Product Codes: Judaism Books for Kids

Bar Code for 72 Names Of God For Kids: A Treasury
follow-up to the best-selling The 72 Names of God, this beautifully illustrated book draws from the teachings of Kabbalah to provide youngsters a productive way to cope with the challenges they face in everyday life. Simple meditations and lessons teach...
Author: Yehuda Berg

Bar Code for Abraham Joshua Heschel: Man Of Spirit
Perhaps best known by most Americans for his headline-making participation inside the 1965 Selma, Alabama demonstration alongside the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. , Heschel was also an extraordinary Jewish educator at the precise same time since the author of practically two dozen books....
Author: Or N. Rose

Bar Code for Always An Olivia: A Remarkable Family
elderly black grandmother passes on the story inside the family's Jewish origins to her young granddaughter, Carol Olivia. As family members flee the Spanish Inquisition, are kidnapped by pirates and eventually sail to America, one distinct daughter in each generation...
Author: Carolivia Herron

Bar Code for Artscroll Children's Haggadah
Book Details:
Author: Shmuel Blitz

Bar Code for Because Nothing Looks Like God
What is God like? Mixing sparks of curiosity and spiritual imagination, this wondrous book lights children's creativity and shows how God is with us everyday, in each and every way.
Author: Lawrence Kushner / Karen Kushner

Bar Code for Better-than-best Purim
Purim is coming! It's time for the tiny old lady to bake better-than-best hamantashen. But when she asks her pets to help, they're all too busy. What could they be up to? Soon the little old lady will find out! Author-illustrator Naomi Howland's bright...
Author: Naomi Howland

Bar Code for Book Of Jewish Belief
Book of Jewish Belief
Author: Louis Jacobs

Bar Code for Book Of Miracles: A Young Person's
special 10th Anniversary Edition of a spiritual guide-for young children. From one of today's most innovative and creative theologians, a book to introduce children ages 9-12 to a way of spiritual thinking to last a lifetime. Kushner, whose award-winning...
Author: Lawrence Kushner

Bar Code for Boy On The Wooden Box: How The Impossible
Even in the darkest of times— especially inside the darkest of times— there is area for strength and bravery. A remarkable memoir from Leon Leyson, a single of several youngest children to survive the Holocaust on Oskar Schindler's list.
Author: Leon Leyson

Bar Code for Bridge To Our Tradition: Pirkei Avot
Finally, a Pirkei Avot textbook for grades 6-8. Organized thematically, this text by noted educator and author Nachama Skolnik Moskowitz provides students utilizing the opportunity to study a choice of crucial rabbinic texts. The Hebrew of all texts is...
Author: Nachama Skolnik Moskowitz

Bar Code for Built By Angels: The Story Of The Old-new
As legend tells it, the Old-New Synagogue in Prague was built by angels, and later was property to a golem who remains locked away in the creating to this day. In lyrical prose, Mark Podwal shares the story of the world's oldest active synagogue, which was...
Author: Mark Podwal MD

Bar Code for But God Remembered: Stories Of Women
This lively collection of 4 stories gives voices and names to girls from biblical and ancient occasions whom we seldom remember. But God Remembered imagines and remembers, and weaves the stories of:
Author: Sandy Eisenberg Sasso

Bar Code for Celebrate: A Book Of Jewish Holidays
From Hanukkah and Passover towards the lesser-known Tu Bishvat, here is a warm andinformative overview of all of the Jewish holidays with stories that clarify whythey are celebrated and how customs evolved. Full color.
Author: Judith Gross

Bar Code for Champion Of Children: The Story
In 1912, a well-known physician and writer named Janusz Korczak designed an extraordinary orphanage for Jewish children in Warsaw, Poland. Believing that children were capable of governing themselves, he encouraged the orphans to elect a parliament, run...
Author: Tomek Bogacki

Bar Code for Cheesecake For Shavuot
To celebrate Shavuot — a Spring harvest festival — children in Israel make cheesecake utilizing flour they have ground from wheat they have grown in their school garden, fresh goat cheese from the friendly petting zoo goats, and fresh strawberries...
Author: Allison Ofanansky

Bar Code for Child's Garden Of Torah: A Read-aloud
Twenty-five carefully translated Torah stories for young young children and their parents.
Author: Joel Lurie Grishaver

