Product Codes: Boat and Ship Books for Kids

Bar Code for 10 Most Unforgettable Shipwrecks
10 Most Unforgettable Shipwrecks
Author: Anita Griffith

Bar Code for 882 1/2 Amazing Answers To Your Questions
Reissued for Spring 2012 to coincide with all the anniversary with all the sinking of the TITANIC in April 1912. Here is the one book with all the answers to your questions about the TITANIC! This may possibly be the heart-stopping story in regards to the legendary ship--from the...
Author: Hugh Brewster / Laurie Coulter

Bar Code for Across The Wide Ocean: The Why
turtle, a shark, a whale, a submarine, a container ship, plus a sailboat named Rosita.
Author: Karen Romano Young

Bar Code for Aircraft Carriers
Get the dirt on the mightiest machines in town! Simple text and large, dynamic photographs put young readers in the driver's seat of these enormous, powerful machines.
Author: Matt Doeden

Bar Code for All Stations Distress : April 15
" UNSINKABLE"MEETS THE UNTHINKABLE -- A gripping acount from the ill-fated maiden voyage of the Titanic.
Author: Don Brown

Bar Code for Amazing Impossible Erie Canal
Folks didn't think that a canal connecting the Hudson River with the Excellent Lakes could ever be built. But a young Politician, De Witt Clinton, had vision. He knew"Clinton's Ditch"was more than possible: It was a necessary way to link East Coast ports...
Author: Cheryl Harness

Bar Code for Arabella
Matthew looked at the Arabella. She had tall slim masts and sails set to catch the wind, a polished wooden deck that shone like glass and a painted Lady carved on her bow. She perched on Grandpa's windowsill as if she was ready to fly - a small, perfect...
Author: Wendy Orr

Bar Code for Awakening The Dragon: The Dragon Boat
In ancient times, the Chinese saw the dragon as both a protector and a threat, in a position to bring on rain or cause droughts. To honor this effective creature, people created extended narrow boats that they raced in an annual rainmaking festival. From the wearing...
Author: Arlene Chan

Bar Code for Blizzard Of Glass: The Halifax Explosion
On December 6, 1917 two ships collided in Halifax Harbour. One ship was loaded top to bottom with munitions and 1 held relief supplies, both intended for wartorn Europe. The resulting blast flattened two towns, Halifax and Dartmouth, and killed almost...
Author: Sally M Walker

Bar Code for Boat Alphabet Book
Jerry Pallotta functions boats and ships, from the gigantic aircraft carrier to the one-person kayak. With characteristic wit and humor, he explains basic nautical terms like hull, bow, and stern, while introducing more challenging topics, like the...
Author: Jerry Pallotta

Bar Code for Boat Book
Introduces many kinds of boats and ships, such as rowboats, canoes, sailboats, speedboats, cruise ships, submarines, tugboats, and tankers.
Author: Gail Gibbons

Bar Code for Boat Works
Uses the very same signature format and style as the series' previous titles. The question"What boat am I?"and a linked written clue invites kids to lift the first portion with the folded page to reveal an additional clue and a lot more with the featured boat, and then...
Author: Tom Slaughter

Bar Code for Boats Board Book
Fishing boats and ferryboats. Sailboats and tugs. Boats on the water. Come aboard.
Author: Byron Barton

Bar Code for Boats picture s
Depicts boats and ships of varying sizes and uses.
Author: Anne Rockwell

Bar Code for Boats step-into-reading
There are big boats, small boats, old boats, and new boats--all kinds of boats. The youngest of readers will enjoy this fun, rhyming Early Step into Reading book filled with boats.
Author: Shana Corey

Bar Code for Busy Boats
Sail boats, row boats, ferry boats and speedboats: find them all and discover how they function in this fun-filled picture book. Then take a cruise on an ocean liner, crewed by our favorite animal characters, in a jolly rhyming journey.
Author: Tony Mitton / Ant Parker

Bar Code for Can You Survive The Titanic ; An Interactive
You are a passenger on probably the most spectacular ocean liner ever built the Titanic. When the ship hits an iceberg and begins to sink, its going to take more than luck to survive. Will you, Try to conserve lives as a member of the ships medical crew? Protect the...
Author: Allison Louise Lassieur

