Product Codes: Biology Books for Kids

Bar Code for Are You A Butterfly
Caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly; comply with the metamorphosis of this familiar backyard creature as it evolves into a delicate flying insect.
Author: Judy Allen / Tudor Humphries

Bar Code for Are You A Dragonfly
most colorful wings on the pond belong to the nimble dragonfly, but this delicate flying insect didn't begin life inside the air. The secrets of metamorphosis are unfurled in this story of the life of a familiar backyard creature.
Author: Judy Allen / Tudor Humphries

Bar Code for Are You A Grasshopper
Did you know that a grasshopper tends to make its distinctive sound by rubbing its bristly hind legs together? Amazing discoveries abound in this intriguing tale of each and every day inside the life of a grasshopper.
Author: Judy Allen / Tudor Humphries

Bar Code for Are You A Ladybug
Beginning with its title question,"Are you a ladybug?", this accessible book is perfect for reading aloud and tells young readers how they would experience life if they had been a ladybug.
Author: Judy Allen / Tudor Humphries

Bar Code for Are You A Snail
young snail faces many challenges as it tries to develop safely into an adult. All the facts a young child needs to know the life of this intriguing backyard creature are packed into this engaging narrative.
Author: Judy Allen

Bar Code for Are You A Spider
Did you know that when a spider's web is damaged, a spider will usually eat the remaining silk before generating a new one? Young children will make numerous amazing discoveries about spiders in this captivating account.
Author: Tudor Humphries

Bar Code for Basher Science: Extreme Biology
Learn relating to the amazing investigation that is revolutionizing biology, from advances in medicine to genetic engineering. Meet the world's toughest bacterium as well as a biologically immortal flatworm whilst learning about epigenetics, superbugs, nanomedicine and...
Author: Simon Basher

Bar Code for Beetle Book
Beetles squeak and beetles glow. Beetles stink, beetles sprint, beetles walk on water. With legs, antennae, horns, beautiful shells, knobs, and other oddities— what's notto like about beetles? The beetle world is vast: one out of each four living...
Author: Steve Jenkins

Bar Code for Billions Of Years
Ever since Charles Darwin revealed his landmark suggestions about evolution in 1859, new findings have confirmed, expanded, and refined his ideas. Now, author Laurence Pringle, a single of many nation's premier science writers, brings together the pillars of evidence...
Author: Laurence Pringle

Bar Code for Biology 2
Includes subjects that could not be crammed into our first biology guide. 6-page laminated guide includes: • evolution • cellular/molecular evidencefor evolution • evidence for evolution by way of natural choice • human origins •...
Author: Inc. BarCharts

Bar Code for Biology : Academic
basic principles of biology, including beautiful illustrations and diagrams. Great reference for any student studying biology from high school to upper-level college courses. 4-page laminated guide includes: • evolution • cytology: the...
Author: Inc. BarCharts

Bar Code for Biology For The Ib Diploma
IB Biology study guide has been updated to meet the needs of college students taking the IB Diploma Programme Biology from 2007. It is highly illustrated and concepts are precisely and clearly described. Higher level material is clearly indicated. All option...
Author: Andrew Allott

Bar Code for Biology For The Ib Diploma Coursebook
Biology for the IB Diploma, second edition covers in full the requirements inside the IB syllabus for Biology implemented in 2014. Biology for the IB Diploma is in fact a comprehensive new book written by an experienced author team. The text offers an in-depth evaluation...
Author: Brenda Walpole / Ashby Merson-Davies / Leighton Dann

Bar Code for Biology, Grades 6
top-selling teacher resource line, The 100+ Series (TM) attributes more than 100 reproducible activities in each book! --Give your college students the reinforcement they should learn and retain the understanding taught in a high school biology course. Diagrams, puzzles,...
Author: Joan Distasio

Bar Code for Biology: Life As We Know It
Nature's building blocks have never been more sociable than in this newest providing from the creators of The Periodic Table and Physics. From cells to DNA, from viruses to mammals, from chlorophyll to flowers and fruit, and which consists of the human body's...
Author: Dan Green / Simon Basher

