Product Codes: Dinosaur books for Kids

Bar Code for Attack Of The Tyrannosaurus
new series for dino-loving adventurers! Tom and Jamie can't believe their luck once they find a secret entrance to a prehistoric world filled with dinosaurs! The first dinosaur they meet might be a friendly wannanosaurus. It eats the fruit from super-stinky...
Author: Rex Stone

Bar Code for Berenstain Bears' Dinosaur Dig
When Brother and Sister visit the Bearsonian Museum, they luck out. A real dinosaur dig is taking spot! What sort of fossils will they find? A Stegosaurus? A Spinosaurus? The mighty Tyrannosaurus rex? Dig in with the Berenstain Bears and find out!
Author: Jan Berenstain / Mike Berenstain

Bar Code for Big Book Of Dinosaurs
first book of dinosaurs for young kids.
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Big Box Of Boynton: Barnyard Dance Pajama
What a perfect gift. Perfect for baby showers. Irresistible for a newborn, or for a one-, two-, even a three-year-old's birthday. Ideal as a set that grandparents, aunts and uncles, in-laws, and close personal buddies from the baby (babies have close personal...
Author: Sandra Boynton

Bar Code for Children's Book: Daring Dinosaurs Learn
Do your kids like Dinosaurs? Great! We love them too. Do your kids want or need to understand how to read? Wonderful! This book is jam packed with over 45+ Different Dinosaur Photos With Dinosaur Information. *** Surprise Added Bonus: Get An Online and Offline...
Author: Monica Molina

Bar Code for Danny And The Dinosaur
Danny loves dinosaurs. When he sees 1 at the museun and says,"It would be nice to play with a dinosaur,"a voice answers,"And I believe it would be nice to play with you."So begins Dannys and the dinosaur's wonderful adventure together!
Author: Syd Hoff

Bar Code for Digging Up Dinosaurs
How did those enormous dinosaur skeletons get inside the museum?
Author: Aliki

Bar Code for Dinosaur A-z: For Kids Who Really Love
Ideal for children aged 3 years and up. -Features 26 one-of-a-find dinosaur models from Allosaurus to Zephyrosaurus specially commissioned from authorities in the field.
Author: Roger Priddy

Bar Code for Dinosaur Abc Coloring Book
Illustrator Llyn Hunter has dramatically rendered the Stegosaurus, Iguanodon, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus, and 24 more prehistoric beasts as they could have appeared in their natural habitats millions of years ago. Young amateur paleontologists...
Author: Llyn Hunter / Coloring Books / Dinosaurs

Bar Code for Dinosaur Alphabet: Learn Abcs With Rex
Amazon. com Bestseller! Learn Alphabet through this Dinosaurs ABC Picture Book. The concept for this Dinosaurs ABC book is:A is for. PictureDinosaur nameHow to pronounce the dinosaur nameThen we move on to:B is for. Your children will learn the best way to pronounce...
Author: Steve Smith

Bar Code for Dinosaur Bedtime: Numbers
****Bestselling Dinosaur Book*****Watch a Trailer for Dinosaur Bedtime Now Click on L. L. Garcia's Author profile to view it"But wait, wait, wait Mommy! Just one more factor."Little Max will do anything to preserve from going to bed. He'll rattle off every single...
Author: Luis C. Lewis

Bar Code for Dinosaur Bob And His Adventures
Proclaimed"1 of the most adorable of dinos"by The New York Times, Bob is grander and greener than ever inside a definitive new edition of contemporary picture book classic. This deluxe volume attributes seven new illustrations, an additional adventure, along with a song (" The...
Author: William Joyce

Bar Code for Dinosaur Bones
With a lively rhyming text and vibrant paper collage illustrations, author-artist Bob Barner shakes the dust off the dinosaur bones found in museums and reminds us that they once belonged to living, breathing creatures. Filled with fun dinosaur facts...
Author: Bob Barner

Bar Code for Dinosaur Books For Kids: The Menacing
Dinosaur books for kids are often filled with boring facts and words that even some adults have no notion how to pronounce. It may come as no surprise to you to hear that the dinosaur books for youngsters which can be most popular are the simple dinosaur picture...
Author: Dino Detective

Bar Code for Dinosaur Books For Kids: The Peaceful
Dinosaur books for kids are frequently filled with boring facts and words that even some adults have no concept how to pronounce. It may come as no surprise to you to hear that the dinosaur books for children that are most popular are the simple dinosaur picture...
Author: The Dino Detective

Bar Code for Dinosaur Campout
great summer 8 x 8! The Pteranodon family is going on a campout! This adorable 8 x 8 is perfect for a first camping trip or night away from home.

