Product Codes: Islam Children Books

Bar Code for 1001 Inventions And Awesome Facts
We often think that folks from a thousand years ago were living within the Dark Ages. But from the 7th century onward in Muslim civilization there were amazing advances and inventions that nevertheless influence our everyday lives. People living inside the Muslim planet...
Author: National Geographic

Bar Code for Adam adam : Peace Be Upon Him stories
Designed for rambunctious small hands (nursery, preschoolers) , these board books are developed for long lasting use by your beloved little ones. Features stories of the prophets from the Qur'an, with vivid watercolor illustrations
Author: Siddiqa Juma

Bar Code for Ahadith For Children
Ahadith for Children presents a selection of easy-to-understand traditions (ahadith) from the sayings and doings from the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in fourteen chapters. After an introduction, the author offers an excellent brief history of ahadith. Following...
Author: Feisal Abdul Rauf

Bar Code for Al-fiqh Al-islami: According To The Hanafi
This may be the second volume of Shaykh Akram Nadwi's original masterly composition of the Fiqh (codified legal rulings) of Imam Abu Hanifah and his school of believed. Al- Fiqh Al-Islami vol 1 soon became on the list of most popular islamic book of recent time....
Author: Muhammad Akram Nadwi

Bar Code for Ali: Hero Of Chivalry
Ali ibn Abi Taleb is the fourth Caliph of Islam, but he is the first to remember from among all the Companions with the Prophet Muhammad as far as bravery is concerned. He is really a symbol of courage and gallantry as significantly as a best spiritual figure in Islam....
Author: Resit Haylamaz

Bar Code for All-merciful Master
From birds and trees to insects and the sun, this charming book instructs kids about the wisdom in creation by referencing the various Islamic names for God and their manifestations. Enriched with colorful illustrations, these stories are developed...
Author: Erol Ergun

Bar Code for Allah Gave Me Two Eyes To See
celebration of our five senses that conveys the numerous gifts that Allah has bestowed on us and encourages the young child to always give thanks to our Creator.
Author: Fatima M. D'Oyen

Bar Code for Allah Gave Me: Two Hands And Feet
ISBN: 0860373487 Author: Raana Bokhari; Asiya Clarke (illustrator) Publisher: Islamic Foundation (2003) Pages: 24 Binding: Hardback Description from the publisher: A wonderful account from the sense of touch given to us by allah, which could be explored endlessly...
Author: Raana Bokhari

Bar Code for Allah To Z: An Islamic Alphabet Book
Who was Noah? When do Muslims pray? When do Muslim children eat treats and open gifts? In Allah to Z, kids of all backgrounds will delight in these 26 simple rhymes that introduce Islam in a fun, modern way. Combined with colorful illustrations,...
Author: Sam'n Iqbal

Bar Code for Angels Sweep The Desert Floor: Bible
Rabbis in ancient times believed that the answers to all questions could be located somewhere in the Bible. “ Turn it and turn it, for everything is in it, ” they said. Each answer the rabbis identified became a kind of story, a midrash. Miriam Chaikin...
Author: Miriam Chaikin

Bar Code for Arab Americans
Arab Americans
Author: Joan Brodsky Schur

Bar Code for Arabic Alphabet Coloring Book
This book provides coloring pages highlighting the various letters inside the Arabic alphabet.
Author: Kazi Publications

Bar Code for Arts And Culture In The Early Islamic
Arts and Culture inside the Early Islamic World (Life in the Early Islamic World )
Author: Lizann Flatt

Bar Code for Assalamu Alaykum
Join Abdullah and Aminah as they show you how Muslims meet and share their daily lives with family, friends, and neighbors. For ages 3 and up.
Author: M.S. Kayani

Bar Code for Atlas Of Islam: People
This large-format, beautifully color-illustrated compendium of details for young adult readers describes among the world's most widespread religions. Every single page presents five or six vivid illustrations with lengthy descriptive captions. Readers acquaint...
Author: Neil Morris

Bar Code for Awaiting The Prophet
Vividly illustrated and narrated in simple language accessible to young children, this packaged collection of short stories recounts the birth and childhood with the Prophet Muhammad. These stories recount the wondrous and miraculous events the people of...
Author: Nurefsan Caglaroglu

Bar Code for Ayat Jamilah: Beautiful Signs: A Treasury
Winner of the 2004 Aesop Prize, Ayat Jamilah/Beautiful Signs: a Treasury of Islamic Wisdom for Children and Parents is the second book in Eastern Washington University Press' This Little Light of Mine series. A young adult/adult crossover anthology, it...

