Product Codes: Lego City Sets

Bar Code for #174; City 4X4 And Diving Boat
Save the day using the LEGO ® City Coast Guard 4x4 and Diving Boat! Launch the boat, put on the diving gear and splash into the water. Use the megaphone to direct the diver as he tends to make the rescue. Then, radio back to shore with the walkie-talkie....

Bar Code for #174; City Airport 3182
LEGO City Airport (703 pcs) 3182 LEGO City Airport has 703 pieces that may possibly be assembled easily with adult supervision. This really is 1 busy airport and also the flights are often on time. It comes with an airplane, a terminal, an ATC tower plus a baggage cart....

Bar Code for #174; City Tank Truck 3180
LEGO City Tank Truck (222 pcs) 3180 Life comes to a standstill in the LEGO city without LEGO City Tank Truck. Ferry gas for the gas station getting a mini truck driver figure who fills the fuel with two extendable hoses. The tank trunk has two compartments,...

Bar Code for City 30224 Ride On Lawn Mower
Lego City 30224 Ride on Lawn Mower

Bar Code for City 4200 Mining 4X4
LEGO City 4200 Mining 4x4

Bar Code for City 4201 Loader And Tipper
Fill up the Tipper as you mine for gold. Scoop up the rocks with the Loader. Features lifting bucket and dumping function. Includes dynamite with timer, warning sign and big rock containing 2 gold crystals. Accessories contain 2 mining helmets and hatchet....

Bar Code for City 4204 The Mine
Dig for gold using a spinning drill and haul it out on a conveyor belt with all the 748 piece LEGO City The Mine. This colorful set attributes a movable crane, operating dump truck with cabin, and lock-up protected for storing gold. Kids ages six to twelve years will...

Bar Code for City 4429 Helicopter Rescue Base
It's a developing emergency! The minifigure has slipped on the banana peel and demands aid from the LEGO ® City rescue team. If the speedy ambulance can't make it in time, the rescue helicopter will make sure that he gets to the hospital for treatment...

Bar Code for City 60010 Fire Helicopter
factory is ablaze! Fly the LEGO ® City Fire Helicopter in to bring it beneath control! Hover into position and lower the brave firefighter down utilizing the LEGO Power Functions winch. Put out the flames employing the onboard water cannon before the complete...

Bar Code for City 60011 Surfer Rescue Toy Building
Help! There's a shark coming close to shore at the identical time as the surfer doesn't see it. Speed towards the rescue on the Coast Guard watercraft and throw him the life preserver. Get the surfer aboard before the shark gets too close! Includes 2 minifigures with accessories:...

Bar Code for City 60019 Stunt Plane Toy Building Set
Pull up alongside the sleek Stunt Plane in the Octan TM truck and fuel it up! Put the pilot in place, close the cockpit and get ready for fast-paced stunts inside the skies of LEGO ® City. Fire up the big engine, spin the propeller and lift off! Use...

Bar Code for City 60020 Cargo Truck Toy Building Set
Load up the Cargo Truck with goods to take towards the Cargo Airport. Open up the side panel and drive the forklift's stack of goods into position. Use the movable forks and hand truck to load up the goods. Put the driver behind the wheel and hit the road...

Bar Code for City 60021 Cargo Heliplane Toy Building
Call inside the giant Cargo Heliplane to transport the logs to LEGO ® City! First, unload the tough quad bike from the plane. Drive it into the forest exactly where the lumberjacks are operating hard to saw the logs for transport. Bundle them up and use the quad...

Bar Code for City 60022 Cargo Terminal Toy Building
Get busy loading the cargo in the LEGO City Cargo Terminal. view larger

Bar Code for City 60023 Starter Toy Building Set
Enter a globe of building fun using the LEGO ® City Starter Set featuring 3 iconic vehicles. Catch the robber using the policeman on his motorcycle! Put out the fire with all of the fireman's speedy fire truck. Then race to help the fallen skater boy in the...

Bar Code for City 60025 Grand Prix Truck Toy Building
Back up the Grand Prix Truck, open the articulated trailer and unload the super-fast Formula race vehicle. Put the driver inside the cockpit quick and speed into the big LEGO ® City road race! When a tire goes flat, help the pit crew to grab the tools from...

