Product Codes: Middle East History Books for Children

Bar Code for 1001 Inventions And Awesome Facts
We often think that men and females from a thousand years ago were living within the Dark Ages. But from the 7th century onward in Muslim civilization there had been amazing advances and inventions that nonetheless influence our everyday lives. People living in the Muslim world...
Author: National Geographic

Bar Code for Action Packs: Tutankhamen And Ancient
Learn how the pyramids had been built, and what significance the constellations have in regards to their placement. An intricate cardboard sarcophagus is included.
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Afghanistan
Travel to Afghanistan. Find out the facts about this nation in Asia.
Author: Christine Juarez

Bar Code for Alia's Mission: Saving The Books Of Iraq
inspiring story of an Iraqi librarian's courageous fight to conserve books from the Basra Central Library before it was destroyed in the war. It is 2003 and Alia Muhammad Baker, the chief librarian with the Central Library in Basra, Iraq, has grown worried...
Author: Mark Alan Stamaty

Bar Code for Ancient Egypt
fascinating account inside the rituals, customs, and institutions of this ancient civilization, this authoritative guide is packed with stunning photographs of anything from jewels to weapons and mummies to statues.
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt
Author: Lorraine Conway

Bar Code for Ancient Egypt: A First Look At People
civilization of ancient Egypt disappeared two thousand years ago, yet we still marvel in the wonders it left behind. This engaging primer for young readers introduces the land, people, and culture of Egypt, which contains the pyramids, the Great Sphinx,...
Author: Bruce Strachan

Bar Code for Ancient Egypt: Start Exploring
Help your child unlock the mystery of the ancient Egyptian culture. This treasure trove consists of a museum-quality replica stone necklace, papyrus, hieroglyphic stamps, an Egyptian board game, and also other artifacts which will teach young explorers with regards to the...
Author: George Hart / James Putnam

Bar Code for Ancient Egyptian World
Taking readers back 4, 000 years, towards the fertile land about the Nile River, The Ancient Egyptian World tells the stories with all the kings, queens, pharaohs, gods, tomb builders, and ordinary citizens who lived there. Using papyri, scarabs, tomb inscriptions,...
Author: Eric H. Cline / Jill Rubalcaba

Bar Code for Ancient Egyptians
Who led 20, 000 men against an arch enemy and captured 924 chariots and 2, 238 horses?
Author: Rupert Matthews

Bar Code for Ancient Iran
Ancient Iran
Author: Massoume Price

Bar Code for Anubis Speaks : A Guide To The Afterlife
Anubis Speaks : A Guide To The Afterlife
Author: Vicky Alvear Shecter

Bar Code for Arab Science And Invention In The Golden
Named one of the"Best Children's Book with all the Year, 2008"by Bank Street College of Education
Author: Anne Blanchard

Bar Code for Arabs In The Golden Age
Describes the period when the Arabs spread their religion, art, architecture, and great information all through the Middle East and North Africa.
Author: Mokhtar Moktefi / Veronique Ageorges

Bar Code for Arts And Culture In The Early Islamic
Arts and Culture in the Early Islamic World (Life in the Early Islamic World )
Author: Lizann Flatt

Bar Code for Assyrians
Examines Assyria's growth from warlike city-state to huge empire, through its conquest of all of Mesopotamia and Egypt, and aspects of its culture.
Author: Elaine Landau

Bar Code for Atlas Historico De Las Tierras Santas
This collection offers an in-depth appear at several in one distinct of the most provocative civilizations and religions in background. With photographs, maps, and colored illustrations this text provides an understanding from the politics and culture of ancient civilizations,...
Author: Karen Farrington

Bar Code for Atlas Of Islam: People
This large-format, beautifully color-illustrated compendium of information for young adult readers describes 1 of numerous world's most widespread religions. Each and every page presents five or six vivid illustrations with lengthy descriptive captions. Readers acquaint...
Author: Neil Morris

Bar Code for Babylonians
Examines the history of the Babylonian empire and the evolution of its society, which includes the progressive legal code of Hammurabi, the improvement of valuable trade routes, and contributions in art, science, and other areas.
Author: Elaine Landau

Bar Code for Babylonians: Life In Ancient Babylon
Babylonians are identified for the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of many seven wonders of the ancient world, but did you also know that the Babylonians studied the stars to predict the future? They also used reeds as drinking straws, and the city of Babylon...
Author: Martha E. H. Rustad