Bar Code for Civil War Sub: The Mystery Of The Hunley
In 1864, for the duration of the Civil War, the C. S. S. Hunley became the first submarine in the world to sink an enemy ship. The Hunley and its crew mysteriously vanished. What happened on that cold winter night? After more than a century, scientists finally have some...
Author: Kate Boehm Jerome

Bar Code for Close To The Wind: The Beaufort Scale
In 1810, a British naval officer and surveyor named Francis Beaufort developed a scale to give sailors a common language for describing the wind. From 0 (calm) to 12 (hurricane) , stunning artwork and jaunty prose show what life at sea need to have been like...
Author: Peter Malone

Bar Code for Dk Eyewitness Books: Shipwreck
Dk Eyewitness Books: Shipwreck
Author: Richard Platt

Bar Code for Dk Readers: Disasters At Sea
From fog, ice, and rocks to cannon fire and torpedo attacks--read the story of five doomed sea voyages too because the fate of individuals that took part in them. The 48-page Level 3 books, developed for kids who can read on their own, include more complicated sentence...
Author: Andrew Donkin

Bar Code for Dk Readers: Submarines And Submersibles
Each and every book in the DK Readers series is specially crafted to suit the interests and learning stages of beginning readers. Submarines and Submersibles follows a team of scientists down to the ocean's depths inside a vivid introduction for the globe of underwater...
Author: Deborah Lock

Bar Code for Dk Readers: Survivors
Will Tate and his family set sail for America. But they are on board the Titanic, the"unsinkable"ship, which is heading for disaster! Longer sentences and an expanded vocabulary make this series of 48-page books slightly much more challenging: Level 2 is...
Author: Caryn Jenner

Bar Code for Dk Readers: Titanic: The Disaster
DK Readers now have a fresh new look featuring redesigned jackets and interiors, and up-to-date vocabulary all through! Stunning photographs combine with lively illustrations and engaging age-appropriate stories in DK Readers, a multi-level reading program...
Author: Mark Dubowski

Bar Code for Edmund Fitzgerald: Song Of The Bell
Leaving port from Superior, Wisconsin on a sunny November day, the crew with all of the Edmund Fitzgerald is looking forward to a routine crossing of deep Lake Superior. Heading for a port in Cleveland, the giant transport ship is loaded with ore that will likely be...
Author: Kathy-Jo Wargin

Bar Code for Explore Titanic: Breathtaking New Pictures
Boys and girls will be enthralled by this dramatic pictorial history in the great ocean liner R. M. S. Titanic, and its fateful sinking inside the North Atlantic. Approximately 125 images and illustrations in color and black and white--including 12 astonishing...
Author: Peter Chrisp

Bar Code for Exploring The Titanic: How The Great
For years, folks everywhere have been fascinated by the Titanic tragedy. On September 1, 1985, s famous shipwreck--13, 000 feet beneath the sea."Captures the drama of both the night in the sinking as appropriately. as the discovery in the great ship. Stunning "....
Author: Robert D. Ballard

Bar Code for Eyewitness: Boat
Discover the story of boats and ships -- from dugout canoes to yachts and supertankers.
Author: Eric Kentley

Bar Code for Finding The Titanic
story in the Titanic proper up to its rediscovery is told for far more advanced, independent young readers by the man who discovered the great sunken ship.
Author: Robert D. Ballard

Bar Code for Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures
John J. Harvey fireboat was the largest, fastest, shiniest fireboatof its time, but by 1995, the city didn't need old fireboats anymore. So the Harvey retired, until a group of friends decided to save it from the scrap heap. Then, one sunny September...
Author: Maira Kalman

Bar Code for Giraffe That Walked To Paris
Here is the beguiling true story of the first giraffe ever to reside in Europe. The year was 1826, and the giraffe belonged towards the pasha of Egypt, who decided to supply her as a gift towards the king of France. The giraffe journeyed very first by boat to Marseilles,...
Author: Nancy Milton

Bar Code for Great Ships
Here is a collective"biography"from the greatest ships the world has ever known. Since the time people first ventured into the oceans in their primitive boats and rafts, the sea has been a supply of adventure, travel, exploration, and glory. Countless...
Author: Patrick O'Brien

