Product Codes: Lego Car Sets

Bar Code for 21103 The De Lorean Time Machine Building
Customize the automobile to match the film versions; step on the gas and prepare to travel Back to the Future. Includes building directions and exclusive Back to the Future information booklet; car measures more than 2"(6cm) high, 5"(15cm) extended and 3"(8cm )...

Bar Code for 30221 City Fire Car
30221 City Fire Car

Bar Code for : Minifigures Series 3 Race Car Driver
Blind bag opened to confirm contents. These figures come in a zip-lock bag. They are new, just not in original packaging. Each item consists of the exact content of the original packaging.

Bar Code for Architecture 21013 Big Ben
Booklet included with details on design and history (English language only, other languages obtainable for download ). Collect the entire landmark series. Measures 7. 7"(19. 4cm) tall, 3. 8"(9. 6cm) wide and 3. 1"(8cm) deep. Interpretation of real-world...

Bar Code for Bricks And More Brick Box 4626
LEGO Bricks and More Brick Box 4626

Bar Code for Bricks And More Fun With Vehicles 4635
Build the coolest creations on wheels with this ultimate vehicle set! Get your motor operating with all the wide world of LEGO automobile building! Includes 2 minifigures, wheels, workshop tools and lots of color-coded basic components for the ultimate LEGO vehicle...

Bar Code for Bricks And More Monster Trucks 10655
Buckle up for a Monster Truck showdown when the red Texas Monster Truck is pitted against the blue Police Monster Truck inside the planet championship! Race up the flaming ramp and jump over the yellow car to win the trophy! If the trucks break down, the mechanic...

Bar Code for Cars 2 Radiator Springs Classic Mater
Hit the road to take on something with Classic Mater! Help out in the pits! Tow your buddies out of trouble! Solve a top-secret spy mystery! Mater is usually ready for action. Take him about town and to take on any challenge.

Bar Code for Cars 30121 Grem
LEGO Cars 2: Gremlin in Welding Gear Set 30121 (Bagged )

Bar Code for Cars Agent Mater 5817
Includes DUPLO bricks (2 with targets ). Practice firing the big cannon. 11 Total Pieces. Features Mater with all-new cannon with firing mechanism and two cannon balls.

Bar Code for Cars Agent Mater's Escape 9483
LEGO Cars Agent Mater's Escape 9483

Bar Code for Cars Big Bentley 5828
See the sights with Lightning Mc Queen, Mater and Finn Mc Missile. Bomb and signpost bricks also included. Includes DUPLO construct Big Bentley scenery with winch function and drive-thru ramp. Features Lightning Mc Queen, Mater and exclusive Finn Mc Missile....

Bar Code for Cars Big Bentley Bust Out 8639
Prepare to rev your engines making use of the LEGO Cars Big Bentley Bust Out Set. Straight out of Disney Pixar's Cars 2, this 743-piece collection recreates amongst the most exciting scenes from the movie with its seven classic car characters and impressive Big...

Bar Code for Cars Escape At Sea 8426
LEGO Cars Escape At Sea

Bar Code for Cars Francesco Bernoulli 9478
LEGO Cars Francesco Bernoulli 9478

Bar Code for Cars Luigi's Italian Place 5818
Luigi and Guido are traveling to Italy for a relaxing vacation at Uncle Topolino's village in this LEGO?? Luigi's Italian Place Playset. They desire a bit of a break from the race track, but can't support practicing their pit stop maneuvers! Set contains...

Bar Code for Cars Mater's Spy Zone 8424
Get Agent Mater and Holly Shiftwell equipped before they go on a super secret spy mission with LEGO Cars Mater's Spy Zone. Set them up with brand new spy gear to full their mission. Agent Mater, with his machine guns and rocket booster, is ready for...

Bar Code for Cars Oil Rig Escape 9486
LEGO Cars Oil Rig Escape 9486

Bar Code for Cars Red's Water Rescue 9484
LEGO Cars Red's Water Rescue 9484

Bar Code for Cars The Pit Stop 5829
Race time with Lightning Mc Queen and Francesco! . Features Lightning Mc Queen, Guido, Francesco race car and exclusive Fillmore. Includes DUPLO create pit quit scenery with accessories and closing garage doors. 52 Total Pieces.