Bar Code for City 7280 And 7281
LEGO City 7280 and 7281 - Road Base Plates (4 Plates in total )

Bar Code for City 7499 Flexible Tracks Set
Get killer curves in your tracks! Add flexible train tracks to your locomotive system to connect and move around obstacles and awkward shapes! Extend your rails to produce your engines go locations they never have before! Includes 8 straight tracks and 16 flexible...

Bar Code for City Cargo Train 7939
Includes 4 minifigures: 1 train driver and 3 freight yard workers. Track are not compatible with LEGO 9V trains. Cargo train features an engine, tank wagon, flatbed container wagon and auto carrier wagon with 2 small cars. Set attributes Power Functions...

Bar Code for City Cement Mixer 60018
Lay the foundation for a new Lego City building with the heavy-duty Cement Mixer. Drive into position, rotate the drum, aim the chute and pour. Hurry to aid the construction worker lay the cement before it hardens with the shovel and wheelbarrow. Includes...

Bar Code for City Coast Guard Seaplane And Minifigure
Swoop into action using the LEGO City Sea Plane with turning rotors, floats, life preserver and pilot minifigure with cap!

Bar Code for City Farmer 7566
Pieces: 16

Bar Code for City Fire Atv 4427
LEGO City Fire ATV 4427

Bar Code for City Fire Chief Car 60001
Help save the day. When the cat gets stuck in the buildable tree, rush the fire chief towards the scene in his cool Fire Chief Car to lure the cat down with a tasty fish. The fire chief is constantly ready to assist the people of Lego City. Includes 2 minifigures:...

Bar Code for City Fire Emergency 60003
Build the LEGO ® City fire truck with extending ladder and hose with water element to conserve the abandoned house with a cool burnt design!

Bar Code for City Fire Plane 4209
LEGO City Fire Plane 4209

Bar Code for City Fire Station 60004
It's a peaceful day in the 3-story LEGO ® City Fire Station. The fire chief sips his coffee in his office while a firefighter repairs the truck and an additional takes a well-earned nap. Spring into action when the alarm bell rings! Slide the firefighters...

Bar Code for City Fire Truck 60002
Build the LEGO ® City Fire Truck with an extending and rotating ladder, gear hatch, storage box, firefighters, a fire hydrant and more!

Bar Code for City Fishing Boat 4642
Take a trip on the fishing boat and catch the fish! As the father sails the fishing boat out of the harbour, the son gets ready to drop his line into the water. Just watch out for the shark swimming by! Ages 5 yrs. +.

Bar Code for City Flatbed Truck 60017
car has broken down along making use of the businesswoman can't get to function. Call in the LEGO ® City mechanic in his Flatbed Truck to fix it! If he can't get it going, load it onto the truck with the cool winch function. Hop inside the cab and deliver the broken...

Bar Code for City Garage
It's always busy at the City Garage!

Bar Code for City Great Vehicles 60053 Race Car
Take on any racer with the super-speedy Race Car! Set the spoiler, blast away from the grid and race through the twistiest corners. Finish the race ahead inside the pack and lift the big winner's trophy! Collect this and all the other vehicles in the Great...

Bar Code for City Great Vehicles 60054 Light Repair
LEGO City Light Repair Truck The traffic light has stopped operating and it's chaos inside the streets of LEGO City! Call in the Light Repair Truck, lift the repairman into position utilizing the crane arm and fix the traffic light to get the traffic moving once...

Bar Code for City Great Vehicles 60055 Monster Truck
Pull the greatest stunts with all of the mighty Monster Truck! Build the truck, strap the driver in and blast more than whatever obstacles he can find with all the massive tires and powerful engine! Hear the crowd roar with delight each time he pulls a new stunt! Then...

Bar Code for City Great Vehicles 60056 Tow Truck
When the most significant trucks in LEGO City break down, it's time to call in the heavy-duty Tow Truck! Lower the crane arm, attach the operating winch and grab the stricken car to secure it. There's just time for a quick clean up with the broom, then jump...

Bar Code for City Great Vehicles 60057 Camper Van
Prepare for exciting outdoor adventures with the cool Camper Van! Find the perfect riverside spot, offload the canoe from the roof and put on the life vests. Then push off in to the water for an exciting day of exploration, before returning for a good...

Bar Code for City Great Vehicles 60058 Suv With Watercraft
Jump inside the SUV and cruise down to LEGO City beach for some watercraft action! Back the trailer up, fill up the watercraft with gas then launch them into the water and get ready to jump the waves! Collect this and all of the other vehicles in the Great Vehicles...