Bar Code for Caring Neighbour
Caring Neighbour
Author: Karema Bouroubi

Bar Code for Celebrating Ramadan
Islamic family observes a month of prayer and fasting, which is followed by celebration.
Author: Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith

Bar Code for Children's Book Of Islam: Pt. 2
This elementary book of Islamic worship, suitable for Key Stages 2 and 3 consists of a workbook.
Author: Muhammad Manazir Ahsan

Bar Code for Children's Stories From The Dawn-breakers
Explores the history and teachings within the Bahai Faith and some of the crucial figures in this religion's development.
Author: Zoe Meyer / Nabil Zarandi

Bar Code for Companions Of The Prophet
Companions from the Prophet are regarded like stars in the Islamic tradition; one can find the true path to Islam by following any of them. True stories from the Companions of the Prophet are nevertheless waiting to be found and employed as a model for living...
Author: Enis Yuce

Bar Code for Countries Of The Middle East
Countries Of The Middle East
Author: Cory Gideon Gunderson

Bar Code for Dk Eyewitness Books: Islam
Book Details:
Author: Caroline Stone

Bar Code for Early Islamic Empires
Early Islamic Empires
Author: Lizann Flatt

Bar Code for Eid Al-adha
Eid Al-adha
Author: Robert Walker

Bar Code for Extraordinary Women From The Muslim World
Grades 5 and up. Multi-award winning picture book chronicling the lives of 13 Muslim females in history who have lived extraordinary lives and influenced their communities inside a positive way, often overcoming extreme hardship and inaccurate stereotypes that...
Author: Natalie Maydell / Sep Riahi

Bar Code for Faith life In The Medieval Muslim World
Faith Life inside the Medieval Muslim World
Author: Kathryn Hinds

Bar Code for Fall Of The Giant
Daud is a young shepherd who spends much of his time watching over his sheep. Sometimes he has to use his staff to rescue 1 of his herd from a dangerous situation, and occasionally he has to operate with his sling to chase predators away, but every day, at sunrise...
Author: Noura Durkee

Bar Code for Fasting And Dates: A Ramadan And Eid-ul-fitr
Books in the Festival Time series describe the activities of typical families as parents and young children celebrate a couple of of their culture's crucial holidays. Attractive color illustrations on each and every page will appeal to younger children. The simply yet delightfully...
Author: Jonny Zucker

Bar Code for Genius Of Islam: How Muslims Made
Middle Ages were a period of tremendous cultural and scientific advancement inside the Islamic Empire— ideas and inventions that shaped our world.   Did you know that:• The numbers you use every day (Arabic numerals!) are a Muslim invention? ...
Author: Bryn Barnard

Bar Code for Golden Age Of Islam
Covers the civilization of the Islamic Empire from the last years of the eighth century towards the thirteenth century.
Author: Linda S. George

Bar Code for Grandma Esther Remembers
Grandma Esther Remembers
Author: Ann Morris

Bar Code for Great Night Journey And Other Stories:
These beautifully illustrated storybooks introduce young children for the very first time to classic stories from the world's significant religions. They have easy-to-read text written by a children's author who specializes in writing about religions. Four diverse...
Author: Anita Ganeri

Bar Code for Guru Granth Sahib And Sikhism
" Sacred Texts"series introduces children working at Key Stage Two for the world's six major faiths by way of their holy scriptures and sacred writings. This volume combines a study of key quotes from the Guru Granth Sahib with a discussion of Sikhism's...
Author: Anita Ganeri

Bar Code for Holidays Around The World: Celebrate
Ramadan, the Muslim holy month of fasting, and Eid Al-Fitr, which marks the fast's end, are sacred times for millions throughout the world. Celebrate Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr examines the reasons for the month-long dawn-to-dusk fast and observes some of...
Author: Deborah Heiligman

Bar Code for Holy Qur'an For Kids
This truly is a textbook for elementary level children that teaches the basic concepts from the final 37 chapters of the holy Qur'an. It consists of the complete Arabic text, together with basic translations into English with all of the meaning, transliterations, chapter introductions,...
Author: Yahiya Emerick

Bar Code for Holy Qur'an For School Children
This might be a total textbook for learning and understanding the final part (Juz) of the Holy Qur'an. Every Surah is presented with an engaging introduction, a clear, explanatory translation for maximum comprehension, review concerns and activities to test...
Author: Yahiya Emerick

Bar Code for Holy Quran For Beginners 30TH Part
This is advised for 10th graders. This actually is a very helpful way to study the Quran for all those who're not familiar with the Arabic alphabet. Beginning with this work, they may possibly be stimulated to understand to study the Quran in its original script. The English...
Author: A. H. Eliasi