Bar Code for Cars Tokyo Pit Stop 8206
Prepare your pit crew for the World Grand Prix! Time is running out to prepare for the worlds biggest race the World Grand Prix in Tokyo! Help Luigi and Guido to tuneup their skills with lots of practice. Make sure that on race day, they will leave the...

Bar Code for Cars Ultimate Build Lightning Mc Queen
LEGO Cars Ultimate Build Lightning Mc Queen has stunning World Grand Prix looks and is all set to win the race. Drive him fast and take him to victory in a flashy style. The golden racing rims on the wheels add style to his looks. Guido, with all the Lightning...

Bar Code for CARS2 9481: Jeff Gorvette
LEGO Cars2 9481: Jeff Gorvette

Bar Code for Chima Lennox Lion Attack 70002
Crug is after the CHI powering the mighty Lion Attack vehicle. Catch him with the all-wheel drive then help brave Lennox to deploy the big claw attack. Load up the rapid-fire disc shooter and send that CHI-swiping scavenger back to the swamp where he...

Bar Code for Chima Wakz Pack Tracker 70004
Team up to hunt down Equila and take the CHI in the awesome all-terrain Pack Tracker! Lead the pack and race over even the roughest terrain with amazing wolf detailing, enormous clawed wheels, biting jaws as nicely as a wolf shooter! Use the working suspension and...

Bar Code for City 60025 Grand Prix Truck Toy Building
NOTE - This product ships only to the USA - Orders placed with shipping addresses outside the USA will be cancelled.

Bar Code for City Fire Chief Car 60001
Help save the day. When the cat gets stuck in the buildable tree, rush the fire chief to the scene in his cool Fire Chief Car to lure the cat down using a tasty fish. The fire chief is often ready to assist the individuals of Lego City. Includes 2 minifigures:...

Bar Code for City Flatbed Truck 60017
car has broken down and the businesswoman can't get to work. Call in the LEGO ® City mechanic in his Flatbed Truck to fix it! If he can't get it going, load it onto the truck utilizing the cool winch function. Hop inside the cab and deliver the broken...

Bar Code for City Police Car
Stop trouble before it starts! The police car is on patrol, keeping the city streets safe! The police officer has his radar gun to watch for speeders. When he spots one, he takes off in his super-fast police car and tracks the driver down! Includes police...

Bar Code for City Police Forest Station 4440
Moveable rocks, tree, beehive, 2 gold bars, 2 money bills, suitcase, crowbar, handcuffs, binoculars, flashlight, 2 walkie-talkies and pickaxe also included. Forest police station measures more than 12"(33cm) long, 9"(23cm) high and 5"(13cm) wide. Forest...

Bar Code for City Police Heavy-lift Helicopter 4439
LEGO City Police Heavy-Lift Helicopter 4439

Bar Code for City Police Helicopter 7741
LEGO City Police Helicopter 7741

Bar Code for City Police High Speed Chase 60007
Start a High Speed Chase through the streets of Lego City when the burglar escapes in his super fast sports auto. He won't get far with the stolen cash when Chase Mc Cain is on duty. Chase him with all the Elite Police car and Elite Police motorcycle....

Bar Code for City Police Patrol Car 4436
LEGO City Police Patrol Car 4436

Bar Code for City Police Pursuit 4437
LEGO City Police Pursuit 4437

Bar Code for City Small Car
Pieces: 43

Bar Code for City Sports Car
Pieces: 68

Bar Code for City Town Car And Caravan 4435
LEGO City Town Car and Caravan 4435

Bar Code for City Town Dirt Bike Transporter 4433
LEGO City Town Dirt Bike Transporter 4433

Bar Code for Creator Blue Roadster 6913
LEGO Creator Blue Roadster 6913

Bar Code for Creator Cool Cars 4939
Cruise the roads inside a flashy yellow sports automobile with fully functional gull-wing doors, or take your creation apart and rebuild it into a sleek racecar or perhaps a mighty truck. With LEGO Creator, the possibilities are endless. Includes building instructions for...