Bar Code for City Great Vehicles 60059 Logging Truck
When there are fallen logs to collect, it's time to bring in the Logging Truck! Help the lumberjack cut up the logs with all the chainsaw, then jump inside the control seat and maneuver the crane arm into position to load up the logs with the potent grabber....

Bar Code for City Great Vehicles 60060 Auto Transporter
Deliver the shiny new cars to the LEGO City dealerships with the amazing Auto Transporter! Detach the trailer, lower the ramps and offload the cool sports cars. Following the customer signs the clipboard, lift the ramps back into position, hook up the trailer...

Bar Code for City Great Vehicles 60061 Airport Fire
jet engine is on fire and ought to be put out, fast! Speed for the scene within the Airport Fire Truck, point the water cannon at the blaze and douse it using a blast of water. If that doesn't do it, reel out the side-mounted fire hose and help the firefighter...

Bar Code for City Harbour Marina 4644
Enjoy all of the pleasures that the exciting marina has to offer! As the lifeguard keeps watch from the lookout tower, take towards the water on the windsurfer and dinghy, ride the quad bike across the sand dunes, visit the surfer shop and relax at the paradise...

Bar Code for City Lighting Repair
Pieces: 118

Bar Code for City Limited Edition Set #7747 Wind Turbine
Transport and build a spinning wind turbine! LEGO ® City is going wind-powered! Transport the wind turbines blades and motor on the trucks trailer, then extend it to carry the entire tower to the creating web site with all the assist of an escort car to...

Bar Code for City Mini Figure Set #30017 Police Boat
LEGO City: Police Bateau Jeu De Construction 30017 (Dans Un Sac )

Bar Code for City Mining Dozer 30151
LEGO City Mining Dozer was released in 2012 exclusively at Target stores. It consists of 32 pieces featuring a bull dozer and 1 minifigure.

Bar Code for City Mining Quad
Climb into tough terrain with the rugged LEGO City Mining Quad (30152 )! Load up the mighty LEGO Mining Quad with 2 safety cones and a bundle of dynamite! Then travel in to the rocky mines on the 4 rugged rubber tires. Help the mining minifigure to set...

Bar Code for City Motorcycle 60000
Race to the scene of the LEGO City fire on the Fire Motorcycle! Race for the recycling container fire on the LEGO City Fire Motorcycle and use the fire extinguisher to put out the flames!

Bar Code for City Off Road Fire Rescue
LEGO City Off Road Fire Rescue (7942 )

Bar Code for City Passenger Train 7938
All aboard the new high-speed passenger train! The new high-speed passenger train is faster than a speeding bullet and it's on-track to super-speed passengers to their destinations! This train can handle up to eight cars at a time by way of the tight curves...

Bar Code for City Police 60041 Crook Pursuit
LEGO City Crook Pursuit The crook is escaping employing the stolen money! Help the policeman speed after him on the cool police motorbike and put him in handcuffs before he leaps the fence and tends to make off with his backpack complete of loot. Includes crook and policeman...

Bar Code for City Police 60042 High Speed Police Chase
Look out! The two crooks are racing away using the stolen money on their scrambler motorbikes. Launch a High Speed Police Chase as the crooks jump the ramp and do crazy stunts by implies of the city and make sure the policeman in his high-speed police car slaps...

Bar Code for City Police 60043 Prisoner Transporter
Oh no! The crook on his ATV has broken the prisoner out from the armored Prisoner Transporter and is helping him get away! Pull a high-speed turn, catch up with them and put the handcuffs on them before it's back behind bars where those crooks belong! Includes...

Bar Code for City Police 60044 Mobile Police Unit
Park the Mobile Police Unit, raise the satellite dish and antenna and get ready to track down the crook! Use the high-tech manage room surveillance screens to locate the crook getting away with all the stash of money and chase him down. Then lock him up...

Bar Code for City Police 60045 Police Patrol
LEGO City Police Patrol The crook is generating off with the money in his dinghy! Race to the scene with all the police van and track him down with the mobile surveillance station. Detach the trailer, turn the winch and launch the police dinghy into the water...

