Product Codes: Baseball Books for Kids

Bar Code for 20, 000 Baseball Cards Under The Sea
Roger's eccentric, junk-collecting friend Kenneth takes him on an awesome undersea ride inside a homemade submarine. Their visit to a subaqueous cavern turns up a wonderful surprise: a cache of supervaluable baseball cards!
Author: Jon Buller

Bar Code for Abcs Of Baseball
America's favorite pasttime from A to Z. From young to old, new to tried-and-true, right here is the baseball book for each fan. With one particular or much more baseball-related terms for each letter arranged in alphabetic order, accompanied by a stirring illustration, this...
Author: Peter Golenbock

Bar Code for Anna's Little League Dreams Come True
Do you have a small girl that loves to play sports within the backyard? Introduce her to Anna in “ Anna's Little League Dreams Come True” so that she can see just how exciting it can be to fulfill her dreams of playing her favorite sport with...
Author: KP Baker

Bar Code for Babe And Me: A Baseball Card Adventure
On October 1, 1932, during Game Three with all the Chicago Cubs -- New York Yankees World Series, Babe Ruth belted a extended home run to straightaway centerfield. In accordance with legend, just prior to he hit, Babe pointed to the bleachers and boldly predicted he would...
Author: Dan Gutman

Bar Code for Babe Ruth And The Baseball Curse
Before 1918, the Boston Red Sox were unstoppable. They won World Series immediately after World Series, thanks in portion to their charismatic pitcher-slugger Babe Ruth. But some people on the Red Sox felt the Babe was more trouble than he was worth, and he was traded...
Author: David A. Kelly

Bar Code for Babe Ruth Saves Baseball
Batter up! It's 1919 and baseball is in trouble! All across the country, guys and ladies are throwing down their bats, and giving up America's national pastime. It's as much as Babe Ruth to win back fans and conserve baseball! Can he do it, or will he strike out?
Author: Frank Murphy

Bar Code for Babe Ruth: One Of Baseball's Greatest
biography creating use of the well-loved baseball personality who set many records and made house runs a widespread part within the game.
Author: Jr. Guernsey Van Riper

Bar Code for Ballpark Mysteries #1: The Fenway Foul-up
Now top off the line-up— book #1 inside a brand-new early chapter book mystery series where each book is set inside a different American ballpark! Thanks to Kate's mom, a sports reporter, cousins Mike Walsh and Kate Hopkins have tickets to the Red Sox...
Author: David A. Kelly

Bar Code for Ballpark Mysteries #2: The Pinstripe
Batting second— book #2 in a brand-new early chapter book mystery series where each book is set in a distinct American ballpark! Mike and Kate are waiting for Kate's mom at a boring press conference in Yankee Stadium when the team official says...
Author: David A. Kelly

Bar Code for Ballpark Mysteries #3: The L. A. Dodger
Now batting third— book #3 inside a brand-new early chapter book mystery series where each book is set inside a diverse American ballpark! It's spring break and Kate and Mike are off to Los Angeles to visit Kate's dad, a scout for the Dodgers. But all...
Author: David A. Kelly

Bar Code for Ballpark Mysteries #4: The Astro Outlaw
Now batting clean-up— book #4 in a new early chapter book mystery series exactly where each book is set in a different American ballpark! Houston, we have a dilemma! Just before a game in the Astros' ballpark, Mike and Kate get to meet astronaut commander Nick...
Author: David A. Kelly

Bar Code for Barbed Wire Baseball
Author: Marissa Moss

Bar Code for Baseball 1 2 3
Essentials for the youngest fans: a baseball, a baseball cap, and DK's Key League Baseball board books. It's no surprise that for millions of American children,"ball"is their first word and a baseball cap is their quite first headgear. Kids and baseball...
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Baseball A B C
Essentials for the youngest fans: a baseball, a baseball cap, and DK's Major League Baseball board books. It's no surprise that for millions of American children,"ball"is their very first word along with a baseball cap is their first headgear. Kids and baseball...
Author: DK Publishing

Bar Code for Baseball Activity Book
These 45 winning activities are according to America's favorite pastime. Baseball fans will be delighted to circle words related to Little League, full a baseball crossword puzzle, solve mazes, follow-the-dots, find-the-differences, and a lot more. Kids can...
Author: Tony J. Tallarico Jr.

