Code for Carrying Case School
Playmobil School Carry Case consists of a teacher with 2 students, lots of classroom equipment, a desk with 2 chairs also as a blackboard you can write on. The set comes in a handy carry case to keep all of the bits safely stored. 4 - 10 Years

Bar Code for Carrying Case Vet Clinic
Have fun even when you're on the go with each of the Carrying Case Vet Clinic. This straightforward to take-along case comes having a figure, kitten, puppy, guinea pigs, and accessories to assist the vet treat the animals.

Bar Code for Circus Horse Act
Balance on horses! Balance on the back of your horse or 1 handed with your legs within the air while the arena revolves! Turn the handle and watch the foor revolve. Features four horses with saddles that enable the Playmobil figures to hold on. Three figures...

Bar Code for Circus Tightrope Artists
tightrope! Jump onto the unicycle and wheel across the rope. Features a tightrope that fits inside the circus ring (sold separately ). Includes four tightrope walkers with specially molded feet for rope walking!

Bar Code for Dragon Knight With Led-lance
Knight's sword truly glows! Batteries included.

Bar Code for Dragon's Catapult
with LED-Crossbow (batteries included ).

Bar Code for Emergency Vehicle
emergency Vehicle with working flashing light. The roof is removable and hood and trunk open. Back seats fold down. Equipped iwth medical gear for treating the sick and injured.

Bar Code for Extension For Princess Fantasy Castle
Please Note: This item is part of the"Add-on"Series and ships in a clear plastic bags or brown cardboard box instead of a colorful blue retail box. Please contemplate when gifting.

Bar Code for Fairy
Give as a gift or add to your collection!

Bar Code for Fairy Carrying Case Playset
Carrying case to play with anywhere!

Bar Code for Fairy With Unicorn
Fairy with Unicorn comes with one figure and unicorn. This Special set has a flower and crown for the fairy. Playmobil"special"refers to a set made up of one distinct particular figure with accessories, the selection of which changes annually.

Bar Code for Fire Boat With Trailer
Floats in water.

Bar Code for Firefighters With Water Pump
Includes pressure pump and may be connected for the fire monitor on Playmobil Fire Engine #4821

Bar Code for Horse Washing Station
with ground space and lots of accessories.

Bar Code for Knight Family
family of heros! Mother, Dad, Sister and Brother are all ready for battle. This item is component of the add-on series and ships in a clear plastic bag.

Bar Code for Koala Bears With Kangaroo
Koala Bears with Kangaroo 4 years +

Bar Code for Lion Knight's Ballista
Shooting Triple Ballista with Lion Knights and accessories. 4 years +

Bar Code for Little Flower Fairy
Join the fairy as she collects beautiful flowers. Set consists of one figure, wheelbarrow, flowers, two hedgehogs, too as other accessories. Play with this set alone or combine it with other PLAYMOBIL sets.

Bar Code for Magical Ocean Queen
enchanting Ocean Kingdom for girls supplies plenty of collecting fun for established PLAYMOBIL fans and newcomers alike. Collecting fever has broken out"below water"as well: the six fairytale ocean dwellers and the seahorses with their mother-of-pearl...

Bar Code for Melissa And Doug Canvas Creations
Canvas Creations painting kits include everything you have to make a wall-worthy masterpiece: a preprinted canvas stretched over an 8x10"wooden frame, six flip-top tubes of paint, a mixing tray plus a brush. This pretty line drawing capabilities a princess...

Bar Code for Melissa And Doug Deluxe Wooden Folding
Wooden play castle features hand-painted pink accents to keep any princess happy in her castle, plus two removable turrets, balconies, flying buttress, flag and a working drawbridge! Castle opens completely for hours of engaging play. Measures 17. 5"L x 27"W...

Bar Code for Melissa And Doug Fold And Go Princess
charming wooden Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Princess Castle is a fantasyland for any creative princess. Multiple rooms, stairways and levels make for endless inspiration. The beautifully detailed exterior opens easily to reveal the royal palace furnished...

Bar Code for Mermaid Prince And Princess
enchanting Ocean Kingdom for girls offers plenty of collecting fun for established PLAYMOBIL fans and newcomers alike. Collecting fever has broken out"beneath water"as well: the six fairytale ocean dwellers together with the seahorses with their mother-of-pearl...

Bar Code for My First 1. 2. 3 Knight's Castle
round castle elements may be stacked on top of each other.

Bar Code for My Take Along 1. 2. 3 Noah's Ark
Hurry to help the animals board the My Take Along 1. 2. 3 Noah's Ark. The set's colorful, larger, rounded pieces are specially designed for toddlers. The deck with all the ark is removable and also the hull has plenty of space for storage. The set comes with a handle...