Bar Code for Children We Remember
" Before the Nazis. Some children lived in towns like this, went to schools like this. "
Author: Chana Byers Abells

Bar Code for Children's Illustrated Jewish Bible
In this totally revised edition of DK's classic Children's Illustrated Jewish Bible, more than 70 of the greatest stories from the Bible are retold for young readers. All-new text by Jewish authors Laaren Brown and Lenny Hort tells the stories from the Creation,...
Author: Laaren Brown / Lenny Hort

Bar Code for Christmas Menorahs: How A Town Fought
After someone throws a rock by means of Isaac Schnitzer's window, the guys and ladies of Billings, Montana, join together to fight a series of hate crimes.
Author: Janice Cohn

Bar Code for Classic Bible Stories For Jewish Children
From the author and illustrator of The Jewish Childs First Book of Why comes this volume that introduces young readers to the biblical heroes who are an important component from the Jewish heritage. Children ages five and up will derive a lot of hours of pleasure...
Author: Alfred J. Kolatch / Harry Araten

Bar Code for Coat Of Many Colors
long time ago in Israel, ten brothers grew jealous of their fathers favorite son, Joseph, and of his wonderful coat of a lot of colors. They decided to teach Joseph a lesson he wouldnt forget. This exciting retelling, with images by one of the twentieth...
Author: Jenny Koralek

Bar Code for Dance, Sing, Remember: A Celebration
Hag Sameach! Happy Holidays!
Author: Leslie Kimmelman

Bar Code for Daughters Of Eve: Strong Women
Daughters Of Eve: Strong Women
Author: Hammer Lillian Ross / Kyra Teis (Illustrator)

Bar Code for Day Of Pleasure: Stories Of A Boy Growing
ALA Notable Book.
Author: Isaac Bashevis Singer

Bar Code for Dayenu A Favorite Passover Song
This joyous board book is perfect for any Passover celebration! Day-Day-enu, Day-Day-enu, Day-Day-enu, Dayenu Dayenu! Combining the festive cheer of the beloved Passover song with a melodic recounting in the Jews' exodus from Egypt to Israel, this board...
Author: Traditional

Bar Code for Dk Eyewitness Books: Judaism
Discover the history, faith, and culture that have shaped the present day Jewish planet. With more than 50 million copies sold in 88 nations and in 36 languages, Eyewitness Books are truly the ultimate visual information encyclopedias for the 21st Century. Carrying...
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Emma's Poem: The Voice Of The Statue
Give me your tired,   your poor Your huddled masses yearning to breathe totally free.
Author: Linda Glaser

Bar Code for Escape: Children Of The Holocaust
collection of gripping true-life accounts of children struggling through and surviving the Holocaust. By her ninth birthday, Halina Litman understood what her Jewish faith meant to the German occupiers of her town: death. Would she be able to escape? ...
Author: Allan Zullo

Bar Code for Esther's Story
When the prime minister of Persia decides to destroy all the Jews all through the kingdom, their fate seems to be sealed. Only 1 individual stands in his way -- a young Jewish girl named Esther. Internationally known folklorist Diane Wolkstein brings to...
Author: Diane Wolkstein

Bar Code for Eve And Her Sisters: Women Of The Old
Here are 14 women inside the Bible--wives, mothers, and daughters, but in addition prophets and judges, warriors and queens--whose names and deeds echo by means of history. Sarah, Rachel, Deborah, Ruth, Esther, and other people are brought vividly to life in this collection...
Author: Yona McDonough

Bar Code for Family Haggadah
Book Details:
Author: Shoshana Silberman

Bar Code for Family Haggadah Ii
Clear, easy-to-follow text like the original Family Haggadah with all new commentary and discussion concerns geared to pre-teens through adult. Includes full birkat hamazon (blessing following meals. )
Author: Shoshana Silberman

Bar Code for Family Treasury Of Jewish Holidays
Jewish tradition holds that parents bear the responsibility of teaching children the Torah, the ethical way to live, also simply because the history of Judaism. But how can parents teach these crucial lessons in ways which can be entertaining, meaningful, and...
Author: Malka Drucker

Bar Code for First Book Of Jewish Bible Stories
entertaining and educational introduction to Jewish Bible stories. In this beautifully illustrated picture book, seven stories from the bible are retold for the truly young. Children can adhere to the stories in pictures while an adult reads aloud, and...
Author: Julie Downing / J. Downing

Bar Code for First Jewish Catalog: A Do-it-yourself
For everyone who has ever wondered how to make wine, crochet a kippah, locate a Jewish film, start a Jewish library, or bring the Messiah, this exciting collection of far-ranging topics can help any Jew--those steeped in tradition or those just discovering...