Bar Code for Dinosaur Coloring Book
Forty-five drawings, superbly rendered for coloring, of Archaeopteryx, Stegosaurus, Archelon, Tyrannosaurus — biggest and fiercest carnivore ever to walk the earth — Pteranodon, Oviraptor, Triceratops, Gorgosaurus, Plateosaurus, Styracosaurus,...
Author: Anthony Rao

Bar Code for Dinosaur Cove #2: Charge Of The Triceratops
new series for dino-loving adventurers! Tom and Jamie can't believe their luck once they find a secret entrance to a prehistoric globe filled with dinosaurs! The boys return for the dinosaur world looking for adventure. But they get a little over...
Author: Rex Stone

Bar Code for Dinosaur Cove #7: Saving The Stegosaurus
perfect series for dino-loving adventurers! When the boys return to Dino World this time, every thing is different. The trees, the landscape, it's almost like they've gone to an additional place. But that's not it-it's one more time! Tom and Jamie happen to be...
Author: Rex Stone

Bar Code for Dinosaur Dig
first title from Nosy Crow, a new imprint of Candlewick Press! Dinosaur Dig! has everything that boys love -- diggers, dinosaurs, and dirt -- plus a bit of counting thrown in for good measure. Bursting with energy, noise, along with a splashy, surprising...
Author: Penny Dale

Bar Code for Dinosaur dk Eyewitness Books
most trusted nonfiction series on the market, Eyewitness Books offer an in-depth, comprehensive look at their subjects utilizing a distinctive integration of words and images. Packed with actual dinosaur fossils, this brand-new title replaces the long-running...
Author: David Lambert

Bar Code for Dinosaur Games
In a Dystopian future where High Schooldrop outs are forced to turn into Gladiators at the school of R. A. P. T. O. R. (Republic's Academy Predator Training Objective Rehabilitation) riding ferociousdinosaurs in combat and fighting for their freedom, Jack...
Author: Christopher Gordon

Bar Code for Dinosaur Hunters
Less than 200 years ago, nobody knew that dinosaurs had ever existed. Now, scientists who study fossils know about many types of dinosaurs and exactly where they lived. The hunt is on for new facts about our favorite prehistoric reptiles!
Author: Kate McMullan

Bar Code for Dinosaur Kisses
WHOMP! An energetic young dinosaur figures out her personal way to give a kiss in the latest from the creator using the Caldecott Honor– winning Interrupting Chicken. For newly hatched dinosaur Dinah, the world is an exciting place. There is so much to...
Author: David Ezra Stein

Bar Code for Dinosaur Mazes
Transport kids back to the age of reptiles with 46 challenging mazes.   They'll encounter the long-necked Apatosaurus, the flying Archaeopteryx, and also the sea-dwelling Aspidorhynchus as well as Iguanodon, Protoceratops, Barosaurus, along with other dinosaurs....
Author: Patricia J. Wynne

Bar Code for Dinosaur Museum: An Unforgettable
Young, eager paleontologists wanted. Apply inside. We need YOUR expertise! So step inside The Dinosaur Museum, the book exactly where kids get to act like paleontologists. This amazing volume gives readers a behind-the-scenes peek at a museum, with an interactive...
Author: National Geographic Society

Bar Code for Dinosaur Pet
Some kids have puppies. Other children have cats. But in this entertaining new picture book and CD by multi-Grammy winner Neil Sedaka, his son Marc Sedaka, and New York Times best-selling illustrator Tim Bowers, a tiny boy cherishes a thing even bigger...
Author: Neil Sedaka / Marc Sedaka