Bar Code for I Am Learning The Ablution And Daily
Murat is invited to the mosque by the imam and finds out that it's time to learn about ablution (wudu ). Khalil Hodja entertains kids and teaches them about ablution and everyday prayers sometimes in rhyming words sometimes with jokes.
Author: Umit Yildirim

Bar Code for I Am Muslim
Introduces the fundamentals of Islam through the eyes of a Muslim kid living in Detroit.
Author: Jessica Chalfonte / J. Chalfonta

Bar Code for I Can Make Du'a Anywhere
This actually is amongst the I Can Series of books that introduces and illustrates some basic but important concepts and terms for young Muslim children. These are explained with reference to their everyday life and inside the settings with which children are familiar....
Author: Yasmin Ibrahim

Bar Code for I Can Pray Anywhere
This actually is on the list of I Can Series of books that introduces and illustrates some basic yet important concepts and terms for young Muslim children. These are explained with reference to their everyday life and in the settings with which children are familiar....
Author: Aisha Ghani

Bar Code for I Can Read The Qur'an Anywhere
This is among the I Can Series of 5 books that introduces and illustrates some basic yet important ideas and terms for young Muslim children. These are explained with reference to their everyday life and inside the settings with which children are...
Author: Yasmin Ibrahim

Bar Code for I Can Say Bismillah Anywhere
This really is amongst the I Can Series of books that introduces and illustrates some basic but crucial concepts and terms for young Muslim children. These are explained with reference to their everyday life and in the settings with which children are familiar....
Author: Yasmin Ibrahim

Bar Code for I Can Wear Hijab Anywhere
This is among the I Can Series of books that introduces and illustrates some basic yet important ideas and terms for young Muslim children. These are explained with reference to their everyday life and within the settings with which youngsters are familiar....
Author: Yasmin Ibrahim

Bar Code for Ilyas And Duck Search For Allah
Ilyas and Duck search for Allah is an adorable storybook for kids about a boy's quest to find God."Where is God?"could possibly be a question that any parent teaching their kids will one day have to answer. This book helps parents answer that question while conveying...
Author: Omar Khawaja

Bar Code for In The Prophet's Garden: A Selection
This actually is really a collection of two hundred ahadith (sayings from the Prophet Muhammad) taken from authentic sources. The book is thematically arranged in twenty-nine short chapters to cover essential Islamic teachings on faith, religious practices, morals and...
Author: Fatima D'Oyen / Abdelkader Chachi

Bar Code for Invisible Yet Invincible: Islamic Heritage
Sultana Afroz seeks to clarify the Islamic heritage in the Maroons and the position of Islam in the freeing in the enslaved Africans in Jamaica. The text covers events preceding and reasons for, the Emancipation Act of 1833. It is postulated that those...
Author: Saltana Afroz

Bar Code for Islam eyewitness Books
Discover the faith, culture, and history that has shaped the present day Islamic world. Explore the traditions, culture, and history of Islam with this stunning in-depth seem in the complicated globe of on the list of world's greatest religions. Artifacts, sacred...
Author: Caroline Stone

Bar Code for Islam For Children
This popular classic is genuinely a must for all Muslim children, parents, and teachers. It covers the lives in the Prophets, faith, prayer, fasting, charity, pilgrimage, morals, and manners. Learning by doing is emphasized, with plenty of fun things to do for...
Author: Ahmad Von Denffer

Bar Code for Islam In Today's World: Student's Book
This is a revised edition of the best-selling GCSE textbook which examines Islam's method to contemporary moral issues."Islam in Today's World"provides a case study-based course investigating the critical beliefs of Islam and the way those beliefs impact...
Author: Claire Clinton / Sally Lynch

Bar Code for Islam In Turkey
Islam In Turkey
Author: Frances Hawker / Leyla Alicavusoglu

Bar Code for Islam world Faiths
Islam is practiced by almost one billion Muslims worldwide. World Faiths: Islam covers the life and teachings of the prophet Muhammad, too because the improvement and history of Islam, the sacred text from the Koran, and crucial geographic locations like...
Author: Trevor Barnes

Bar Code for Islam world Religions Series
Six scientific studies of six faiths.
Author: Jan Thompson

Bar Code for Islam: Signs
Islam: Signs
Author: Cath Senker

Bar Code for Islamic Empires
Why do Muslims always wash before entering a mosque? Where can you see a tree created of gold and silver? Why should you steer clear of beating a sultan at chess? This title uncovers the mysteries of life inside the ancient Islamic world. Discover what riding a camel...
Author: Richard Spilsbury / Louise Spilsbury

Bar Code for Islamic Festivals
Introduces the festivals celebrated in the Islamic faith.
Author: Khadijah Knight

