Product Codes: Football Books for Kids

Bar Code for Amazing Football Records
Amazing Football Records
Author: Paul Hoblin

Bar Code for America's Greatest Game: The Real Story
historical overview of how the game of football has evolved through the years and how the National Football League started.
Author: Jim Buckley

Bar Code for Best Of Everything Football Book
Who holds the record for most career rushing yards? Which NFL coach has won a single particular of the most games? What are some wacky approaches the pros have celebrated touchdowns? Learn the answer to these concerns and a lot more in The Best of Everything Football Book.
Author: Shane Gerald Frederick

Bar Code for Big Time
Things couldn't be going better for Troy White. The Atlanta Falcons' football genius is at the best of his game, helping the team get to the playoffs. Agents and lawyers are knocking on his door with big-money offers for the upcoming season. And his own...
Author: Tim Green

Bar Code for Christine Becomes The Football Quarterback
Come and enjoy the story of Christine who wants to play football with her school team, She's sad that she can't till she meets a very unusual friend who just happens to be a mouse. After getting a pep talk and some history about women in sports from...
Author: Prudence Periwinkle

Bar Code for Dan Marino
Dan Marino
Author: Jon Sterngass

Bar Code for Deep Zone
In the deep zone, even the fairly best player can find it impossible to beat a foe who's hungry and waiting.
Author: Tim Green

Bar Code for Dino-football
Greenblades and the Redscales face off inside the Mega-Bowl! Sacks and hand-offs. Touchdowns and interceptions. When dinos don shoulder pads, the action is sure to be epic. But due to the reality the clock ticks down, will the Scales make a goal-line stand or will the...
Author: Lisa Wheeler

Bar Code for Dog That Stole Football Plays
Mike's football team is really put to the test when Harry, his telepathic dog, has to stay home. Can the team win without Harry's supernatural advice?
Author: Matt Christopher / Daniel Vasconcellos

Bar Code for Everything Kids' Football Book:
Do You Know:
Author: Greg Jacobs

Bar Code for Eyewitness: Football
Discover the world of pro football; the history, the teams, the stars, and what equipment they use.
Author: James Buckley Jr.

Bar Code for Family Huddle
HUDDLE UP WITH THE MOST FAMOUS FAMILY IN FOOTBALL - THE MANNINGS!!! Pile into the car with Eli, Peyton and their older brother, Cooper in Family Huddle for a trip to visit their grandparents. Their dad, former NFL star Archie Manning, is at the wheel...
Author: Peyton Manning / Eli Manning / Archie Manning

Bar Code for Fly Guy #6: Hooray For Fly Guy
Children will laugh out loud in the story and pictures in this sixth book in the easy-to-read Fly Guy series!"Flies can't play football,"says the coach. But Fly Guy and Buzz are determined to prove him wrong. New readers will expertise both pride...
Author: Tedd Arnold

Bar Code for Football
Author: Sue Boulais

Bar Code for Football And Its Greatest Players
Football And Its Greatest Players

Bar Code for Football Basics
This 4-page comprehensive guide is packed with football fundamentals to"get you into the game"and element within the football encounter. Topics covered include: - field - positions - offense - defense - particular teams - coaching staff and officials - playing...
Author: Inc. BarCharts

Bar Code for Football best Sport Ever
Football best Sport Ever
Author: Brian Howell

Bar Code for Football Boxed Set
Football Boxed Set
Author: Matt Christopher

Bar Code for Football Champ: A Football Genius Novel
Troy's got to think fast— if he doesn't want to get banned from the NFL for life.
Author: Tim Green

Bar Code for Football Double Threat
Rocky Fletcher is getting stretched to his limit. Until recently, he'd only played wide receiver for the Pythons. Now his coaches want him to discover the safety position, too-a position that opened up when Bobby, Rocky's best friend, broke his leg. Even though...
Author: Matt Christopher / Stephanie Peters

Bar Code for Football Dreams
young boy is determined to grow to be the best quarterback in the world, no matter what. But can he copy his favorite quarterback's negative habits and still make it to the big league? A funny story, full of pratfalls - perfect for fans of"A Diary of a Wimpy...
Author: William Evans III

Bar Code for Football Fever
Wembley, Striker, Semi, Bobby and Charlton (Charlie) - with names like that it's no wonder Charlie and her brothers are football mad! Together they make a great team and use football to solve all the problems that get in their way - from bulls to bullies! ...