Bar Code for City Police 60046 Helicopter Surveillance
crooks have arrived at their hideout and are offloading their stash of stolen goods. Help the policeman on a stakeout monitor their every move from the barrel utilizing his camera and special radar. Then use the walkie talkie to call inside the police helicopter...

Bar Code for City Police 60047 Police Station
Sound the Police Station alarm! The tow truck has yanked the jail window clean off with all of the chain and is helping the prisoner escape! Another prisoner is making off by way of the roof hatch, while another has dug a secret escape route by way of the toilets! ...

Bar Code for City Police Atv 60006
Stop the diamond thief with the LEGO City Police ATV! Build the LEGO City police ATV with an Elite Police officer, burglar, handcuffs, walkie-talkie, wheelbarrow, diamonds at the same time as a crowbar!

Bar Code for City Police Chase 3648
Catch the speeding sports auto! The driver inside the red sports car is speeding along using the police officer standing by the streetlight catches him employing the speed camera. Send the police auto along utilizing the police motorcycle in hot pursuit and don't let the speeder get...

Bar Code for City Police Dog Unit 60048
Make a police-dog arrest just before the crooks escape with the precious goods! Catch the crooks red-handed with the Police Dog Unit as they offload the stolen goods into their hideout. Avoid becoming spotted by the tall periscope, release the police dogs from...

Bar Code for City Police Forest Station 4440
Forest police station measures more than 12"(33cm) long, 9"(23cm) high and 5"(13cm) wide. Features forest police station, 4x4, helicopter and robber ATV. Moveable rocks, tree, beehive, 2 gold bars, 2 money bills, suitcase, crowbar, handcuffs, binoculars,...

Bar Code for City Police Heavy-lift Helicopter 4439
LEGO City Police Heavy-Lift Helicopter 4439

Bar Code for City Police Helicopter 30222
New!! Lego City Police Helicopter 30222

Bar Code for City Police Helicopter 7741
LEGO City Police Helicopter 7741

Bar Code for City Police Helicopter Mini Set 30014
Spin your strategy to victory against the Spinjitzu masters! Snappa is component with the Fangpyre snake tribe and genuinely sinks his fangs into battle! Will he finally make those ninjas feel his bite? You decide! Customise your spinner with the red snake crown! Then,...

Bar Code for City Police High Speed Chase 60007
Start a High Speed Chase by indicates of the streets of Lego City when the burglar escapes in his super fast sports auto. He won't get far with the stolen cash when Chase Mc Cain is on duty. Chase him with the Elite Police vehicle and Elite Police motorcycle....

Bar Code for City Police Motorcycle 7235
LEGO City 7235 Police Motorcycle

Bar Code for City Police Museum Break-in 60008
In a daring midnight raid, the burglars are breaking into the Lego City museum through the rooftop window. Before they can escape with the valuable treasures, they trip the laser beam. Don't let them use the rope to make a rooftop escape. Keep a close...

Bar Code for City Police Patrol Car 4436
LEGO City Police Patrol Car 4436

Bar Code for City Police Pursuit 4437
LEGO City Police Pursuit 4437

Bar Code for City Recycling Truck 4206
Keep the streets clean making use of the Recycling Truck!

Bar Code for City Satellite Launch Pad 3366
165 Total Pieces. Includes technician minifigure. Control the launch from the rocket using the remote manage centre. Truck and satellite included. Launch the satellite into orbit!.

Bar Code for City Seaplane
Pieces: 102

Bar Code for City Set #5620 Mini Figure Street Cleaner
Keep the streets of LEGO® City clean!

Bar Code for City Set #60005 Fire Boat
Patrol the LEGO ® City harbor in the sleek Fire Boat! When the firefighters spot a race boat on fire, rescue the drivers with the life buoy and put out the blaze with all the powerful water cannon! Be ready for all sorts of daring water rescues with...

Bar Code for City Set #60009 Helicopter Arrest
LEGO City Helicopter Arrest (60009 )

Bar Code for City Set #60015 Coast Guard Plane
Launch a search and rescue mission with all the Coast Guard Plane featuring floats, twin propellers in addition to a fishing boat with accessories!

Bar Code for City Set #60026 Town Square
Build an exciting day at the LEGO City Town Square! The LEGO City Town Square is always bustling with activity! Lift the new statue into position with all the mobile crane. Clean the streets with the street sweeper before the shoppers arrive on the red bus....