Bar Code for Biology: The Dynamics Of Life
Biology Dynamics of Life ASIN: 0078299004
Author: Alton Biggs / Whitney Crispen Hagins / Chris Kapicka

Bar Code for Biology: The Dynamics Of Life
Reach, Teach, and Assess every student with one superb program. A captivating verbal/visual presentation weaves text and graphics together in a user-friendly, easy-to-grasp format that stimulates students' interest and performance, both inside the classroom...
Author: McGraw-Hill

Bar Code for Bones: Our Skeletal System
Award winning author Seymour Simon continues his fantastic journey by way of the human physique with this stunning new addition. In Bones, youngsters will discover the amazing facts about the two hundred and six bones that make up their skeletons, ranging from...
Author: Seymour Simon

Bar Code for Boy, Were We Wrong About Dinosaurs
ancient Chinese thought they had been magical dragons. Scientists thought they could only float on water presented that they had been so big. Boy, had been they wrong! Even today, notions about dinosaurs are becoming revised as new discoveries are developed. This lively book...
Author: Kathleen V. Kudlinski

Bar Code for Brain: Our Nervous System
Exceptional nonfiction for young youngsters from two in the most trusted names in science education: Seymour Simon along utilizing the Smithsonian Institution.
Author: Seymour Simon

Bar Code for Brown Paper School Book: Blood And Guts
Discusses the components of the human body. Includes suggestions for related experiments and projects.
Author: Linda Allison

Bar Code for Bugs Are Insects
Is a spider an insect? Is a ladybug a bug? Lean the way to tell what is an insect and what isn't, and discover the fascinating world of the tiny creatures who reside in your personal backyard.
Author: Anne Rockwell

Bar Code for Build The Human Body
ancient Greeks had it right:"Know thyself."The editors at Silver Dolphin agree and believe that on the list of keys to knowing thyself is knowing how the body functions. Build the Human Body will teach you regarding the body's constructing blocks, help you create...
Author: Richard Walker

Bar Code for Cicadas : Strange And Wonderful
Every year, annual cicadas emerge and pierce the air with their buzzing calls. Also every year, in the very least a single particular brood of thirteen-year or seventeen-year cicadas emerges in some part in the eastern or central Usa. In the spring of 2011, a giant...
Author: Laurence Pringle

Bar Code for Cicadas bugs Bugs Bugs
Describes the physical characteristics, behavior, and habits of cicadas.
Author: Margaret Hall

Bar Code for Composting: Nature's Recyclers
Dead leaves, food scraps, and grass clippings for lunch? Small animals, fungi, and bacteria called decomposers turn trash into a tasty compost treat. Learn more about compost and how you can use it in your garden or yard.
Author: Robin Koontz

Bar Code for Coral Reefs
During an ordinary visit for the library, a girl pulls a not-so-ordinary book from the shelves. As she turns the pages in this book about coral reefs, the city around her slips away and she finds herself surrounded by the coral cities of the sea as nicely as the...
Author: Jason Chin

Bar Code for Dark Emperor And Other Poems Of The Night
2011 Newbery Honor Book
Author: Joyce Sidman

Bar Code for Darwin And Evolution For Kids: His Life
Darwin and Evolution for Kids traces the transformation of a privileged and somewhat scatterbrained youth into the great thinker who proposed the revolutionary theory of evolution. Through 21 hands-on activities, young scientists learn about Darwin's...
Author: Kristan Lawson

Bar Code for Dk Eyewitness Books: Prehistoric Life
With more than 20 million copies sold in 41 languages and more than 88 nations worldwide, DK Eyewitness has been one of the most trusted series in reference publishing for much more then 3 decades. Visually engaging, informative, and lively, the over 100...
Author: William Lindsay

Bar Code for Drop Of Blood
You've observed your own blood, when you have a cut or a scrape. You can see the veins in your wrist, and you've seen the scab that forms as a cut heals. But do you know what blood does for you? Without blood, you couldn't play, or grow, or learn. That's...
Author: Paul Showers

Bar Code for Earthworm
Author: Bobbie Kalman

Bar Code for Egg Is Quiet
Award-winning artist Sylvia Long has teamed with up-and-coming author Dianna Aston to make this gorgeous and informative introduction to eggs. From tiny hummingbird eggs to giant ostrich eggs, oval ladybug eggs to tubular dogfish eggs, gooey frog eggs...
Author: Dianna Hutts Aston