Bar Code for Great Wide Sea
Ben, Dylan, and Gerry are nonetheless mourning their mother? s death when their dad decides to buy a boat and take them on a year-long sailing trip. Tensions flare between Ben and his father, but they gradually learn to reside together in close quarters. Then...
Author: M.H. Herlong

Bar Code for Harbor
All the color and action of liners, tankers, tugs, barges, ferryboats, and fireboats in a harbor are presented in this exciting visual adventure."Harbor can be a picture book, as well as a great one at that. Every library will want it."--School Library Journal
Author: Donald Crews

Bar Code for Here Comes The Garbage Barge
This New York Times Best Illustrated Book can be a mostly true and entirely stinky story that is sure to make you say, “ Pee-yew! ” Teaching environmental awareness has become a national priority, and this hilarious book (subtly) drives house...
Author: Jonah Winter

Bar Code for Here There Be Monsters: The Legendary
HP Newquist's fast-paced account reveals how long-ago myths about the kraken transformed in to the modern study of Architeuthis dux, the giant squid. Weaving scientific discovery with historical accounts— along with the giant squid's appear in...
Author: HP Newquist

Bar Code for I Was There: On Board The Titanic
sinking of the great liner Titanic in 1912 is lavishly illustrated by a student from the wreck and is recounted from the perspective of seventeen-year old Jack Thayer and twenty-two-year old Harold Bride, who had been both saved by getting themselves onto...
Author: Shelley Tanaka

Bar Code for Impossible Rescue: The True Story
dead of an Arctic winter. Whaling ships complete of men, stranded in ice. Follow three rescuers inside a race against time — and all odds — in this heartpounding true adventure. In 1897, whaling inside the Arctic waters off Alaska's coast was as dangerous...
Author: Martin W. Sandler

Bar Code for Inside The Titanic
In this lavishly illustrated book, the gripping story within the R. M. S."Titanic"is told inside a spectacularly visual way that makes readers feel as if they are actually"inside"the giant doomed liner. A compelling text featuring the stories of real-life...
Author: Hugh Brewster

Bar Code for Legendary Journeys: Ships
Legendary Journeys: Ships unfolds the enthralling history of sea-going vessels as they sailed across the globe, from the invention of simple rafts and dugouts for the new technologies of today's luxury liners. Ten two-stage sliders with die-cuts and flaps...
Author: Brian Lavery

Bar Code for Lighthouses
Beacons of safety shining inside the night, alerting sailors to dangers at sea, lighthouses happen to be a component of the coastal landscape for thousands of years. From the earliest towers, which burned coal and wood to produce fiery signals, to today's computer-automated...
Author: Philip Plisson

Bar Code for Lighthouses For Kids: History
Bringing to life an era when rivers, lakes, and oceans were the nation's highways and lighthouses served as targeted traffic signals and maps, this complete reference supplies children with an in-depth history of lighthouses and firsthand stories of the challenges...
Author: Katherine L. House

Bar Code for Little Sailboat
Mr. Small is a sailor in this maritime adventure! Captain Small and his dog Tinker sail and fish together. When a storm comes, Captain Small heads for the safety of the shore. A comforting, nostalgic story complete of information about sailing.
Author: Lois Lenski

Bar Code for Longitude Prize
Robert F. Sibert Honor Book By the start of the eighteenth century, numerous thousands of sailors had perished at sea because their captains had no way of knowing longitude, their east-west place. Latitude, the north-south position, was easy enough,...
Author: Joan Dash / Dusan Petricic

Bar Code for Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #7: Titanic:
Magic Tree House Research Guides are now Magic Tree House Fact Trackers! Track the facts with Jack and Annie!   When Jack and Annie got back from their adventure in  Magic Tree House #17: Tonight on the Titanic,   they had lots of issues....
Author: Mary Pope Osborne / Will Osborne

Bar Code for Mail By The Pail
In the port city of Manistee on the coast of Lake Michigan lives a girl named Mary. Mary's father is genuinely a sailor who functions on a lake freighter referred to as the Large Laker. The Massive Laker delivers iron, stone, and coal towards the a lot of cities along the Wonderful Lakes. Mary's...
Author: Colin Bergel