Bar Code for Ocean Fairy With Baby Seahorses
enchanting Ocean Kingdom for girls provides plenty of collecting fun for established PLAYMOBIL fans and newcomers alike. Collecting fever has broken out"under water"as well: the six fairytale ocean dwellers together with the seahorses with their mother-of-pearl...

Bar Code for Ocean King With Seahorse Carriage
To amend with the seahorses from 4814, 4816, 4817 and 4818.

Bar Code for Ocean Prince
Ocean Prince. Age +3

Bar Code for Ocean Princess
enchanting Ocean Kingdom for girls supplies plenty of collecting fun for established PLAYMOBIL fans and newcomers alike. Collecting fever has broken out"under water"as well: the six fairytale ocean dwellers too as the seahorses with their mother-of-pearl...

Bar Code for Pegasus With Princess And Vanity
Playmobil Pegasus Vanity Station consists of a princess with lots of flowers to decorate her horse with fully articulated wings. The set comes complete with 1 Playmobil figure and 25 accessories. 4 - 10 Years

Bar Code for Pink Egg - Fairy With Swan Pond
Twist open the giant pink egg to reveal a beautiful fairy, swan and 3 babies, pond, and other accessories. This set tends to make a great addition to Easter baskets and party favors. Collect all four colors: pink, blue, yellow, and red.

Bar Code for Playmobil 4338 Multi-set Princess
Transform your PLAYMOBIL figure in a Princess, Damsel, Bridesmaid or an Elf.

Bar Code for Playmobil 5873 Fairy Tale Unicorn Fairy
Enter a magical fairytale take with the Unicorn Fairy Palace! Fairy Queen and Princess Lily reside in their pretty white and pink palace! Fairy Queen enjoys looking after the colourful flowers! Princess Lily loves to care for the beautiful Unicorns - she...

Bar Code for Playmobil Cat Scratching Tree
Cute cat scratch tree to help maintain rehabilitating cats busy! 4 Years +

Bar Code for Playmobil Fairy Tale Set Lost Boy
Escape from the witch's property with this Hansel and Gretel set! Comes with five figures and accessories, 3 different story settings and a Hansel and Gretel Fairy Tale Book! Live the adventure!

Bar Code for Playmobil Mom With Child In 3 Wheel Jogger
Includes figures and stroller

Bar Code for Playmobil Princess Fairy Tale Set
Dreams do come true! Follow the story of Cinderella too since the prince. Characters consist of Cinderella, Prince and two stepsisters. Princess with ball gown, crown, too as a brave prince with horse.

Bar Code for Police With Radar
No speeding allowed here. The Playmobil Police with Radar Control is going to be issuing tickets to any drivers that violate the speed limit. Playmobil Toys are constructed to be in the highest top quality construction with all the best achievable play worth. The Playmobil...

Bar Code for Pony Farm Carrying Case Playset
Playmobil Pony Farm Carry Case includes 2 Playmobil riders, their ponies, a series of fences. Includes food for the animals.

Bar Code for Pop To Play Castle Of Wonders
Excellent design combines with easy assembly for magical castle fun in this Pop to Play castle kit. Just pop together the sturdy paperboard pieces, add your own fairies and princesses and let the magic begin! Sized perfectly for Papo fairytale figurines...

Bar Code for Prince And Princess
This Playmobil set includes a prince and princess who sneak away from the castle to meet by the fountain!

Bar Code for Princess And Magical Fairy
Princess and Magical Fairy blister pack consists of two figures, a wand, mirror, and also other accessories. Play with these figures alone or add them to yet one more PLAYMOBIL set.

Bar Code for Princess Carriage
Please Note: This item is element from the"Add-on"Series and ships in a clear plastic bags or brown cardboard box instead of a colorful blue retail box. Please think about when gifting.

Bar Code for Princess Carrying Case Playset
Have fun when you are on the go creating use of the Princess Carrying Case. This easy to take-along playset comes using a figure, unicorn, peacock, swan, vanity, and other accessories.

Bar Code for Princess Fantasy Castle
With huge outside staircase and lot of rooms. With a secret chamber for keeping the jewel case inside the great tower. With diadem, bracelet and ring for the Casle Owner. Dimension 75 x 72 x 67 cm (L x W x H )

Bar Code for Princess Room With Pegasus
Set also consists of flowers, brush, embellishments for Pegasus, tree, butterfly and also other accessories. Play using the cute kittens or devote time with the magical Pegasus. Playmobil could be the biggest toy manufacturer in Germany. Features a majestic throne, gold...

Bar Code for Princess With Horse Carriage
Includes two figures, horse carriage, and other accessories.

Bar Code for Princess With Pegasus Carriage
Princess with Pegasus Carriage includes a princess getting pulled in a carriage by a Pegasus with moving wings. Includes a Princess, Pegasus, carriage, and luggage.

