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Bar Code for 123 Versus Abc
Mike Boldt's bright and playful picture book asks a big question: Which is more important, numbers or letters?   Numbers and letters, the colorful characters in this story, compete to be the stars of this book. Their debate escalates when funny animals...
Author: Mike Boldt

Bar Code for Abc - Magnetic Book
Book Details:

Bar Code for Abc A Family Alphabet Book
It's household fun from A to Z in this alphabet book that shows kids and their parents laughing, playing and enjoying family members life. All of the brilliant watercolors depict households headed by gays and lesbians."C is for cookies. Both of my dads know the best way to...
Author: Bobbie Combs

Bar Code for Abc And 1, 2, 3: A Sesame Street Treasury
Toddlers can have fun while learning their ABC's and 1, 2, 3's with their favorite Sesame Street characters and Muppet buddies in this colorful hardcover. The ABC Book of Words helps kids master the alphabet and new vocabulary, while The Counting Book...

Bar Code for Abc Animal Friends : Alphabet Book
ABC Animal Friends might be a special and colorful picture e-book that introduces toddlers and preschoolers towards the alphabet, making use of watercolor illustrations of on the list of most promising young artists in today's New York City art scene, Soojin Park. Adults and...

Bar Code for Abc Animal Jamboree
Explore the animal alphabet from Angelfish to Zebra in this rhyming romp! Critically acclaimed team Giles Andreae and David Wojtowycz have combined the popular poems of their bestselling picture books Commotion in the Ocean and Rumble in the Jungle into...
Author: Giles Andreae

Bar Code for Abc Animals
Picture books for children are a great way to preserve small children entertained, and that is exactly what ABC Animals does from start to finish! Get ready for an A B C adventure unlike anything you have ever seen. Not only is each letter employing the alphabet...
Author: Mark Smith

Bar Code for Abc Animals
Dora the Explorer is playing with her animal friends and learning the alphabet. Little girls ages 3-7 who like Nickelodeon's favorite adventurer and adorable animals will love this activity book that capabilities a tear-out, full-color card matching game....
Author: Golden Books

Bar Code for Abc Bible Verse Book
With delightful illustrations, this fantastic book goes through the 26 Bible verses, a single for each and every letter of the alphabet, giving children the opportunity to learn scripture while seeing them illustrated inside a tangible way. This could be a wonderful approach to get...
Author: Deedra Scherm

Bar Code for Abc Book For Kids: Alphabet Of Ocean
Looking for fun alphabet books? A superb"learn ABC book"that is easy to read AND interesting? Introducing. ABC Book for Kids: Alphabet of OCEAN ANIMALS for Kids - Learn Alphabet Letters and Ocean Animals for Age 1 to 5This book presents 26 awesome looking...
Author: Mike Sin

Bar Code for Abc Book For Kids: Alphabet Of Zoo Animals
Looking for fun alphabet books? A very good"learn ABC book"that is easy to read AND interesting? Introducing. ABC Book for Kids: Alphabet of ZOO ANIMALS for Kids - Learn Alphabet Letters and Zoo Animals for Age 1 to 5This book presents 26 awesome looking...
Author: Mike Sin

Bar Code for Abc Bunny
Follows a little bunny as it scampers by signifies of the alphabet.
Author: Wanda Gag

Bar Code for Abc Dentist: Healthy Teeth
Using an alphabet format, the book offers 26 letter-specific entries that add as much as a well-rounded portrait of what kids will experience once they visit the dentist. Includes facts and explanations on equipment, procedures, typical tooth and gum conditions,...
Author: Harriet Ziefert

Bar Code for Abc Dinosaurs
From Apatosaurus to Zupaysaurus, the 26 dinosaur friends in this oversized board book will enchant preschoolers and support them learn their ABCs. Developed in conjunction with paleontologists in the American Museum of Natural History, it features extra-large...
Author: American Museum of Natural History

Bar Code for Abc Disney Pop-up
In the gorgeous, interactive ABC Disney: An Alphabet Pop-Up, A is for Ariel, B is for Bambi, and C is for Cinderella. And who far better than Robert Sabuda to pull off this ambitious tribute to Disney animation? A veritable king within the globe of pop-up books,...
Author: Robert Sabuda

Bar Code for Abc Doctor
Going for the doctor's office for a checkup can be scary, but it's easier if you know what to expect. This book goes over the ABCs of visiting the doctorfrom examinations and fevers to nurses and urine samples. Each term is accompanied by a fun and informative...
Author: Liz Murphy