Bar Code for Baseball Adventure Of Jackie Mitchell
During the greatest game of her life. a girl pitches towards the world's best slugger. Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1931. Jackie Mitchell is a girl pitcher on a minor-league baseball team, the Chattanooga Lookouts. In her day, few girls played sports. But her ability...
Author: Emma Carlson Berne / Jean L. S. Patrick

Bar Code for Baseball All-stars
Jam-packed with entertaining biographies, fun trivia, and dozens of action photographs, this book presents a detailed appear at the very best baseball players in the major leagues today. This who's who of players highlights perennial All Stars, MVPs, and...
Author: Triumph Books

Bar Code for Baseball Ballerina
Illus. in complete color. A shortstop in a tutu? Not if she can help it! Forced by her mother into taking ballet lessons, a die-hard tomboy discovers that there's team spirit in the barre also as on the baseball diamond.
Author: Kathryn Cristaldi / Abby Carter

Bar Code for Baseball Ballerina Strikes Out
Here's the sequel to the best-selling Baseball Ballerina. This time, Baseball Ballerina's team has finally created it for the play-offs. But Baseball Ballerina can't even get to very first base! With a small monkey business plus a lot of laughs, her team is able...
Author: Kathryn Cristaldi McKeon

Bar Code for Baseball Camp On The Planet Of The Eyeballs
Hugo is supposed to go to baseball camp, but when aliens mistake him for one particular specific particular of their personal spies, he is whisked away towards the Planet of the Eyeballs!     He's a little nervous at first, but soon he's having a blast teaching baseball for the aliens....
Author: Susan Schade / Jon Buller

Bar Code for Baseball Card Mystery
It truly is the luckiest day of his life! Sixth grader Sam Morgan buys a shoebox complete of baseball cards at a garage sale and discovers some really beneficial cards. But he soon finds the unique cards are counterfeit. Sam and his neighborhood friends, Matt Landon...
Author: Veda Boyd Jones

Bar Code for Baseball Counting Book
Uses the numbers from 1 distinct to twenty to introduce several aspects of the game of baseball.
Author: Barbara Barbieri Mc Grath / Brian Shaw

Bar Code for Baseball Crazy
How magical is the experience of attending your very initial baseball game and hearing the crack of the bat resound all through the stadium? What? s more terrifying than being out in left field praying the ball doesn? t come your way? Who better are the...

Bar Code for Baseball dk Eyewitness Books
most trusted nonfiction series on the market, Eyewitness Books provide an in-depth, complete look at their subjects with a unique integration of words and photographs. With information on every small thing from bats and balls to great players and World...
Author: James E. Kelley

Bar Code for Baseball Ethan And His Little League
Baseball season is an exciting time for boys involved in Little League. If you are looking for a way to excite your baseball fanatic about reading as much as he loves baseball, introduce him for the main character, Ethan, in this encouraging book for kids....
Author: KP Baker

Bar Code for Baseball Fever
Ezra Feldman, almost ten, likes baseball over anything else inside the world. But his father can't understand why his son would rather rot his brains watching guys swinging big wooden sticks than study a book or play chess. Can an unwanted car trip, a...
Author: Johanna Hurwitz

Bar Code for Baseball Fever
Please enter description.
Author: Sindy McKay

Bar Code for Baseball From A To Z
Learning about baseball has never been so much fun! From a pitching Ace to a strike Zone, this energetic alphabet book covers all of the bases of America's favorite pastime. Lively, action-packed illustrations will take readers right into the stands to root,...
Author: Michael P. Spradlin

Bar Code for Baseball Great
When the school paper calls him"Grant Middle's best hope for its first-ever city-wide championship,"Josh feels like he's beginning to get noticed— in very good and bad approaches. Seeing Josh's talent, his father drags him out of the school baseball tryouts...
Author: Tim Green

Bar Code for Baseball Great Cd
Josh feels like he's starting to create it big! Jaden, the school reporter, says he's going to take the baseball team to number one. Then his dad pulls him off the field and signs him up with Coach Rocky Valentine's youth championship team, the Titans....
Author: Tim Green

Bar Code for Baseball Heroes
Baseball Heroes will be the first book in the new middle grade nonfiction series Good Sports, about  the inspiring life stories of crucial league athletes who have overcome obstacles within the course of their life and careers.     Each book ...
Author: Glenn Stout

Bar Code for Baseball Hour
Boys and girls enthusiastically warm up with special exercises and drills. The players throw the ball back and forth, jog, bat, catch, and pitch. Finally, the players divide up into two teams. The coach, as umpire, tends to make calls as they catch pop flies,...
Author: Carol Nevius

