Product Codes: France for Kids

Bar Code for 'christmas In France
overview of the symbols, celebrations, decorations, food, and songs that are part of Christmas in France.
Author: Kristin Thoennes

Bar Code for 101 Amazing Facts About France
In this amazing e Book you can find more than 1 hundred facts about the country of France. Separated into sections including its geography, its people, famous French figures and numerous far more you will find some fascinating information inside! Whether you...
Author: Jack Goldstein

Bar Code for 4 Kids In 5E And 1 Crazy Year
Writing makes you drift and dream and say things you don't even plan on. --Destiny, 5E The Fifth graders of PS 1 are packed like jelly beans into their classrooms. But when Ms. Hill shakes things up inside a new class, the diverse group of inner-city kids...
Author: Virginia Frances Schwartz

Bar Code for African-american Classics: Graphic Classics
African-American Classics presents great stories and poems from America''s earliest Black writers, illustrated by modern African-American artists. Featured are ''Two Americans'' by Florence Lewis Bentley, ''The Goophered Grapevine'' by Charles W....
Author: Langston Hughes / Zora Neale Hurston / W. E. B. Du Bois / Jean Toomer / Paul Laurence Dunbar / Alice Dunbar Nelson / Charles W. Chesnutt / Claude Mc Kay / Florence Lewis Bentley / Frances E. W. Harper

Bar Code for All Things Bright And Beautiful
All Things Bright and Beautiful is on the list of most beloved hymns ever written.
Author: Cecil Frances Alexander

Bar Code for Anni's Diary Of France
ten-year-old's diary entries chronicle the magical sights and sounds she and her family members encounter as they explore India.
Author: Anni Axworthy / Ann Axworthy

Bar Code for Beau Beaver Goes To Town
When a beaver family's lodge becomes overcrowded, it's time for the young beavers to start lives on their very own. Whilst Beau Beaver's siblings settle easily at a brook plus a pond, Beau can't find a place to call house. He at last finds a ditch, then rapidly...
Author: Frances Bloxam

Bar Code for Bone Detective: The Story Of Forensic
Diane France loves bones. Why? Because they talk to her. Every skeleton she meets whispers secrets about the life — and death — of its owner. Diane France can hear those secrets simply because she's a forensic anthropologist, a bone detective. She...
Author: Lorraine Jean Hopping

Bar Code for Bonjour France : Absolutely Everything
Young Travellers Club is the exciting new series of travel companions for 7-12 year old children. Each book is spiral bound and encased inside a sturdy polypropelene cover to survive the rigors from the extended drive to the campsite. Its 60 full-color pages...
Author: Rebecca Welby

Bar Code for Bonjour L'enfant : A Child's Tour
Enjoy a tour of France through a child's scrapbook. Follow a young boy, his little sister and his beloved teddy bear on their playful journey around the country. They discover similarities and differences between France and property while singing along the...
Author: Danna Troncatty Leahy

Bar Code for Brother's Promise
retelling in the old Talmudic story about brothers caring for each and every single other.
Author: Frances Harber

Bar Code for Cat Who Walked Across France
unforgettable tour of France The cat and the old woman have lived happily together for quite a few years in the stone property by the sea. But when the old woman dies, the cat is packed up with her belongings and sent north for the village where she was born....
Author: Kate Banks

Bar Code for Charlotte In Giverny
It's 1892 and Charlotte is bound for Monet's popular artist colony in Giverny, France, where painters like her father are flocking to discover the new style of painting referred to as Impressionism. In spite of missing her best friend, Charlotte becomes enchanted...
Author: Joan MacPhail Knight

Bar Code for Cindy Ellen: A Wild Western Cinderella
As soon as upon a time, there was a sweet cowgirl named Cindy Ellen, who lived with the orneriest stepmother west with the Mississippi and two stepsisters who had been so nasty, they produced rattlesnakes look nice! But when a fast-talkin' fairy godmother teaches Cindy...
Author: Susan Lowell