Bar Code for Abc Dot-to-dot
Fun-filled dot-to-dot puzzles support reinforce letters and ABC order. School Zone s Get Ready! workbooks concentrate on essential preschool and kindergarten skills. Colorful, humorous illustrations motivate children to preserve exploring. In this ABC Dot-to-Dot workbook,...
Author: Joan Hoffman

Bar Code for Abc I Like Me
Nancy Carlson's cheerful pig is back in this vibrant ABC companion book towards the best-selling I Like Me! --and she's brought along a couple of friends to join her. The letters of the alphabet are illustrated with brightly-colored, action-packed images and are...
Author: Nancy Carlson

Bar Code for Abc Look At Me

Bar Code for Abc Menagerie
Photographs of soft felt animal sculptures pair with rhyming verse to introduce children for the alphabet in a new and inviting way. From aardvark to zebra, these characters come to life with vivid colors and appealing personalities; they're sure to develop to be...
Author: M. H. Clark

Bar Code for Abc Nyc: A Book About Seeing New York
is for Atlas B is for Bagel C is for Chrysler Building An ABC book that pays tribute to a child's view of New York City An ABC book unlike any other, ABC NYC reinvents the genre utilizing an alphabet unique to New York City. From subway signs to building...
Author: Joanne Dugan

Bar Code for Abc Of Ballet
Clearly worded, abundantly illustrated little guide defines basic ballet-related terms: arabesque, battement, pas de chat, relevé, sissonne, many others. Pronunciation guide included. Excellent primer.
Author: Janet Grosser

Bar Code for Abc Of Canada
From Arctic to Zamboni, kids can stick to the alphabet on a colorful tour across Canada. On their journey, they'll visit Canadian landmarks, including Jasper National Park and Peggy's Cove. They'll also meet friendly characters enjoying Canadian pastimes,...
Author: Kim Bellefontaine

Bar Code for Abc Party
Wonder Pets are having a party and they're inviting each and every animal from A to Z. Little ones can come, too and learn the letters of the alphabet! This modest board book with rounded corners is just right for   preschoolers' hands.
Author: Tone Thyne

Bar Code for Abc Party Animals
Learn the alphabet AND party? These animals truly know the way to have a good time! Your child will love to understand their ABCs with these funny and charming animal buddies. Best of all, a shy alligator learns just how much his friends love him. Ana Davis,...
Author: Ana Davis

Bar Code for Abc Phonics Book 3: Long Vowel Sounds
Written by an specialist teacher who has taught thousands of youngsters to read, spell and write, this book will help your child's literacy skills. It is Book 3 in the Phonics Series and teaches the extended vowel sounds. Sight words and helpful spelling rules...
Author: Katrina Kahler

Bar Code for Abc Phonics: Blending Sounds
Learning how you can sound out words is an essential capability for a child to master in order to become a reader. Often essentially the most difficult sounds are the short vowel sounds. This book teaches your child to sound out all the short vowel sounds (a, e, i, o, u) and...
Author: Katrina Kahler

Bar Code for Abc Phonics: Sing
This kit consists of 26 (A through Z) 8 ½ x 11 inch, sturdy posters featuring full color illustrations from the book,"ABC Phonics: Sing, Sign, and Read!"with ABC letters and American Sign Language (ASL) Alphabet demonstrations. These posters are...
Author: Nellie Edge / Sign2Me Early Learning

Bar Code for Abc Phonics: Sing
Includes the"ABC Phonics Song"music CD.
Author: Nellie Edge / Sign2Me Early Learning

Bar Code for Abc Safari
Let s search for adventure above within the sky. We ll scout through the mountains and hills, and then try exploring the forests, the meadows and plains, across the dry desert and by way of jungle rains. We ll trek by way of a swamp, a puddle, a pond, in lakes...
Author: Karen Lee

Bar Code for Abc Sign And Color: A Beginner's Book
clever, kid-friendly introduction to signing, this coloring book presents both the American Manual Alphabet for finger spelling words and some of the basics of   American Sign   Language (ASL ). Charming   illustrations with an engaging...
Author: Susan T. Hall

Bar Code for Abc Sing-along
With pull tabs and touch-and-feel textures, this interactive phonics book comes with twenty-six delightful songs set to popular tunes! Sing, sing, sing a song, Sing a silly song. With a song for each and every letter of the alphabet, this irresistible book builds...
Author: Teddy Slater