Bar Code for Football For Fun
Learn how to play your favorite sport or participate in your favorite activity in this exciting series from Compass Point Books. Each book inside the For Fun series capabilities bold, full-color photos, informative text, and all sorts of fun facts about your...
Author: Kenn Goin

Bar Code for Football Fugitive
Matt Christopher is the writer young readers turn to once they are looking for fast-paced, action-packed sports novels. This book is no exception. He is the author of a quantity of titles, which consists of Tackle Without A Team, Face-Off, and numerous more.
Author: Matt Christopher

Bar Code for Football Genius
Troy White can predict any football play before it happens. And when his single mom gets a job utilizing the Atlanta Falcons, Troy knows it's his big chance to aid them out of their slump— and finally prove his football genius. But unless Troy can convince...
Author: Tim Green

Bar Code for Football Hero: A Football Genius Novel
Ty Lewis can't believe it when Coach V recruits him for the football team. This is Ty's big chance to prove how fast he is on the field, get a fresh start in a new school, and be like his older brother, Thane"Tiger"Lewis, who's about to graduate from...
Author: Tim Green

Bar Code for Football history Of Sports
Football history Of Sports
Author: John F. Grabowski

Bar Code for Football how-to Sports
Explains how you can play football including discussion of the simple rules, the several positions, exclusive teams, and necessary equipment.
Author: Paul Joseph

Bar Code for Football In The Sec
Read How You Want publishes a wide selection of best promoting books in Large Print and Super Large Print formats in partnership with leading publishers. Easy Read books are obtainable in 11pt and 13pt. sort. Easy Read Large books are available in 16pt, 16pt...

Bar Code for Football Is Fantastic
fun, laugh out-loud chapter book for people that still love to share their reading experience, or children who have gained more confidence with reading alone. After three incredibly unfortunate incidents involving his football at school, George - who is football...
Author: Paula McBride

Bar Code for Football Jokes And Riddles: 50+ Facts
Football bloopers, puzzlers, fun facts, and wacky stories--Matt Christopher, the number-one sports writer for kids, scores a touchdown with this zany collection for fans of pigskin-tossing, gridiron-hitting action! Packed with laugh-out-loud illustrations,...
Author: Matt Christopher / Larry A. Johnson

Bar Code for Football Notepad
Note Pals are perfect for reminders, calendar notes, homework notes, name tags, and considerably far more! Each pad features 36 sheets and measures approx. 3. 5” x 3. 5”. Available in many different prints, Note Pals are a great addition to any teacher's...

Bar Code for Football Opposites
Is the objective line near or far? Is your team on offense or defense? Is the stadium full or empty? A football themed-opposites makes learning fun. Sports Illustrated Kids Football Opposites is sure to turn into a fan favorite!
Author: Mark Weakland

Bar Code for Football Player Facts For Fun Quarterbacks
How excellent is your understanding with the esteemed NFL quarterbacks? Can you name the quarterback with all the highest winning percentage? How about who holds the best single season passer rating in NFL history? Or which NFL quarterback went undefeated for the duration of his...
Author: Wyatt Michaels

Bar Code for Football Player Facts For Fun Wide Receivers
How good is your expertise of the esteemed NFL wide receivers? Can you name the wide receiver who holds the record for essentially the most touchdowns in one season? How about who has one of the most receptions in one certain certain game? Or who holds the record for being the fastest...
Author: Wyatt Michaels

Bar Code for Football Queen
Kylie is her big brother's most significant fan when he's on the field.
Author: Marci Peschke