Bar Code for Creator Cool Cruiser 5767
LEGO Creator Cool Cruiser 5767

Bar Code for Creator Highway Speedster 31006
Ignite the Highway Speedster's supercharged engine and head for the open highway! This awesome white supercar features operating scissor doors, opening engine bay, detailed engine compartment, sunroof, sleek alloy wheels with rims and cool tan interior....

Bar Code for Creator Mini Speeder 31000
Shift into high gear and cruise inside the Mini Speeder! Cause a scene on any street utilizing the bright red and blue design, contrasted with big white wheels and genuine rubber tires! Rebuild it into a rugged offroader or powerful truck, both with headlights and...

Bar Code for Creator Mini Sports Car 6910
Lego Creator Mini Sports Car 6910

Bar Code for Creator Propeller Adventures 7292
Twin propeller plane functions rotating propellers, moveable landing gear and two detailed engines. Jet measures over 8"(20cm) long. 3 models in 1: Rebuilds into a sleek jet or a hovercraft with two turning fans. Twin propeller plane measures over 8 "...

Bar Code for Creator Red Car
Pieces: 278

Bar Code for Creator Super Racer 31002
Ready! Set! Go! Speed about the circuit in this fast Super Racer! Win every single race with big slick wheels, spoilers and a cool aerodynamic shape. Turn the steering wheel and take on tough terrain with real rubber tires! Rebuild this yellow race car into...

Bar Code for Creator Thunder Wings 31008
Scream through the skies with all the Thunder Wings jet! Fire up the powerful afterburners as the swept-back wings and large air intakes send this super jet soaring into the clouds! Then rebuild it into a robust robot with poseable limbs or a futuristic concept...

Bar Code for Disney Cars Exclusive Limited Edition
b Take to the track in Tokyo and race your rivals! /b Its the first race inside the World Grand Prix in Tokyo, Japan, and Lightning Mc Queen is speeding towards the finish line. Francesco and Shu Todoroki are pulling up to both sides, but his crew is cheering...

Bar Code for Disney Cars Exclusive Limited Edition
b Race your rivals in the renowned World Grand Prix! /b Its the World Grand Prix in Porta Corsa, Italy. Lightning Mc Queen is revving up against his great Italian rival Francesco. Help him speed for the finish and turn into the world champion! * Includes Lightning...

Bar Code for Disney Cars Exclusive Limited Edition
b Bust the bad guys greater than before utilizing the Ultimate Build Mater! /b They can drive, but the bad guys cant hide from the Ultimate Build Mater tow truck! This superspy machine is armed with a huge rocket, holographic screen and superpowerful tow hook....

Bar Code for Disney Cars Exclusive Limited Edition
b Bust the bad guys better than before with the Ultimate Build Francesco! /b Francesco Bernoulli and his pit crew are getting psyched for the Tokyo World Grand Prix! Help them to prepare for this huge race on the planet stage! When the lights go green...

Bar Code for Disney/pixar Cars 2 Spy Jet Escape 8638
Get in to the fast-paced LEGO ® constructing action with a new scene from the Disney/Pixar Cars TM films. Here comes trouble! Agent Mater, Finn Mc Missile and Holley Shiftwell are speeding down the runway trying to make a fast getaway into Siddeley the...

Bar Code for Duplo 6132 Cars Red
LEGO DUPLO 6132 Cars Red

Bar Code for Duplo 6133 Cars Race Day
LEGO DUPLO 6133 Cars Race Day

Bar Code for Duplo 6134 Cars Siddeley Saves The Day
LEGO DUPLO 6134 Cars Siddeley Saves The Day

Bar Code for Duplo 6171 My First Gas Station
LEGO DUPLO 6171 My First Gas Station

Bar Code for Duplo Building SET-71 Pieces
perfect start to LEGO DUPLO building and creativity! This sturdy and reusable storage container with transparent lid contains an inspirational developing booklet, lots of child-safe basic LEGO DUPLO bricks, and plenty of distinct elements for creating...

Bar Code for Duplo Cars Lightning Mc Queen 5813
Lightning's cruisin' on the desert track! Lightning Mc Queen's getting serious about winning the Piston Cup championship! He's got his pedal towards the metal, practicing drifting out on the dry desert track just outside Radiator Springs.