Bar Code for Abc Sing-along Flip Chart And Cd: 26
Learning the ABCs is actually a joy with this BIG, laminated flip chart featuring an easy-to-learn song for each letter of the alphabet! Turn to this sturdy, colorful resource each and every day to teach phonemic awareness, letter recognition, early reading skills, and...
Author: Teddy Slater

Bar Code for Abc Sounds: Phonics Alphabet Book 1:
This ABC Book has been written by a skilled teacher with 30 years teaching experience. There are 3 different versions that look at essentially the most widespread sound for each letter from the alphabet giving a little rhyme for your kid to study. Each page functions a...
Author: Katrina Kahler

Bar Code for Abc T-rex
T-Rex loves the alphabet so much, he wants to eat it up. So he takes a bite or two, and he finds that C is chewy, D is delicious, and K tastes great with ketchup! Go out to eat with T-Rex and learn a little about food along with a lot about fun in this alphabet...
Author: Bernard Most

Bar Code for Abc Zoo Borns
ldquo; ABC” means “ Animal Baby Cuteness” in this darling alphabet book from the creators of Zoo Borns. com.
Author: Andrew Bleiman / Chris Eastland

Bar Code for Abc's
Help your baby learn their ABC's. Perfect for babies and toddlers, the mixture of colorful pictures and easy words help develop a child's vocabulary.
Author: Eden Crane

Bar Code for Abc's For Kids Cross Stitch Alphabets
What better way to learn the ABCs! These 8 terrific cross stitched alphabets will have the kids reciting them in no time. A range of themed alphabets will appeal to boys and girls of all ages. Stitch an entire alphabet to frame, or combine any making use of the...
Author: Kooler Design Studio

Bar Code for Abc's Of Anarchy
alphabetic book of Anarchy! This alphabetic book of anarchy is appropriate and intended for young kids of all ages. Infants will love the images, toddlers will enjoy learning the alphabet, and pre-schoolers will practice reading the illuminating definitions...
Author: Brian Heagney

Bar Code for Abc's Of Golf
ABC's of Golf
Author: Susan Greene

Bar Code for Abc's Of Origami: Paper Folding
Arranged inside the conventional A-B-C book sequence, this charming book displays a crucial word in English together with an origami workout with easy-to-follow diagrams on each page. This is an ideal gift book for youngsters.
Author: Claude Sarasas

Bar Code for Abc's Of The Ten Commandments
In this tiny book, Francine M. O'Connor tailors the Ten Commandments to that very special world where each child lives and learns and reaches for growth. Children will see how the commandments apply to their personal lives through illustrated verses like...
Author: Francine O'Connor

Bar Code for ABC3D
" Easily one of the most innovative alpabet book of the year, if not the decade. Beyond clever."— The Washington Post
Author: Marion Bataille

Bar Code for Abc: A Child's First Alphabet Book
B is for boy. but in Alison Jay's ABC, B also stands for basket, beehive, and butterfly! Simple in format, with a letter and word on every page and vibrant paintings of everyday items, ABC is perfect for toddlers. As with all the acclaimed Picture This. , each...
Author: Alison Jay

Bar Code for Abcs Of Baseball
America's favorite pasttime from A to Z. From young to old, new to tried-and-true, here could be the baseball book for every fan. With a single or more baseball-related terms for each and each letter arranged in alphabetic order, accompanied by a stirring illustration, this...
Author: Peter Golenbock

Bar Code for Abcs Of Fruits And Vegetables
This rich alphabet book is really two books in one - it will not be put aside right after a child learns the alphabet. It will provide on-going pleasures for children (and parents) as they progress from beginning readers into grade-school and beyond. Part...
Author: Steve Charney / David Goldbeck

Bar Code for Abcs Of Habitats
Book Details:
Author: Bobbie Kalman

Bar Code for Abcs Of Rock
From on the list of leading rock band poster artists inside the nation comes a collection of evocative images of 26 of rock music's most recognized icons. Starting with AC/DC's familiar lightning bolts and ending with ZZ Top's custom Ford coupe, this alphabetical...
Author: Melissa Duke Mooney

Bar Code for Abcs Of Yoga For Kids
Children these days are faced with overstimulation as they strive to preserve up with every single of the demands of our fast-paced society. Practicing simple yoga postures will be the ideal way for kids to naturally unwind and obtain physical activity at precisely the identical time. With The ABCs...
Author: Teresa Power

Bar Code for Abcs Of Yoga For Kids Learning Cards
ABCs of Yoga for Kids Learning Cards are the perfect companion to The ABCs of Yoga for Kids book by Teresa Anne Power. These fifty-six flashcards contain the colorful illustrations from the book, together with the corresponding letters from the alphabet...
Author: Teresa Anne Power