Bar Code for Maritime Disasters
Maritime Disasters
Author: Elaine Landau

Bar Code for Mayday Mayday : A Coast Guard Rescue
thirty-foot yacht
Author: Chris L. Demarest

Bar Code for Motorboat Book: Build And Launch
Using everything from electric motors, balloons, and gears to water jets, steam, chemical reactions, and also gravity, this clever handbook delivers a selection of choices for propelling homemade vessels across a pool. Through step-by-step instructions with...
Author: Ed Sobey

Bar Code for National Geographic Readers: Titanic
Get kids reading with cool info about the subjects that interest them probably the most. National Geographic Readers are high-interest, exciting, and easy to study. The latest in the series, Titanic is no exception. Just in time for the 100th anniversary...
Author: Melissa Stewart

Bar Code for Navy Ships In Action
Navy Ships In Action
Author: Kay Jackson

Bar Code for Oars, Sails, And Steam: A Picture Book
Traces the constructing of boats, from the first dugout to the newest submarines and steamships, describing new principles incorporated in to the vessels to improve navigation and safety.
Author: Edwin Tunis

Bar Code for Ole Evinrude And His Outboard Motor
Wisconsin entrepreneur Ole Evinrude will inspire kids in this addition for the Badger Biographies series for young readers, where the story of Ole's invention, from drawing board to factory floor, is told in a reader-friendly format that consists of historic...
Author: Bob Jacobson

Bar Code for Pharaoh's Boat
With poetic language and striking illustrations, Weitzman tells the story of how amongst the greatest boats of ancient Egypt came to be built — and built once again. In the shadow of the Great Pyramid at Giza, the most skilled shipwrights in all of Egypt...
Author: David L. Weitzman

Bar Code for Pirates
At last the ultimate book of pirates is right here! Inside is the stuff of legend, exactly where tales of adventure and intrigue are written in blood. Read about Blackbeard and Captain Kidd. Learn about walking the plank and buried treasure. Discover what was like...
Author: John Matthews

Bar Code for Pirates: Most Wanted
Author: John Matthews

Bar Code for Pop-up Book Of Ships
Pop-Up Book of Ships is really a dramatic pop-up journey into the world's maritime past, presenting various maritime cultural innovations. From the early explorers like the Santa Maria for the renowned Mayflower; from marauding pirate ships to frigates like...
Author: David Hawcock / Eric Kentley

Bar Code for Revenge Of The Whale: The True Story
On November 20, 1820, the whaleship Essex was rammed and sunk by an angry whale.   Within minutes, the twenty-one-man crew, like the fourteen-year-old cabin boy Thomas Nickerson, identified themselves stranded in three leaky boats in the middle of...
Author: Nathaniel Philbrick

Bar Code for Sea Queens: Women Pirates Around
Throughout the ages, women from all classes and walks of life turned to pirating out of necessity, desperation, or greed. Acclaimed author Jane Yolen examines the contradictions of these bold women's lives and times. Meet Artemisia, the admiral-queen...
Author: Jane Yolen

Bar Code for Seven Miles To Freedom: The Robert Smalls
Robert Smalls stood at the Planter's wheel. Only seven miles of water lay between the ship and the Union blockade. For Robert, his family, and his crewmates, reaching the blockade would mean a chance at freedom.
Author: Janet Halfmann

Bar Code for Ships
With dazzling photography, this book celebrates the wide assortment of ships and their unique purpose in the world. Philip Plisson's gorgeous photographs of a couple of of the world's most popular ships bring to life the majesty and the elegance of the shipping...
Author: Anne Jankeliowitch

Bar Code for Ships And Sailing
Come explore ships and sailing from the inside out! This visual dictionary looks at the inner workings of boats, sails and rigging, navigation instruments, signals, ropes, knots, and significantly a lot more! Uncover 200 outstanding original photos, graphic illustrations,...
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Ships look Inside Cross Sections
Which renowned ship, sunk for a lot more than 400 years, was raised in 1982? Why was the Pilgrim ship Mayflower so crowded? What would you find inside a Globe War II aircraft carrier?
Author: Jonathan Potter