Bar Code for Brief Political And Geographic History
Pick up a newspaper or magazine, or turn on the radio or television, as well as the words Middle East leap out. People about the globe are becoming familiar with places for instance Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Israel, and not always inside a positive sense. These are...
Author: John Davenport

Bar Code for City life In The Medieval Muslim
City life In The Medieval Muslim
Author: Kathryn Hinds

Bar Code for Code Quest: Hieroglyphs: Solve The Mystery
Code Quest is a brand-new narrative non-fiction series that challenges the reader to solve historical mysteries. Each title presents a unique, interactive story in which the reader learns about historical codes, pictograms and symbols by completing various...
Author: Sean Callery

Bar Code for Countries Of The Middle East
Countries Of The Middle East
Author: Cory Gideon Gunderson

Bar Code for Curse Of King Tut's Mummy
When the pharoahs of Egypt died, they were mummified and buried in pyramids and tombs with all their riches. But as centuries passed, the tombs were looted and the pharoahs' gold stolen. Then Howard Carter located the greatest Egyptian treasure trove of...
Author: Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld / James Nelson

Bar Code for Dk Eyewitness Books: Mesopotamia
In these 4 all-new titles-each with its own clip-art CD and wall chart-DK shines its Eyewitness spotlight on vital topics from the past, present, and future. While Mesopotamia explore the cradle of civilization and Great Scientists reveals the minds that...
Author: Philip Steele / John Farndon

Bar Code for Early Islamic Empires
Early Islamic Empires
Author: Lizann Flatt

Bar Code for Early Times: The Story Of Ancient Egypt
Soaring limestone-faced pyramids and pillared temples, picture-writing and magical amulets, animal-faced deities and painted mummy cases ancient Egypt was as colorful as it was mysterious. It was also a major political power. Meet the priests, scribes...
Author: Suzanne Strauss Art

Bar Code for Early Times: The Story Of Ancient Egypt
superbly written narrative that provides a complete overview of this most fascinating of ancient civilizations. Its story begins with the first nomads who settled within the lush valley from the Nile and examines in detail the major accomplishments of...
Author: Suzanne Strauss Art

Bar Code for Egypt And The Middle East
Bring history to life for college students in grades 5 and up using Egypt and the Middle East! This 96-page book attributes reading selections and assessments that utilize a choice of questioning strategies, like matching, true or false, critical thinking,...
Author: Patrick Hotle Ph.D.

Bar Code for Egypt enchantment Of The World
Take a trip about the globe using the most existing from the Enchantment from the World series!
Author: Ann Heinrichs

Bar Code for Gamal Abdel Nasser
Gamal Abdel Nasser
Author: Sam Witte

Bar Code for Golden City: Jerusalem's 3
Neil Waldman brings the colors and contrasts of Jerusalem's ancient buildings and distant hillsides to life in The Golden City: Jerusalem's 3, 000 Years.   Filled with  history, and even a time line, The Golden City takes readers on a trip into...
Author: Neil Waldman

Bar Code for Great Pyramid: The Story Of The Farmers
Here's the story with the Great Pyramid in addition to all the men and girls who built it. In the author's telling, the Old Kingdom comes alive: a nation of farmers living on the green edge of a harsh desert with a king who was a god in life and in death. Tens of thousands of...
Author: Elizabeth Mann

Bar Code for Greenleaf Guide To Ancient Egypt
Ever wonder how biblical background and ancient Egyptian history fit together? Why was God so angry with Pharaoh, anyway? These had been issues we asked when we began our study of Ancient Egypt. We wanted to begin our study of Western history by beginning...
Author: Cynthia Shearer

Bar Code for Greenleaf Guide To Old Testament
This readings in this book take you through the history of Israel from Genesis to Nehemiah, chronologically. The Old Testament's history of Israel is divided into 180 Bible readings (approximately 1-2 chapters each ). For each reading there's a series...
Author: Rob G. Shearer / Cyndy A. Shearer

Bar Code for Hail Ancient Egyptians
Gossip, scandal, badly behaved royals - if you believed that celebrity culture was a symptom of the 21st century, feel again. This is an irreverent but fact-packed look in the ancient Egyptians, using a colourful cast of celebrity characters and a keen...
Author: Jen Green