Bar Code for Elephant Scientist
2012 Robert F. Sibert  Informational  Honor Book- 2012 Boston Globe-Horn Book Nonfiction Honor Book
Author: Caitlin O'Connell / Donna M. Jackson

Bar Code for Encyclopedia Of Nature
Book Details:
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Evolution
most trusted nonfiction series on the market, Eyewitness Books supply an in-depth, comprehensive look at their subjects getting a unique integration of words and pictures. Eyewitness Evolution is DK's classic appear at Charles Darwin also as the theory of...
Author: Linda Gamlin

Bar Code for Evolution Revolution
Published to coincide with the 150th anniversary of On the Origin of Species too because the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth, Evolution Revolution reveals the story behind"the greatest idea in history."Following in the footsteps of What Makes Me Me? ,...
Author: Robert Winston

Bar Code for Evolution: How We And All Living Things
Evolution could possibly be the process that developed the terrible teeth of Tyrannosaurus rex and the complex human brain, clever enough to understand the workings of nature. Young readers will learn how a British naturalist named Charles Darwin studied nature and created...
Author: Daniel Loxton

Bar Code for Exploring The World Of Biology
field of biology focuses on living things, from the smallest microscopic protozoa towards the biggest mammal. In this book you will study and explore the life of plants, insects, spiders and other arachnids, life in water, reptiles, birds, and mammals,...
Author: John Hudson Tiner

Bar Code for Field Guide To Safari Animals
Young explorers embark on the safari adventure of a lifetime with this fabulous faux-journal, “ written” in 1924 by fictional naturalist Rebecca Mayhew. Through her journal entries, youngsters accompany Mayhew as she explores mysterious Africa,...
Author: Paul Beck

Bar Code for Fireflies
Text and photographs describe the physical characteristics inside the insect referred to since the firefly.
Author: Margaret Hall

Bar Code for First The Egg
WHICH CAME FIRST?   The chicken or the egg?   Simple die-cuts magically present transformation-- from seed to flower, tadpole to frog, caterpillar to butterfly.
Author: Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Bar Code for Frog Scientist
critically acclaimed Scientist in the Field book about how 1 boy's interest in backyard science inspired a profession in scientific discovery. Growing up in South Carolina, Tyrone Hayes didn't worry about pesticides. He just liked to collect frogs,...
Author: Pamela S. Turner

Bar Code for Frogs And Toads And Tadpoles
From friendly dolphins to giant pandas, from icebergs and glaciers to energy from the sun, from magnets to solids, liquids, and gases, Rookie Read-About Science is a natural addition to the primary-grade classroom with books that cover each portion of the...
Author: Allan Fowler

Bar Code for From Bacteria To Plants
Fantastic Science book about plants

Bar Code for From Caterpillar To Butterfly
caterpillar comes to school inside a jar. The class watches the caterpillar every single day as it grows and adjustments. Soon, it disappears into a hard shell called a chrysalis. Then the chrysalis breaks, plus a beautiful butterfly flies out in the jar! This can be a...
Author: Deborah Heiligman

Bar Code for From Egg To Chicken
Large illustrations and easy text describe what an egg is created from and how it hatches into a chicken.
Author: Gerald Legg

Bar Code for From Lava To Life: The Universe Tells
" As soon as upon a time"meets science inside a children's picture book that tells the thrilling story of how life began on Earth. The second in a trilogy of Universe stories - the first getting"Born getting a Bang: The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story"-- this book...
Author: Jennifer Morgan

Bar Code for Germs Make Me Sick
How are you feeling?
Author: Melvin Berger

Bar Code for Get The Scoop On Animal Poop: From Lions
Waste not, want not.
Author: Dawn Cusick

Bar Code for Gregor Mendel: The Friar Who Grew Peas
only picture book available about the father of genetics and his pea plants! How do mothers and fathers— regardless of no matter whether they are apple trees, sheep, or humans— pass down traits to their children? This question fascinated Gregor Mendel all through...
Author: Cheryl Bardoe