Bar Code for Four Perfect Pebbles:: A Holocaust Story
" By the time WWII ended in Europe, the Blumenthal family--Marion, her brother Albert, and their parents--had lived inside a succession of refugee, transit, and prison camps for more than six years, not just surviving but staying together. This gripping memoir...
Author: Lila Perl / Marion Blumenthal Lazan

Bar Code for God's Mailbox
These eighteen midrashim -- or stories inside the Bible -- are filled with hope, suspense, along with a healthy dose of comedy. They also address some of life's big questions: How can I hear God inside the planet? Is there a best color for a individual to be? And why isn't...
Author: Marc Gellman

Bar Code for Goodnight Sh'ma
Jewish child gets ready for bed and says the traditional"Sh'ma"prayer in this beautiful board book with rhyming text. Charming illustrations by award-winning Melanie Hall.
Author: Jacqueline Jules

Bar Code for Guide For The Perplexed
Guide for the Perplexed (Hebrew:Moreh Nevuchim, Arabic: dalalat al ha'irin) is among the main functions of Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, greater called Maimonides, or the Rambam. It is the main give of his philosophical views. The main objective of the work...
Author: Moses Maimonides / Rambam

Bar Code for Hana's Suitcase
In March 2000, a suitcase arrived at a children's Holocaust education center in Tokyo, Japan. Hana Brady was written on the outside. Children who saw the suitcase on display were total of questions and also the director decided to find the answers.
Author: Karen Levine

Bar Code for Hanukkah At Valley Forge
soldier tells George Washington the miraculous story of how a ragtag army of Jewish soldiers defeated a much bigger force of strong Greeks, a tale that provides just the type of inspiration the General needs.? Quietly beautiful watercolor illustrations...
Author: Stephen Krensky

Bar Code for Hero And The Holocaust: The Story
Janusz Korczak was an author, radio personality, teacher, and medical doctor. But above all else he was a hero. As the beloved director of a Jewish orphanage in Warsaw, Poland, for the duration of the years of the Nazi Party's rise to power, he cared for hundreds of children....
Author: David A. Adler

Bar Code for Holy Land
Peter Connolly's book brings to life the folks and events of a crucial period inside the history from the globe. Spanning a hundred years that culminate in the fall of Masada in 73 AD, Connolly reconstructs the every day lives--domestic, religious, and military--of...
Author: Peter Connolly

Bar Code for How The Rosh Hashanah Challah Became
Yossi's terrible tumble turns out to turn out to be a terrific triumph! A tale with year-round appeal, although it takes location on Rosh Hashanah.
Author: Sylvia B. Epstein

Bar Code for I Have Some Questions About God
Six top rabbis tell stories to answer twelve essential God questions inside the new book, I Have Some Questions About God. This full-color book is created to help households talk about the difficult issues of understanding God.
Author: Bradley Shavit Artson / Joshua Hammerman / Elyse Frishman / Joel Grishaver

Bar Code for Illustrated Jewish Bible For Children
outstanding new edition with all of the Bible, with stunning illustrations on every page.
Author: Selina Hastings

Bar Code for Jewish Child's First Book Of Why
In direct and simple language, Rabbi Kolatch explains the significance of a number of of essentially the most fascinating traditions and customs of Judaism and introduces the youngster to the significant and minor holidays in the Jewish calendar. The text is enhanced by the lively...
Author: Alfred J. Kolatch

Bar Code for Jewish Children's Bible Gift Set
Five volume gift set. Introduces all the major stories in the bible in simple, easy-to-read language that kids can understand and adhere to. Bright, full color illustrations are interwoven inside the text.
Author: Sheryl Prenzlau