Bar Code for Dinosaur Quiz Book
Please Note: The Kindle version of this book is interactive. The reader will select an answer and is going to be taken to a page to see if that answer is correct. The paperback version has the question using a selection of answers on one page and the reader will...
Author: Daniel Mathis

Bar Code for Dinosaur Record Breakers: Awesome Dinosaur
Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for millions of years— and they nevertheless rule the record books! That's considering that they had to turn into extreme to survive in those prehistoric days. So meet the creatures that have never been equaled: Amphicoelias, who outsized all...
Author: Dr. Darren Naish

Bar Code for Dinosaur Roar
Dinosaurs of every single shape and size race, roar, and stomp by way of this colorful book of opposites. And where are all these silly-looking creatures off to? A dinosaur picnic, of course! These prehistoric pranksters and also the simple, playful rhymes that accompany...
Author: Paul Stickland / Henrietta Stickland

Bar Code for Dinosaur Tooth Fairy
It's the comeback from the millennium for a Tooth Fairy whose last collection was in the Mesozoic era! The Dinosaur Tooth Fairy lives inside the Museum, where she polishes her giant tooth collection and remembers the excellent old days. But when a small girl with...
Author: Martha Brockenbrough

Bar Code for Dinosaur Train
Have your tickets ready for essentially the most exciting ride of your life on the Dinosaur Train!
Author: John Steven Gurney

Bar Code for Dinosaur Train All Aboard
This train takes kids on a prehistoric voyage with Buddy and his adoptive Pteranodon family!
Author: Dinosaur Train

Bar Code for Dinosaur Train Lift-the-flap Let's Go
Dinosaur Train, an exciting new kids' show, paired with the best-selling lift-the-flap format means dino-sized fun! Over 40 flaps to lift!
Author: Dinosaur Train / Lori C. Froeb

Bar Code for Dinosaur Train: All Aboard
Jim Henson s Dinosaur Train Sound Book introduces children to Buddy the T. rex, his family and friends, and the amazing Dinosaur Train. Designed for youngsters ages 3 and older, the interactive storybook features seven buttons that animate the story with...
Author: Editors of Publications International Ltd . / Mark Rader

Bar Code for Dinosaur Train: Hey
Get ready to go on an amazing ride with Buddy and his dinosaur friends. This book has lots of pages to color and a lot much more than 50 stickers. Kids will have hours of fun with their favorite characters from the new hit PBS television series Dinosaur Train.
Author: Mona Miller

Bar Code for Dinosaur Train: Triceratops For Lunch
Triceratops are coming over for lunch. Do you serve them plants or fish? That's what Buddy and his dinosaur siblings need to figure out before Tank and Trudie Triceratops arrive in the train station. This Little Golden Book retells an episode from the...
Author: Golden Books

Bar Code for Dinosaur Vs. Bedtime
Roaaaar!   Roaar!   Nothing can stop me! Nothing can stop little dinosaur — not talking grownups, spaghetti, or even bath time. But what happens when he faces the greatest challenge of all… bedtime?     With  spare...
Author: Bob Shea

Bar Code for Dinosaur Vs. The Potty
Dinosaur doesn't need to make use of the potty. Even when he's making lemonade, operating by way of the sprinkler, having a 3 juice box lunch, and splashing in rain puddles. See? He's doing his victory dance. Wait. that's not a victory dance, that looks like...
Author: Bob Shea

Bar Code for Dinosaur Zoom
dinosaurs are back and this time they're revving, roaring, and racing. to a dinosaur birthday party! Bursting with dinosaurs and vehicles of all shapes and sizes and employing a delicious surprise ending, this is guaranteed to bring a smile for the faces...
Author: Penny Dale

Bar Code for Dinosaur's Binkit
Listen! Look! Touch! Giggle!
Author: Sandra Boynton

Bar Code for Dinosaurs
Nonfiction master Gail Gibbons explores the age of the dinosaurs in her best new book yet, written specifically for the actually young reader. A giant meteor blasts an enormous crater into Earth's surface, causing the finish of what scientists call the Age of...
Author: Gail Gibbons

Bar Code for Dinosaurs
Youngsters learn about 30 of nature's most awesome predators in this entertaining and educational coloring book. Easy-to-read captions, in addition to the dinosaur's name and its phoneticized spelling, accompany pictures of apatosaurus, tyrannosaurus, stegosaurus,...
Author: Anna Pomaska / Coloring Books / Dinosaurs