Bar Code for Princess With Pegasus Carriage
Soar to new heights with all of the Princess with Pegasus Carriage. Children can make Pegasus fly thanks to its movable wings. Set consists of one figure, Pegasus, carriage, fan, and other accessories. Ages 4 yrs. +.

Bar Code for Princesses Castle Playmobil Jigsaw Puzzle
Assembled puzzle measures 11. 4 x 16. 9 Inches. Extremely high-quality jigsaw puzzles manufactured by Schmidt Spiele. Special Edition Playmobil figure included. An exciting image that can entice children, with an added bonus. The pieces are smooth-edged,...

Bar Code for Racing Quad Bike
With its pull-back motor, the blue Racing Quad Bike is ready for fast action. Set also consists of a figure dressed in racing gear plus a helmet.

Bar Code for Ranger With Warthog
trap may be closed to catch those warthogs! These poachers are determined to trigger trouble for our kind rangers in the African wildlife series! These rare animals could possibly be caught and carried away on the quad bike #4834.

Bar Code for Royal Banquet Room
Join the royal loved ones for an elaborate feast in the Royal Banquet Room. With fresh bread, tropical fruit, decadent cakes, a sizable banquet table, and gleaming silverware, this room has everything kids must partake in a royal dining party. Set also contains...

Bar Code for Royal Bath Chamber
Royal Bath Chamber is created ready for the princess by the maid. It is beautifully decorated getting a sea shell shaped tub, pink changing wall, and blue side tables. Maid, bathtub, two side tables, towel racks with towels, hamper, changing wall.

Bar Code for Royal Bathroom
handmaid is preparing the relaxing bath for the princess. Carefully she hangs fresh towels on the practical towel rack and puts up the paravent to defend her against nosy looks. Then she pours the warm water into the glass tub and adds a quantity of the...

Bar Code for Royal Bed Chamber With Cradle
princess has converted her bedroom in to a nursery so she can watch over her newborn baby at all times. Princess, baby, king size bed, cradle, vanity, side table, vase with flowers, throw rug, baby accessories.

Bar Code for Royal Couple With Wedding Cake
Please Note: This item is component using the"Add-on"Series and ships inside a clear plastic bags or brown cardboard box instead of a colorful blue retail box. Please take into account when gifting.

Bar Code for Royal Dressing Room
Playmobil 5148 Royal Dressing area

Bar Code for School Bus
Transport the young kids to and from school with the School Bus. Set consists of 4 figures. The School Bus comes with front and rear lights and ample seating for figures.

Bar Code for Series 1 Pink 1 Figure Blind Bag Mini
Playmobil Fiures Series 1 Pink contains twelve diverse girl figures that might be collected, assembled, and interchanged. Each Fiure comes unassembled in its mystery pack, so children can put them together, or interchange its parts to make a new character....

Bar Code for Super Set Dream Garden
Travel for the Dream Garden to view a land with a magic fountain, animals, a prince, and a princess. Includes two figures, swan, peacock, unicorn, butterflies, tree, flowers, too as other accessories. The fountain has a water spout that functions with a hand pump....

Bar Code for Super Set Fairy Fountain
Explore the fantastical world of fairies and unicorns with the Super Set Fairy Fountain. Complete with operating fountain, this set also consists of two fairy figures, a unicorn, grassy landscape, birds, trees, and other accessories.

Bar Code for Tomb Raiders With Camels
desert thieves on camel back have stolen from the Pyramid and Sphinx! They are prowling the desert on their approach to stash it in their hide out! This Egyptian play set comes complete with carrying baskets to hold stolen treasure! A fantastic addition to...

Bar Code for Unicorn Take Along Castle Set
brand new Take Along Fortresses from PLAYMOBIL are the ideal remedy to the search for an appealing, sensible gift for children's birthdays and visits. Each set is equipped with plenty of figures and accessories. The lockable gates and doors mean...

Bar Code for Water Lily
While a lot from the fairies stick to the flowers and forest, the Playmobil Water Lily Fairy just loves the water! A fairy fixture inside the forest pond, the Playmobil Water Lily Fairy consists of a floating lily pad with beautiful white and pink flower that becomes...

Bar Code for Yellow Racing Car
1 of 4 hot racers with pull-back-motor which could be combined together. The box can be converted into a ramp!

Bar Code for Zoo Vehicle With Trailer
With the Zoo Vehicle with Trailer, animals could be transported about the zoo. Includes a figure, giraffe, zebra-patterned zoo vehicle, trailer with coupling, and other accessories. The trailer's loading ramp can be folded down to load the animals.

Bar Code for Zoo Visitors
This Zoo set has everything a visitor demands for a day at the zoo. Comes with a mom and youngster figure, wagon with cooler and watermelon, 3 squirrels and corn for feeding the animals.