Bar Code for Ships: A Pop-up Book
Ready to set sail? Here comes the third book in Robert Crowther's transportation series — a jam-packed, interactive look at all issues nautical. Take towards the seas for a journey through nautical history! From an acclaimed 3-D master comes a fact-fi...
Author: Robert Crowther

Bar Code for Shipwrecked : The True Adventures
This was the law in Japan in the early 1800s. When fourteen-year-old Manjiro, operating on a fishing boat to help support his family, was shipwrecked 3 hundred miles away from his homeland, he was heartbroken to believe that he would never again be able...
Author: Rhoda Blumberg

Bar Code for Shipwrecks: Exploring Sunken Cities Beneath
exploration of two strikingly different shipwrecks
Author: Mary M. Cerullo

Bar Code for Sounds Of The Past: Pirates: 3-D Scenes
Ever given that ships first crossed the oceans carrying valuable cargo, there have been pirates on the seas trying to steal the grains, olive oil, and silk those ships were transporting. The Golden Age of Pirates comes life in Sounds of the Past: Pirates,...
Author: Rod Green

Bar Code for Stephen Biesty's Cross-sections: Man-of-war
author of Incredible Cross-Sections takes a detailed look inside an eighteenth-century warship, supplying fascinating facts concerning the ship and the individuals aboard it. BOMC Main.
Author: Richard Platt

Bar Code for Story Of The H. L. Hunley And Queenie's
During the Civil War, Union forces blockade the port of Charleston so the Confederate army seeks a way to attack the Yankee ships. George Dixon is element with the group of guys offered the process of making and building the"fish boat,"a submarine. The H. L....
Author: Fran Hawk

Bar Code for Story Of The Titanic
2012 Marks the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic's Sinking!
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Submarines
Author: Matt Doeden

Bar Code for Submarines
Submarines sail deep under the ocean. Propellers push these giant ships through the water. Learn all about these mighty machines!
Author: Reed / Jennifer

Bar Code for Submarines
Author: Chris Oxlade

Bar Code for Sunken Treasure
rotting hull of a ship. lost gold. coins. gems. Sunken Treasure!
Author: Gail Gibbons

Bar Code for T Is For Titanic: A Titanic Alphabet
At 11:40 pm on April 14, 1912, the fate of the world's most popular ship was sealed when the lookout on the luxury liner, RMS< Titanic, spotted an iceberg within the ship's path inside the North Atlantic. By 2 am, the ship had began its slide into the frigid...
Author: Debbie Shoulders / Michael Shoulders

Bar Code for T Is For Tugboat: Navigating The Seas
Ahoy! Drop anchor for T Is for Tugboat, the nautical follow-up to the alphabet book A Is for Astronaut and its companion C Is for Caboose. Clever photographs and illustrations teach youngreaders about each and every little thing from mizzenmasts to crackerjack suits....
Author: Traci N. Todd / Sara Gillingham

Bar Code for Thar She Blows: American Whaling
Thar She Blows: American Whaling
Author: Stephen Currie

Bar Code for Theodore And The Tall Ships
Theodore the tug features a busy day welcoming the large tall ships from countries all a lot more than the planet to Big Harbor.
Author: Ivan Robertson

Bar Code for Titanic
meticulously reconstructed adventure of a legendary journey.
Author: Jim Pipe

Bar Code for Titanic Disaster
Titanic Disaster
Author: Peter Benoit

Bar Code for Titanic dk Eyewitness Books
most trusted nonfiction series on the market, Eyewitness Books give an in-depth, comprehensive appear at their subjects getting a distinctive integration of words and pictures. Eyewitness Titanic is DK's classic look in the history with the Titanic, now reissued...
Author: Simon Adams

Bar Code for Titanic Sinks
Here might be the exciting true story about the"unsinkable"Titanic! Dramatic accounts, white-knuckle suspense, and fast-paced action of how the world's biggest, safest ship sank on its maiden voyage. Includes black-and-white pictures and full-color underwater...
Author: Thomas Conklin

Bar Code for Titanic Sinks : Experience The Titanic's
To commemorate the 100th anniversary with all of the sinking of the Titanic, Barry Denenberg has created a one-of-a-kind, high-concept book that's a exclusive mixture of fiction and nonfiction. He makes use of a fictional framework to present the true story in the building...
Author: Barry Denenberg