Bar Code for Dinosaurs
INSIDERS -- a visually groundbreaking, state-of-the-art nonfiction series that outshines Eyewitness and Discoveries. This stunning new series delivers an inside look into twelve riveting subjects, starting with Dinosaurs, Egypt, Oceans, and Space. Expertly...
Author: John Long

Bar Code for Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs are on the loose! But don't worry--they are here to help your child practice math and reading skills. Little learners will have loads of fun as they complete puzzles, mazes, hidden pictures, dot-to-dots, and also other activities. This book is the...

Bar Code for Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs! A prehistoric touch-and-feel book! Dinosaurs are adored by the toddler set and this multiple touch-and-feel novelty book will place these ancient creatures directly into young reader's hands. Now dino fans everywhere can explore this colorful...
Author: Jeffrey Burton

Bar Code for Dinosaurs
Take a journey by implies of the prehistoric planet and trace the evolution with each and each of the most astonishing creatures ever to have walked the earth. Over 170 superbly detailed computer-generated illustrations give a stunning visual catalogue of dinosaurs, bringing...
Author: Steve Brusatte / Michael Benton

Bar Code for Dinosaurs
Author: Howard Zimmerman

Bar Code for Dinosaurs
prehistoric forest is alive with noise! Herds of duck-billed dinosaurs are honking and braying at each other while smaller plant-eating dinosaurs are grunting and rustling inside the bushes. Then all of a sudden — ROAR — it's the terrifying...
Author: Maurice Pledger

Bar Code for Dinosaurs - Fascinating Facts And 101
This valuable and beautiful book is the operate of two animal lovers — James F. Coleman is really a zoologist along with all of the author of numerous books on prehistoric animals; Arthur Lobus is an illustrator of many popular encyclopaedias and books relating to the animal kingdom....
Author: Ben Torrent (Writer) / James F. Coleman (Scientific Consultant)

Bar Code for Dinosaurs - Incredible Pictures And Fun
Discover the Amazing World of DinosaursCan kids learn and have fun at precisely the same time? Of course! Learning about our world could be an exciting and informational journey. Travel along this path with me and enjoy this interactive knowledge! The book consists of...
Author: Angela Daniels

Bar Code for Dinosaurs By Design
Everyone wants to know about dinosaurs! Dinosaurs by Design takes you in to the exciting world of dinosaurs to find out what they had been really like. Discover how fossils are formed, dug up, and assembled for museums. Travel with all of the dinosaurs as they board...
Author: Duane T. Gish

Bar Code for Dinosaurs Coloring Book
Based on the most-up-to-date information available, this awe-inspiring collection attributes all the popular dinosaurs —   plus recent discoveries! Includes 30 highly detailed drawings from the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Iguanodon,...
Author: Jan Sovak / Coloring Books / Dinosaurs

Bar Code for Dinosaurs Divorce
Dinosaurs Divorce Will Help you Understand: * Divorce Words and What They Mean * Why Parents Divorce * What About You? * After the Divorce * Living with One Parent * Visiting Your Parent * Having Two Homes * Celebrating Holidays and Special Occasions...
Author: Marc Brown / Laurie Krasny Brown

Bar Code for Dinosaurs For Kids
Peek inside a dinosaur egg, discover what dinosaurs really ate, and learn how dinosaur tracks are created - all in this awesomely-illustrated book!
Author: Ken Ham

Bar Code for Dinosaurs Galore
" As the sun lights the horizon, and the mist begins to clear, what shapes do you begin to see; what noises do you hear? Perhaps you'll see a swishing tail, enormous footprints, or a beak. I think I heard a distant roar… and did you hear some factor shriek? ...
Author: Giles Andreae

Bar Code for Dinosaurs Learn About Dinosaurs And Enjoy
Are your kids considering Dinosaurs? Awesome! You have identified the right book. Help your young children learn a lot more about dinosaurs today by reading this book. Here is what is included inside"Dinosaurs! Learn About Dinosaurs and Enjoy Colorful Pictures –...
Author: Becky Wolff