Bar Code for Colors Of France
Colors Of France
Author: Helen Byers

Bar Code for Count Your Way Through France
Count Your Way Through France
Author: James Haskins / Kathleen Benson

Bar Code for Cousin Felicity And The Eels Of Misty
When Cousin Felicity hobbles and wobbles her way into the lives of Daniel and Sophie on Misty Point farm, all manner of dark mischief and mayhem ensues. The day after Felicity's arrival, tragedy strikes the farm. Feathery friends lie dead in addition to a killer...
Author: Kaal Kaczmarek

Bar Code for Do French Fries Come From France
Do French Fries Come From France
Author: Ronne Randall

Bar Code for E Is For Eiffel Tower: A France Alphabet
From its achievements in arhitecture, and literature, the country of France has had a profound impact on the globe. E is for Eiffel Tower: A France Alphabet explores its venerable history and cultural heritage.
Author: Helen Wilbur

Bar Code for Eleanor: Crown Jewel Of Aquitaine
Author of the best-selling Royal Diaries title, CLEOPATRA VII, Kristiana Gregory now takes readers to twelfth-century France and introduces Eleanor of Aquitaine, who becomes queen at age 15. Fourteen-year-old Eleanor of Aquitaine lives inside a castle in...
Author: Kristiana Gregory

Bar Code for Everybody Bonjours
Shop a fancy France-y store. Eat a pretty petit four. Discover! Sightsee! Explore! On this fun and friendly tour, everybody says “ Bonjour! ” Whether at a soccer stadium (“ players scoring”) , a crê pe stand (“ batter...
Author: Leslie Kimmelman

Bar Code for Festive Foods France
Festive Foods France
Author: Sylvia Goulding

Bar Code for Find Out About France: Learn French Words
Every single Find Out About book introduces boys and girls to a different country, its people, its history, its culture, and its language. The books are divided into four parts: Part One: Introduction--Takes readers on a journey across the country, pointing out...
Author: Duncan Crosbie

Bar Code for First Book Of France
Filled with entertaining data on people, locations and their customs
Author: L. Somerville

Bar Code for Fly Trap fly By Night
Having barely escaped the revolution they had a massive (if accidental) part in causing, sharp-eyed orphan Mosca Mye; her guard goose, Saracen; and their sometimes-loyal companion, the con man Eponymous Clent, ought to start anew.
Author: Frances Hardinge

Bar Code for Focus On France
Focus On France
Author: Celia Tidmarsh

Bar Code for Foods Of France
Learn about French foods, cooking traditions, consuming habits and food sources to know French culture.
Author: Peggy J. Parks

Bar Code for France - The Culture
For the final 300 years, French culture has influenced the planet from politics and art to fashion and cuisine. France the culture celebrates these also as other important cultural elements of France which includes religion, festivals, science, language, and literature...
Author: Greg Nickles

Bar Code for France - The Land
This new book takes readers on a fascinating tour of France from its majestic mountains and quiet countryside to its seemingly endless Mediterranean beaches. Glorious full-color photos help display France's elegant cities, monuments, and a lot of wonders...
Author: Greg Nickles

Bar Code for France a To Z
Describes the geography, history, culture, industry, and men and women of France
Author: Justine Fontes / Ron Fontes

Bar Code for France Abcs: A Book About The People
alphabetical exploration of the people, geography, animals, plants, history, and culture of France.
Author: Sharon Katz Cooper

Bar Code for France blastoff Readers: Exploring Countries
France's most well-known icon could be the Eiffel Tower. This tower in Paris may possibly be the height of an 81-story building and ranks as probably the most visited monument inside the planet! This book introduces children to the classic beauty, revolutionary people, and fine foods of...
Author: Rachel Grack

Bar Code for France countries And Cultures
introduction to the geography, history, economy, culture, and people of France.
Author: Donna L. Knoell

Bar Code for France countries Around The World
France gives complete coverage of this fascinating country, including sections on history, geography, wildlife, infrastructure and government, and culture. It also consists of a detailed fact file, maps and charts, and a traceable flag.
Author: Mary Colson