Bar Code for Football Rebels
Unable to create the varsity football team at Midwestern University, freshman Clint Martin decides to buck the athletic organization by beginning his personal informal team created up of any students who need to play football.
Author: Jackson Scholtz

Bar Code for Football record Breakers
Which team has won one particular of the most Super Bowls? Who is the most powerful quarterback of all time? From massive sacks to last-second drives in to the finish zone, Football is complete of exciting moments. Learn about the greatest achievements of footballs biggest stars....
Author: Blaine Wiseman

Bar Code for Football Stars: Sanders
Deion Sanders, Jerry Rice, Troy Aikman, Barry Sanders. They're tough, they're strong, and they have just a single aim--to win. Read about these amazing NFL superheroes--and how they became football legends.
Author: S.A. Kramer

Bar Code for Football sticker Stories
We are? kicking off? our very initial sports Sticker Stories? just in time for football season! Kids will learn all about football positions, plays, game food, and other fun facts as they get into the excitement with the game by adding stickers to every spread....

Bar Code for Football Superstars
ISBN13: 9781592967308. Condition: New. Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold!.
Author: Jim Gigliotti

Bar Code for Football Superstars Album 1998
Illustrated with sixteen full-page photos of such superstars as Barry Sanders, Brett Favre, and Emmitt Smith, this is the supply book for gridiron fans young and old. Includes team and individual rankings of the leading quarterbacks, rushers, kickoff...
Author: Richard J. Brenner

Bar Code for Football Sweetheart
Aimee Freeman is looking forward to the begin of her senior year. She knows her best friend Ella has been keeping secrets from her all summer long, but with football season right about the corner, the student trainer decides not to worry about it—...
Author: Tiffany A White

Bar Code for Football That Won
Using the classic cumulative pattern of This Is the House That Jack Built, The Football that Won takes readers from the kickoff to the winning touchdown of an extremely big game.
Author: Michael Sampson

Bar Code for Football Wars
When the other guys on the team become envious of Gabriel, Andy, and Pik's football abilities, the 3 boys are soon the target of fear and loathing from their own teammates.
Author: Scott Eller

Bar Code for Football watts History Of Sports
Discusses the origins and evolution from the game of football, as well as memorable events and essential personalities in the game's history.
Author: Mark Stewart

Bar Code for Football with Web Access greatest Players
Football with Web Access greatest Players
Author: Megan Kopp / Aaron Carr

Bar Code for Football's Fallen Hero
Football's Fallen Hero
Author: Steven L. Jones / Alan D. Stanley

Bar Code for Football's Fallen Hero: The Jack Trice
Football's Fallen Hero: The Jack Trice
Author: Steven L. Jones

Bar Code for Football's Top 10 Quarterbacks
Who are the best passers in football? What does it take to become a single of football's best ten quarterbacks? Touchdowns. Yardage. Completions. Accuracy. From Johnny Unitas to Peyton Manning, author Barry Wilner has listed the ten greatest quarterbacks (Sammy...
Author: Barry Wilner

Bar Code for Football's Top 10 Running Backs
Lightning-quick moves. Speed. Tenacity. Power. These are just a few of the qualities of football's greatest operating backs. All ten with the players (Jerome Bettis, Jim Brown, Eric Dickerson, Tony Dorsett, Franco Harris, Curtis Martin, Walter Payton, Barry...
Author: Barry Wilner

Bar Code for Football: How It Works
It's fun to watch a high-flying slam dunk, a perfect spiral thrown for a touchdown, or a batter fooled by a hard-breaking curveball. But how are athletes able to perform these moves? From the laws of physics on a skateboard to the effects of weather on...
Author: Agnieszka Biskup

Bar Code for Football: Passing
Football: Passing
Author: Steven Holden

Bar Code for Football: Rules
Learn all about football from its background and player positions to tips on getting involved within the sport. Includes full-color and black-and-white photographs, diagram, glossary, research sources, bibliography, index and author profile. Chapter Book: 4...
Author: Brian Wingate