Bar Code for Dinosaurs Love Underpants
mystery of dinosaur extinction is solved! Scientists have plenty of theories about why dinosaurs are extinct, but the UK's bestselling authorillustrator team of Claire Freedman and Ben Cort knows the genuine answer: The dinos had been wiped out in an Underpants...
Author: Claire Freedman

Bar Code for Dinosaurs Of Waterhouse Hawkins
" Can you fathom a time when almost nobody in the world knew what a dinosaur looked like?"Barbara Kerley and Brian Selznick can--and it was a time when people employed words like"fathom"a lot, about 150 years ago. This author-illustrator team became authorities...
Author: Barbara Kerley

Bar Code for Dinosaurs Picture Book For Kids: Prehistoric
Being totally in love with all animals usually and with pre-historic creatures like dinosaurs in particular, Maya Lee Shye has just developed a picture book that she intended for young children of all ages but specifically for middle schoolers who are between...
Author: Maya Lee Shye

Bar Code for Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs
lengthy time ago there were dinosaurs. Big dinosaurs and modest dinosaurs. Dinosaurs with horns on their heads or spikes down their backs. Dinosaurs with long, long necks and long, extended tails.
Author: Byron Barton

Bar Code for Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs And More Dinosaurs:
Hi and a incredibly warm welcome to"Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs and More Dinosaurs: Volume 1. I'm one particular of those people who loves to hear about extraordinary facts or trivia about anything. They seem to be on the list of handful of things my memory can actually recall. I'm not...
Author: Matthew Harper

Bar Code for Dinosaurs: A Visual Encyclopedia
This latest edition in a range of super successful DK encyclopedias for young kids attributes hundreds of photographs and computer generated images bringing extinct animals back to life in this visual celebration of early life on Earth. Authoritative yet...
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Dinosaurs: Amazing Pictures And Fun Facts
Bestselling children's author Kay de Silva presents “ Dinosaurs”. The book utilizes captivating illustrations and carefully chosen words to teach children about"The Great Lizards”. This series is recognized as one distinct with each of the most beautiful on the...
Author: Kay de Silva

Bar Code for Dinosaurs: The Complete Guide For Beginners
Just thinking about dinosaurs is adequate to make your imagination run wild. Join us for a journey of 100 million years--a journey from the Triassic to the Jurassic--where you'll encounter dinosaurs from all about the globe. Complete with fun facts and...
Author: Shannon Hale / Wonderful World Press

Bar Code for Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia: Supplement
This reference function could be the seventh supplement to Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia (a 1998 American Library Association Outstanding Reference Book) and follows the intent and format in the encyclopedia and previous supplements. This supplement, as did its predecessors,...
Author: Donald F. Glut

Bar Code for Dinosaurs: The Most Complete
WRITTEN BY A PROFESSIONAL paleontologist specifically for young readers, this guide towards the Dinosauria is packed with enough detail andinsider information to satisfy even die-hard dinophiles! The text consists of brief entries on all 800+"named"species...
Author: Dr. Thomas R. Holtz Jr.

Bar Code for Dinosaurus: The Complete Guide To Dinosaurs
" Magnificent in its breadth and illustration."-- Booklist
Author: Steve Parker

Bar Code for Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs :
From renowned pop-up masters Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart comes an awe-inspiring tribute to the world's most beloved extinct animals and their 180-million-year reign on our planet. Open this book along with a enormous T. REX springs out, flashing a startling...
Author: Robert Sabuda / Matthew Reinhart

Bar Code for First Dinosaur Encyclopedia
From the first sea mammals to fierce dinosaurs, this inspiring reference book takes kids on a fantastic journey into the prehistoric planet.
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Goldilocks And The Three Dinosaurs:
Once upon a time, there were 3 hungry Dinosaurs: Papa Dinosaur, Mama Dinosaur. and a Dinosaur who happened to develop to be visiting from Norway.
Author: Mo Willems

Bar Code for Harry And The Bucketful Of Dinosaurs
Harry finds some old dinosaurs in his Grandma's attic. He cleans them up and makes them his own, carefully (and accurately) naming each a single. Harry and his dinosaurs go everywhere together. But 1 day, after an exciting train ride, Harry accidentally...
Author: Ian Whybrow