Bar Code for Have A Nice Dna
Enjoy Your Cells is a new series of childrens books from the acclaimed creative partnership of scientist/author Fran Balkwill and illustrator Mic Rolph. As soon as again, they use their unique brand of simple but scientifically correct commentary and exuberantly...
Author: Fran Balkwill

Bar Code for Head To Toe Science: Over 40 Eye-popping
Untangle the Mystery of Human Hair! Listen to a Heart Throb! Sniff Out Why Stinky Feet Stink! SCIENCE THAT REALLY GETS UNDER YOUR SKIN! Explore the amazing human body, from the hair on your head to your stinky feet* Smell like a salmon* Build a balloon...
Author: Jim Wiese

Bar Code for Holt Mc Dougal Biology: Student Edition
Holt Mc Dougal Biology: Student Edition

Bar Code for Holt Science And Technology: Life Science
Book Details:

Bar Code for How To Clean A Hippopotamus: A Look
" Another outstanding offering from this extraordinarily talented couple."— School Library Journal, starred review
Author: Robin Page / Steve Jenkins

Bar Code for Human Body: A First Discovery Book
detailed and straightforward very first guide towards the wonders of the human body helps young readers discover how their bodies work, both inside and outside.
Author: Scholastic Books / Sylvaine Perols

Bar Code for I See A Kookaburra : Discovering Animal
I See a Kookaburra! lets readers search for an oystercatcher, an elephant shrew, and a fierce snapping turtle in the locations exactly where they live. Learn how these animals and numerous others grow and thrive in really diverse environments. Incorporated into the...
Author: Steve Jenkins / Robin Page

Bar Code for I Want To Be A Veterinarian
Ideal for kids who love animals, this book explores the numerous interesting facets of a veterinary profession. Exciting full-color photographs complement intriguing facts with regards to the many different kinds of vets, how veterinary science began, and its future.
Author: Stephanie Maze

Bar Code for Ib Biology Student Workbook
Ib Biology Student Workbook
Author: Tracey Greenwood / Lissa Bainbridge-Smith / Kent Pryor / Richard Allan

Bar Code for Janice Van Cleave's Biology For Every
What's the effect of osmosis on a raisin? How is water transported by way of plant stems? What's the best way to develop penicillin? How are butterflies different from moths? Now you can discover answers to these along with other fascinating questions about biologythe...
Author: Janice VanCleave

Bar Code for Kakapo Rescue: Saving The World's Strangest
On remote Codfish Island off the southern coast of New Zealand live the final ninety-one kakapo parrots on earth. These trusting, flightless, and beautiful birds— the greatest and most unusual parrots on earth— have suffered devastating population...
Author: Sy Montgomery

Bar Code for Ladybug Larva Grows Up
With exciting brilliant photography readers discover the life cycle of living factors. Learn how chicks grow up to turn into roosters or hens, how some sharks come from eggs while other people do not, how some turtles' hatchlings find their way to the ocean, and...
Author: Katie Marsico

Bar Code for Life Cycle Of A Crayfish
Author: Bobbie Kalman / Rebecca Sjonger

Bar Code for Life On Earth: The Story Of Evolution
There are millions of diverse sorts of plants and animals living on the earth. Many millions more lived here inside the past. Where did they all come from? Why have some become extinct and other men and women lived on? In this remarkable book for children, Steve Jenkins...
Author: Steve Jenkins

Bar Code for Life Science
top-selling teacher resource line, The 100+ Series (TM) capabilities more than 100 reproducible activities in each book! --Bring deeper understanding to your science/biology classroom by way utilizing the use of Life Science. The true-to-life drawings and wide variety...
Author: Daryl Vriesenga

Bar Code for Living Sunlight: How Plants Bring
LIVING SUNLIGHT shows children, teachers, and parents the remarkable magic of what tends to make us human. This informative yet dramatic book will mesmerize readers and aid further a child's understanding of the energy we share with all living things in nature....
Author: Molly Bang / Penny Chisholm

Bar Code for Look, Listen, Taste, Touch, And Smell:
introduction to the five senses along with the organs that perform the functions of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.
Author: Pamela Hill Nettleton

Bar Code for Mammals Who Morph: The Universe Tells
This remarkable evolution series, narrated by the Universe itself, concludes with this third book, the amazing story of mammals and humans. It picks up after From Lava to Life: The Universe Tells Our Earth Story employing the extinction of dinosaurs, and tells...
Author: Jennifer Morgan

Bar Code for Mc Dougal Littell Biology California:

Bar Code for Modern Biology
excellent resource for each teaching and learnings. This book explains ideas inside a clear fashion which makes it possible for students to far better grasp the subject matter being learnt.