Bar Code for France countries Of The World
exploration of France, one particular within the most strong countries in Europe. It examines the industries that are crucial towards the economy, the physical geography, the surroundings together with the social geography that is distinct for the make-up of the nation. Topics...
Author: Robert Prosser

Bar Code for France countries Of The World capstone
No camera or fanny pack needed for this trip! We're traveling to faraway lands using the turn of a page! Children will discover similarities and differences of each country's culture, landscape, geography, economics, and a lot more!
Author: Michael Dahl

Bar Code for France country Explorers
Globetrotters series provides children getting a basic introduction to different nations in the world. The books invite readers to explore locations, landforms, climate and culture, with recipes, song lyrics and fast facts to enliven the text. '
Author: Tom Streissguth

Bar Code for France cultures Of The World
Introduces the geography, history, economy, cultures, and men and women of France.
Author: Ethel Gofen

Bar Code for France destination Detectives
Become a detective and discover details about an interesting destination employing photos, figures and facts. This book helps you discover what it is like to reside in France. Locate out what the countryside looks like and what people do for fun. Discover...
Author: Paul Mason

Bar Code for France enchantment Of The World
highly visual introduction to world geography. Packed with photos, original maps, and browser-friendly sidebars; timelines compare each country's history to planet history."Fast Details"appendix highlights key info from the text,"To Uncover Out...
Author: Don Nardo

Bar Code for France enchantment Of The World
This series succeeds dramatically in communicating the unique charm, the allure, and the cultures of other parts of the world. Here also are geography, history, economics, crucial attractions. and so significantly far more. The result is actually a delightful mix of enchantment...
Author: Peter Moss

Bar Code for France enchantment Of The World. Second
Take a trip around the globe employing the latest entries inside the Enchantment from the World series. From the volcanoes of Iceland towards the hilltop castles of Germany, readers are transported to distant lands with the fascinating text and attention-grabbing photos...
Author: Liz Sonneborn

Bar Code for France facts About Countries
France facts About Countries
Author: Celia Tidmarsh

Bar Code for France festivals Of The World
Describes how the culture of France is reflected in its quite a few festivals, including the Cornouaille Festival, Bastille Day, as well because the Gypsy Festival.
Author: Susan McKay

Bar Code for France In Our World
France In Our World
Author: Camilla de La Bedoyere

Bar Code for France In Pictures
largest nation in the European Union, France serves as on the list of world's cultural centers. With a wealthy national history and world-renowned art, fashion, and food, France draws millions of tourists annually.
Author: Alison Behnke

Bar Code for France Live
Packed with relevant and interesting cultural information on France,"France Live"might be utilized alongside any coursebook. It is best for teachers to fulfil the aims of the new MFL Framework, which requires them to teach culture. It also provides GCSE...
Author: Daniele Bourdais / Sue Finnie

Bar Code for France major World Nations
Surveys the history, geography, economy, government, people, and culture of France.
Author: Brian Sookram

Bar Code for France modern Nations Of The World
Examines the history of France from prehistoric instances for the twentieth century and discusses its culture, daily life, economics, and social changes.
Author: Laurel Corona

Bar Code for France postcards From.
France postcards From.
Author: Helen Arnold

Bar Code for France true Books: Countries
Ideal for today's young investigative reader, each A True Book consists of lively sidebars, a glossary and index, plus a comprehensive"To Locate Out More"section listing books, organizations, and Internet web sites. A staple of library collections since the...
Author: Elaine Landau

Bar Code for France welcome To My Country benchmark
overview of France, discussing its history, geography, government, economy, culture, and relations with North America.
Author: Fiona Conboy / Roseline And Ngcheong-Lum

Bar Code for France: Picture Book
Are you enthusiastic about expanding your child's vocabulary? As a component utilizing the Planet Collection,"FRANCE"delivers facts, descriptions and thought inspiring issues alongside amazing photographs of France. Toddlers and babies will love looking at the photos,...
Author: Planet Collection