Bar Code for Have You Seen My Dinosaur
How do you find a missing dinosaur who's huge and green and likes to roar? When a little boy's dinosaur decides to play hide-and-seek, he is surprisingly challenging to track down. Veteran illustrator Joe Mathieu's dinomite illustrations and Jon Surgal's...
Author: Jon Surgal

Bar Code for How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Room
bestselling, award-winning team of Yolen and Teague present their second original dinosaur board book, a playful"how-to"tale about making a mess and then cleaning it up. Come along for some BIG fun as your favorite dinosaurs learn to pick up and...
Author: Jane Yolen

Bar Code for How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food
bestselling, award-winning team of Yolen and Teague are back with yet another playful tale about how dinosaurs behave at mealtime. FORMAT: Paperback book and CDNARRATOR: Jane Yolen Just like kids, dinosaurs have a difficult time learning to behave at...
Author: Jane Yolen

Bar Code for How Do Dinosaurs Go To School
bestselling, award-winning team of Yolen and Teague are back with another dinosaur tale--a fourth full-length picture book about how dinosaurs behave at school. Everyone's favorite dinosaurs are back--and this time they are going to school. More fun...
Author: Jane Yolen

Bar Code for How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs
Dogs are a dinosaur's best friend! Anyone who loves dogs will be highly entertained when America's favorite little dinosaurs learn the best way to look after their muddy pups and handsome hounds. From bathing and feeding to walking and tossing balls, riotous...
Author: Jane Yolen

Bar Code for How Do Dinosaurs Play With Their Friends
bestselling, award-winning team of Yolen and Teague present their fourth original dinosaur board book, a fun guide to friendship and playing nicely with others. What if a dinosaur's friends come to play? Does he mope, does he pout if he can't get...
Author: Jane Yolen

Bar Code for How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight
Internationally acclaimed author Jane Yolen composes a playful bedtime book about young dinosaurs. Format: Paperback book and CDIn a number of straightforward lines of verse on each spread, fathers and mothers are ready to put their youngsters to bed. But in this book,...
Author: Jane Yolen

Bar Code for How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday
Surprise! Our bestselling little dinosaurs are back for a BIG birthday celebration! Everyone has a birthday, and from riotous birthday parties to the excitement of being a single year older, getting a birthday might be the highlight of a young child's year. All small...
Author: Jane Yolen

Bar Code for How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You
With much more than 7 million copies sold, everybody's favorite bestselling dinosaurs are back to say:"I love you,"in a VERY big way! Parents and children can never have adequate methods to say"I love you"--and now, America's favorite dinosaurs are giving families...
Author: Jane Yolen

Bar Code for How Do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas
Ho! Ho! Ho! With a lot more than 9 million books in print, America's favorite dinosaurs can't wait to celebrate Christmas! From decorating the tree to wrapping presents, little dinosaurs love to celebrate Christmas-and everything about it. With ornaments on...
Author: Jane Yolen

Bar Code for Magic School Bus In The Time
To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Scholastic is re-releasing the ten original Magic School Bus titles in paperback. With updated scientific information, the bestselling science series ever is back! The classroom is decorated as Dinosaur Land, but Ms....
Author: Joanna Cole / Bruce Degen

Bar Code for Magic Tree House Boxed Set
Get ready for a world of adventure with all the 1st 4 titles in the beloved Magic Tree House series! Jack and his little sister Annie are just two normal kids from Frog Creek, Pennsylvania. Then they discover a mysterious tree residence packed with all...
Author: Mary Pope Osborne

Bar Code for My Big Dinosaur Book
Author: Roger Priddy

Bar Code for My Dinosaur Is Scared Of Vegetables
New Finest Seller If you like stories by Maurice Sendak, Jon Klassen, Dr Seuss and P D Eastman then you will love this beautiful tale told by Lily Lexington in her debut children's story. Follow Jack and his cute dinosaur friend in his quest to stay away from...
Author: Lily Lexington