Bar Code for Abcs Of Yoga For Kids Poster
ABCs of Yoga for Kids poster is the perfect addition to the AWARD WINNING children's book, The ABCs of Yoga for Kids. Children will not only learn the alphabet through this delightfully illustrated alphabet poster, but will also learn the best way to incorporate...
Author: Teresa Anne Power

Bar Code for Abcs Of Yoga For Kids: A Book
This unique coloring book uses each letter with the alphabet along with all of the corresponding yoga pose for each and every single letter to enable kids to not only color inside the photographs of kids doing the postures, but in addition teaches them the alphabet and the best way to practice yoga, a...
Author: Teresa Anne Power

Bar Code for Abcs Uppercase Write And Wipe Flash Cards
These write and wipe flash cards will help youngsters learn to write their uppercase ABCs. Each card features the outline of a letter on a single side with proper stroke order noted, along with a picture and word illustrating the letter on the other. A dry-erase marker...
Author: Kumon Publishing North America

Bar Code for Abcs: Premium Workbook
Hooked on Phonics® ABCs workbook is packed with learning and fun. Inside you'll find colorful pages loaded with activities that were developed to give kids practice writing and identifying letters. Perfect for use at property or on the go, this workbook...
Author: Hooked On Phonics.

Bar Code for Alaska Abc Book
Goats, glaciers, ice worms, and igloos teach the ABCs from the Last Frontier, where Z is for zero temperatures. Ages 3 and up.
Author: Charlene Kreeger

Bar Code for Alphabet Book Of Animals
ldquo; Easy Way to Learn the ABCs” Books Introducing your kid to the alphabet - from ABC to XYZ - in a fabulous way. Explore the alphabet with your kid in this exciting animal alphabet book. This animal picture book will capture your child's...
Author: Chris Q Sheridan

Bar Code for Amazing Abc: An Alphabet Book Of Lego
This alphabet board book of fantastic LEGO creations is specifically for toddlers.   It's a visual LEGO feast rather than an instructional book. The colorful, bold images are very easily recognizable for the youngest LEGO enthusiasts.
Author: Sean Kenney

Bar Code for Animal Alphabet: Slide And Seek The Abcs
This interactive board book allows children to understand their ABC's with 26 durable sliding panels and a complete alphabet of colorful creatures. Kids will love reading this book and parents will love how their faces light up as they guess what creature will...
Author: Alex A. Lluch

Bar Code for Animals Abc Book : Learn Abcs With Animals
Amazon Bestseller! Learn Alphabet via this Animals ABC Picture Book. The high high quality color illustrations will charm your tiny ones into visiting this Animals ABC book more than and more than again. This can be a ought to have ABC book for your favorite baby or preschooler...
Author: Lily Lyman

Bar Code for B Is For Bulldozer: A Construction Abc
Get ready for a ride by way of the alphabet at a busy construction internet site. There's a big yellow Bulldozer, a tall shiny Crane, a rusty red Dump truck--and the construction crew is challenging at work. But what are they constructing?
Author: June Sobel

Bar Code for Baby Abc
Babies love looking at other babies, and this notion book will permit them to do just that! Each and every single page attributes a back-and-white photograph of a baby interacting with an object that starts making use of the featured letter of the alphabet. The object is in color,...
Author: Deborah Donenfeld

Bar Code for Big Thoughts For Little People: Abc's
Ken Taylor's best-selling book is now updated with all-new bright and colorful illustrations plus a bigger trim size. Using the alphabet as a learning tool, the easy-to-use format of this beloved picture book connects Bible themes and verses that teach...
Author: Kenneth N. Taylor

Bar Code for Boo Abc: A To Z With The World's Cutest
is for Adorable, B is for Boo! The world's cutest dog takes on the ABCs, and his adventures are more precious than ever. Boo and his best friend Buddy are featured in their favorite situations and places alongside the letters in the alphabet. The ABCs...
Author: J.H. Lee

Bar Code for Bruno Munari's Abc
In this imaginative ABC, acclaimed artist, designer and children's author, Bruno Munari shows how fun letters could be. From an Ant on an Apple to a Blue Butterfly to a Cat in a Cage, Munari pairs words in whimsical ways until Fly frees itself from its...
Author: Bruno Munari

Bar Code for Children's Book: Candy Andy And The Abc
This book will likely be the second book of Andrea, a sweet girl everyone called Candy Andy. On her first book, Andy ate only candies, and it was her grandpa that motivated her to consume healthy foods. BUT - It had been two weekssince the nutritional alter and Andy...