Bar Code for Freddy Plays Football
That clever pig returns a hero in the gridiron in Freddy Plays Football. And so what if it's all a fluke? Freddy was the best blocker and tackler the Centerboro High School football team had ever seen. In fact, he was so very good on the field the Centerboro...
Author: Walter R. Brooks

Bar Code for Game Changer: Faith
'This game implies a lot to me, and by the grace of God, I'll never lose sight of the privilege it is to play it. '---Kirk Cousins Kirk's book can be a reflection of who he is---not just a football player, but someone who is committed to generating those around...
Author: Kirk Cousins

Bar Code for Get Recruited For A Football Scholarship
Unless your son is within the top 100 – 150 football recruits in the country, you will have to proactive in helping to market your son's football talents to the schools where you think he will be a good fit academically, socially, and athletically....
Author: Athletic Scholarship Info

Bar Code for Get Recruited For A Football Scholarship
With four-year college athletic scholarships very easily being worth tens of thousands of dollars, it is no wonder that several high school football players are competing for them. In today's economy, many families are depending on their son's ability to get...
Author: Athletic Scholarship Info

Bar Code for Greatest Football Records
From Cal Ripkens 2, 632 consecutive games played to the 26 World Series Titles inside the New York Yankees, sports are filled with amazing individual and team records. Explore the details of each achievement with historic photographs and tables of stats.
Author: Dougherty / Terri

Bar Code for Greatest Game Ever Played
1958 NFL championship game is recognized to football fans as the"Greatest Game Ever Played."Featuring gridiron legends like Johnny Unitas, Frank Gifford, and Vince Lombardi, the Game marked the starting of America's infatuation with specialist football....
Author: Phil Bildner

Bar Code for High School Football
black teenager is forced to move to a small town but realizes that with the assist of new friends he may be in a position to leave the negative influences behind and concentrate on football. But element of his past catches up with him. Then temptation, in the forms of...
Author: Paul Swearingen

Bar Code for Home-field Football
Mason is the newest addition for the Clearwater Middle School football team. His new team is nothing at all like his old one. The coach doesn't have much time for practice, the field and equipment are old and worn, and no a single even wants to become quarterback. Can...
Author: Jake Maddox / Thomas Kingsley Troupe

Bar Code for Huddle Up Football
ISBN13: 9780778731696. Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold! . Condition: New.
Author: Bobbie Kalman / John Crossingham

Bar Code for Joe Montana
Nicknamed"Joe Cool"for his ability to remain calm under pressure, Joe Montana's career highlights are staples of NFL highlight films. When Montana retired, his career passing rating was 92. 3, the highest at the time. Despite the fact that his record has since been...
Author: Adam Woog

Bar Code for John Madden's Heroes Of Football
For millions of fans, John Madden's name is synonymous with football. Whether as a Super Bowl-winning coach, an Emmy Award-winning analyst, or the namesake of probably most probably the most popular sports video game of all time, Madden NFL, he has studied the game from every...
Author: John Madden

Bar Code for Kick, Pass, And Run
Rabbit was the first a single to hear it. Duck was the first one to see it. Cat was the first 1 to feel it.
Author: Leonard Kessler

Bar Code for Kickoff
" Hut! Hut! Go long, Tiki! "
Author: Tiki Barber / Ronde Barber

Bar Code for Kids 1ST And 10: Top 10 Lists Of Everything
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Author: Sports Illustrated For Kids

Bar Code for Kids Football Playbook: Games
Enjoy countless hours of fun as you learn all regarding the NFL and its and biggest stars while flexing your thinking muscles in Sports Illustrated Kids' Football Playbook. This is the ultimate activity book for football fans of all ages. You'll be challenged...
Author: Sports Illustrated Kids

Bar Code for Kids Reading Books: The Super Bowl
Do you wish your kids had a fun and easy kid's book about the Super Bowl? This is it. This easy-to-read Super Bowl kids book is suitable for young readers ages 7 to 10. They'll love the cool and interesting facts and the awesome full color photos. You'll...
Author: Lauren Brown