Bar Code for Hands Around The Library: Protecting
inspiring true story of demonstrators standing up for the love of a library, from a New York Times bestselling illustrator In January 2011, in a moment that captured the hearts of individuals all more than the world, thousands of Egypt's students, library workers,...
Author: Karen Leggett Abouraya

Bar Code for Hatshepsut
Author: Catherine M Andronik

Bar Code for Hieroglyphics
This fascinating kit tells the astonishing story from the ancient graphic-language symbols of the Middle East, the Far East, and Central America. The colorful 32 page book is accompanied by a fascinating activity pack featuring 27 rubber hieroglyphic stamps,...
Author: Richard Platt

Bar Code for Historical Atlas Of Syria
Historical Atlas Of Syria
Author: Allison Stark Draper

Bar Code for History Of The Middle East
Background Of The Middle East
Author: David Downing

Bar Code for History Of The Romani People
thousand years ago, a group of men and ladies who later became the Romani were drive out of northern India by an invading army. This group then took to traveling the world, adopting words, cultural customs, and religious beliefs from the men and women they encountered...
Author: Hristo Kyuchukov / Ian Hancock

Bar Code for History Pockets: Ancient Egypt
Bring history alive as students explore the fascinating past by generating the interactive projects in Background Pockets. Students store the projects in easy-to-make construction paper pockets that are wonderful portfolios for assessment and display.
Author: Marc Tyler Nobleman

Bar Code for History Spies: Search For The Sphinx
Fitting in ancient Egypt will be a challenge, but with Charlie's help kids will learn about the currency in the day, how you can play the popular game Senet, and what the truth is about mummies
Author: Jo Foster

Bar Code for Holy Land
Peter Connolly's book brings to life the individuals and events of a crucial period inside the history of the world. Spanning a hundred years that culminate in the fall of Masada in 73 AD, Connolly reconstructs the day-to-day lives--domestic, religious, and military--of...
Author: Peter Connolly

Bar Code for How The Sphinx Got To The Museum
Within New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art, the sphinx with each of the Pharaoh Hatshepsut holds court. But how did this ancient artifact get for the museum? Acclaimed author and illustrator Jessie Hartland beautifully presents this informative and fascinating...
Author: Jessie Hartland

Bar Code for Icr Prehistoric Animals
" I Can Read About"Books explore the world around us, from the mysteries of space to the wonders of undersea life, and everything in amongst. With colorful illustrations and clear text,"I Can Read About"books tends to make reading an eye-opening adventure.
Author: Kevin J. Eastman

Bar Code for In The Persian Empire
What was it about Persia s leadership and military that compelled effective civilizations like Greece and Rome to fear and respect the might from the largest empire the ancient globe had ever seen? The Persian Empire dictated administrative, economic, and...
Author: Khadija Ejaz

Bar Code for India eyewitness Books
Discover the people and traditions of amongst a single from essentially the most dynamic countries in the planet.
Author: Manini Chatterjee

Bar Code for India eyewitness Books
Discover the individuals and traditions of amongst 1 within the most dynamic countries inside the globe. Discover the rich diversity employing the world's most populous democracy in this stunning guide. Witness the beauty in the Taj Mahal, learn how India gained its independence,...
Author: Manini Chatterjee

Bar Code for Investigates: Ancient Iraq: Archaeology
Archaeology gives us a window into the wondrous planet of ancient Iraq, in the region once generally known as Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization. Join scientists as they study the Citadel in northern Iraq; explore the ancient city of Nineveh; and see how ancient...
Author: Beth Gruber

Bar Code for Iraq The Culture
ISBN13: 9780778796886. Condition: Used - Very Good. Notes: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold!.
Author: April Fast

Bar Code for Iraq War
Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold! . ISBN13: 9781848376984. Condition: New.
Author: Simon Adams

Bar Code for Islam eyewitness Books
Discover the faith, culture, and history which has shaped the present day Islamic world. Explore the traditions, culture, and history of Islam with this stunning in-depth appear in the complex world of one certain of the world's greatest religions. Artifacts, sacred...
Author: Caroline Stone

Bar Code for Islamic World: From Its Origins
Islamic World: From Its Origins
Author: Monica Colombo

Bar Code for Israel a To Z
Describes the geography, history, culture, industry, and people of Israel
Author: Justine Fontes / Ron Fontes