Bar Code for Duplo Creative Cars 10552
Zoom around town with the LEGO ® DUPLO ® Creative Cars set featuring more than 40 colorful, vehicle-themed DUPLO bricks to construct and rebuild the coolest cars! With the special combine and generate concept, your child can generate autos of all shapes...

Bar Code for Duplo My First Fire Station 6138
Fire Station is ready for action! Down at the LEGO DUPLO Fire Station, the brave firefighters are getting ready to save the day! The mini fire truck is ready to roll when the fire bell rings! Use the ladder, fire axe and fire hose to help put out...

Bar Code for Duplo My First Supermarket 6137
shopping cart complete of building fun! There's much to do at the Supermarket! With so several items to purchase including bananas, bread, cake, soap, coffee and fruit, the cashier is going to be glad to ring up all of your purchases at the busy register. LEGO DUPLO bricks,...

Bar Code for Duplo My First Zoo 6136
LEGO DUPLO My First Zoo 6136

Bar Code for Duplo Nurse's Car 5793
Includes LEGO Duplo nurse figure with medical bag Features red mini car, flowers and Duplo brick with medical decoration Also consists of assorted Duplo bricks in a number of colors Duplo goods are fun and safe for younger hands. Measures more than 3"(7cm )...

Bar Code for Duplo ville Car Wash 5696
LEGO Duplo automobile and figure included. Spinning brushes, polishing cloth and other accessories. Measures 12"(30cm) wide and 10"(25cm) long. Contains 14 pieces.

Bar Code for Friends 3184 Adventure Camper
With the LEGO Friends Adventure Camper, kids can build a camper, trailer, picnic table, and campfire and make up stories with the two included LEGO Friends mini-dolls. Olivia and Nicole can ride the two included bikes or surf on the surfboard before coming...

Bar Code for Friends Emma's Sports Car
LEGO Friends Emma's Sports Car

Bar Code for Friends Olivia's House 3315
Host a party or just chill out at Olivia's House, a buildable LEGO house complete with furnishings and LEGO buddies. This colorful home will engage children 6 to 12 years of age with its realistic appliances, furniture, and accessories. Spend time with...

Bar Code for Friends Polybag 30106 Emma With Ice Cream
Lego polybag.

Bar Code for Friends Set #30103 Emmas Car
Emma minifigure with white vehicle. Building Toy

Bar Code for Friends Stephanie's Cool Convertible
Cruise in style with Stephanie's Cool Convertible! Hop into the coolest ride in Heartlake City to pick up the LEGO Friends for a road trip total of fun and adventure! Stephanie loves cruising in her Cool Convertible. Help her wash it to a sparkle and load...

Bar Code for Girl's Dream Snack Car 102 Piece Set
Girl's Dream Snack Car. Sluban. Lego Compatible. 102 Piece Set.

Bar Code for K'nex #7 Go Daddy Car Building Set
Put a smile on your small NASCAR ® fan's face with this K'NEX ® Danica Patrick automobile creating set. Just use the bricks, rods, and connectors to assemble it, and pop in the included K'NEXman ® driver when it's completed. It also comes with step-by-step...

Bar Code for Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape 6867
LEGO Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape 6867

Bar Code for Marvel Super Heroes Green S. H. I. E.
Fight crime with Marvel Super Heroes Green Car. S. H. I. E. L. D. flying car attributes folding wheels and hidden flick missile.

Bar Code for Mobile Police Unit 7288
LEGO Mobile Police Unit 7288

Bar Code for Monster Fighters 9464 The Vampyre Hearse
LEGO Monster Fighters 9464 The Vampyre Hearse

Bar Code for Monster Fighters: Zombie Chauffer Coffin
Creep by signifies of the streets inside the LEGO Monster Fighters Coffin Car! It's cool to turn out to be a ghoul within the LEGO Monster Fighters Coffin Car, perfect for running eerie errands for his master Lord Vampyre! Get out with the graveyard and in to the driver's seat with...

Bar Code for Nascar 24 Pepsi Car Building Set
36001 Features: -Build Jeff Gordon's 24 Du Pont/Pepsi vehicle. -Also a Jeff Gordon K'Nexman so you are ready to race. -Once built, vehicle measures 7' in length, representing 1:29 scale. -Recommended for ages 5+. Includes: -Includes 106 K'Nex bricks, rods and...