Bar Code for Baseball In April And Other Stories
Mexican American author Gary Soto draws on his personal encounter of expanding up in California's Central Valley in this finely crafted collection of eleven short stories that reveal big themes in the small events of everyday life. Crooked teeth, ponytailed...
Author: Gary Soto

Bar Code for Baseball Just For Kids: Skills
Instructional baseball book for kids 8 to 12 years old. Covers the fundamental rules, strategies and anecdotal history employing the game.
Author: Slam Press Grand / Jerry Kasoff

Bar Code for Baseball Notepad
Note Pals are perfect for reminders, calendar notes, homework notes, name tags, and much more! Every pad attributes 36 sheets and measures approx. 3. 5” x 3. 5”. Available in many prints, Note Pals are a great addition to any teacher's...

Bar Code for Baseball On Mars
Roberto's dad speaks in Spanish when he gets upset, and boy, is he unhappy these days! His lucky chair, the one specific he sits in to watch his beloved New York Yankees play, is missing. And he requirements it for the afternoon game against the Red Sox! Roberto is excited,...
Author: Rafael / Jr. Rivera / Tim Hoppey

Bar Code for Baseball Saved Us
Shorty, a young boy living in a Japanese-American internment camp for the duration of World War II, helps form a baseball league and finds himself at bat in the final inning employing the championship game.
Author: Ken Mochizuki

Bar Code for Baseball Skills
In BASEBALL SKILLS: HOW TO PLAY LIKE A PRO author Dave Mc Mahon builds up from the fundamentals to ensure that readers can play like their favorite players. A field diagram and simple scoring guidelines help new players learn the game. Find out how to hit, pitch, field,...
Author: Dave McMahon

Bar Code for Baseball Stickers
24 full-color pressure-sensitive cartoon stickers delightfully depicting young boys and girls at America's favorite sport — pitching, catching, base running, sliding home, catching fly balls, missing a negative bounce, arguing more than a call, and far more....
Author: Bob Censoni

Bar Code for Baseball's Best: Five True Stories
Babe Ruth, Joe Di Maggio, Jackie Robinson, Roberto Clemente, and Hank Aaron — 5 amazing baseball legends. From the first black man to play major-league ball for the longest hitting streak ever, these are numerous of the game's most inspiring stories....
Author: Andrew Gutelle

Bar Code for Baseball's Biggest Bloopers: The Games
Some ball players are remembered for their property runs and great plays--but imagine becoming famous for blowing the game. Offering play-by-play descriptions from the games, historical trivia, and lifetime statistics of essential players, this book shows how life goes...
Author: Dan Gutman

Bar Code for Baseball's Greatest Hitters
Here are the fascinating stories of Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, and Hank Aaron, and their rise to superstardom. This newly updated edition includes the recent record-breaking house run seasons, the alleged wrongdoings that threaten to alter the game...
Author: Sydelle Kramer

Bar Code for Baseball's Top 100: The Game's Greatest
Baseball's Top 100 is the ultimate collection of achievements on the diamond. From 1 of the most grand slams inside a career to a single of the most consecutive stolen bases — the best of the best is all appropriate here. Sports writer and trivia master Kerry Banks has scoured all...
Author: Kerry Banks

Bar Code for Baseball: How It Works
It's fun to watch a high-flying slam dunk, a perfect spiral thrown for a touchdown, or a batter fooled by a hard-breaking curveball. But how are athletes able to perform these moves? From the laws of physics on a skateboard to the effects of weather on...
Author: David Dreier

Bar Code for Baseball; The Math Of The Game
What is the difference between batting average and slugging percentage? How far does the catcher throw the ball when he tries to gun out a runner who's stealing second? How do you predict a players season stats after only several weeks? Race to the field...
Author: Thomas Kristian Adamson

Bar Code for Berenstain Bears Go Out For The Team
When backyard sluggers Brother and Sister join the Bear Country Cub League, they get real uniforms and play on a baseball field. They also have pressure to win and competition from the other cubs. But it's Mama's advice that helps them prepare sensibly...
Author: Stan Berenstain / Jan Berenstain

Bar Code for Best Of Everything Baseball Book
When was the 1st World Series played? What MLB pitcher holds the league record with seven no-hitters? Which player stole home 54 times all through his career? Learn the answer to these issues and far more in The Finest of Everything Baseball Book.
Author: Nate LeBoutillier