Bar Code for Israel Abcs: A Book About The People
alphabetical exploration of the people, geography, animals, plants, history, and culture of Israel.
Author: Holly Schroeder

Bar Code for Israel: An Illustrated History
All of the influential people, the historic sites, as well as the notable events are right here. Daniel Schroeter's fascinating history contains the foundation with the ancient Kingdom of Israel, the improvement inside the modern day Zionist movement, the legacy of World War...
Author: Daniel J. Schroeter

Bar Code for Jerusalem
Author: Nancy Furstinger

Bar Code for Jordan enchantment Of The World
Introduces the geography, history, government, religion, and culture of Jordan.
Author: Leila Merrell Foster

Bar Code for Killer Dinosaurs
Killer Dinosaurs
Author: Liz Miles

Bar Code for Kings And Carpenters: One Hundred Bible
Ever believed of becoming a charioteer? How about a water hauler? Life was tough in Old Testament times. People had to cross deserts on foot, develop food on parched land and cope with earthquakes, drought and illness. Had you lived then, you might not have...
Author: Laurie Coulter

Bar Code for Kuwait major Muslim Nations
Discusses the geography, history, economy, government, religion, people, foreign relations, and key cities of Kuwait.
Author: Hal Marcovitz

Bar Code for Lebanon countries
Lebanon nations
Author: Kate A. Conley

Bar Code for Lebanon countries In Crisis
Examine the background and origins with the modern day conflict of Lebanon. Includes full-color photographs.
Author: James Stewart

Bar Code for Lebanon major Muslim Nations
Discusses the geography, history, economy, government, religion, people, foreign relations, and main cities of Lebanon.
Author: Jan McDaniel

Bar Code for Life In Ancient Egypt
Life In Ancient Egypt
Author: Paul C. Challen

Bar Code for Life In Ancient Mesopotamia
FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Introduces the people, land, culture, religion, and legacy of ancient Mesopotamia, which is now commonly referred to as the nation of Iraq.
Author: Shilpa Mehta-Jones

Bar Code for Living In The Time Of Jesus Of Nazareth
Living In The Time Of Jesus Of Nazareth
Author: Peter Connolly

Bar Code for Make This Egyptian Temple
Require only glue, scissors along with a craft knife
Author: Iain Ashman

Bar Code for Mesopotamia
Discusses the history, social order, customs, religion, and accomplishments in the area generally known as the"cradle of civilization. "
Author: Pamela F. Service

Bar Code for Middle East
Middle East captures the richness and diversity of Middle Eastern culture and places the region in its global context inside a way that no other reference has done for this age group. The Middle East dominates international news and politics, and its many historical...
Author: Philip Steele

Bar Code for Mosque
Following in the tradition he established with Cathedral: The Story of Its Construction and inside the several books he has published in the thirty years since, David Macaulay supplies explanations from the how and also the why in a way that is both accessible and...
Author: David Macaulay

Bar Code for Mundo Antiguo De Egipto
From the pharaoh and his courtiers, through the mystical rites in the priests, towards the globe making use of the workers inside the fields, discover the Nile valley civilizations, what was inside the Great Pyramid at Giza, how Tutankhamun's tomb was found, what went on...
Author: George Hart

Bar Code for Out Of Iraq: Refugees' Stories In Words
" Somehow she has managed to write a book that is both emotional and complex, but one that young children are draw to.  . This is an crucial book. It provides us all a greater understanding of the lives of refugees and, with that, a much better understanding of...
Author: Sybella Wilkes

Bar Code for Palace
Author: Kathryn Hinds

Bar Code for Palestinians
Discusses the geography, history, economy, government, religion, people, foreign relations, and key cities in the Palestinians.
Author: Anna Carew-Miller

Bar Code for Pocket Genius: Ancient Egypt
prefect sized books for backpacks, DK's Pocket Genius series is bright, inviting, concise, and punchy — the ideal source for reference. Featuring essential information, full-color images, glossary, and best ten lists, these books are a brand-new...
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Saladin: Noble Prince Of Islam
Forty years before the boy was born, a horde of bloodthirsty barbarians thundered out in the west and conquered his native land. They had succeeded because his people, ever at war with one another, had not fought together to defend their cities. In time...
Author: Diane Stanley