Bar Code for Frances
Frances lives in a beach town on Lake Winnipeg, the center of Manitoba's Icelandic community. Her family has lived in the town since Icelandic immigrants settled there in the late 1800s. One day Frances finds an old journal. The entries are written in...
Author: W. D. Valgardson

Bar Code for Getting To Know France
Looks at France's history, geography, climate, agriculture, natural resources, globe trade, transportation, education, and culture, and describes modern every day life there.
Author: Dominique Norbrook

Bar Code for Giraffe Goes To Paris
Imagine a giraffe that can sail from Alexandria, Egypt, to Marseille, France, in a boat generating use of a certain hole for her neck. Imagine a giraffe that can walk from Marseille to Paris in forty-one days, wearing stylish boots too as a cape. Imagine a giraffe that...
Author: Mary Tavener Holmes / John Harris

Bar Code for Gold Rush Orphan
In Gold Rush Orphan, Sandy Frances Duncan has woven a gripping tale of hardship and adventure according to her grandfather's gold rush journal entries of his 1898 trip towards the Klondike. The arduous trek towards the goldfields come alive within the fictionalized story...
Author: Sandy Frances Duncan

Bar Code for Good-bye, 382 Shin Dang Dong
Jangmi can't bear the believed of leaving her residence at 382 Shin Dang Dong, but she has no choice. Everything is packed, friends and household come for a good-bye party, and she and her best friend Kisuni sit beneath the willow tree in the rain and reassure each...
Author: Frances Park

Bar Code for Grab Hands And Run
El Salvadorian family flees political oppression in their homeland and takes a perilous journey north, through Mexico to America, where they hope they will find a much better life. A 'compelling, provocative, and exciting novel. '— V. 'Details of...
Author: Frances Temple

Bar Code for Greetings From Nowhere
Aggie isn't expecting guests in the Sleepy Time Motel in the Great Smoky Mountains. Since her husband died, she is all alone with her cat, Ugly, and keeping up with the bills and repairs has turn into subsequent to impossible. The pool is empty, the garden is...
Author: Barbara O'Connor

Bar Code for Hasty Pudding
Presents colonial food preparation getting a examine the influences of available ingredients, cooking methods, and gear. Includes recipes and appendix of classroom cooking directions.
Author: Loretta Frances Ichord

Bar Code for Have A Good Day Cafe
After leaving Korea to live with her son's family members inside the United States, Mike's grandmother suggests a plan to support with their food cart company.
Author: Frances Park / Ginger Park

Bar Code for Henri's Walk To Paris
Henri's Walk to Paris could possibly be the story of a young boy who lives in Reboul, France, who dreams of going to Paris. One day, right after reading a book about Paris, he decides to pack a lunch and head for the city.   “ Like many of us Henri wants to view...
Author: Leonore Klein

Bar Code for Humphrey The Bug Eyed Alien Adventures
Humphrey The Bug Eyed Alien Adventures In Europe: FranceKids Entertainment BooksIn this second kids entertainment book in the series our friend, Humphrey The Bug Eyed Alien, finds himself high above the French Alps mountain range. He goes on to discover...
Author: Barry Buggles

Bar Code for Huron Carol
Twas inside the moon of wintertime when all the birds had fled. So begins Canadas most beautiful Christmas carol. Its writer, Father Jean de Brebeuf (1593-1649) was a Jesuit missionary who lived and worked amongst the Huron Indians for twenty-two years. Even though...
Author: Frances Tyrrell

Bar Code for If I Just Had Two Wings
In her dreams, Phoebe twirls through rows of sea island cotton as a white dress blows around her knees like a breeze. As she dances, she loses all memory of becoming born a slave on an Alabama plantation. She lifts up her feet and flies high above the fields,...
Author: Virginia Frances Schwartz

Bar Code for India Abcs: A Book About The People
alphabetical exploration of the people, geography, animals, history, and culture of India.
Author: Marcie Aboff