Bar Code for My First Dinosaur Board Book
colorful initial dinosaur book complete of fierce hunters, giant meat eaters, slow leaf eaters, and speedy runners. DK proudly reintroduces 10 favorite board books from the beloved My First series, all with beautifully redesigned covers for a fresh new appear....
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for My T-rex Has A Toothache
Inspired  by  classic  picture books like  Where the Wild Issues Are  by Maurice Sendak,   The Cat inside the Hat  by Dr Seuss   and  Leonardo the Terrible Monster  by  Mo Willems.   My T-Rex has...
Author: Elwyn Tate

Bar Code for My Visit To The Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs are extinct now, but you can visit dinosaur skeletons in a museum. There you will meet Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Diplodocus and learn how they ruled the earth millions of years ago. You'll see dinosaurs with more than 1, 000 teeth, dinosaurs...
Author: Aliki

Bar Code for National Geographic Dinosaurs
Here is everything young readers want to understand about dinosaurs and their world— in 1 magnificently illustrated, up-to-date family members reference. Through dramatic graphics and age-appropriate text, this authoritative volume charts the discovery of all...
Author: Paul Barrett

Bar Code for National Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinopedia:
In the crowded field of dinosaur books, this really is the extremely initial to provide youngsters ages 7 to 10— those at the height of their enthusiasm for the prehistoric giants— complete coverage of all of the known dinosaurs. Don Lessem, author of more than...
Author: Don Lessem

Bar Code for National Geographic Little Kids First
third title in National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book series, this book is for kids 4- to 8-years-old who LOVE dinos! The prehistoric world comes alive with dinosaurs small, big, giant, and gigantic, with stunning illustrations by Franco Tempesta—...
Author: Catherine D. Hughes

Bar Code for National Geographic Little Kids First
Linking to a well-liked feature in the super successful National Geographic Little Kids magazine, this book brings the browsable fun of the bestselling National Geographic Kids Almanac, to a new audience: preschoolers! Using an interactive question-and-answer...
Author: Amy Shields

Bar Code for National Geographic Readers: Dinosaurs
There's absolutely nothing more fascinating than dinosaurs. In this Level 1 reader, youngsters learn all in regards to the terrifying giants that once roamed the Earth — maybe even as close as their very personal backyard! They'll be wowed by new information and eye-popping...
Author: Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld

Bar Code for Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs
Sunbathing dinosaurs and artistic dinosaurs, dancing dinosaurs and volleyball-playing dinosaurs make learning opposites fun! From Boynton on Board, the bestselling series of extra-big, extra-fat, extra-appealing board books, Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs! ...
Author: Sandra Boynton

Bar Code for Oh, Say Can You Say Di-no-saur
Cat in the Hat tends to make another surprise appearance at Dick and Sally's house--only this time he tends to make his entrance riding atop a brachiosaurus! Soon, he's off, in addition to Dick and Sally, millions of years back in time to view how fossils had been developed....
Author: Bonnie Worth

Bar Code for Saturday Night At The Dinosaur Stomp
" Doo-bop-a-loo-bop!"In this rollicking romp by way of a prehistoric weekend, dinosaurs frolic and caper the night away. After some initial early evening shuffling shyness, these party animals are ready to get down, doing the Triassic Twist and the Brontosaurus...
Author: Carol Diggory Shields

Bar Code for Ten Terrible Dinosaurs
Join this wild bunch of stomping, romping dinosaurs as they dance and roar across the pages. One by one they leave the scene till there is only 1 sleepy dinosaur left. Paul Stickland's brightly colored dinosaurs and fun, rhyming text are the perfect...
Author: Paul Stickland

Bar Code for Ultimate Sticker Book: Dinosaur
DK presents exciting new covers for 13 of your favorite Ultimate Sticker Books: Animal, Baby Animal, Ballet, Bug, Bulldozer, Dangerous Dinosaurs, Dinosaur, Ancient Egypt, Farm, Pony, Shark and Whale, Space, and Truck. Annotated with factual information,...
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Visual Encyclopedia Of Dinosaurs
With more than 1, 000 full-color photographs, diagrams, charts, cutaway drawings, and detailed illustrations in each book, DK¹ s Visual Encyclopedias cover everything you¹ ve ever wanted to understand about animals, dinosaurs, and science.
Author: DK Publishing