Bar Code for City Small Car
Pieces: 43

Bar Code for City Space Shuttle 3367
Features the Hubble Space Telescope. 15. 04 in L x 10. 31 in W x 2. 22 in H. 231 Pieces. Includes astronaut minifigure in spacesuit. Open cargo bay doors!.

Bar Code for City Special Edition Set #3661 Bank Money
Stop the robber before he escapes by way of the window! /b The silent alarm has been triggered! The bank assistant sees a robber stealing money from the bank. Rush to the scene and safeguard the money transport truck! Try to quit the robber before he can...

Bar Code for City Speed Boat 4641
Master the waves with the ultra fast Speed Boat! Get ready for the ride of your life when the Speed Boat commands the water! Strap on the sailor's life jacket and head out for a day of fast-paced fun. Whether you're entering the Speed Boat competition...

Bar Code for City Straight And Crossroads
Expand your LEGO town with this set of straight and crossroad plates.

Bar Code for City Switch Tracks
Change train path! Add switching tracks to your train track layout and change direction with the flip of a lever! Set includes 4 curved rails, 1 left side switching track and 1 right side switching track. Tracks do not conduct electrical energy and therefore...

Bar Code for City T-junction And Curves
Add a T-junction and crossroads to your LEGO town with this set of building plates.

Bar Code for City Tanker Truck 60016
Keep LEGO ® City moving with the Tanker Truck! Deliver another load of gasoline to the tank station! Back the truck into position, connect the hose and fill up the pump! Then climb onto the roof and close the fuel valve. With so many cars, trucks...

Bar Code for City Town Ambulance 4431
LEGO City Town Ambulance 4431

Bar Code for City Town Car And Caravan 4435
LEGO City Town Car and Caravan 4435

Bar Code for City Town Dirt Bike Transporter 4433
LEGO City Town Dirt Bike Transporter 4433

Bar Code for City Town Dump Truck 4434
LEGO City Town Tipper Truck 4434

Bar Code for City Town Garbage Truck 4432
LEGO City Town Garbage Truck 4432

Bar Code for City Train Station 7937
Contains 4 straight tracks. 2 platforms, 1 on each side inside the tracks are connected by pedestrian bridge over tracks. Includes 4 minifigures: 1 train driver, 1 taxi driver, and 2 travellers. LEGO trains can pass underneath pedestrian bridge. Train station...

Bar Code for City: Excavator Transport 4203
When the heavy carry out really starts, it's time for the mighty Excavator. Unload it from the Transport Truck, fasten the drill and start breaking by means of the rock! Then switch the drill attachment for the bucket to scoop up even the greatest rocks! Includes...

Bar Code for Coast Guard Helicopter
Take flight in the Coast Guard Helicopter and search the sea for the stranded sailor! Find his broken down catamaran sailboat with a falling sail function prior to the great white shark does! Lower the diver down with all of the functioning winch and help the...

Bar Code for Coast Guard Patrol
Head out to the lighthouse quick with all the LEGO ® City Coast Guard Patrol! There's a couple stranded in a sinking dinghy and 3 sharks are swimming nearby! Launch the submarine and helicopter from the Coast Guard Patrol boat to obtain there fast. Rescue...

Bar Code for Creator Treehouse 31010 Toy Interlocking
Create your incredibly own treetop hideaway utilizing the 3-in-1 LEGO ® Creator Treehouse! Open the secret trapdoor and climb up the fold-down ladder. Use the gray bucket to lift supplies up with the winch. Fill the red bucket with water and tow it up to maintain...

Bar Code for Games City Alarm 3865
LEGO Games City Alarm 3865

Bar Code for Lego City Jumbo Birthday Banner Customizable
From the LEGO? City Party Supply Collection. LEGO? City Customizable Letter Banner. Banner functions the words"Happy Birthday"spelled out. Includes 24 attachable pieces and double sided tape to add the birthday age to the banner. Measures 7"x 7. 5 feet...

Bar Code for Monster Truck Transporter
Get the giant monster truck for the LEGO City race with the Monster Truck Transporter. Offload it from the articulated low-loader trailer, then check the engine and enormous tires just before the show. Jump the ramp to hear the crowd cheer with excitement. Includes...

Bar Code for Police Minifigure Collection 7279
LEGO Police Minifigure Collection 7279

Bar Code for Police Station 7498
LEGO Police Station 7498