Product Codes: Heroica Lego Sets

Bar Code for 3874 Games Heroica Ilrion
LEGO 3874 Games Heroica Ilrion

Bar Code for Female Champion Pink Dress
LEGO Brand Microfigures are about half the size of a Minifigure.

Bar Code for Games 3859 Heroica Caverns Of Nathuz
Stop the Golem Lord from generating a monster army in the Caverns of Nathuz! LEGO ® Games may possibly be the world's first collection of games that you build, play and alter. With the exclusive buildable LEGO Dice and changeable rules, LEGO Games is a great way...

Bar Code for Games City Alarm 3865
LEGO Games City Alarm 3865

Bar Code for Heroica Castle Fortaan 3860
Castle Fortaan 3860 is one in a series of exciting HEROICA LEGO adventure games. Build the castle scene with custom LEGO bricks, setting the stage for your heroes. Roll the buildable LEGO die to travel the course, battle monsters, seek treasure, and complete...

Bar Code for Heroica Caverns Of Nathuz 3859
Stop the golem lord from generating a monster army inside the Caverns of Nathuz!

Bar Code for Heroica Draida Bay 3857
Join the battle to save Draida Bay!

Bar Code for Heroica Ilrion 3874 Bonus Harry Potter
From the Manufacturer Continue your adventure inside the world of HEROICA with new heroes, potions and treasure. It's up to you to locate the Catacombs, fight your way past vicious bats, lumbering zombies, and defeat the Vampire Lord to rescue the King. An...

Bar Code for Heroica Storage Mat 853358
Includes 17 elements, play mat and collectible storage case with vinyl snap locks and handle. The ultimate LEGO HEROICA collector's item. Store, play and connect your expandable world of adventure with the HEROICA Storage Mat. Take your HEROICA world...

Bar Code for Heroica Waldurk Forest 3858
Stop the dark druid from rising to energy!