Bar Code for Best Of The Best: A Baseball Great Novel
Josh's game is about to change.
Author: Tim Green

Bar Code for Black Diamond: The Story Of The Negro
stirring tribute to the human drama, legendary heroes, infamous owners, low pay, and long bus rides that had been the Negro Leagues. A 1995 Coretta Scott King Honor Book now in a striking Polaris edition.
Author: Patricia and Fred Mckissack / Patricia C. Mc Kissack / Fredrick Mc Kissack / Pat Mc Kissack

Bar Code for Bobby Baseball
Ten-year-old Bobby Ellis loves every thing about baseball, from the hits to the hot dogs. That's why he calls himself Bobby Baseball! Every day he dreams of becoming a major league pitcher and joining the stars in the Baseball Hall of Fame. And what much better...
Author: Robert Kimmel Smith

Bar Code for Boy Who Saved Baseball
Tom Gallagher is inside a tight spot. The fate of the Dillontown team rests on the outcome of one distinct baseball game, winner take all. If Tom's team loses, they lose their field too. But how can they possibly win? Just when every little thing seems hopeless, a mysterious...
Author: John H. Ritter

Bar Code for Brothers At Bat: The True Story Of An
Acerra family had sixteen children, including twelve ball-playing boys. It was the1930s, and many families had lots of kids. But only 1 had adequate to field a baseballteam. with three on the bench! The Acerras were the longest-playing all-brotherteam...
Author: Audrey Vernick

Bar Code for Cal Ripken
Robbie Hammond is the hardest throwing pitcher in the  Babe Ruth League. But what good is all that heat when he can't seem to  find the plate? With Robbie struggling, the Orioles are suffering through a nightmare season, nonetheless looking for their...
Author: Cal Ripken Jr . / Kevin Cowherd

Bar Code for Card a Van Stone Novel
Van Stone has it all, the perfect family, great friends and the best job inside the planet. Then, his life falls apart. Thrust into a deadly plot masterminded by unknown enemies, Van is inside a race against time to conserve those closest to him. As The Card barrels...
Author: Jim Devitt

Bar Code for Catching The Moon: The Story Of A Young
Now in paperback, the true story of Marcenia Lyle, an African American girl who grew up to turn into"Toni Stone,"the first woman to play for a skilled baseball team
Author: Crystal Hubbard

Bar Code for Curious George At The Baseball Game
Play ball! George is going to watch a baseball game. One curious little monkey in 1 big stadium tends to make for 1 exciting day at the ballpark!
Author: Anna Grossnickle Hines

Bar Code for Dino-baseball
When the plant-eating Green Sox face the meat-eating Rib-Eye Reds, baseball will never be precisely the identical. Tied zip to zip, the game is a pitchers' duel until the Green Sox's hothead manager goes snout to snout with the dodo umpire and gets tossed out. The Sox...
Author: Lisa Wheeler

Bar Code for Everything Kids' Baseball Book:
From the ballpark to the backyard and beyond, this book captures all of the action, fun, and excitement of America's favorite pastime. You'll learn every little thing you ever wanted to know about:
Author: Greg Jacobs

Bar Code for Everything Kids' Baseball Book:
Do you know: How players make it into the hall of fame? Who holds the record for basically the most stolen bases? What the curse of the Bambino"is?
Author: Greg Jacobs

Bar Code for Free Baseball
Felix knows his dad was a famous baseball player in Cuba — and that his father risked every little thing to send Felix to America. But his mom won't reveal anything else. When a baseball team with Cuban players comes to town, Felix wonders if they knew his...
Author: Sue Corbett

Bar Code for Fun With Baseball Stencils
6 stencils of a pitcher, catcher, batter together with other players.
Author: Paul E. Kennedy

Bar Code for Girl Wonder: A Baseball Story In Nine
When Alta Weiss throws a corncob at a tomcat chasing her favorite hen, folks know one factor for sure: she may possibly be a girl, but she's got some arm. At the age of six Alta can nail any target, and by seventeen she's outpitched every boy in town. Then one...
Author: Deborah Hopkinson

Bar Code for Goodnight Baseball
From the arrival in the stadium to the last goodnight, Goodnight Baseball is genuinely a sweet, nostalgic tale-- told in gentle, funny rhyme-- about the thrill from the game as well as a day at the ballpark.
Author: Michael Dahl