Bar Code for Islamic Festivals And Celebrations
Islamic Festivals And Celebrations
Author: Dorothy Kavanaugh

Bar Code for Islamic Manners Activity Book
Learn a selection of Arabic prayers and expressions while getting fun with sixty-plus pages of imaginative activities which will introduce young children to a range of practices from Islam and also the Muslim planet. The Islamic Manners Activity Book includes...
Author: Fatima D'Oyen

Bar Code for Israel The Culture
Millions of individuals all via the planet look to Israel as a center of faith. This book celebrates Israel's art, music, dance, literature, and clothing.
Author: Debbie Smith

Bar Code for Learning About Islam
Islamic Foundation of North America, In Conjunction with Noorart, presents Learning about Islam, a Textbook of Islamic Studies. Perfect for student of Religion in grades 4-6, this textbook covers all the essential themes of this Belief system including...
Author: Yahiya Emerick

Bar Code for Meaning Of The Holy Qur'an For School
Which signifies of the Holy Qur'an for School Children is a graphic-intensive translation from the Qur'an tailored for the needs and interests of young readers.
Author: Yahiya Emerick

Bar Code for Mosque
Following inside the tradition he established with Cathedral: The Story of Its Construction and inside the a lot of books he has published inside the thirty years since, David Macaulay provides explanations from the how and also the why in a way that is both accessible and...
Author: David Macaulay

Bar Code for Muhammad
Author: Demi

Bar Code for Muhammad Of Mecca: Prophet Of Islam
Muhammad Of Mecca: Prophet Of Islam
Author: Elsa Marston

Bar Code for Muhammad The Last Prophet: A Model
Muhammad, the Last Prophet presents a complete account of the life from the final Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him ). This translation allows young English speaking Muslims to benefit from Sayyed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi's renowned Islamic scholarship....
Author: Abulhasan Ali Nadvi

Bar Code for Muslim Child: Understanding Islam
This insightful collection of stories and poems is really a child-centered introduction to Islam. In one story, a boy feels guilty when he short-changes his prayer. In another story, a girl buys candy she can't eat because it consists of pork by-products.
Author: Rukhsana Khan

Bar Code for My First Book Of Mormon Stories
My First Book of Mormon Stories
Author: Deana Draper Buck

Bar Code for My Little Lore Of Light
My Little Lore Of Light is a children's version of Hajjah Amina Adil's 4 volume work, Lore Of Light: the stories inside the prophets of God, from Adam to Muhammad drawn from traditional Ottoman Islamic sources. This book is intended to develop to be read aloud to...
Author: Hajjah Amina Adil

Bar Code for Nahj Al-balaghah
Nahj Al-Balaghah (Peak of Eloquence) for Children draws a series of thoughtful sermons from the Nahj Al-Balaghah, a book often described as a masterpiece of Arabic prose and which consists of the speeches, sermons, letters, and sayings employing the revered Hazrat...
Author: Ali ibn Abu-Talib

Bar Code for No God But God: The Origins And Evolution
In this invaluable introduction to a faith that for much in the West remains shrouded in ignorance and fear, Reza Aslan, an internationally acclaimed scholar of comparative religion, examines Islam: its rituals and traditions, the revelation of Muhammad...
Author: Reza Aslan

Bar Code for Noble Women Of Faith: Asiya
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Author: Shahada Sharelle Haqq

Bar Code for Picnic Of Poems: In Allah's Green Garden
" The chatty informal rhythms and the mix of everyday detail with the universals make this picture book a great loved ones read-aloud."— Booklist
Author: Dawud Wharnsby

Bar Code for Quran In Plain English: Surahs 78-114
" The Quran in Plain English: A Simple Translation for Children and Young People ".
Author: Iman Torres Al Haneef

Bar Code for Quran: A Reformist Translation
#8226; The Reformist Translation of the Quran delivers a non-sexist and non-sectarian understanding inside the divine text; it is the outcome of collaboration between 3 translators, two men as appropriately as a woman. • It explicitly rejects the authority employing the...

Bar Code for Quranic Inspirations
great universal Muslim scientists, about thousand years ago, were inside the forefront of knowledge, especially inside the sciences and technology without ever giving up their religion. In reality Islam in general together with the Qur'an in particular inspired the...
Author: Ibrahim Syed

Bar Code for Ramadan on My Own Holidays
FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Muslims about the globe celebrate the month of Ramadan to honor Allah. During each and every day in that month, Muslims do not eat food between sunrise and sunset. Then each night at sunset, they say special prayers and...
Author: Susan L. Douglass

Bar Code for Ramadan: Islamic Holy Month
Provides a description inside the Islamic holiday of Ramadan, how it started, and ways folks celebrate this cultural holiday.
Author: Dougherty / Terri

Bar Code for Ramadhan And Eid-ul-fitr
Twelve-year-old Azra Jessa wrote and illustrated this sweetly straightforward picture book when she was only eight years old, simply because she wanted to share her favorite holidays — Ramadhan and Eid-ul-Fitr — with her classmates. Children study about how...