Bar Code for Children's Ebook: A To Zoo
Hello children, hello family, If you love animals, and want to understand the ABC - this is THE book for you. The Idea of creating it was born when Sigidi - amongst the world's best illustrators and animators (you simply MUST visit her website - www. sigidi....
Author: Prof. Tiptoe

Bar Code for Clifford's Abc
Everyone's favourite red dog teaches the ABC's in his own playful manner.
Author: Norman Bridwell

Bar Code for Creature Abc
elegant addition to any library, this deluxe alphabet book features 120 pages of Andrew Zuckerman's breathtaking wildlife photography. From alligator to zebra, each featured animal boasts two striking studio portraits against a clean white background,...

Bar Code for Curious George's Abcs
Read from A to Z in addition to George in a condensed version utilizing the clas-sic Curious George Learns the Alphabet.
Author: H. A. Rey

Bar Code for D'nealian Handwriting Abc Book: Handwriting
D'Nealian Handwriting (? 1999) components for Grade 1.
Author: Donald N.Thurber

Bar Code for Dinosaur Alphabet: Learn Abcs With Rex
Amazon. com Bestseller! Learn Alphabet by way of this Dinosaurs ABC Picture Book. The idea for this Dinosaurs ABC book is:A is for. PictureDinosaur nameHow to pronounce the dinosaur nameThen we move on to:B is for. Your children will learn how you can pronounce...
Author: Steve Smith

Bar Code for Doodling Dragons: An Abc Book Of Sounds
imaginative journey of sounds that prepares young children to study.
Author: Denise Eide

Bar Code for Dr. Seuss's Abc
Illus. in color."An alphabet book with zany drawings and nonsensical verse provides an entertaining way for small children to find out the letters and their sounds."--Booklist.
Author: Dr. Seuss

Bar Code for Dr. Seuss's Abc Book And Cd
Dr. Seuss's ABC (Book + CD )
Author: Dr. Seuss

Bar Code for Dr. Seuss's Abc: An Amazing Alphabet
BIG R, small r, what begins with R? Rosy's red rhinoceros. R. r. R...
Author: Dr. Seuss

Bar Code for Engineering The Abc's: How Engineers
Imagine a world without cars and computers, or toys and televisions, or movies and microwaves. Then imagine a planet with no engineers. Engineering the ABC's answers concerns about now everyday things work and how engineering relates to so many parts...
Author: Patty O'Brien Novak

Bar Code for Eric Carle's Abc
A. B. C. D. Unfold the full-page flaps to reveal an ant, bear, camel, and duck! Eric Carle's illustrated alphabet and animals make learning your ABCs as easy as. well, A, B, C!
Author: Eric Carle

Bar Code for Feebee Mcgee On Planet Abc
Feebee Mcgee on Planet ABC is an ABC storybook complete of surprises, and 26 fun aliens that resemble letters. The book has been approved by my 3 year-old daughter, on whom Feebee Mcgee is based. Feebee Mcgee is a small girl who goes on big adventures in...
Author: A. Lavas Lead

Bar Code for Happy Baby Abc
Ideal for 0-18 months. -'Soft-to-touch' cover. -Clear photography introduces babies towards the planet about them. -A initial introduction to the alphabet.
Author: Roger Priddy

Bar Code for Harold's Abc
Taking along his purple crayon, Harold journeys from A to Z, each letter generating a picture from which the word becomes part of an uninterrupted story.
Author: Crockett Johnson

Bar Code for I Love My Abc's
Children will love finding out about the alphabet in this fun book and activity. Join Little Pup and Grey Bear as they share each of the things they love from A to Z!
Author: Mary Lee

Bar Code for Learn With Yoga Abc Yoga Cards For Kids
Learn With Yoga: ABC Yoga Cards for Kids combines the restorative and calming advantages of yoga employing the potent tactics of learning through movement.  
Author: Christine Ristuccia

Bar Code for Learning The Alphabet: Alphabet Monsters
Learning the alphabet for preschoolers can be fun. With Alphabet Monsters - ABC, your preschooler will have a wonderful time learning alphabet letters with monsters as they rhyme and learn ABCs at precisely the identical time. Alphabet Monsters - ABC will teach your...
Author: D.E. Purdy