Bar Code for Knights Of The Hill Country
In a little Oklahoma town, one particular star linebacker must decide what form of man he wants to be--both on and off the field. Welcome to Kennisaw--where Friday night high school football ranks right up there with God and country, and sometimes even comes in initial....
Author: Tim Tharp

Bar Code for Little Football
Now even the smallest of fans can enjoy a book about their favorite sport. Rhyming riddles accompanied by colorful artwork aid introduce the game's simplest, most basic elements.
Author: Brad Herzog

Bar Code for Long Arm Quarterback: A New Football
Cap Wadell loves football; unfortunately, living inside a rural town of 1, 223 people makes putting together a team a small difficult. His grandfather suggests that Cap organize a local six-man team and play with other surrounding small towns. Recruiting...
Author: Matt Christopher

Bar Code for Million-dollar Throw
What would you do having a million dollars, if you had been 13?
Author: Mike Lupica

Bar Code for My Big Day At A Michigan State Football
My Big Day at a Michigan State Football Game is the perfect gift book for every small Spartan. What far better way to instill tradition and team spirit than to offer you a child this book and allow them to capture their very own particular day memories. The book creates...
Author: Kelley Gottschang / Michele Meissner

Bar Code for My Daddy Loves Boston College Football
father shares his love of his favorite college football team with his child in this fun board book that tells the tale of rooting for the Boston College Eagles.
Author: Michael Shoule

Bar Code for My Football Book
Football is fun--let's play!
Author: Gail Gibbons

Bar Code for National Football League Playmakers Reader
Get in the game too as the center of the action with Scholastic and the NFL! Level 2 reader featuring short, high impact biographies of six from the NFL's most popular players. The six profiled players are:Tiki Barber. RB, NYMatt Hasselbeck, QB, Sea Ben Roethlisberger,...
Author: Tim Polzer

Bar Code for Nfl Football Abc: My First Alphabet Book
NFL Football ABC is the ultimate alphabet book for each young football fan! A is for action, B is for blocker, C is for center and, of course, S is for Super Bowl! This league edition of our best-selling 'my first alphabet books' attributes each and every team,...
Author: Brad M. Epstein

Bar Code for Nfl Monday Night Football Club: Heavy
When Hilary Heavy Artillery"borrows"her brother Nick's ancient football jersey, she has no notion what's in store. She ends up inside the body of on the list of roughest, toughest players in football--Junior Seau. Back home, Nick has no notion that his sister...
Author: Gordon Korman

Bar Code for Nfl Monday Night Football Club: Running
Elliot Rifkin does not think that his friend actually changed areas with John Elway during Monday Night Football, but when he tries the mysterious football jersey on for himself, he finds himself looking by signifies of the eyes of Barry Sanders. Original....
Author: Gordon Korman

Bar Code for Nfl: Play Football
This how-to book of football skills features easy-to-follow, accessible information about playing America's favorite game. Full-color photography shows kids demonstrating skills,"Pro Tip"boxes illustrate key things players need to know-from putting...
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Pittsburgh Steelers 101
Pittsburgh Steelers 101 is needed reading for every Steelers fan! From The Immaculate Reception and Steely Mc Beam to the six Super Bowl Championships, you'll share all the memories making use of the next generation. Enjoy each of the traditions of your favorite...
Author: Brad M. Epstein

Bar Code for Play Football Like A Pro: Key Skills
Throwing a touchdown pass can be a thrilling experience. But pro players need to understand many other expertise like catching passes, making tackles, and kicking field goals to assist their teams be successful. Work on the skills inside to play football like a...
Author: Matt Doeden

Bar Code for Qb Blitz matt Christopher The #1 Sports
Last season, thirteen-year-old Cal Kelliher was the star quarterback of the middle school football team. The only seventh grader inside a starting line-up of eight graders, he spent the year playing ball and hanging out with all the older boys. Now everything's...
Author: Matt Christopher / Stephanie Peters