Bar Code for Joyeux Noel: Learning Songs And Traditions
Celebrate the holiday season in France with"Joyeux Noel "! Accompaning CD has all your favorite holiday songs in both French and English.
Author: Judy R. Mahoney

Bar Code for Kiki And Coco In Paris
Kiki loves Coco, her cloth doll. Coco loves Kiki, her girl. The two are never apart. It s as if they were created for each and every other. Together they travel to Paris and delight within the city of lights. But then Coco is separated from Kiki. Will she ever see her...
Author: Nina Gruener

Bar Code for King's Giraffe
whimsical historical tale follows the adventures of Abdul, a stable boy towards the ruler of Egypt, who in 1826 accompanied a giraffe, a gift to King Charles, to France, exactly where the pair were delightedly received.
Author: Peter Colier / Peter Collier

Bar Code for Le Petit Nicolas
Book Details:
Author: Sempe-Goscinny

Bar Code for Let's Visit France
Let's Visit France
Author: Susie Brooks

Bar Code for Life In New France
This book tells in regards to the every day life of men and women in New France from 1639 to 1760. New France was created up of three colonies in North America: Canada, Acadia, and Louisiana. The colonies had been founded by the European country of France, starting inside the early...
Author: Jennifer Blizin Gillis

Bar Code for Looking At France
Looking At France
Author: Jillian Powell

Bar Code for Lwcf. France
Lwcf. France
Author: Miles Harvey

Bar Code for Marie Antoinette
Fame, fortune, and glamour, whats far more fascinating than the world of royalty? These biographies present the lives of popular queens and princesses. Pictures and first-hand quotations bring you closer than ever towards the females behind the crown.
Author: Englar / Mary

Bar Code for Mary, Queen Of Scots: Queen
Readers take a step back in time to 16th-century France in this year-long diary of adolescent Mary, Queen of Scots, who has fled from homeland for the Court of her betrothed in France. Mary is only nine months old when she is crowned Queen of Scotland...
Author: Kathryn Lasky

Bar Code for Maya's World: Renee Marie Of France
TALL GIRL who is afraid of heights? When Ren é e Marie's class takes a trip to the Eiffel Tower, she would much rather stay with her feet on the ground than go up towards the leading!
Author: Maya Angelou

Bar Code for My Freedom Trip
This deeply moving story of a child's escape in the dark of night from North Korea to South Korea is depending on memories of the author's mother. Just prior for the outbreak of the Korean War, young Soo secretly crosses the 38th parallel, hoping to join her...
Author: Frances and Ginger Park

Bar Code for New France
Meet a few inside the brave males and women who really first settled the New Planet and helped found the colony of New France - Cartier, Marie La Tour, La Salle and Madeleine de Vercheres. Find out how they worked, dressed, ate and survived in their adopted land. Read...
Author: Robert Livesey

Bar Code for Olivia Goes To Venice
In her 1st brand new adventure in three years, Olivia takes her discerning eye for style to beautiful Venice on a household vacation that involves dodging pigeons inside the Piazza San Marco, gorging on gelato, and barely staying afloat in a gondola.
Author: Ian Falconer

Bar Code for One Wish
Winner of the Mayor's Award for Excellence in Book Illustration, Halifax Regional Municipality (The Atlantic Book Awards) “ On a summer's eve, a lengthy time ago, I developed a single wish, on the brightest starin a twinkling night sky I wished for a cottage...
Author: Frances Wolfe

Bar Code for Pick Your Brains About France
At last enquiring young minds can discover Europe in an engaging and inventive new series, fully illustrated with b/w illustrations, cartoon strips, and puzzles to solve. Combining Cadogan's renowned travel expertise generating use of a totally fresh approach enlivening...
Author: Marian Pashley

Bar Code for Planting The Trees Of Kenya: The Story
Wangari Maathai, winner of the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize and founder of the Green Belt Movement, grew up in the highlands of Kenya, where fig trees cloaked the hills, fish filled the streams, in addition to the folks tended their bountiful gardens. But more than many years,...
Author: Claire A. Nivola