Bar Code for Monarch And Milkweed
One of nature's most perfect relationships
Author: Helen Frost

Bar Code for Muscles: Our Muscular System
Don't move a muscle--read all about them! Did you know that.
Author: Seymour Simon

Bar Code for My First Day
initial day of life is numerous for every single animal. Human newborns don't do much at all, but some animals hit the ground operating. The Caldecott Honor– winning team Steve Jenkins and Robin Page apply their considerable talents to revealing how ...
Author: Steve Jenkins / Robin Page

Bar Code for One Bean
What happens when you plant just a single tiny bean? A fundamental childhood experiment charmingly unfolds in this very first science book about planting and observation. A perfect balance of simple narration and cheerful, thoughtful three-dimensional paper sculptures...
Author: Anne Rockwell

Bar Code for Our Family Tree: An Evolution Story
All of us are element of an old, old family. The roots of our loved ones tree reach back millions of years for the starting of life on earth. Open this loved ones album and embark on an amazing journey. You'll meet some of our oldest relatives--from each the land...
Author: Lisa Westberg Peters / Lauren Stringer

Bar Code for Owl Puke, The Book
Kids love science-especially when it's hands-on-and kids love yucky stuff. The Owl Puke Book and Owl Pellet brings the best of those two worlds together inside a unique package that follows straight within the tradition of The Bug Book and Bug Bottle and The...
Author: Jane Hammerslough

Bar Code for Pasteur's Fight Against Microbes
n 1856, when Louis Pasteur truly first began studying microbes in rotten sugarbeet juice, he put into motion a chain of events that saved France's wine industry, and revolutionized medicine and biology.
Author: Beverly Birch / Christian Birmingham

Bar Code for Sci Explorer Cells And Heredity Se First
science textbook

Bar Code for Science Explorer C2009 Book D Student
1. Bones, Muscles, and Skin2. Food and Digestion3. Circulation4. Respiration and Excretion5. Fighting Disease6. The Nervous System7. The Endocrine System and Reproduction

Bar Code for Science Explorer Human Biology And Health
Chapter headings: 1 - Healthy Body Systems 2 - Bones, Muscles, and Skin 3 - Food and Digestion 4 - Circulation 5 - Respiration and Excretion 6 - Fighting Disease 7 - The Nervous System 8 - The Endocrine System and Reproduction

Bar Code for Sounds Of The Wild: Birds
Are you ready to soar? Young readers can let their imaginations take flight in Sounds employing the Wild: Birds, the extraordinary new title from acclaimed illustrator Maurice Pledger. Five dazzling 3-D pop-up panoramas are enhanced with real bird sounds, bringing...

Bar Code for Sounds Of The Wild: Bugs
Sounds of the Wild: Bugs makes learning fun! With delightful sounds and five stunning pop-up panoramas featuring Maurice Pledger's award-winning art, this book lets kids get up close with each of the insect planet. They'll hear the hum of bees, the ticking of...
Author: Maurice Pledger

Bar Code for Sounds Of The Wild: Jungle
Jungles are total of fascinating creatures that make basically the most interesting sounds. This fun book takes youngsters deep within the jungle with colorful pop-ups intricately illustrated by world-renowned artist Maurice Pledger. As they enjoy the pop-ups, ittle...
Author: Maurice Pledger

Bar Code for Sounds Of The Wild: Nighttime
Nighttime is hardly quiet. It's filled with a planet of strange and curious sounds. Now children discover all of the amazing animals which can be wide awake once they are fast asleep in this delightful new book from best-selling author and illustrator Maurice...
Author: Maurice Pledger

Bar Code for Sounds Of The Wild: Ocean
Winner of a Parents' Choice Approved Award, this gorgeously illustrated pop-up book takes readers deep beneath the water's surface where they are greeted having a symphony of new sounds. This aquatic adventure features a humpback whale that communicates...
Author: Maurice Pledger