Bar Code for Role Of Religion In The Early Islamic
Role Of Religion In The Early Islamic
Author: Jim Whiting

Bar Code for Salaam: A Muslim American Boy's Story
sensitive and loving portait of a Muslim-American family Meet Inram, a young Muslim American boy who lives in the San Francisco Bay Region. He likes to full precisely the same things as most kids his age--play in the park, take karate lessons, and tell jokes with...
Author: Tricia Brown

Bar Code for Science, Medicine, And Math In The Early
Science, Medicine, And Math In The Early
Author: Trudee Romanek

Bar Code for Short Surahs: A Textbook For Elementary
This excellent work, it presents fourteen short surahs of the Quran, each with Arabic text, English translation and transliteration. The format is oriented to international standards of language textbooks.
Author: Mahmoud Ahmad Qazi

Bar Code for Stories Of The Prophets From The Qur'an
collection set of 6 books, each telling a story of the prophets from the Qur'an. Learn about Musa (Moses) and how he came to climb Mount Sinai; Discover the greatness within the sacrifices made by Ibrahim (Abraham) as asked by Allah; Be inspired by Muhammed...
Author: Siddiqa Juma

Bar Code for Stories Of The Prophets In The Holy Qu'ran
This inspiring collection of illustrated stories offers an Islamic take on the lives and missions of familiar prophets. Through these Islamic renditions, children are produced keenly aware inside the significance of particular virtues? steadfastness, patience, and...
Author: Shahada Sharelle Haqq

Bar Code for Story Of Islam
Story Of Islam
Author: Rob Lloyd Jones

Bar Code for Tell Me About The Prophet Mohammad
book presents the life of the Prophet Muhammad, from his childhood in the desert to his divine mission and early preaching in Makkah. It goes on to describe the hostility of Makkah towards his message, their total boycott of him and his family, the...
Author: Saniyasnain Khan

Bar Code for Trade And Commerce In The Early Islamic
Trade And Commerce In The Early Islamic
Author: Allison Lassieur

Bar Code for Traditional Religious Tales: Islamic
collection of stories coming from the Islamic religion.
Author: Anita Ganeri

Bar Code for We Love To Pray
Little Muslims learn how to pray.
Author: Dr. Eren Tatari

Bar Code for What Do We Say : A Guide To Islamic Manners
This book consists of the selections of Du'a (supplications) in Arabic which Muslims use in their everyday life. A straightforward and basic strategy has been applied to teach the simple du'a to kids ages 3-6 years.
Author: Noorah Kathryn Abdullah

Bar Code for What Islam Is All About
Islam is the way of life for millions of people around the world. Its teachings guide people to reside harmoniously and in balance with themselves, other people at the same time due to the truth the globe around them. Everyday folks come into get in touch with with Islam and those who practice this...
Author: Yahiya Emerick

Bar Code for What You Will See Inside A Mosque
colorful, fun-to-read introduction that explains the approaches and whys of Muslim worship, faith, and religious life.
Author: Aisha Karen Khan

Bar Code for White Nights Of Ramadan
Mid-Ramadan is actually a distinct time. Noor lives in a nation close to the Arabian (Persian) Gulf. She's looking forward to the festival recognized as Girgian that comes within the middle of the holy month of Ramadan. These middle days are referred to as"the 3 whites,"simply because...
Author: Maha Addasi

Bar Code for Why I Wear My Headpiece
inspiring adventure spoken by way of a conversation between a grandmother and a young Muslim girl who grows from confusion to understanding the worth of the headpiece beyond just covering the hair and the commonalities shared between other women and...
Author: Sharien Muhammad

Bar Code for Wudu And Salah: Ablution And Daily Prayers
This book is truly a valuable resource for households that desire to teach kids about wudu and salah in an entertaining way. It provides fundamentals of ablution and day-to-day prayers and might be utilised as conversation starters. Short surahs and prayers typically recited...
Author: Orhan Sezgin

Bar Code for Young Person's Guide To Understanding
This book seeks to bring towards the attention of young minds questions regarding our lives in this world. The beauties of belief and leading a virtuous life are the underlying theme of each of thestories, poems, anecdotes, and Prophetic traditions narrated...
Author: Resit Haylamaz