Bar Code for Jewish Children's Bible: Deuteronomy
Reviews the trials and tribulations within the Israelites in the course of their 40 years iin the desert. Includes the beautifully illustrated Jonah along employing the Whale story traditionally read on the Jewish High Holiday of Yom Kippur.
Author: Sheryl Prenzlau

Bar Code for Jewish Children's Bible: Numbers
Chapter by chapter description of each story within the Book of Numbers (Ba Midbar) , with full color illustrations. A separate section for parents and teachers gives additional Rabbinic tales to help clarify the text. A final section offers an illustrated...
Author: Sheryl Prenzlau

Bar Code for Jewish Holiday Crafts: For Little Hands
More than 150 easy-to-make projects for Shabbat and 11 Jewish holidays. A Tu B'Shevat Recycler, Kibbutz Tractor, straightforward Purim costumes, crowns, and jewelry. With things to grow, snacks, and games. A mini-dictionary and explanation introduces each holiday...
Author: Ruth Esrig Brinn

Bar Code for Jewish Holidays All Year Round: A Family
For Jewish males and women every year is punctuated by special days when families rejoice inside a rich heritage, recall history, renew the spirit and remember what it indicates to turn into Jewish. This illustrated book introduces the richness of the Jewish tradition and the...
Author: Ilene Cooper

Bar Code for Jewish Kids' Catalog
Everything a kid could wish to know about becoming Jewish, in 1 volume! This book is really a fun-filled, illustrated look at crucial people and events in Jewish history; at holidays and customs; at the origins of Jewish names, and a lot a lot more. This is really a book that...
Author: Chaya M. Burstein

Bar Code for Jews In America
unique presentation of the history of Jewish life and culture within the Usa over the past 500 years Jews in America is a graphic history that uses the comic book format— an artistic expression as American as jazz— to depict 5 centuries...
Author: David Gantz

Bar Code for Jps Illustrated Children's Bible
Thanks to these generous donors for creating the publication of this book possible: Stanley and Marcia Katz; Members from the Levine and Frankel families.
Author: Dr. Ellen Frankel PhD

Bar Code for Kids' Cartoon Bible
Award-winning author-illustrator Chaya M. Burstein combines her talents as storyteller and artist to bring alive the Bible to young readers. Children and adults will appreciate her Bible people-finder, an index locating dozens of personalities within...

Bar Code for Koren Mibereshit Siddur: An Illustrated
This colorful, illustrated Hebrew siddur tends to make tefillot fun and accessible for youngsters aged 3-6. Created with the Israeli educational organization Mi Bereshit, the siddur includes 28 short tefillot, from Modeh Ani through Shema, Adon Alom, Kiddush, Birkat...
Author: Koren Publishers Jerusalem

Bar Code for Kosher By Design Kids In The Kitchen
Simple enough to give a child confidence and interesting enough to engage the parental chef, these kid-friendly recipes and helpful tips introduce the techniques known by each and every good kosher cook. Each recipe comes with an gear list, an ingredient...
Author: Susie Fishbein

Bar Code for Liberty's Voice: The Emma Lazarus Story
Emma Lazarus overcame the barriers of her day to turn into among the top poets of the nineteenth century. She used her celebrity to assist the poor and impoverished immigrants of Eastern Europe. When the statue Liberty Enlightening the World came to the...
Author: Erica Silverman

Bar Code for Listen To The Trees: Jews And The Earth
Using Torah texts and traditional Jewish stories as a basis, this book for intermediate grades presents an exploration of ecology and the interconnectedness of all life on earth. Stories, cartoons, and full-color illustrations.
Author: Roy Doty (Illustrator) Molly Cone

Bar Code for Maccabee : The Story Of Hanukkah
Book Details:
Author: Tilda Balsley

Bar Code for Mazal Tov: Baby's First Record Book
Rebecca Shore attributes a permanent collection of posters in the Jewish Museum in New York in addition to the Skirball and Simon Weisenthal Museums in Los Angeles.

Bar Code for Modeh Ani: A Good Morning Book
Modeh Ani is a companion towards the award-winning Bedtime Sh'ma. This inspiring adaptation of the Mornings Blessings reminds us to appreciate the arrival of each new day and to be grateful for all the miracles it brings. Intended for children ages...
Author: Sarah Gershman

Bar Code for Moses: The Long Road To Freedom
This beautiful, elegant retelling of the story of Moses includes brillant illustrations by the award-winning illustrator Gennady Spirin and moving prose by acclaimed author Ann Beneduce. When Moses encounters the voice of God, he learns that only he has...