Bar Code for Stronger Than Steel: Spider Silk Dna
In Stronger Than Steel, readers enter Randy Lewis' lab where they come face to face with golden orb weaver spiders, and transgenic alfalfa, silkworm silk, and goats, whose milk contains the proteins to spin spider silk--and to weave a nearly indestructible...
Author: Bridget Heos

Bar Code for Summer Birds: The Butterflies Of Maria
In the Middle Ages, males and ladies believed that insects were evil, born from mud in a strategy referred to as spontaneous generation. Maria Merian was only a child, but she disagreed. She watched carefully as caterpillars spun themselves cocoons, which opened to reveal...
Author: Margarita Engle

Bar Code for Swirl By Swirl: Spirals In Nature
Caldecott medalist plus a Newbery Honor-winning poet celebrate the beauty and worth of spirals. What makes the tiny snail shell so beautiful? Why does that shape occur in nature over and more than again— in rushing rivers, in a flower bud, even inside...
Author: Joyce Sidman

Bar Code for Tree Of Life: Charles Darwin
In this brilliant presentation of a revolutionary thinker's life, the picture book becomes an art form As far as I can judge, I am not apt to stick to blindly the lead of other men. Charles Darwin was, above all else, an independent thinker who continues...
Author: Peter Sís

Bar Code for Truth About Poop
We call it a waste product, but poop can also be bricks to produce a house, fuel to energy a trip to Mars, wipes for a baby? s bottom, buttons for your subsequent sweater. Poop? YES! POP! And that? s not all. Birds drop it as bombs. Mole-rats use it as a password....
Author: Susan E. Goodman

Bar Code for Ubiquitous: Celebrating Nature's Survivors
Summary:0About the Author:•
Author: Joyce Sidman

Bar Code for Uncover A Dog
Winner of a Parents' Choice Approved Award, Uncover a Dog takes an inside look in the special anatomical and behavioral characteristics that make dogs our most trusted and lovable animal companions. Petting a dog, operating with her, playing fetch, or rubbing...
Author: Paul Beck

Bar Code for Uncover A Shark: An Uncover It Book
Uncover among the world's most fascinating and feared predatory creatures in this innovative 3-dimensional book. Uncover a Shark takes you on a whole new learning experience, layer-by-layer to give children with an indepth and all encompassing understanding...
Author: David George Gordon

Bar Code for Uncover The Human Body: An Uncover It
Filled with interesting facts and information, this book gives a comprehensive strategy to teaching children about anatomy and functions of the human physique. Beginning making use of the dermal system each layer addresses the skeletal system, digestive system, urinary...
Author: Luann Colombo / Jennifer Fairman

Bar Code for What's Alive
How to tell the distinction amongst living and nonliving things— an vital first skill in scientific sorting and classifying— is explored with hands-on activities and colorful diagrams.
Author: Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld

Bar Code for Where Do Chicks Come
Read and find out all about eggs -- and how baby chicks develop inside of them. Learn how chicks develop, how they get the food they need to grow, and how a mother hen helps keep them secure in this simple introduction to the life cycle of a baby chick.
Author: Amy E. Sklansky

Bar Code for Who Was Charles Darwin
As a young boy, Charles Darwin hated school and was often scolded forconducting “ useless” experiments. Yet his passion for the natural world was so strong that he suffered through terrible seasickness all through his five-year voyage aboard The...
Author: Deborah Hopkinson

Bar Code for World In A Drop Of Water: Exploring
This inexpensive volume showcases an array of curious creatures: a blob-like amoeba; a slipper-shaped paramecium and its mortal enemy, the suctorian; and a number of other men and women. The authors recount the feeding, reproductive, and defensive techniques employed by...
Author: Alvin Silverstein / Virginia Silverstein

Bar Code for Yucky Worms: Read And Wonder
Here's to nature's recyclers! Kids will burrow right into this book regarding the industrious — and danger-filled — life with all the delightfully yucky earthworm. Who would want to be friends having a wiggly, slimy worm? You can't even tell which end...
Author: Vivian French