Product Codes: First Day of School

Bar Code for Adam's Daycare
Adam's Daycare is a day in the life of a preschooler who visits a home daycare run by a loving, ordinary Daycare Diva. When Adam's mother drops him off at daycare, Ina lifts Adam towards the window while he waves and waves until he can't see his mother's car...
Author: Julie Ovenell-Carter

Bar Code for First Days At School: A Cooperative Reader
Eight stories, regarding eight different children's first day at school, are presented in two parts--the first to turn out to be study by an adult, the second, by a kid.
Author: Marion J. Kaminkow

Bar Code for Howie Bowles
How do you make new buddies? It's hard for Howie Bowles when his family moves to a new town -- what if the kids at school don't like him?"Just be yourself"is his mother's advice, but wouldn't it be much less complicated to turn into somebody else? Howie doesn't plan on making...
Author: Kate Banks

Bar Code for J Is For Jeanette
J Is For Jeanette
Author: Dorcas R Mast

Bar Code for Kevin Goes To School
Introducing Kevin. Four sturdy books and four active adventures explain, comfort and make less scary four crucial moments in a toddler's life.
Author: Liesbet Slegers

Bar Code for Let's Go To School
Although she is a little scared, Kim enjoys her first day of school.
Author: Michelle Petty

Bar Code for Little Hippo's New School
Little Hippo learns to be independent and make new pals on his first day of school.
Author: Harriet Ziefert

Bar Code for Little Miss Spider At Sunny Patch School
Sunny Patch School Was the best place to go To study the lessons All bugs ought to know. When the first day of school arrives, Little Miss Spider is practically beside herself with excitement. She gobbles her breakfast (" a fresh flower plate ") and runs all...
Author: David Kirk

Bar Code for Meet The Barkers: Morgan And Moffat Go
Morgan and Moffat, the Barker twins, are excited for school to start. Once there, Moffie sets out to earn as numerous gold stars as possible, whilst the a lot more laid-back Morgie quietly goes about making firm friends having several classmates. But right after a couple of days,...
Author: Tomie De Paola

Bar Code for Playschool
Author: Alan Snow