Bar Code for H Is For Home Run: A Baseball Alphabet
Now anyone can be one specific of the"boys or girls of summer"and get a property plate view of America's favorite pastime in H is for Home Run: A Baseball Alphabet. This new offering in our line of children's alphabet books brings the game of baseball to entertaining...
Author: Brad Herzog

Bar Code for H Is For Home Run: A Baseball Alphabet
Now anyone can be one of the"boys or girls of summer"and get a residence plate view of America's favorite pastime in H is for Home Run: A Baseball Alphabet. This new offering in our line of children's alphabet books brings the game of baseball to entertaining...
Author: Brad Herzog

Bar Code for Honus And Me: A Baseball Card Adventure
Joe Stoshack lives for baseball. He knows everything there would be to know concerning the game -- except how you can play nicely. His specialty is striking out. Stosh feels like a real loser, and when he takes a low-paying job cleaning a bunch of junk out of his neighbor's...
Author: Dan Gutman

Bar Code for How Georgie Radbourn Saved Baseball
Bestselling Caldecott Honor artist David Shannon tells the story of a boy who overcomes a cruel tyrant using his love of baseball. Chosen as a NEW YORK TIMES Greatest Illustrated Children's Book, HOW GEORGIE RADBOURN SAVED BASEBALL was published far more than...
Author: David Shannon

Bar Code for Jackie And Me
Like each and every other kid in his class, Joe Stoscack has to write a report on an African American who's produced an crucial contribution to society. Unlike each other kid in his class, Joe has a unique talent: with the support of old baseball cards, he can travel...
Author: Dan Gutman

Bar Code for Jackie Robinson And The Story Of All
Illus. in complete color with black-and-white images."Covers not only the story of Robinson's prowess and his problems as the first black man to play in the major leagues, but additionally the story of the rise and fall of black baseball and some of its star players...
Author: Jim O'Connor

Bar Code for Jim And Me
He was the world's greatest athlete, and a hero— until his medals were taken away.
Author: Dan Gutman

Bar Code for Kids Pro Files: Baseball: Intel On Today's
DESCRIPTION: Sports Illustrated Kids Pro Files Baseball is truly a must - have book for every young baseball fan and player. This 96 - page book profiles 15 from the big leagues ' hottest stars and functions SI Kids' signature content :great writing, fun trivia,...
Author: Sports Illustrated Kids

Bar Code for Little Baseball
Now even the smallest of fans can enjoy a book about their favorite sport. Rhyming riddles accompanied by colorful artwork help introduce the game's simplest, most fundamental components.
Author: Brad Herzog

Bar Code for Littlest Leaguer
Of all the players in the little league, Harold was the littlest.
Author: Syd Hoff

Bar Code for Lou Gehrig: One Of Baseball's Greatest
biography focusing on the childhood of one of a lot of greatest professional baseball players, who is remembered for playing 2, 130 consecutive games in 14 seasons with the New York Yankees.
Author: Guernsey Van Riper Jr.

Bar Code for Lucky Baseball Bat: 50TH Anniversary
Martin is new for the neighborhood, and wants to create a very good impression on his new teammates. But when he loses his lucky baseball bat, Martin fears that he has also lost his ability to play baseball. Will Martin have the capability to continue his winning streak...
Author: Matt Christopher

Bar Code for Mama Played Baseball
Amy's dad is away, fighting in World War II, and her mama must take a job. But it's no ordinary job--Amy's mother becomes a baseball player within the first professional women's league! Amy cheers louder than any person at all with all the residence games. And while Mama's...
Author: David A. Adler

Bar Code for My Baseball Book
Baseball is fun - let's play!
Author: Gail Gibbons

Bar Code for Pete The Cat: Play Ball
Pete the Cat is ready to play baseball! Pete's team, the Rocks, is playing the Rolls. But when the game doesn't go Pete's way, what will Pete do?
Author: James Dean

Bar Code for Play Baseball Like A Pro: Key Skills
Theres more to baseball than slamming big home runs. Pro players use many expertise to assist their teams on the field, such as throwing curveballs, stealing bases, and turning double plays. Follow the advice inside to play baseball like a pro!
Author: Hans Hetrick

Bar Code for Poem Runs: Baseball Poems
From the first pitch towards the last out and all nine innings between, Douglas Florian'scollection of baseball poems brings wordplay, wit, and laughter to America'sspringtime tradition. Featuring a mean-armed pitcher, a daisy-picking right fielder, plus a...
Author: Douglas Florian