Bar Code for My First Chanukah
In My First Chanukah, Tomie de Paola? s gentle text and understated artwork provide insight and background into the holiday for young readers. Eye-catching foil lights up the cover!

Bar Code for My Grandmother's Stories: A Collection
ldquo; Like all very good stories inside the Yiddish tradition, the pleasure of Geras' collection comes as much from the telling as from what happens. These are stories within stories: the narrator remembers herself as a young child hearing them from her grandmother,...
Author: Adele Geras

Bar Code for Mysterious Visitor: Stories
evocative collection of folktales attributes the prophet Elijah, a messenger from heaven who comes to earth in numerous disguises. By the author of The Uninvited Guest.
Author: Nina Jaffe

Bar Code for Out Of Line: Growing Up Soviet
Despite the fact that the Iron Curtain is gone, the memory of the high drama, tragedy, and comedy that was life within the Soviet Union remains. It meant endless lineups inside the cold — lineups enlivened by poetry and paranoia. It meant household life lived in two tiny...
Author: Tina Grimberg

Bar Code for Portraits Of Jewish American Heroes
absorbing, inspiring tour of the 350-year Jewish American adventure.
Author: Malka Drucker

Bar Code for Queen Who Saved Her People
Book Details:
Author: Tilda Balsley

Bar Code for Rediscovering The Jewish Holidays: Tradition
Rediscovering The Jewish Holidays: Tradition
Author: Nina Beth Cardin / Gila Gevirtz

Bar Code for Richard Codor's Joyous Haggadah:a Children
Richard Codor's Joyous Haggadah: The Illuminated Story of Passover. A concise contemporary Haggadah children's haggadah, this is a great household haggadah for beginners or anybody who spends seder night with children. Illustrated in a cartoon style and written...
Author: Richard Codor / Liora Codor

Bar Code for Rosh Hashanah: A Family Service
Creative, attractive, and affordable prayer book for Rosh Hashanah. Built about the ideas of tefillah (prayer) , teshuvah (repentance) , and tzedakah (sharing) , the service contains readings to challenge older kids and adults, and stories and pictures...
Author: Judith Z. Abrams

Bar Code for Sammy Spider's First Shavuot
Sammy Spider's First Shavuot
Author: Sylvia A. Rouss

Bar Code for Secret Of Priest's Grotto: A Holocaust
Book Details:
Author: Peter Lane Taylor / Christos Nicola

Bar Code for Shabbat Morning: Siddur
Two new siddurim developed to grow to be utilised for Tot Shabbat or family solutions. These new full-color board books include material for small children too as adults. These are excellent resources.
Author: Timothy Lytton

Bar Code for Shabbat Puppy
Every Saturday morning Noah and Grampa take a distinct walk. It's the best time to locate Shabbat shalom, some Sabbath peace, Grampa explains. Noah loves their time together, but he'd love it even much more if his puppy, Mazel, could join them. That wiggly, waggly,...
Author: Leslie Kimmelman

Bar Code for Shalom Shabbat: A Book For Havdalah
Shalom Shabbat: A Book For Havdalah
Author: Susan R. Topek

Bar Code for Shapes Of My Jewish Year
Book Details:
Author: Marji Gold-Vukson / Sally Springer

Bar Code for Six Million Paper Clips: The Making
FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. To recognize the enormity inside the Holocaust, students in Whitwell, Tennessee, a town without Jews, began collecting paper clips, one for each victim with the Nazis.
Author: Peter W. Schroeder / Dagmar Schroeder-Hildebrand

Bar Code for Sounds Of My Jewish Year
Book Details:
Author: Marji Gold-Vukson

Bar Code for Story Of Esther: A Purim Tale
Told for a lot of thousands of years, Esther's story is nevertheless thrilling too as inspiring. The Purim story is total of drama. It brings together a mighty king, a jealous scoundrel, and a wise uncle. However, at its center is a clever heroine who was so...
Author: Eric A. Kimmel