Bar Code for Saudi Royal Family
House of Saud had humble beginnings as a household of nomads living in Arabia. But when a new form of the Islamic religion, Wahhabism, influenced the household, they began a quest to unite all of Arabia below this faith. Wars were waged for over...
Author: Jennifer Bond Reed

Bar Code for See-through Mummies
mummies of ancient Egypt had been portion of a belief system that permeated the lives of the living at the identical time because the dead. That period in history is an endless supply of fascination, and this superb book delivers a new approach to understand it: Four printed acetate-overlay...
Author: John Malam

Bar Code for Seven Wonders Of The Ancient Middle East
Seven Wonders Of The Ancient Middle East
Author: Michael Woods / Mary B. Woods

Bar Code for Stories From The Crusades
Brings the Crusades to life through stories of its most well-known participants. Relates how Peter the Hermit, with each and every of the Pope's blessing, gathers guys to his side and leads the initial crusade, resulting inside the capture of Jerusalem and installation of Godfrey...
Author: Janet Harvey Kelman

Bar Code for Syria cultures Of The World
Years of coping in Syria have taught Coleman South the best practical strategy to any problem, from dealing using the bureaucracy to coping with unwanted attention. Whether visiting Syria as a tourist or for a long-term stay,"Culture Shock! : Syria"will...
Author: Coleman South

Bar Code for Tasting The Sky: A Palestinian Childhood
Winner, Arab American National Museum Book Award for Children's/YA Literature, among other awards and honors.
Author: Ibtisam Barakat

Bar Code for Tensions In The Gulf
Read about the history of the Middle East and comprehend the tensions in the Gulf.
Author: J. E. Peterson

Bar Code for Three Wishes: Palestinian And Israeli
Deborah Ellis's enormously popular Breadwinner trilogy recounted the experiences of youngsters living in Afghanistan; now Ellis turns her attention to the young people with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. After visiting the region to conduct interviews,...
Author: Deborah Ellis

Bar Code for Thura's Diary: My Life In Wartime Iraq
Nineteen-year-old Thura al-Windawi kept a diary in the course of the conflict in Iraq, saying that it was her way of"controlling the chaos."The diary, which documents the days leading up to the bombings, the war itself, and the lawless aftermath, puts a personal...
Author: Thura al-Windawi

Bar Code for Turkey creation Of The Modern Middle
Turkey creation Of The Modern Middle
Author: Heather Lehr Wagner

Bar Code for United Arab Emirates
Book Details:
Author: Antonia D. Bryan

Bar Code for War In The Middle East: A Reporter's
award-winning journalist provides a reporter's-eye view of the Middle East conflict, from Black September to the Yom Kippur War to events from the present day. In 1970, when the Jordanian civil war generally known as Black September began, U. P. I. correspondent...
Author: Wilborn Hampton

Bar Code for West Meets East
" Even though Israel and Palestine is an extremely small piece of land in the planet, it hasreceived more global attention much more than the final 60 years and perhaps any other partof the globe. This primer is produced to help clarify the issues to give the readera better...
Author: David Harb

Bar Code for Yemen cultures Of The World
Presents information about the geography, history, government, and economic climate of this country located on the southwestern tip from the Arabian Peninsula and describes several aspects with all the lifestyle of its people.
Author: Anna Hestler / Jo-Ann Spilling

Bar Code for Yisrael Sheli
younger college students introduction to Israel that goes beyond the basics. Experience the story of Israel though the eyes of her individuals. Activities and discussion questions make Israel exciting and basic to teach. Teachers Guide is filled with out-of-the-box...
Author: David Singer

Bar Code for You Wouldn't Want To Be An Assyrian Soldier
Book Details:
Author: Rupert Matthews

Bar Code for You Wouldn't Want To Be Cleopatra : An
Author: Jim Pipe

Bar Code for You Wouldn't Want To Be Cursed By King
Valley from the Kings, Egypt, 1922: Archaeologist Howard Carter and his employer Lord Carnarvon discover the tomb utilizing the boy pharaoh Tutankhamen. But when Lord Carnarvon dies suddenly, there are rumors that the tomb is cursed! Is it true, or is there a...
Author: Jacqueline Morley

Bar Code for You Wouldn't Want To Be Tutankhamen :
Book Details:
Author: David Stewart

Bar Code for Your Travel Guide To Ancient Israel
Your Travel Guide To Ancient Israel
Author: Josepha Sherman