Bar Code for Randy Riley's Really Big Hit
Randy likes space, robots, and baseball, but he can't ace everything. or can he? Chris Van Dusen knocks one out with the park using a comical ode to ingenuity. Randy Riley loves two things: science and baseball. When it comes towards the solar system, the constellations,...
Author: Chris Van Dusen

Bar Code for Ray And Me
What would you do if you had a chance to conserve someone's life?
Author: Dan Gutman

Bar Code for Rivals: A Baseball Great Novel
Cooperstown! Josh is thrilled when all his challenging training pays off inside a big way and his team, the Titans, tends to make it to a national tournament in Cooperstown, home in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. More is on the line for Josh than just a trophy. Winning...
Author: Tim Green

Bar Code for Roberto And Me
What would you do in the occasion you knew there was going to be a terrible accident?
Author: Dan Gutman

Bar Code for Satch And Me
" You wanna know who threw the fastest pitch ever? "
Author: Dan Gutman

Bar Code for Scholastic Ultimate Guide To Baseball
Scholastic Ultimate Guides will provide the fun facts that kids desire to know about sports, history, entertainment, as nicely as other subjects. Presented in easy-to-grab, cool-to-browse, fun-to-read style, every page of this new series will probably be chock complete of...
Author: James, Jr. Buckley

Bar Code for Shoeless Joe And Me
When Joe Stoshack hears about Shoeless Joe Jackson -- and the gambling scandal that destroyed the star player's profession -- he knows what he has to do. If he travels back in time with a 1919 baseball card in his hand, he just could well have the ability to stop the...
Author: Dan Gutman

Bar Code for Sports Illustrated Kids Big Book Of Why
Why are three goals referred to as a hat trick? Why is"Take Me Out to the Ballgame"sung all through the seventh-inning stretch? Why don't the Cleveland Browns have a logo on their helmet? Why do golf balls have dimples? Why do Olympic swimmers flip once they turn...
Author: Sports Illustrated Kids

Bar Code for Sports Illustrated Kids Full Count: Top
Get every little thing you ever wanted to know about America's pastime in FULL COUNT: TOP 10 LISTS OF EVERYTHING IN BASEBALL. Presented in the format of Top 10 lists, this book is truly a complete yet fun appear in the greatest aspects from the game. From the top...
Author: Sports Illustrated Kids

Bar Code for Story Of Baseball Coloring Book
history of baseball comes vividly to life in ready-to-color action-packed photos of 45 of its finest players. Read biographical sketches, featuring profession highlights, for players such as Cy Young,   Ty Cobb,   Babe Ruth,   Joe Di...
Author: E. Lisle Reedstrom / Coloring Books

Bar Code for Take Me Out To The Ball Game
classic American song comes to life in this musical board book.
Author: Jack Norworth

Bar Code for Ted And Me
Stosh must have figured that the FBI would find him eventually.
Author: Dan Gutman

Bar Code for There's No Crying In Baseball
Tyler can't wait to play baseball against the teachers at Victory. It is a big event to celebrate school spirit. But before game day arrives, Tyler sprains his ankle. Since he can't play, Tyler wants to skip the game altogether. Will he learn that there's...
Author: Anita Yasuda

Bar Code for True Heroes Of Baseball: The Stories
ldquo; True Heroes of Baseball: The Story of Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente” is about two from almost certainly the most well-known and most important players in baseball history. It tells the story of how they overcame difficult challenges and, by way of the force...
Author: David Martinez

Bar Code for Who Was Babe Ruth
Just in time for baseball season! Babe Ruth came from a poor Baltimore family and, as a kid, he was a handful. It was at a reform school that Babe discovered his talent for baseball, and by the age of nineteen, he was on his strategy to becoming a sports legend....
Author: Joan Holub / Ted Hammond

Bar Code for Who's On First
ldquo; Who's on initial. What's on second. I Don't Know's on third. ” One in the classic comedy sketches of all time is now transformed into a priceless picture book— and it's a great study for kids of all ages. Follow the mistaken identities,...
Author: Bud Abbott / Lou Costello

Bar Code for Zombie Baseball Beatdown
In this inventive, fast-paced novel, New York Instances bestselling and Printz Award-winning author Paolo Bacigalupi takes on hard-hitting themes--from food safety to racism and immigration--and creates a zany, grand-slam adventure which will get kids thinking...
Author: Paolo Bacigalupi