Bar Code for Survivors: True Stories Of Children
Gripping and inspiring, these true stories of bravery, terror, and hope chronicle nine distinct children's experiences for the duration of the Holocaust. These are the true-life accounts of nine Jewish boys and girls whose lives spiraled into danger and fear as the...
Author: Allan Zullo

Bar Code for Tattered Prayer Book
Tattered Prayer Book is meant as a gentle introduction to the Holocaust for children ages 6-10. Ruthie discovers a secret about her father, while looking through a box of mementos from the old nation. As her father tells his surprising story, Ruthie...
Author: Ellen Bari

Bar Code for Teeny Tiny Yarmulka
Shortly after the owner of a yarmulka store receives a teeny tiny yarmulka, a small girl comes looking for a specific one for her doll.
Author: Aydel Lebovics

Bar Code for Tell Them We Remember: The Story
Draws on the U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum's collections of artifacts, photographs, maps, and taped oral and video histories to teach young males and ladies about this period of history.
Author: Susan D. Bachrach

Bar Code for Ten Commandments: A Text And Activity
Ten Commandments: A Text And Activity
Author: Nancy Karkowsky

Bar Code for Thank You, God A Jewish Child's Book
first prayer boo for young children with 21 traditional Jewish prayers in simple Hebrew, English translation, and tranliteration. Blessings for a new day, the bounty of our food, Sabbath and holiday rituals, life and health, comfort and forgiveness....
Author: Judyth Groner / Madeline Wikler

Bar Code for Thinking Jewish Teenager's Guide To Life
This book powerfully explains many from the deepest concepts in Judaism, demonstrating how those ideas and principles can, and should, guide decisions, relationships and growth to real maturity. There's no"talking down"here; there's just straight inspiration,...
Author: Akiva Tatz

Bar Code for Time Of Our Lives: A Teen Guide
Discusses major Jewish life cycle events, like their historical background and meaning, too as a description of the steps involved.
Author: Scott Blumenthal / Nina Beth Cardin

Bar Code for Torah For Children: Sefer Bereishis
If ever there was a perfect introduction to the Torah for children, this is it!
Author: Aaron Falk

Bar Code for Treasury Of Jewish Bedtime Stories
These twenty-one stories cover the gamut from gentle humor to profound faith to warm kindness. The heroes range from kings and sages to wise travelers and fantasizing laborers. This can be 1 of those uncommon books that youngsters will curl up with again and...
Author: Shmuel Blitz

Bar Code for Upon The Head Of The Goat: A Childhood
Upon the Head of the Goat is the winner of the 1982 Boston Globe - Horn Book Award for Nonfiction as properly as a 1982 Newbery Honor Book.
Author: Aranka Siegal

Bar Code for Vokabbalahry: Words Of Wisdom For Kids
In this book, parents and children are invited to connect with 62 key words of kabbalistic wisdom arranged in alphabetical order. Using language distilled to its very essence and beautifully evocative illustrations, these pages pave the way for youngsters...
Author: Michal Berg

Bar Code for Walk With Y'shua Through The Jewish Year
Holiday comes from the words Holy Day -- which constantly means something we wish to remember and commemorate inside a unique way. Jesus did! When Jesus (Y'shua) was expanding up in Nazareth, the cycle of Jewish holidays supplied all-natural possibilities to develop...
Author: Janie-Sue Wertheim / Kathy Shapiro

Bar Code for What Makes Someone A Jew
What tends to make a individual a Jew?
Author: Lauren Seidman

Bar Code for What's The Buzz : Honey For A Sweet New
What's the Buzz? Honey for a Sweet New Year
Author: Allison Ofanansky

Bar Code for Where Shabbat Lives
straightforward text and brightly colored illustrations in this board book tell the story of a typical family celebrating Shabbat.
Author: Jan Goldin Fabiyi

Bar Code for Who Knows Ten: Children's Tales
Another best-selling collection of children's stories, revised and with new, full-color illustrations!
Author: Molly Cone

Bar Code for Zlateh The Goat And Other Stories
'[A] delightful and distinguished book [of seven tales] from middle European folklore [by the winner making use of the 1978 Nobel Prize for Literature]. ' — BL.
Author: Isaac Bashevis Singer