Bar Code for Titanic usborne Young Reading
Titanic usborne Young Reading
Author: Anna Claybourne / Katie Daynes

Bar Code for Titanic: Disaster At Sea
Experience all the drama and tragedy of Titanic inside the pages of this richly illustrated narrative. With a pull out poster and double gatefold diagram, Titanic: Disaster at Sea is brimming with facts, stories, and fascinating people. From the technological...
Author: Philip Wilkinson

Bar Code for Titanic: Lost And Found
Titanic. Just the name evokes tales from the doomed ship that have captivated men and women of all ages for much more than 100 years.   Early readers will enjoy this exciting account of the world's most well-known disaster-at-sea and the discovery of it's remains...
Author: Judy Donnelly

Bar Code for Titanic: The Story Lives On
Level Three Discover the secrets inside the Titanic 100 years right after the sinking Learn all with regards to the search for the Titanic's wreckage in this Level 3 reader featuring photographs of the ship's remains, also as full-color artwork.
Author: Laura Driscoll

Bar Code for Titanic: The Tragedy At Sea
Describes the giant ocean liner Titanic, and the events that led as much as its sinking inside the spring of 1912, too as the effects from the disaster on sea travel.
Author: Deady / Kathleen W .

Bar Code for Titanic: Voices From The Disaster
Critically acclaimed nonfiction author Deborah Hopkinson pieces together the story of the TITANIC and that fateful April night, drawing on the voices of survivors and archival photographs. Scheduled to coincide using the 100th anniversary utilizing the tragic...
Author: Deborah Hopkinson

Bar Code for Titanic: Voices From The Disaster
Award-winning author Deborah Hopkinson pieces together the harrowing, tragic story of the TITANIC in this Sibert Honor volume. Now in paperback! In this award-winning book, critically acclaimed author Deborah Hopkinson weaves together the voices and stories...
Author: Deborah Hopkinson

Bar Code for Titanicat
Young Jim Mulholland can't believe his excellent luck: He has signed on as a cabin boy to the world's finest ocean liner, the Titanic, and can't wait for the history-making voyage across the sea to America. As element of his duties Jim is in charge from the ship's...
Author: Marty Crisp

Bar Code for Tracking Trash: Flotsam
Aided by an army of beachcombers, oceanographer Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer tracks trash inside the name of science. From sneakers to hockey gloves, Curt monitors the watery fate of human-made cargo that has spilled into the ocean. The information he collects is...
Author: Loree Griffin Burns

Bar Code for Tugga-tugga Tugboat
Cast off! . anchors aweigh.
Author: Kevin Lewis

Bar Code for Warships pull Ahead Books
Author: Jeffrey Zuehlke

Bar Code for World War Ii Naval Forces: An Interactive
High-energy, true-history tales of combat at seawhere you make the calls. Experience World War II as it happenedplowing toward enemy fire at Omaha Beach on D-Day, hearing the buzz of a Kamikaze engine coming straight for your carrier, and grabbing a fellow...
Author: Elizabeth Raum

Bar Code for World War Two Submarine
Step inside a World War Two submarine and discover for yourself what it was like to live and work beneath the ocean waves. Superb cutaway illustrations provide a vivid and intimate insight into every aspect of submarine life.
Author: Richard Humble / Mark Bergin

Bar Code for You Wouldn't Want To Be In The First
Hate tight squeezes and cold, wet spaces? Then forget about traveling on the first submarine. If you don't get stuck sliding down the hatch, you'll still wind up wading through ankle-deep water in ridiculously cramped quarters. And ought to you don't pump fast...
Author: Ian Graham

Bar Code for You Wouldn't Want To Sail On A 19TH-CENTURY
Condition: New. Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold! . ISBN13: 9780531123560.
Author: Peter Cook

Bar Code for You Wouldn't Want To Sail On The Titanic
This best-selling series engages readers of all levels by producing them portion of the story. Readers will grow to be the main character and can revel within the gory and dark sides of life all through important moments in history.
Author: David Stewart

Bar Code for You Wouldn't Want To Sail On The Titanic
This best-selling series engages readers of all levels by generating them element in the story. Readers will turn out to be the main character and can revel in the gory and dark sides of life all through important moments in history.
Author: David Stewart