Bar Code for Ninjago 30087 Cole Zx's Car
LEGO Ninjago 30087 Cole ZX's Car

Bar Code for Ninjago Cole Earth Driller 70502
Lord Garmadon's swordsman has stolen the elemental earth blade from Cole. If he escapes with it, the ninjas won't be able to unite the 4 elemental blades and awaken the mythical golden mech. Race into action on the super-tough Earth Driller and take it...

Bar Code for Ninjago Mini Figure Set #30087 Cole Zxs
LEGO Ninjago Mini Figure Set #30087 Cole ZXs Car Bagged

Bar Code for Police Minifigure Collection 7279
LEGO Police Minifigure Collection 7279

Bar Code for Police Prisoner Transport 7286
LEGO Police Prisoner Transport 7286

Bar Code for Police Station 7498
LEGO Police Station 7498

Bar Code for Race Car
Enjoy a fun day driving about the city, avoid traffic jams and squeeze into tiny parking spaces with this little city race automobile. Includes one minifigure and race car with opening doors.

Bar Code for Racers Mini Set #7802 Le Mans Racer
LEGO Racers Mini Set #7802 Le Mans Racer [Bagged]

Bar Code for Radiator Springs Lightning Mc Queen 8200
Return to Radiator Springs and show off for the fans! Lightning Mc Queen is back within the Radiator Springs circuit where he won the famous Piston Cup trophy. The crowds are gathered to cheer their champion. Show them just how fast Lightning Mc Queen can...

Bar Code for Space Moon Buggy 3365
Rock and rove on the moon! Explore the lunar landscape with this super 6-wheeler that was designed for the moon! Activate the digging tool to collect rock samples. Report your findings back to the space station on Earth with the satellite dish!

Bar Code for Star Wars 9678 Twin-pod Cloud Car
LEGO Star Wars 9678 Twin-Pod Cloud Car and Bespin

Bar Code for Super Heroes Batmobile And The Two-face
LEGO Super Heroes Batmobile and The Two-Face Chase 6864

Bar Code for Super Heroes Spider-cycle Chase 76004
Venom TM has taken manage of Nick Fury's S. H. I. E. L. D. flying car and is making a super-fast getaway. Send Spider-Man TM for the rescue in his cool Spider-Cycle! Help Spider-Man TM catch this venomous villain and return the car towards the very good guys! Watch...

Bar Code for Superheroes 76002 Superman Metropolis
General Zod is wreaking havoc in a downtown Metropolis Showdown against Superman. Stop General Zod from trapping Superman under the collapsing antenna tower by blocking it with the cool yellow automobile. Battle and reenact this epic final scene as you take...

Bar Code for Technic Off-road Racer 42010
Features cool, colorful styling and pull-back motor. Includes the first pull-back motor ever featured inside a LEGO Technic constructing set. Pull back, release and race. • Combine with the 42011 Race Car for a super-fast Dragster with pull-back motor,...

Bar Code for Technic Race Car 42011
This realistic 2-in-1 street racer features easy-to-follow instructions, colorful styling and a specific motor just pull back, release and watch it fly! Have hours of fun racing towards the finish line.

Bar Code for Tiny Turbo 8302 Rod Rider
Lego: Tiny Turbos > Rod rider Vehicle Set

Bar Code for Transformers Mirage Construction Set
With 119 bricks and other construction pieces, you can build the heroic Mirage character in either robot or car mode with just one set! In robot mode, your Mirage figure is a fearsome warrior. Build and rebuild him so he can best serve the Autobot...

Bar Code for Ultimate Building Set
When your toddler has graduated from the Duplo stage and is ready to take the next step in his, or her, Lego journey, the Lego Ultimate Building Set may possibly be the perfect graduation gift. With 405 pieces stored inside a durable plastic box using a see-through top,...

Bar Code for Wheels Set 779387
LEGO Education 779387 286-piece wheels set consists of a steering wheel plus a selection of windscreens, roof tiles, tires, plates, axles, and wheel hubs to construct moveable autos with common LEGO bricks. The set components create the roof, wheel assembly,...