Bar Code for Little Abc Coloring Book
Even the youngest children can have an easy time learning the alphabet with this charming coloring book. Each letter of the alphabet is illustrated by an object whose name begins with that letter: for example"A is for Apple."And the miniature format...
Author: Anna Pomaska

Bar Code for Museum Abc
Museum ABC is a exclusive and colorful picture book that introduces children to a lot more than a hundred works of art, making use of the alphabet. Adults and kids alike will love the visual and cultural richness of this alphabetical tour by indicates of the Metropolitan...
Author: The (NY) Metropolitan Museum of Art

Bar Code for My Abc Bible Verses: Hiding God's Word
Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee. — Psalm 119:11
Author: Susan Hunt

Bar Code for My First Book Of Abc And 123: An Educational
My First ABC and 123 (2nd Edition) with Listening Games for Toddlers and Preschoolers introduces the alphabet and counting from 1 to 10 in a superb way. Colorful, high quality illustrations are combined with silly rhymes to reinforce finding out the alphabet....
Author: Lisl Fair / Michaela Grace

Bar Code for My First Book Of Chinese Words: An Abc
My First Book of Chinese Words introduces Chinese language to preschool youngsters inside a gentle, playful way. The ABC structure gives a familiar framework that encourages fun and easy understanding. The everyday words presented in this book include many that...
Author: Faye-Lynn Wu

Bar Code for My Foodie Abc: A Little Gourmet's Guide
delightful educational tool that stresses the value of getting a healthy connection with food, this board book teaches the letters of the alphabet to tots and other gastronomes in training. Stylish and dazzling illustrations that highlight terms...
Author: Puck

Bar Code for New York Yankees Abc My First Alphabet
ultimate alphabet book for each and every young Yankees fan! Children can learn their ABCs with photos of baseball objects and their favorite team - A is American League, M is Monument Park, Y is Yankee Stadium. Made of sturdy board book paper and cut in the...
Author: Brad M. Epstein

Bar Code for Percy's I Spy Abc Book: A Fun And Interactive
Percy is basically an adorable penguin who has captured the hearts of young readers and mother's alike. In this this novel, interactive and fun kindle book Percy helps to introduce the alphabet and some new words. Each page makes it possible for your child to guess the...
Author: Vanessa Adams

Bar Code for Puppy's Quest: A Fun
New Bestseller. From the bestselling author of Bear Learns to Share, My Dinosaur is Scared of Vegetables and Lola the Mermaid at the Splish Splash Olympics comes a beautifully illustrated alphabet adventure. Captivate your child's imagination with...
Author: Lily Lexington

Bar Code for Russia Abcs: A Book About The People
alphabetical exploration with the people, geography, animals, plants, history, and culture of Russia.
Author: Ann Berge

Bar Code for San Francisco Abcs
From Alcatraz for the SF Zoo, a cast of fun, colorful animals guide kids on an alphabetical, insider's tour of the legendary City by the Bay. Combining engaging illustrations and alliterative wordplay, this hip board book teaches kids the alphabet while...

Bar Code for Seattle Abc: A Larry Gets Lost Book
How fairly a few letters do you see about you? All 26 and then some is the answer in this gorgeous picture book that teaches small ones the alphabet for the duration of a journey by way of Seattle. The tour guides are everyone's favorite excitable pooch, Larry, and his owner,...
Author: John Skewes / Robert Schwartz

Bar Code for Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate Abc
captain of this brave and bumbling pirate crew has ordered them to capture the complete alphabet--and they'll walk the plank if they're missing a single letter! Now these swashbuckling mateys are embarking on an alphabet adventure unlike any other,...
Author: June Sobel

Bar Code for Star Wars Abc
From Anakin, Boba Fett, and C-3PO to X-Wings, Yoda, and Zam Wesell, no one can do the ABC's like STAR WARS! Star Wars: ABC is an alphabetical adventure by way of the imaginative and intergalactic world of Star Wars featuring the names and pictures of the...
Author: Scholastic

Bar Code for Sticker Activity Abc
First understanding fun for preschoolers
Author: Roger Priddy

Bar Code for Super Hero Abc
Silly and zany, and armed with the most unusual skills, the cast of superheroes that fill these pages will make understanding your ABC's an out-of-this-world experience.
Author: Bob McLeod

Bar Code for Thomas' Abc Book
Based on The Railway Series by the REV. W. AWDRY A is for All Aboard! Filled with fun photographs from the popular TV show, Shining Time Station, Thomas's ABC Book will delight children while teaching them the alphabet along the way.    
Author: Rev. W. Awdry