Bar Code for Queen Of France
Dressed up as a queen, a tiny girl has some endearing and funny audiences with two most obliging subjects — her mother and father. When Rose wakes up one particular morning feeling royal, she dons her necklaces, bracelets, and crown. Soon the Queen of France...
Author: Tim Wadham

Bar Code for Recipe And Craft Guide To France
France is actually a magical location that attracts more tourists than any other country inside the globe. Step inside this colorful book to understand why people love it so much. Then make French-inspired crafts you can preserve or give as gifts, and cook some delicious French...
Author: Amelia LaRoche

Bar Code for Red Balloon
magical book which has become an enduring children's classic, The Red Balloon could be the story of a young boy and his best friend--a vibrant red balloon. Chock-full of photographs in the boy, the balloon too as the captivating city of Paris. A New York Times...
Author: Albert Lamorisse

Bar Code for Royal Bee
Based on a true story, The Royal Bee is an elegantly written tale that pays tribute to a young boy's courage and strength of character.   Song-ho is  a young Korean boy  destined by birth to a life of poverty. Barred from  going to...
Author: Frances and Ginger Park

Bar Code for Royal Diaries: Marie Antoinette:
" I look up now in to the oval mirror and see barely a trace of the mud-splattered girl tearing through the woodland on her horse, or the barefoot girl wading at Schonbrunn. I have become what Mama set out for me to be. Majestic. A Dauphine and ultimately...
Author: Kathryn Lasky

Bar Code for Sojourner Truth
Notes: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking offered on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold! . Condition: Used - Very Good. ISBN13: 9780823958269.
Author: Frances E. Ruffin

Bar Code for Teens In France
lives of French teenagers cant be summed up in a one-size-fits-all description. Some young men and females are immersed inside a wealthy heritage of formal education, gourmet foods, and high fashion, while other individuals face day-to-day tensions, poor living conditions, and discrimination....
Author: Nickie Kranz

Bar Code for This Is Paris
Following on the runaway accomplishment of This actually is New York, Universe is thrilled to reissue two more titles from M. Sasek's beloved children's travel series: This really is London and This is Paris. Like This is New York and This is San Francisco, This can be London and...
Author: Miroslav Sasek

Bar Code for Tino Turtle Travels To Paris
Book consists of CD with narration, sound effects, and theme specific music sing-along, the music sheet for the song, a language glossary (French) , too as a map of Tino's adventure. Take a hot air balloon ride with Tino Turtle and buddies across the Paris skyline,...
Author: Carolyn L. Ahern

Bar Code for Tonight, By Sea
Seek life. Chache Lavi. That's what Paulie's uncle says they should do. But to seek life, Paulie and her loved ones have to leave Haiti-the only home that Paulie has ever identified. Since forever, Paulie has run in and out from the small houses nestled beneath the...
Author: Frances Temple

Bar Code for Welcome To France
Welcome To France
Author: Meredith Costain / Paul Collins

Bar Code for Welcome To France
Used Book
Author: Fiona Conboy

Bar Code for Welcome To France
Welcome To France
Author: Kathryn Stevens

Bar Code for What's It Like To Live In France
This new series from Waterbird Books examines a selection of countries, enabling young children to get a flavor of life in other parts from the world while making comparisons with their very personal. How far away is the country? What is going to be the weather like? What do...
Author: Jillian Powell

Bar Code for Where On Earth Is My Bagel
No one knows how the concept of a new York bagel popped into Yum Yung's head -- perhaps it was inspired by a dream, or by listening to sparrows' songs. Yum Yung lives in Korea exactly where there are no New York bagels, and one particular day he just knows he has to have one....
Author: Frances Park / Ginger Park

Bar Code for Women Of Paris In Pictures: Paintings
Quentin Blake is amongst the best-known — and best-selling — illustrators in the globe. Here he selects 60 diverse images of Parisian females and introduces them to young readers in a delightfully personal and sharply observant style. Organized...
Author: Quentin Blake