Bar Code for Quarterback Sneak
Anton loves playing football until Malik, the talented quarterback, starts acting strange. Rather than operating with the team, Malik is just showing off. Anton has to fix the problem fast, before the quarterback ruins everything!
Author: Jake Maddox

Bar Code for Rivalry: Mystery At The Army-navy
Bestselling writer John Feinstein is back with another exciting sports-mystery, this 1 set behind the scenes at the storied Army-Navy football game. Teen sportswriters Stevie Thomas and Susan Carol Anderson are thrilled to be covering"America's Game....
Author: John Feinstein

Bar Code for Scholastic Ultimate Guide To Football
This action-packed book covers the National Football League from top to bottom, starting to end, inside and outside — like a complete two-page profile of each and each team. Here sports fans will learn who"The Stork"was and why a"snot-bubbler "...
Author: James, Jr. Buckley

Bar Code for Sports Illustrated Kids Full Count: Top
Get every thing you ever wanted to understand about America's pastime in FULL COUNT: TOP 10 LISTS OF EVERYTHING IN BASEBALL. Presented in the format of Top 10 lists, this book is a comprehensive however fun appear in the greatest elements from the game. From the top...
Author: Sports Illustrated Kids

Bar Code for T Is For Touchdown: A Football Alphabet
sounds of autumn incorporate the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot as well as the thump employing the kickoff starting the first house football game. Sleeping Bear Press is proud to continue our bestselling sports series with Tis for Touchdown: A Football Alphabet....
Author: Brad Herzog

Bar Code for Tom Brady: Football Superstar
Did you know that Tom Brady was not chosen till the 199th pick of the 2000 NFL draft? Discover how this amazing high school and college athlete became a three time Super Bowl champion!
Author: Matt Doeden / Matt Scheff

Bar Code for Tony Gonzalez: Catch And Connect
In"Catch and Connect,"Kansas City Chiefs' five-time Pro Bowl tight end Tony Gonzalez shows us that the road to athletic greatness and personal fulfillment is not always a smooth one.
Author: Tony Gonzalez

Bar Code for Top 10 Football Rushers
Top 10 Football Rushers
Author: William W. Lace

Bar Code for Touchdown My Football Book
Try to take this away from a toddler, and prepare to get tackled! Artist David Diehl celebrates gridiron action in a conceptual board book that puts the spotlight on one particular particular football-related word per page. Strikingly designed, with bold graphics and exuberant...
Author: David Diehl

Bar Code for Touchdown Trivia: Secrets
Presents facts and figures in regards to the game of football--past and present, and specifically about professional play inside the NFL.
Author: Bruce Adelson

Bar Code for Ultimate Guide To Pro Football Teams
Touchdown! Teams across the nation have all strived to reach the Super Bowl and football glory. Read about all the greats and the history of your favorite pro football teams.
Author: Shane Gerald Frederick

Bar Code for Underdogs
New York Instances bestseller Mike Lupica tackles football! Will Tyler could not be the largest operating back around, but nobody can touch him with regards to hitting the hole and discovering the end zone. And nobody can match his love of the game. When Will has...
Author: Mike Lupica

Bar Code for Walter Payton: Football's Sweetest Superstar
Walter Payton was arguably the greatest running back in the history of professional football. A star for the Chicago Bears from 1974 to 1987, Payton rushed for a National Football League profession record of 16, 726 yards. Known to football fans everywhere...
Author: Mike Towle

Bar Code for When Human Heads Were Footballs: Surprising
Centuries ago, the English chopped off the head of an invading Viking and decided to kick the factor about just for fun. A new sport had begun! Early basketball games, as played by the Aztecs, permitted hair pulling, kicking, and punching. Wulffson tells...
Author: Don L. Wulffson

Bar Code for World's Strangest Football Stories
Have you heard about the quarterback who threw a successful forward pass -- to himself? Or the NFL star who suffered a career-ending injury -- during the pre-game coin toss?
Author: Rockwell